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Thread: How do you cook beets?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annaquilts View Post
    I scrub the whole beet. Wash the leaves. Cut off the root and the stem/leaf part. Put about 1 1/2 in. filtered water in a pot. Cut beet in slices. Cut leaves and stems. I do not take the skin off. It has good vitamins. Put it all in the pot,cover with a snug fitting lid, bring to a rapid boil, reduce heat to low boil and simmer till slices are firm but eassy to pierce with a fork. I then add mild vinegar with corn starch disolved in it, bring back to a boil when stirring till beets are glazed. (Harvard beets)If desired a pinch of seal salt.

    My mother was thaught in europe and she would discard the leaves, boil the whole beet and then peel them. She would then slice them on the slicer part of a grater. Then back in the pan to add the vinegar/ cornstarch.

    We like the left overs just cold as a little side salad or by the regular salad.
    I scrub and roast them!

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    I boil mine with skin on, sometimes if I remember will do it the night before, when cool skin comes off easily.
    I will slice them, add hard boiled egg and bit of blue cheese dressing, that can be my lunch......
    or cooked as above, saute one sliced red onion till soft, then add some dijon mustard, bit of vinegar, bit of honey and make dressing right in a pan, add toasted sunflower seeds or pine nuts....
    beet tops when fresh

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    Our quilt retreat place does a wonderful avocado & beet salad..mmmmm...just did a quick search & it seems there are lots of recipes for it. I LOVE a steamed beet & butter with salt & pepper..... DH is not fond of the fact that it makes a "messy looking" plate....

    OKAY... I'm outta here..... look at this yummy recipe! http://www.warningsugarygoodness.com...for-you-pasta/

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    I am also in the roasting category. But I peel before roasting and I open roast them, I do not wrap in foil because when you wrap in foil you aren't roasting them you are steaming them. Roasted makes the best beets ever.

    I also make my own pickled beets and home can them. I like them on salads.

    Greens I steam or boil. If they are baby beet greens, raw in the salad. I love beet greens almost as much as the beet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakkity View Post
    I roast mine in the oven. I wash them, coat with olive oil amd wrap all together in tin foil.. 350 until done... Depends on the size of beets. When done, I put on some plastic gloves to keep from having beet hands and rub the beet skin right off the beets. comes off easy. Cut & season. All that lovely beet taste stays in the beets not in the water and down the drain. This is the only way we eat beets. Tastes great!
    Ditto roasting is the easiest but I also boil with the skin on and then remove the skin. If you can grow a garden cylinder beets are great as the grow like carrots and are the easiest for pickled beets.
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    My father used to grow them when I was a child and most of my family would eat them cooked (pickled), I always liked them fresh. That's right, I don't cook them at all; just wash and eat. I can imagine they would make a great addition to a fresh salad either sliced or shredded.

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    I haven't had beets in ages and your baking ideas make me want to try that method. My mom used to boil them when we were kids. If I remember correctly, we used to clean the tops and cook them like spinach.

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    All these recipes make me miss my mom! She always grew beets in her garden, and I love fresh beet greens. The ones from the market are never fresh enough! I love the beets, too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thimblebug6000 View Post
    OKAY... I'm outta here..... look at this yummy recipe! http://www.warningsugarygoodness.com...for-you-pasta/
    This reminded me of the years and years I used beet for red coloring in cookies, candy, etc. because my son was diagnosed hyper and his worst trigger was food coloring, esp. red. When I needed the coloring, I'd peel my beets and cook them for dinner saving the liquid. Otherwise I cooked them whole -- much easier. Hadn't thought of baking -- thanks, all, for the tip!

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    Cooking beets

    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
    I love beets but I would like some suggestions on how to cook them. Currently I peel my dry beets with no water (water makes them bleed) and slice, dice and cook in water on the stove for 45 minutes or until tender. My mother used to boil the whole beet and then skin and slice them but that took a looooong time. Anyone else have any hints for making the job easier or faster?
    Wash and brush the beets cutting off the ends. Boil them in water until a knife is inserted into a soft beet. After cooked, immediately put the pot in the sink and fill with cold water until you can take the beets out with your hand. Grab the beet and remove the peeling with your hand. This is the easiest way and healthiest way to cook beets. Slice your beets and put in a dish with slice boiled eggs and a diced red onion. Serve and let everyone put salt and pepper on their own. My husband eats his with balsamic vinegar on them.

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