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  1. Help Please! Dresden Plate Advice!
  2. Tampa, FL quilt shops
  3. Can hardly wait!!
  4. Joann's in Lynchburg moving to the mall in Lynchburg, VA
  5. blocks not the same size, what to do?
  6. Do you use Quilters Delight Safety Pin Covers on your Basting Pins?
  7. Celtic Block Quilt Pattern
  8. How do you manage your quilt while machine quilting?
  9. Do you machine quilt your own work?
  10. Best cutting mats--need all your thoughts
  11. Janome Owners, please i need your help
  12. You have got to try this vs clamps or tape.
  13. So what should I do?
  14. New Machine
  15. ebay featherweight near my house
  16. Need suggestions, please!
  17. Which 'side' are you on?
  18. What can I put in my SP parcels from Scotland?
  19. Let's talk wonky quilts
  20. how do you know what your style is?
  21. Setting stitch length for FMQ?
  22. 2 Questions about Pins
  23. Which Stores to Visit
  24. Help! on removing pencil markings
  25. Gingham quilts ???
  26. How do you keep strip quit piecing straight - suggestions?
  27. Does this method of preparing binding help avoid puckers???
  28. Would you buy this 1920 Singer Red Eye?
  29. Clips to sandwich quilt
  30. Virtual Quilt club - 7/14
  31. Made my first quilted tote!
  32. Anyone have a Juki TL2010Q?
  33. pattern of a girl
  35. Bamboo fabric
  36. Cricut
  37. Stain?
  38. how to make a garden flag
  39. Does anyone have a Singer Futura SES1000 ?
  40. Does any body have a Flynn quilt frame?
  41. the great quilt makeover!
  42. What is it called.....
  43. JoAnn's first for me!
  44. I just finished my making my sewing table!
  45. New machine suggestions...
  46. no plastic templates for fussy cutting
  47. Help with quilting suggestions, again! ;0)
  48. Does anyone else have "Ken's" quilting frame system?
  49. Are color catchers, Synthrapol and Retayne used for different things/times?
  50. Minkee blanket
  51. FMQ on a Singer 403..Help
  52. And I Only needed thread ....
  53. I got the comic book boards now what?
  54. Well, I'll be darn.
  55. marking a quilt where the material is dark or batik
  56. Do you name your machine(s)?
  57. Question Keepsake Quilting
  58. Need to make baby quilt
  59. need advice
  60. I am excited
  61. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show this Saturday
  62. Craftsy BOM
  63. Mini Dresden Plate to Print
  64. Question for those who make quilts for customers...
  65. Shape Cut Plus or Pro?
  66. Entrys for the Fair???
  67. Fusible web problem, i think
  68. How often do you get quilting packages?
  69. Help using Mylar
  70. Please help: You who have a Grace GMQ Pro or a Janome 300e embroidery
  71. Damaged old quilt has two pieced tops
  72. wool look fabric but not wool
  73. OBW question
  74. How do YOU search for fabric online?
  75. What brand to use on spray adhersive & where to get clips
  76. Flag with 13 stripes
  77. Thread w/static cling
  78. Men's dress shirts
  79. Kids say the...
  80. What are you biggest changes in quilting this year?
  81. Thrift Stores/Yard Sales - How often do you go?
  82. Help with Quilting by Hand
  83. Online Quilting TV show
  84. Virtual Quilt Day - This Sunday July 15!
  85. Help me find ths fabric, so I can fix my quilt.
  86. When and why hire a LA Quilter
  87. my friend gave me a huge box of fabric
  88. Twins on the way!
  89. want to make a dresden plate
  90. Half square triangles advice needed
  91. Hand Quilters - What size needle?
  92. Cutting border fabric lengthwise
  93. Tackling the Bucket List
  94. Triangulations question for Mac users
  95. Large quilt in 2 pieces??
  96. My first question!
  97. What do you know about this machine?
  98. Costa Maya quilt
  99. What's you newest obsession?
  100. Has anyone used silk thread with fusible applique?
  101. Dresden Plate
  102. Too many hobbies?
  103. Finally tried Gutermann thread
  104. Thread keeps breaking
  105. I making a barn quilt!!!!!
  106. Question about printing a saying to go on back of quilt
  107. Granddaughter's sewing class
  108. Do you have a fabric "regret"? I do....
  109. Clothes to make a quilt
  110. trouble downloading pattern
  111. it worth it?
  112. What method do you use to sandwich your quilt?
  113. Eq 7
  114. Microsafe batt from Joannes
  115. Help! Fabric transfer is peeling away!
  116. Bobbin washers
  117. What do you do when????
  118. My husband actually asked me to make him a quilt!!!
  119. Spray basting on cotton batting
  120. Headed to Oconomowoc WI!
  121. What is the name of that quilting grid product?
  122. Not sure how to quilt this one - looking for suggestions
  123. Help-with my machine (broken needle; error code)--Viking Sapphire/Tribute
  124. Walking Foot Sticks
  125. Black & White Brands/Lines?
  126. Anyone have the Bernina software that paints?
  127. What a change in quilts sine the 80's!
  128. Is there anything I need to know when it comes to working with batiks?
  129. when is a scrap too small to save?
