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  1. What does finished/unfinished block mean?
  2. High Shank walking foot
  3. please talk to me about thread
  4. National Quilting Day
  5. Pattern search
  6. Quilters club?
  7. Backing fabric - how do I figure out how much I need?
  8. I should have known better
  9. How annoying
  10. Looking for curved strip method
  11. Does anyone know about this product???
  12. bobbin tension, FMQ, and 12wt thread
  13. a couple baby quilts quilted today
  14. Mardens in Maine - which is best for fabric??
  15. searching for "Pure" by Moda
  16. All about Schmetz needles.
  17. Need help on how to piece this quilt
  18. Added new tool to my sewing/quilting box
  19. I graduated to piece blocks for GDs...
  20. Going To Hershey
  21. How do you open PES file?
  22. My First Quilts...Pieced and tied
  23. Help squaring up blocks, please
  24. Bernina Auto Threader
  25. HELP Binding is wonky
  26. Down in the Valley
  27. Hand Quilting Thread
  28. JanelB
  29. Jelly Roll Finished Size????
  30. Bobbin confession
  31. Table topper Carpenter's Wheel?
  32. theraputic support gloves
  33. national quilting day
  34. La Cresta table
  35. More stolen quilts!
  36. I need help in replacing a spool pin on my Brother CS-8072
  37. Great find of the week!!!
  38. What size is a CRUMB?
  39. Disappointed in the Lancaster AQS show
  40. Help - How do I Make it Hang Flat?
  41. visited a Project Linus chapter get together
  42. walking foot problems
  43. newbie with a couple of questions
  44. What? Googled, searched, no response. . .
  45. Help-hand embroidery thread question?
  46. I have a "notion"
  47. Glad to be back with have a question
  48. Vermont Shop Hop
  49. So Proud of My Guild
  50. Pfaff 18.8 and Quilty Artist problems??????????????
  51. National Quilting Day
  52. Primitive Gatherings Autumn Gatherings Book or other Gatherings books?
  53. Anyone doing the Fabshophop?
  54. a question
  55. Turbo Slider?
  56. New Machine Orcered
  57. EQ7 Help, paper piecing
  58. Plaid and checkered fabric - what to do with?
  59. Wonky Blocks . . . I need a tutorial.
  60. Need Suggestions for boys quilt
  61. needles
  62. Adjusting Serpentine Stitch on Babylock Symphony/SID foot
  63. I have spring buying fever
  64. connecting threads
  65. Lil Twister template
  66. Is my beloved Pfaff 7550 starting to die?
  67. Collins Center-to-Trim Guide for Squaring Up
  68. looking for panpgraph in Fire Engines
  69. Fingers and Toes Crossed!
  70. Lancaster quilt show... What not to miss?
  71. Arizona Centennial quilt challenge
  72. names of the quilts
  73. blocking a quilt
  74. Cross stitch quilting blocks identified.
  75. Whirligig Designs Joy (BOM)
  76. American Cancer Society Quilt
  77. comic book store
  78. Bearding batting
  79. Screw in seam guide
  80. I humbly request suggestions for jellyroll quilt pattern
  81. Fussy cutting
  82. Pls help me find musical themed fabric showing iPods
  83. looking for religous fabric and panels
  84. Wide 1/4" foot for Janome
  85. Frustrated with my Pfaff C1100 Pro
  86. need help
  87. Estate sale preparation...
  88. Lil Twister...
  89. Needing some help on backing a wall hanging
  90. Stitch in the Ditch
  91. Revolving Cutting Mats
  92. Help Needed To Find FREE Pattern
  93. Really Scary
  94. Has anyone used
  95. Sergers........Tell me about them
  96. Piecing question
  97. Need Quilt Motion Help !!!!
  98. Stitch for applique using fusible web?
  99. 2 color quilt?
  100. Longarm quilting is not cheating
  101. Seeking to Donate Fabric for Non-Profit
  102. Clover Clips are great
  103. Those pesky needle holes left when one does some "unsewing".
  104. QVC/Janome Machines
  105. Is this stupid?
  106. High Speed Sewing Machine - Any Advice?
  107. Help with Clover Bias Maker
  108. Summer quilts and FMQ?
  109. Need help looking for new quilting machine.
  110. IQS Cincinnati April 13-15
  111. How are quilts judged in a show?
  112. Had to say Good Buy to some dear friends today...
  113. Crochet thread
  114. Should have done the math first
  115. now I feel old....
  116. Hobbs 80/20 right/wrong side?
  117. FMQ recommended needle size on cotton would be...???
  118. Shipping a machine
  119. Polka Dot Fabric Search
  120. thin fabric
  121. Interesting Experience with Fabric Depot
  122. Gutermann thread problem
  123. Wow! What a shocker: maintenance
  124. How to remove wrinkles?
  125. boggled by piecing
  126. Which Oregon Coast Shop????
  127. batting
  128. Folding Fat Quarters
  129. Computerized Quilting
  130. Help please
  131. Show album from NJ
  132. Tote made from Stitchinbee's pattern
  133. What is your standard binding width?
  134. JOANN'S APP on your I-Phone.......
  135. Block of the Month
  136. WOW, What a Great Find
  137. Bobbin Case Supporter Issue with Some Janome 3160QDC Sewing Machines
  138. "Quilt as desired"...Aarrgh!
