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  1. My Second Diamond Patch

    by , 12-20-2013 at 05:41 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by tate_elliott View Post
    The last quilt I made was a Diamond Patch and I liked it so much I decided to do another. These go together pretty quickly. This one was just over twelve hours (not all on the same day). It's going to be a Christmas present for a couple I recently met who are having a child in March.


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  2. Quilting Retreats in the south

    by , 12-19-2013 at 11:28 PM
    Hey Quilters, I’m new to the Quilting Board…first time blog … I’ll try not to mess up. I’m looking for a Quilting Retreats in the south.( Alabama, Miss or Louisiana) Would like the retreat to have quilting classes maybe a lazy setting with leisure time to meet other quilters and enjoy the local sites. You guys have any ideas?
    Any help would be appreciated….Thanks k
  3. still have picture posting problems and 2 more quilts finished for Christmas

    by , 12-19-2013 at 07:30 PM
    I still can't get my pictures to upload, despite getting the enhanced menu visible. Don't think it is too large/too many pixels for the program. I use Windows XP--any suggestions?

    My last blog post said I was better at quilting than technology--today I'm not feeling either! Doing a simple "attic window" type quilt for SIL for belated Christmas gift, using Asian inspired fabric. I just seemed to have the "duhs?" when it came to cutting accurately--especially ...
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  4. Bobbin problems

    by , 12-18-2013 at 02:41 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Happy Linda View Post
    Have a Singer Lightweight. Was sewing wonderful when it just started skipping stitches. Oiled, cleaned, rethreaded, changed needle, just will not sew. Please help. I know there's a simple answer. Hopefully
  5. Kid's pantos

    by , 12-17-2013 at 03:11 PM
    What is your favorite go-to pantograph for quilting general kid's quilts??
    I would like something not too busy.
    Thanks, Gloria
  6. Much better at quilting than technology!!

    by , 12-16-2013 at 06:33 PM
    OK--took me a couple days to figure out the reason I wasn't adding pictures is I didn't have the "enhanced" toolbar--thanks to Peckish and others for giving step-by-step instructins under search for "posting pictures"! So here is the snowglobe quilt--my daughter is loving it! Darn it--won't upload--I'll try in pictures thread.
  7. The total pain kit is finished and I love it!

    by , 12-14-2013 at 09:44 AM
    Despite only using the white background for the blocks and the brown bases for the "snowglobes--I think this turned out very well. Can't figure out how to get it posted on my blog--so putting it into new entries photo thread--I think--first photo posting. But check it out!

    Now on to finish a modified log cabin lapquilt for brother and start/finish an Asian fabric lapquilt for my SIL so they hopefully get them for Christmas before New Year's! Seems like mail between us takes ...
  8. Dragonfly-My version

    by , 12-14-2013 at 08:31 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
    There are 6 pictures so bear with me as I load then 1 by 1.
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  9. Any BOMS for 2014?

    by , 12-14-2013 at 02:52 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by willferg View Post
    I've been on the lookout for free BOMS for both quilting and embroidery, and I haven't seen much. I guess it's a little early yet, but I hope if you find some you'll share links here. Thanks!
  10. Santa came early

    by , 12-13-2013 at 04:42 AM
    I'm pretty excited. It hasn't arrived yet, but I just purchased a Janome Horizon MC 15000!! It is supposed to do everything you want--embroidery, quilting machine, wireless with an iPad, etc. Does anyone have one? How steep is the learning curve? If anybody has tips, techniques, or suggestions I would love to hear them.
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