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  1. "All Dressed Up for New Year's Eve" picture
  2. BOM Appliaque
  3. Am I the only one?
  4. Has anyone seen or heard of this quilt?
  5. New Years resolutions
  6. sewing cabinet
  7. Look what I did over the holidays!
  8. Pattern/Help on quilting team quilt
  9. Can't use my mom's Morse :(
  10. Question about Embird - embroidery software
  11. Portable Quilting
  12. quilting patterns
  13. Don't You Wish Machine Manufacturers Would ...
  14. In need af an answer regarding walking foot.
  15. Free BOMs 2012
  16. Black & White Bow Tie quilt
  17. Cutting Instrutions
  18. Gadgets you feel are worth the money.
  19. Appliqué question
  20. Do you wash your newly completed quilts?
  21. Wrapped clothesline
  22. Problem with hand quilting in hoop - tiddlywinking needle.
  23. Bowl tute is done
  24. Lovers Knot and Flowers
  25. Cramming and Jamming but my first big quilt is done!
  26. how to quilt Joseph's Coat quilt
  27. 2" blocks - need pattern ideas
  28. Christmas Quilts
  29. Anyone used fusible vinyl on purses??
  30. Templates can I use a rotary cutter instead?
  31. Ready to purchase a long arm & quilting frame - need suggestions on how to select one
  32. Used quilting magazines...
  33. How to sew OBW's together
  34. How & where do you store quilt items not on display?
  35. A newbie needs help
  36. The Deaf and quilting
  37. Glue tips
  38. Bow Tuck Sizes
  39. Kona cotton
  40. Minky Quilt as You Go on a Longarm?
  41. Featherweight - How much is it worth?
  42. Janome 7700 Horizon vs. 6600P
  43. Charm Packs - Monthly
  44. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! First finish of the New Year
  45. Obw
  46. Need zipper help with a bowtuck
  47. Wondering?
  48. How do you wash the pre-cuts.....jelly rolls, charms etc.?
  49. I know in my heart that this looks wrong--help!
  50. Done a Dumb thing...
  51. Quilts a success!
  52. Bargello questions - whether to sew a tube or not?
  53. Posting Photos
  54. Can not wait....
  55. New Years Weekend sewing
  56. Ironing Help
  57. valentine's day
  58. Help I can't machine sew for long because of upper back discomfort
  59. I won a bid on Goodwill .com!
  60. Help! I can't figure this out!
  61. The way I remember it...
  62. Leah Day Quilt Along Wednesdays
  63. Help with Log Cabin
  64. Electronic Tablets to Aid Your Quilting?
  65. Butterfly quilt patterns through the years
  66. Affairs of the Heart question.
  67. 50 pp stars block of the week
  68. Missouri Star Quilting
  69. What do you do do?
  70. Help with problem backing
  71. Janome 9000
  72. Fabric storage and temperatures
  73. Happy New Year! Starting new !
  74. Pin cushion box
  75. What's your quilty resolutions for 2012?
  76. paper dolls (fabric)
  77. Comic Book Boards
  78. How did this happen...
  79. Have a Happy and Blessed New Year
  80. New Quilting Board Forum
  81. Share your tips & tricks for making a T-shirt quilt
  82. Fabric Moritorium Challenge
  83. flip-n-cut magic templates-have you tried them?
  84. New brand of batting at Joann's
  85. Afraid of new quilting setup -encouragement & advise needed here
  86. Free BOM Class
  87. How do you display your quilts in your home?
  88. Have you ever made a story quilt?
  89. scissors
  90. New Years Resolution
  91. Ruler problem with Gypsy Gripper
  92. My New Years Resolution
  93. I think I have discovered my next project....
  94. BOM are they really worth it??????
  95. Something other than a yo yo idea please and thank you
  96. sizes
  97. quilted mixer cover
  98. Quilt Gallery Update
  99. Blenders and Jenny Beyer Palette
  100. Quilt with pictures
  101. thread breaking
  102. Spacing of Quilting Seams?
  103. Why do I feel guilty for not sewing?
  104. Quilting is Murder~A Quilting Mystery
  105. Mystery Quilt Case #134 Chips 'n Strips Jan. 1, 2012
  106. Quilt Labels
  107. Trip Around the World
  108. Got a fw today
  109. Batiks
  110. Has anyone made a quilt out of sweatshirts?
  111. Signed up for a class today
  112. How to store fabric in cubeical?
  113. What are you working on??
  114. Time for the New Year DIET resolutions!(quilt related ones)
  115. To wash or not to wash.. That is the question
  116. Does anyone recognize this plug??
  117. my new winter sport wall hanging/ runner
  118. Advice required for thin quarters please
  119. Dear Jane veterans
  120. Ontario and/or Canada fabric sources?
  121. i Pod vs. fabric, what would you pick.