  139. Bernina 830 with Bernina Long Arm Table
  140. Opinions on Brother PC-8200 machine please!
  141. Help, I need to know what size blocks to make for this panel.
  142. ? for hand piecers
  143. is there a site to play EQ with simple colors
  144. Lap Quilt Measurements Needed
  145. Frame ends for a Flynn Quilt Frame?
  146. How could I have make such silly mistakes?
  147. Embroidery ONLY machine
  148. It occurred to me...
  149. I wasn't sure it was meant for me to be a quilter!
  150. Fabric with sunglasses or Spectacles
  151. How do you clean the lint off the back of a sticky slider?
  152. Lil Twister Tool options
  153. Help to find this pattern
  154. Just curious Does anyone know how/where the Irish Chain got its name?
  155. Lancaster quilting show tomorrow-parking and shuttle-help
  156. Seems too risky to me.
  157. I just got a steal!
  158. whole cloth quilters
  159. Stitch-n-Frame Order
  160. Safely home
  161. paper piecing questions
  162. help lost name of pens from Staples to mark quilts and iron out
  163. I need a new iron
  164. Pellon Grid on Point or similar products
  165. Am I using too much spray starch???....
  166. "After the Fact" Quilt Sleeves
  167. He Saw My Machine
  168. name this quilt
  169. Large Twister ruler - how big is the actual ruler?
  170. Enlightening Fabric Shopping Trip... and Disappointing
  171. Quilt Shops Near & on the way to Chattanooga, Tenn. From Illinois
  172. marking chalk?
  173. here a UFO , there a UFO, everwhere a UFO
  174. why do people do this??
  175. I don't know what sizing is. What is it?
  176. Looking for transparent thread that won't tangle on end of spool
  177. inforamtion wanted
  178. How many people put picture albums on their profiles?
  179. 2 inch Border. light dark light dark
  180. Ironing white Fairy Frost fabric
  181. Sudden Loss of Upper Tension - Kenmore 1940
  182. Mug Rug Swap
  183. Merry-go-round hexagon
  184. Ohio Star Block Help Please!!
  185. Was making a Bakeshop Bookkeeper, had an idea, and now don't know how to proceed...
  186. Anyone use a Gingher Sharpening Stone?
  187. Sit Down long arms
  188. What I Wish For
  189. Easiest way to learn to PP???
  190. Rotary Cutter Injury Protection
  191. Help with finishing Dresden Plate
  192. looking for pold pattern
  193. Yipee!!!
  194. geting new machine
  195. Free Purse patterns
  196. What Height is Your Quilting Table
  197. Grids for your "homemade" templates Rulers.. DO Bother
  198. Buying Quilt batting
  199. Chubby Charmer tote?
  200. lost pattern
  201. Has anyone bought one of these or even seen them?
  202. Quilting Batting Preference for Hand Quilting
  203. sewing machine
  204. Quilting use for silverware organizer
  205. Got a SURPRISE!!!
  206. looking for bonneville quilt pattern
  207. What is the name of the
  208. Advice please!!!
  209. Craigslist quilting frames
  210. Need triangle help please
  211. Looking for advice
  212. Expert Advice Please!
  213. Question for Elna owners
  214. What do I use for batting in flannel quilts??
  215. sew sew sewn out!!!
  216. Where can I have fabric laser cut?
  217. cleaning presser feet
  218. Unusual Embellishment!
  219. Business Idea
  220. smaller sized jelly roll quilt - can it be done?
  221. LA Quilters - how did you start your business?
  222. started a new wool crazy quilt
  223. Don't bother to make your own rulers! Not a deal. . .
  224. King Tut Thread - In search of
  225. ? about machine quilting
  226. Rag Quilt and Decorative Stitches
  227. Jelly Roll Friendship Braid ?
  228. Looking For
  229. Interlocking Puzzle Quilt
  230. Looking for Mariner's Compass Pattern
  231. Balancing tension with red as a bobbin and white as a top LAQ
  232. Hand Quilting Question
  233. Memory Quilt - Help
  234. Best Pattern for Intermediate quilter?
  235. Someday I will learn to read the pattern! Maybe
  236. Binder attachment thingy...
  237. Full body workout!!!
  238. Question about alighnment.
  239. Need a little help with 301a
  240. Making a quilt from thrift store wool suits.
  241. I know NOTHING about batting! Help!
  242. Pfaff question
  243. Buying fabric online???
  244. Can You Use Starch/Best Press While Piecing and Sewing your Blocks?
  245. Does anyone sew with leather? I've gotten in over my head...
  246. Can anyone briefly explain the Ricky Tims CONVERENCE method?
  247. Which Fabric for the Border?!!
  248. Yet, another seeking a pattern
  249. Secure and Trim or Bury?
  250. Which sewing machine would you pick?