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Thread: Finally found "horeshoe sandwich" recipe

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    Smile Finally found "horeshoe sandwich" recipe

    Horseshoe sandwich
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    Horseshoe sandwich RealHorseshoesandwich.jpg
    A Hamburger Horseshoe Sandwich, with cheese sauce visible on the fries
    Place of origin United States
    Region or state Springfield, Illinois
    Type Sandwich
    Main ingredient(s) Bread, hamburger patties or ham
    Variations Breakfast horseshoe, Pony shoe

    The horseshoe sandwich originated in Springfield, Illinois.[1] This open-faced sandwich begins with thick-sliced toasted bread, and most often hamburger patties, or ham. Other meat is also used, such as deep fried pork tenderloin, grilled or fried chicken breast, and fried fish filets. There is also a "breakfast" horseshoe that uses eggs and hash browns. The meat is topped with French fries and smothered with a "secret" cheese sauce. The cheese sauce varies from chef to chef, allowing each cook to create a signature dish, but the sauce is a sort of Welsh rarebit, common ingredients being eggs, beer, butter, cheese, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, salt and pepper.[1]

    A smaller portion, with one slice of bread and one serving of meat, is called a "Pony Shoe".[1]

    Though there is debate on the subject, the horseshoe sandwich may have been first made by Steve Tomko at the Leland Hotel in Springfield, Illinois, in 1928.[1][2] Steve Tomko later took the recipe to Waynes Red Coach Inn, where it was served until the late 2000s.

    Anyone ever heard of, or eaten this? Similar to some in England and especially Southern U.S.

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    It is disgusting looking too. Heart Attack on a plate IMHO.

    They are very much on menus in the Central Illinois area ESP Springfield. Really gross. I wont even try one but i also hate cheese fries. Yuck

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    yes i have had them. they are good but a lot of food. pony shoe is better since it is smaller I want the orginial with hamburger patty. I have eaten in the orginal resturant to serve it in springfield Ill it was the best one...

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    Never heard of it in California.

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    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    I'm from Illinois about 1.5 hours from Springfield ... in fact I ate lunch in Springfield yesterday on my way home from St. Louis. Never heard of it.
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    Love these sandwiches. I lived in Illinois for 0ver 30 years.WheneverI go back I eat one but a pony shoe.

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    i have lived in Springfield all my life and i have eaten at the Leland Hotel and at Red Coach Inn i also hae the recipe of the cheese sauce from the Leland tucked away in one of my cook books , my dad was friends with the man that ran the hotel and we would go as a family there to eat , i just had a pony shoe last night at a resteraunt we went to !
    my favorite pony shoe is one called buffalo chicken , breaded chicken served pony style with white cheese and tabasco sauce on top of that !

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    Central Illinois
    Oh, yeah...horseshoes are a staple in central Illinois. I work in Springfield, where they originated, and many restaurants serve them. Some are much better than others. Those that use canned cheese sauce are usually not very good . I agree that the buffalo chicken version is very good, if it has a good cheese sauce -- Darcy's Pint serves a great one. But my days of eating these are over, as I've lost weight and intend to keep it off.

    When my kids lived at home I very occasionally made them for supper. I baked frozen fries in the oven to cut down on the fat. We liked loose hamburger or ham for the meat. I made my own cheese sauce, never used a recipe, just made a roux and white sauce, like you would start out for macaroni and cheese. Then add cheese and melt them in and some seasonings, especially a good dash of worscestshire sauce and some pepper. It's not hard to do, and you can adjust your sauce to your liking and use your favorite cheeses. If you don't like cheesy fries, you won't like these!

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    Never heard of it. Would be willing to try it though. I love to see the different foods from different regions of the country.

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    Never heard of it but I would be willing to give it a try. There is a salad served locally- either grilled chicken or steak- served on top of a mixed salad, topped with lots of french fries and real cheese- the "Pittsburgh Salad" served with dressing of your choice. I think it is wonderful to sample foods across the country.

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