  122. mailing a cutting mat
  123. fabraic store closing
  124. I want to make a couple of round quilted table clothes! Help plz
  125. Purple
  126. Project List
  127. Missouri Quilt company daily deals
  128. Do you put a binding on a wallhanging?
  129. More Bow Tucks help
  130. Fabric Scrap Bags
  131. 830 foot that cuts patterns in fabric
  132. Looking for site
  133. Looking for the Snake Log Cabin pattern
  134. Sewing triangles together...Help Please
  135. So much fun
  136. Tae Kwon Do Quilt Pattern
  137. If you're interested, saw some old Singers in Englishtown NJ antique/junk store
  138. My sister says..."I don't know if I want Abigail (my niece) to use the quilt
  139. What kind of batting if any should I use for this wallhanging?
  140. Tooth Fairy Pillow Case
  141. Using Your 1/4" Foot
  142. Needle Threading For Aging Eyes
  143. Need pattern suggestions
  144. need help with crosshatching design
  145. Will it look quilted?
  146. How can I fix this cutting error?
  147. Much Ado about Thread, I am going to try Essentials and Aurifil!!!
  148. Will the quilt police come knocking at my door?
  149. Need some help from the forum.....
  150. Raffle Quilt
  151. Bow Tucks Help
  152. Where is the picture of the stunning pp quilt "Fresh Cut Flowers"
  153. Name of this pattern?
  154. I am ISO an example of Japanese style quilts with
  155. Paducah Nine Patch quilt pattern?
  156. Fabric choices-what would you choose?
  157. Newbie with a sewing machine question...
  158. Help - Is this quilt layout working???
  159. Anyone else fallen in love with Laurel Burch?
  160. Finally decided to buy the Grace Sure Stitchregulator.
  161. Pets and Quilts - What do you do?
  162. Where is all the Christmas fabric??
  163. Good fabric stores in Southern CA.
  164. Pattern Detectives needs - Passport pouch pattern
  165. Ripples and Reflections (BOM) quilt design by Laurie Shifrin
  166. Flannel Material
  167. Looking for Blue 110" Flannel Backing
  168. Which batting would be better?
  169. online sources for thread
  170. Using Polyester thread to quilt?
  171. Different ways to attach quilt labels
  172. I need some advice
  173. Quilting is Murder site
  174. Talk to me about thread
  175. Thread rippers
  176. Question about serger
  177. Question about Tension
  178. help with locating a snowman wall hanging pattern
  179. Three color/fabric quilt pattern
  180. Anyone have an ASUS Android Transformer Tablet?
  181. Kindle Tote
  182. has anyone tried using newspaper as batting?
  183. I'm Planning a Wedding!!!!!!!!
  184. Hand Quilting - error and how to prevent in the future
  185. looking for link to ,how quilters came up with their names on the quilting board.
  186. Ditterent brands of fabric.
  187. What's the best way to mark quilting designs?
  188. Help with Brother PE770
  189. santa sack from a triangle.
  190. Did you sew/quilt Christmas gifts this year?
  191. Would like to hear feedback on the UNIVERSAL THREAD STAND???
  192. Looking for Fabric
  193. Moda Marbles - recent changes (problems?)
  194. Tips for printing quilt labels - I'm an Aussie
  195. Rochester, NY
  196. EQ 7 + Design Wizard
  197. Polyester on a Longarm
  198. How should I quilt this?
  199. Help me with a tulip idea
  200. Rule Steady- Update
  201. Zipper source??
  202. Find a pattern
  203. Batik Fabric
  204. Scalloped edge-- thanks for tips, and picture of completed group quilt
  205. Creative Sensation, EQ7 and 5DSuite
  206. Wedding Quilt
  207. What makes a quilt a 'quilt'?
  208. Have you ever...
  209. Help
  210. twin quilt
  211. Ordering to the USA
  212. Suggestions on what type of sewing maching to purchase.
  213. Using an iPad for quilting
  214. Quilting Rulers
  215. Judy Niemeyer workshop question
  216. Is This do-able
  217. Blueberry Crumb Cake fabric
  218. My Sister wants a quilt!!
  219. bobbin winder. Is it worth it?
  220. Using a Panel to make a quilt - how do you decide on a pattern?
  221. Along the same lines as your board ID, what does your license plate say?
  222. Christmas stocking pattern??
  223. Questions about embroidery thread..
  224. Need opinions: Sylvia's Bridal quilt and pastels
  225. IPad apps
  226. Fabric Buying Dilemma
  227. Babylock Machines
  228. Rotary cutter Safety gadget under $15.
  229. ARRRGUH!!Help please downloading a embry file from flash stick to Janome 11000
  230. For those who posted in "what colors you would like to see in 2012" Results here:)
  231. Craftsy Online Classes
  232. PAL - Perfect Alingment Laser
  233. Label wording ..........
  234. Talk me out of making a Storm at Sea quilt!
  235. FQ
  236. I won
  237. To batt or not to batt QAYG
  238. need info on a 403
  239. Single straight stitch machine
  240. Name that online quilt shop ?
  241. Going to the Lancaster Quilt Show
  242. Has anyone sewn a quilted cover for their Nook?
  243. Mini Tryptic Patterns
  244. Satin quilts
  245. Needle Turn Applique
  246. EZ3 Quilting frame ??
  247. Babylock Ellegante2 can someone please help me???
  248. Hobbs Poly Down Batting questions
  249. To DianeK.
  250. Need to quilt!!!