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  1. Ok.. This is just a Question about Kenmore
  2. Why do some teachers say to NOT wash fabrics before cutting them for a kaleidoscope type quilt?
  3. Looking for computerized longarm for rent by the hour in Western WA
  4. Can you cross hatch an entire quilt on a longarm?
  5. Starting to love my Horizon
  6. Thai Silk Patterns
  7. How to avoid bows/curves in your strips for bargellos and anything strippy
  8. Question on machine/frame quilting
  9. Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine
  10. Name of quilt help needed - where you place raw edge squares/triangles on solid color top
  11. How to wind thread to an empty spool
  12. I'm buillding muscles
  13. A fun surprise - I'm in a magazine! A quilt for my soldier.
  14. Wallet Patterns
  15. Back Home From Quilting Retreat in Dillard, GA
  16. Walmart has fat quarters!
  17. Tablerunner idea for Tuscan kitchen?
  18. JoAnns 20% email coupon
  19. Sale on fabric
  20. Where did I put my signed Radiant Star Quilts book from Eleanor Burns?
  21. Secret Santa 2011 time!
  22. Some problems with machine quilting
  23. Ohio State University quilt pattern
  24. Paisley in a Dresden??
  25. Quilt shows near Denver?
  26. FMQ....finally I think I got it!!...for now, anyways...
  27. Something new?
  28. New Topic sewing for guys . Please add to list
  29. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie pattern
  30. can this be done?
  31. Height of Sewing Table
  32. What other machines are made by Juki manufacturere?
  33. Shopping for fabric - online, local store ???
  34. Linda Rotz Miller
  35. Label advice needed
  37. GOOD quilt shops in the White Sulfur springs WVA area?
  38. A Lesson Learned - Check your fabric
  39. Bacon print fabric
  40. New word in my vocabulary
  41. Quilted playmat, binding and interfacing
  42. Dutch Doll Patterns
  43. If you had the money would you buy this Featherweight
  44. Dutch Doll Patterns
  45. I have a question about making a postage stamp quilt.
  46. Alternative patterns for quilts for Vets?
  47. Bad Kitty! You're supposed to help!
  48. I am a Scaredy Cat!!!!!
  49. new tips page
  50. Joining batting pieces
  51. 200 inches from a half yd of material
  52. tilting your sewing machine
  53. Question on tiny scraps
  54. Is this $40 Singer a great deal?
  55. scant 1/4 inch
  56. Interesting site with data for refurbishing vintage machines
  57. How do I make Holly square?
  58. Houston Quilt Festival
  59. French braid quilt
  60. Spray basting?
  61. New "Flowers for My Wedding Ring" pattern
  62. Can someone explain to me why
  63. Smaller Twister Tree
  64. Free Motion Quilting...What type of thread?
  65. Christmas gifts?
  66. Help/I have a really stupid question
  67. Meet my new friend Betty
  68. look what my mom made for my birthday!!!
  69. Tote pattern for wheelchair?
  70. 1919 Singer Red Eye in Cabinet
  71. Help me please!
  72. Need help... TOTALLY different tastes... No ideas what to do.
  73. mailing a quilt
  74. Using Blue Jeans for quilts
  75. Sudoku quilts - what size squares?
  76. Need inspiration!!!
  77. bargello fabric question
  78. Am I the only one????
  79. My luck just changed.
  80. Georgia Bonesteel
  81. Trying to learn which fabric brands are best quality
  82. Fabric ?
  83. Ok you antique people, what is this?!?!?!
  84. Newest Purchases
  85. to wash or not to wash
  86. Thank you Asst. Manager James
  87. seeking pics for Cut Work patterns
  88. Houston International Quilt Festival - Mid-Arm Vendors
  89. sewing machine
  90. What to do with felt?
  91. Joanns VIP Card ?
  92. For Those That Pre-Wash, What is Your Process?? I've Never Done This But Plan to Use Red.
  93. It's been soooo crazy
  94. Drying Quilts
  95. Fabric Back at WalMart!
  97. Spam generated from this site?
  98. Just bought frame & Brother PQ1500
  99. Round the Rows
  100. janome or singer?
  101. How far?
  102. Sock Monkey needs quilt Nanna and More
  103. Which quilting machine under $2000 has a 9" throat.
  104. Christmas project done!
  105. Just a little will make it all better!
  106. Stuff you USE for Quilting, that isn't originally for Quilting!!!
  107. Pfaff expression sewing machines
  108. Check out my Goodwill find!
  109. Quilting machine good for the home?
  110. Pictures posted of Soldier Quilts
  111. A Christmas Story fabric
  112. Walmart fabric
  113. Do you multitask when quilting?
  114. cotton ballon balls - ideas
  115. Generic Feet for Juki...industrial...high shank???
  116. Fish block pattern - Help!
  117. Christian Cross / Chimney Sweep
  118. Sizzix / Westminster quilting dies q uestion
  119. Accu Quilt Go Die
  120. Scrappy quilts - picking the fabric?
  121. Waxed Material??? How do I...
  122. I scored today!
  123. Lovely new collection of reproduction fabrics
  124. "Green" batting What do you think?