  130. Do you own a Serger?
  131. Retro quilt top
  132. Bobbine Winding Machines
  133. Uneven shaped blocks
  134. Supplies for mission trip
  135. Summer of The UFO
  136. New tool and method for 1/2sq triangles
  137. Hancock's of Paducah
  138. Can you name this block?
  139. I have become a member of the UFO
  140. Do I Really Need an "Add a Quarter" Ruler?
  141. How do you hang your wall quilts without making holes in the wall?
  142. Simplicity Rotary Cutter and Embosser
  143. Can anyone explain these cutting directions for me?
  144. Hooray for me!
  145. Jelly Rolls
  146. paper piecing help
  147. Do you use sheets for backing?
  148. For those who make handbags
  149. Self-healing mat - Is it beyond healing?
  150. Blades seem to dull so quickly. Why?
  151. Fat Quarters getting smaller ?????
  152. Peaky and Spike?
  153. Fess you own any quilts bought from a store or catalog or tv shopping?
  154. Has anyone used Cudle fabric for a backing to a cotton quilt?
  155. Saving my pennies for a Bernina 750QE or Pfaff Creative Performance?
  156. What Shrinks a Fabric--Washing or Drying??
  157. Help with mitered corners
  158. Does anyone know the name of the pattern of this quilt?
  159. Grace GMQ Pro Frame - upgraded carriage - Janome 1600p
  160. REALLY, really need help!
  161. How do you fold your quilts?
  162. my first, second, third and so on.
  163. Need Assistance Finding a Link
  164. question about enlarging a pic
  165. Quilting Dresden Plates?
  166. Need help for Friend-Singapore Quilt Shops and online International ordering
  167. v and a museum
  168. Are you a fussy cutter??
  169. Have you used high loft batting with machine quilting?
  170. Finding 7/8's LIne
  171. Do you ever combine machine embroidery on your quilts?
  172. Does anyone have a pattern for making a quilted arm sling
  173. Repairman... Good or bad?
  174. grandmas flower garden quilt
  175. I need your help!
  176. Brother Machines & Bobbins
  177. Were you happy with your first effort at quilting?
  178. Donation quilting pieces
  179. Handbag Question
  180. Quilting Groups - Are you in a quilting group?
  181. Western Australia quilters
  182. Ideas for a Christmas in July party for quilt guild?
  183. OnLine Quilting Classes
  184. Personal Quilt Retreat results
  185. Here I go thinking again!
  186. Was it my a mistake
  187. Changing Fabric/Fabric Color After Quilt is Complete
  188. A little help here, please!
  189. Stitch in the Ditch question
  190. Anyone know where to get HL needles?
  191. Road to California
  192. Tried this and it worked.
  193. string quilts why use base?
  194. Layered (multiple piece) applique??
  195. Rag Quilt Batting Question
  196. String Quilts question.
  197. Questions on making a string quilt.
  198. Have you used "Lapel Stick"?
  199. pretty quilt on flyer
  200. scrappy quilts?
  201. Has anyone ever used Comfortloft 100% Polyester Batting?
  202. Thread
  203. A question aimed at DJ fans, but open to all
  204. Double knit -what do you think
  205. Does anyone have an opinion on viking designer se embroidery machine
  206. How do I use my new machine's "Spool Cushion"?
  207. Hand Quilters - QD Request or Wool Batting
  208. Brother PE 770? Review?
  209. Trying again to show 3 mini machines
  210. Sharpening rotary cutter blades?
  211. Today I became a member of the "Sewn finger Club"
  212. Yea, Sewing time!
  213. Fabric weight
  214. Quilt Retreat just for Me!
  215. T shirt quilt
  216. My Great Find at the Thrift Store Today
  217. Need help figuring size of blocks.
  218. Quilt Pro
  219. a new web site with great prices for longarm "stuff"
  220. argggggh!! I give up!
  221. 1930's reproduction fabric
  222. Need some help
  223. I am a scrappy quilter....
  224. Looking for Quilt Shops in Delaware.
  225. July Fab Shop Help
  226. Precision Piecing Video on The Quilt Show
  227. How to cool down a sewing room
  228. PE770 question
  229. What are your leaders made of?
  230. newbie question
  231. Serger Thread....what is considered the best use brand out there...cost not an issue
  232. Large stipling ... bad
  233. Are you ready . . . . only 6 months . . .
  234. Help I have holes
  235. Finishing a GFG table runner
  236. Non-quilters do not understand
  237. on your name tags
  238. Does anyone remember?
  239. Good machine for basting quilts to leaders
  240. Embroidery design organization
  241. Simplicity Rotary Cutter
  242. My quarter inch foot wiggles.....
  243. Ricky Tims fabric
  244. I won again, too!!
  245. Hooping for machine embroidery on a quilt
  246. Once your quilt is blocked
  247. Is this a 10-minute block?
  248. Do you recognize this pattern?
  249. Panto size for 11 inch machine?
  250. GFG Quilt Top Finally Finished!!!