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  1. Foot pain from quilting-anyone but me?
  2. Re: Need inspiration and time
  3. Pre wash or not to pre wash
  4. where is candle quilter???
  5. What do you do to material to pretreat for labels.
  6. Question: How Long
  7. I need help....
  8. Walmart
  9. 60 degree corners have me stumped!
  10. Need Suggestions putting quilt together
  11. Alvin Cutting Mats
  12. Wedding throw idea
  13. Girl Scout anniversary quilt
  14. ISO: Zooks and Sauders online store
  15. Baby Book Material or something else for gift
  16. Lap Quilt for My Brother - TOO LATE!!! Has Been Received
  17. Thank you chat room gals
  18. need info on flannel
  19. Questions about I Spy quilts
  20. meandering quilting
  21. Which do you like best for quilting...laser light or stylus
  22. homemade extension table?
  23. applique
  24. Tracing Pattern
  25. New embroidery machine..sites for patterns?
  26. Looking 4 Butterfly quilt pattern
  27. My Sewing Machine Died - I need a new one.
  28. Borders okay?
  29. My borders are ruffley, what am I doing wrong?
  30. frustration
  31. Difference in threads?
  32. What is your favorite pattern or block to use for monochromatic quilts?
  33. Curious. How many of you have your own long arm machines?
  34. critique please
  35. I Was Selfish at the Fabric Store
  36. Help! Need Ideas.
  37. Next question for making 1st quilt (flannel for baby)
  38. Quality of Springs Industries Fabric
  39. OK walk away moment
  40. Hand Quilters another stupid question please
  41. Ideas on Tools to Make a Stencil
  42. Container Tip?
  43. Solid Color Quilt
  44. Stippling problem
  45. where to get quilting frame
  46. Janome Horizon 7700 Automatic Stitch Plate Question
  47. EQ 7 and MS Sniping Tool
  48. help with a dragon (and I am not referring to my Husband)
  49. What is the ideal stitch length for FMQ ?
  50. Borders on....and binding t00!!
  51. Just won a Janome 350E embroidery machine
  52. Do you prewash batting when making a jacket?
  53. Friendship Braid
  54. Advise please.
  55. Looking for Wood Craftsman and Info on Quilting groups in Noblesville IN
  56. Flannel as batting?
  57. Added tape measures to the longarm leaders
  58. My Accuquilt GO just gave up on me.. Boo Hoo....
  59. Ideas for a boys quilt.
  60. Where did the day go?
  61. Applique when fabric too small to turn under
  62. Has anyone had this problem???? HELP PLEASE
  63. Can anyone tell me how old these fabrics might be, please?
  64. What can you tell me about Brothers Bicor VX1005
  65. Viking Sapphire 835 help please
  66. Suggestions for orange & blue batik quilt for 15 year old DGD
  67. I'm a happy girl!
  68. Positive mental attitude!
  69. How to figure how many blocks and what size?
  70. I am a newbie to Quilting
  71. DH is so funny.
  72. new mystery quilt posted
  73. Looking at quilts on the QB
  74. help! Vintage stripe fabric how should i cut it ?
