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The History of Doll Quilts in America

The History of Doll Quilts in America
By Michele Lancaster

The first baby and crib quilts in America were mentioned in the New England archives around 1750. Diary entries and household inventories from this time mention cribs, cradles and small beds especially made for children. Coverlets for these small pieces of furniture were handmade and often pieced from smaller pieces of fabric.

Collectors of antique doll quilts realize the treasures they hold as there are not many examples of this craft. The infant mortality rate was very high until the late 1800s and small quilts were used as shrouds to wrap the little babies for burial.

In the eighteenth century, children were considered to be miniature adults after infancy. They were dressed like adults and given responsibilities according to their age. Small quilts for children were often made in the same patterns as their larger...

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