  125. PBS no quilting shows
  126. Singer 306 at thrift store
  127. What is a corn hole bag?
  128. I found an old treadle machine......
  129. Need help with Singer touch & sew zigzag model 758
  130. Lost quilt site- great idea!
  131. Amazing what a difference...
  132. Looking for pattern
  133. What would you pay to have someone else bind a quilt?
  134. Does this look okay?
  135. Big laugh on me
  136. Applique a logo
  137. Question
  138. where do I find quilting quilting patterns?
  139. How do you finish applique leaf points by hand neatly?
  140. Which Eleanor Burns book to buy?
  141. Skypke??
  142. WIP & UFO Challenge, are you game?
  143. Teddy Bear quilt
  144. Maybe I am mistaken!
  145. how do you find out Singer number?
  146. Stiff Applique
  147. Before and After Photos
  148. Wavy Quilt???
  149. What kind of needle is this?
  151. Best "work horse - no frills sewing machine"???
  152. Trouble with Longarm
  153. Knee lift versus foot pedal
  154. Anyone Have Instructions to Make a Cute, Easy Turkey Pin Cushion??
  155. So Excited and Soooo Nervous
  156. How many quilts on your 'to do' list?
  157. NEEDED: SPORTS SCRAPS, 4 inch by 7 inch
  158. Sites for Reasonably Priced Fabric
  159. Color catchers
  160. Bernina embroidery machine question
  161. placemat question
  162. Need some help!
  163. If you could purchase anything at cost, with no shipping. . .
  164. Dirty Little Secrets...........
  165. Would you have said something?????????
  166. I want one of these!!
  167. does anyone else have problems using their favorite fabrics?
  168. I won!
  169. Sad, but .........
  170. "Shoe Maker" Quilt ?
  171. Wreath table topper
  172. Help!
  173. Microwave Potatoe Bag
  174. Cotton Prices... Good News
  175. IT'S GONE- HELP!
  176. Bright umbrellas for whoever was
  177. Pillowcases for Soldiers
  178. My Baby is fixed!!!!!!!!! But...
  179. Let's discuss making quilt blocks for our board names.
  180. Need HELP on Thread Catcher Tutorial
  181. I'm Baaccckkkkk!!!!
  182. Janome 4120 QDC
  183. Disappointed in current sewing project
  184. Beginning my sewing room
  185. Do brand name logos bother you...
  186. Quilt stores or shops
  187. Flannel Baby Quilts
  188. Am I overly cautious during storms?
  189. Opinion on this scrappy layout please..
  190. Confession--I'm Being Tempted by a Bad Idea!
  191. Connecting Threads Batiks
  192. Pa National Quilt Extravaganza XVIII
  193. Mad Hatter quilt pinned!
  194. Are you from NC
  195. WalMart
  196. What is it about the quilting bug??
  197. Well, I have finally done it...
  198. my batiks bled onto the background fabric
  199. Can I just scream in frustration because you will all understand?
  200. quilt label question
  201. Pen for Signature Quilt Blocks
  202. stuck pattern problem
  203. Lazy Star pattern
  204. its finished!!!
  205. My quilts on display
  206. I must be crazy
  207. Extension Table for Brother Sewing Machine
  208. need longarm quilter near or in Mississippi
  209. Binding
  210. Could this work
  211. How to arrange 50 blocks for a regular size quilt
  212. opinions wanted ... homespun towel & coordinating print
  213. Wondered Why the Machine Was Being Balky...DUH!!!
  214. How should I quilt this ???
  215. in need of suggestions
  216. Tips on straight seams
  217. september fab shop hop
  218. Now THIS is TINY!
  219. Ruler with attached rotary cutter.
  220. Hayloft Fabric Store closing
  221. Need help
  222. Can you put borders on panels to chenille
  223. fall swap i am in...looking for ideas
  224. On line fabric
  225. DSM throat measurements
  226. design board
  227. Oklahoma
  228. Janome vs. Brother
  229. I NEED ideas and quick
  230. Would this be weird?
  231. state flowers
  232. Heading to Lancaster
  233. Help with Janome Horizon Please
  234. How to make quilt labels with an Ellegante 2
  235. Fusible Web/Fusible interfacing
  236. my secret september stuff camm
  237. Taking a workshop instead of working today!
  238. When to buy
  239. Needle breaking with fmq..weird hollow pop sound..and a bit o' whine...
  240. Applique questions
  241. If you live in Central Mass....
  242. Quilt shops in Salt Lake City and Cody
  243. Finally done well with the top always and proud of it
  244. Would like your opinion
  245. Kay Capps Cross is a hoot!
  246. Singer Machine Date and Manufacturing area
  247. Binding on a Double Wedding Ring
  248. Singer 774 and Singer 6136
  249. Quilt Shop in Cortez
  250. Babylock quilter`s choice pro and Husqvarna Sapphire 875