  75. Prewashing batting
  76. Attenion New York City Quilters....
  77. Help is keep back and front straight
  78. Sure Stitch Stitch Regulator
  79. I would like an Accuquilt Go for under $199? Is this realistic?
  80. NEW twister patterns are coming out!
  81. Those wonderful empty tissue boxes
  82. Quilt Label Question
  83. That pesky 1/4"
  84. Need help with tracing paper.
  85. Pfaff 2046
  86. I feel like such a fraud
  87. Bargello question
  88. Stash surprises and dissappointments
  89. Cutting Mats.
  90. Need suggestions for quilting this wall hanging
  91. Look what I found!!!
  92. What to do with old cutting mat.
  93. Table cloth red checkered?
  94. Would some of you be willing to post pictures of your quilt labels that you make?
  95. I Love Going to Class Online!
  96. I didn't realize.
  97. Gee, I have a expensive hobby it seems!
  98. Tying a Quilt
  99. I have a binding with glue method question
  100. Quilt in a Day
  101. Shout out from a newbie!
  102. Anyone tried Dessert Rolls for the Quick "Jelly Roll" 1600 quilts
  103. Potholders and Quilting...just a newbie's thoughts
  104. Books on Shelves Quilt
  105. Back to basics, needles and thimbles
  106. Can you tell me what is a mystery quilt?
  107. Has anyone ordered from
  108. Quilting, applique, question
  109. home sewn vest
  110. new Singer sewing machine
  111. Fabric Question - Swiss dots
  112. looking for Mens shirt & tie quilt
  113. panel challenge
  114. Help Please!!!
  115. Quilt Shops
  116. Info needed
  117. Bias Vines
  118. I have a sweet hubby
  119. Bleeding fabric: What to do with it! Info.
  120. Unable to search...cutting mat?
  121. Can anybody help me with this tabletopper
  122. What kind of quilting thread do i use?
  123. All
  124. Problems with my Bernina Embroidery Thread
  125. Teaching a new quilter and an early birthday gift to boot!!!
  126. Ideas for Wonder Clips?
  127. used 8 color catchers and still have dye bleed
  128. Sweet miracle gift for me!
  129. Cooperating Teacher Gift?
  130. Best camera to use for pictures of quilts
  131. Can you tell me about QE and how much different /better is QE 7 from QE 6?
  132. So Cute!!
  133. Viking Husq feet? I have a used Mega quilter, what foot do I need to buy?
  134. Needs some ideas for a signature wedding quilt please
  135. Warning about cones of thread
  136. Computer machines left in trunks
  137. Need help finding a sewing machine manual
  138. Need opinions please...Hubby said I can buy the new Singer 160
  139. Qbot or equivalent - input and ideas please
  140. PK Lusetti
  141. I made so much extra work for myself
  142. Quick question about hand appliqué
  143. Auto needle threader in Janome Gem Gold 660 - Easy peasy or pain?
  144. Need a Pick Me Up to Try Something New with Quilting?
  145. heat n bond
  146. Feeling a bit frustrated. .
  147. HELP with sewing machine messing up!
  148. Rotary cutter?
  149. Which machine (s) are best - from a Beginner
  150. AGD Prayer Garden Quilt
  151. Vintage (older) quilts
  152. scrappy quilt stabilizer?
  153. my thrift shop find
  154. Hand quilting Kona cotton
  155. Space Bags for Quilt Storage--Good or bad?
  156. "The Goodbye Quilt"
  157. Have you posted a picture of your sewing room and if not, why?
  158. Mystery Quilts - have you done any ?
  159. I'm so excited!!!!!
  160. Tuesday Morning
  161. Need help finding pattern or cutting instructions
  162. Washing Out Elmer's School Glue After Binding Your Quilt?
  163. Need Fabric Pricing Thoughts
  164. Quillow Ruffle Question
  165. back to the 50s
  166. Just bought the Viking 100Q Travel Machine
  167. Bias Applique
  168. Diagonal lines ?
  169. I'm BACK!! But I need your help!
  170. White on White or small print "shirting" fabric
  171. Is it really BAD to use regular needle instead of quilting needle???
  172. Paper piecing
  173. quilting frame post?
  174. I found the not to be found hoop I wanted!
  175. Paper piecing patterns
  176. now what do I do?
  177. Beginning my first Quilt Basting any last words of advice???
  178. Which do you like better, Moda Bella or Kona Cotton?
  179. Question on pre washing fabrics
  180. Ripping out.....
  181. Help! I need a black/red/white twin quilt pattern.
  182. Singer 301 on a Quilt Frame?
  183. Quilters Stash Shop Hop Bunny
  184. Fleece panel
  185. Has anyone thought about this?
  186. Stolen Quilt
  187. KUDOS to OLFA's customer service
  188. What Is/Are BOM?
  189. Help with Bargello Island Sunset Twist & Turn
  190. Fabshop hop help!!
  191. Fabric at Wal-Mart $7.46 ?
  192. Serger
  193. The Cutting EDGE Frosted Ruler
  194. Scrappy Quilts
  195. Lighthouse Quilt pattern
  196. Use for Treadle bases
  197. So Excited - New Machine
  198. What to do with redwork and bluework.
  199. walking foot
  200. 15 UFO of all kinds found
  201. One More Question Regarding Rag Quilts
  202. PP Robin Block info
  203. Craigslist finds? How do you do it?
  204. Help with applique
  205. Machine Applique
  206. Any body heard of Floriani Machine Embroidery Thread
  207. "Paint the Town"
  208. Quilt Day at church this Saturday. . . I'm so excited.
  209. Looking for pattern
  210. $1 yard - what a find!!
  211. How do you feel about solids?
  212. Backing for top?
  213. Really Surprised
  214. Rotary Cutters
  215. Can you really make a quilt in a day?
  216. Need Help with scalloped borders
  217. Anniversary
  218. What would you do? Pfaff 7530
  219. Request Ideas for quilting design on Grand-mother flower please!
  220. Hotel Sewing
  221. More fundraising questions...
  222. Quilt Shops near Stuart Florida
  223. Does anyone else have a Bernina LAQ table?
  224. Embrodiery floss question
  225. Red and White fabric collections
  226. Janome 6600 Table vs Gidget II
  227. I am learning to do Foundation Piecing
  228. need instructions for this block or what it is called
  229. Redwork?
  230. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
  231. Labeling Pens ?
  232. Goals for a new year
  233. Ripped My Border Strips But Still Got Curves! Why?
  234. Fundraiser Prayer Quilt
  235. Dear Jane , HELP! Please
  236. Charm party tote and Pellon question
  237. Which thread to use....
  238. My first quilt top
  239. Advice please
  240. Paper piecing embroidery question
  241. My Turn To Seek Advice
  242. advice needed on making a quilt for auction
  243. Fab-u-Motion devise
  244. Nervous...2nd quilt in the wash
  245. A new sewing machine $600 - $1000. What would you buy?
  246. Question about sending quilts out for quilting
  247. Quilt sleeve
  248. Oh Lord, (or someone here) HELP! Pretty please
  249. Happy Valentines Accuquilt Go to me!
  250. Does anyone here use a quilt stretcher to stretch their quilts?