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Great Meat Balls
I get frozen meat balls at Sam’s, and then I put about the bag in my pressure cooker with a jar of your favorite sauce. Bring it to pressure then turn it off. Let it set 10 to 15 mins.
This puts the flavor of your sauce through out your meatballs. I figured out how a restaurant here makes their famous 4” meatballs. Mine are smaller but just as good, and fast.
Thanks Phyllis nm!!! I did this today and they were wonderful.
I am a new stove top pressure cooker owner and this is the 2nd item I've fixed. I did buy Ms. Vicki's cookbook from Amazon but it hasn't arrived yet.
I got a PC from Sam;s club on-line . ....with shipping it was only $20. Didn't realise it did 7# and 13#. I read most books are set at a 15# pressure so I will have to do a bit of adjusting of recipes.