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  1. ****important announcement***
  2. Flannel quilt with wool batting
  4. New (to me) Machine!
  5. Visiting Arizona this month. Where are the quilt shops???
  6. Corduroy - How do you use it?
  7. stipple and meander
  8. Need help bringing backing to front for binding
  9. Is there such a thing as an alternative binding method?
  10. Basting: Single or Double Thread?
  11. An interesting method for making Grandmothers Flower Garden
  12. Sewing Machine maintenance question
  13. quilting screw up! maybe the ripper
  14. Jeweled Forest Up date- They are willing to mail a pattern
  15. Twisters and charms have you???
  16. I am full of questions today
  17. I'm disappointed...
  18. What size sewing needles do you use...
  19. finger nails
  20. Towels for batting?
  21. Do use a thimble?
  22. I hate binding
  23. Halloween Estate Sale !
  24. I;m hiding in the shrubbery, I think the quilt Police are after me!
  25. Janome 6600P price at Dealer store
  26. How to organize a sewing room
  27. FMQ and an additional sewing machine
  28. My attempt at rag purses
  29. Question for LA quilters - What to do with weak seams in the quilt top?
  30. Apron For a Friend
  31. 3 Year Old Birthday
  32. Redwork ? Using Finca No 12 Online Source?
  33. Jelly Roll Christmas Tree Skirt
  34. Do you use fram or hoop to hand quilt?
  35. Next Year's Quilt Challenge/Opinion?
  36. Fabric choice for Labyrinth
  37. Would appreciate it if someone could make me an EQ of this quilt pattern
  38. question on batiks
  39. Design wall that I can roll up and put away without disturbing design?
  40. What do you do to keep from burning your fingers....
  41. I have a chance to buy a 5 ish year old PFAFF Quilter 1200
  42. feather weight 1951
  43. What would you give for a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine?
  44. Help? Fusible Interfacings to Back My Hand Embroidery - Woven or Non-Woven?
  45. Sue Nickels class
  46. Tried my first pantograph
  47. IMPORTANT:tater bag opinion needed please
  48. Does anyone know what happened to Sunset Silhouette Designs?
  49. Re; Jeweled Forest
  50. Question about Connecting Threads
  51. Kim Diehl pattern wanted
  52. Tips on sewing polar fleece? And what to use for backing?
  53. Making a tree skirt question...
  54. Time spent on a quilt.
  55. Another Silly ? - How much to spend @ Houston Quilt Festival?
  56. Jelly roll suggestions
  57. Minky fabric, quilt or tie??
  58. Bendy light
  59. Paper Piecing Tips for Better Success ....
  60. Kindle Quilting Magazines
  61. Teaching myself FMQ with Stencils - pictures added
  62. sooo...when ordering fab from Connecting Threads clearance dept...
  63. How do I layer the fabric and batting?
  64. Singer 15-91 electric
  65. Binding
  66. Best lighting for cutting table
  67. I can't believe I did this.
  68. I will never miter corners again!
  69. Table Runners
  70. Quilt Patterns for Begunners
  71. Bargello Quilting
  72. How to make a fabric mole
  73. Looking for advice on Cathedral Windows quilt
  74. Jennifer Chiaverini has a NEW book
  75. Getting Ready to ......
  76. Some inspiration for everyone....
  77. landscape quilt book or pattern
  78. Does anyone else hate making the quilt "sandwich"??
  79. Fabric Depot ???
  80. Silly ? - What to wear to Houston Quilt Festival?
  81. My quilt is crooked
  82. Extra Large Cutting Mat
  83. Transferring qulting motifs
  84. removing or tarnishing metallic ink on fabric
  85. What do you look for in a cream fabric?
  86. Confession
  87. Sticker Shock
  88. Quilt Shops, Jacksonville, FL
  89. New Gripper rotary cutting guide
  90. batting question
  91. New 3-D fabric
  92. whirling 3D pinwheel
  93. Searching for a Pattern
  94. backing for a baby quilt
  95. I LOST IT!
  96. Online source for Thimbleberries fabric
  97. Mystery quilt "Block Buffet" by American Quilter
  98. Boy do I need help with this one
  99. To sash or not to sash?
  100. Ever have a quilt that just works against you?
  101. Treddle in Ohio at Goodwill.
  102. Quality fabrics.......
  103. Quilting Stencils
  104. Flannel
  105. Bummed
  106. E-Z. Way to join batting
  107. Securing free motion quilting
  108. I inherited some fabric, but it smells like moth balls is there any way to get the smell off the fabric?
  109. Do you think???
  110. Recommend brand name for fusible for silk
  111. swich out rotary cutter blades
  112. Sewing chairs
  113. Storing batting
  114. Seriously looking for new machine, HELP!
  115. What machine do you use for FMQ?
  116. looking for a small iron for classes
  117. gifts of quilts
  118. Black fabric for Quilt Show
  119. "Free" Quilting Books
  120. door signs
  121. DH Bought me Fabric - what to make with it??
  122. LIttle Quilt Shop of Horrors
  123. Binding before or after quilting
  124. Fabric and Cookbooks
  125. Need help on which book
  126. ♥ Quilting Retreats Checklist (List you can print)
  127. Looking for Ellen in FL
  128. 10" Tumbler Template - what are the measurements?
  129. Looking for a 10 inch Log Cabin free pattern
  130. Wal Mart
  131. Faceplate on Old Sewing Machine
  132. Inexpensive Sewing Table - Instructions and Photos
  133. A suggestion
  134. unplug machine when not in use
  135. Traits of a good quilter
  136. Question about trading
  137. Do you ever feel like your constantly changing your sewing room around?
  138. Bookmarked post
  139. 10 Minute Block question
  140. Craft show displays
  141. Dear Admin, is there any way to
  142. No notifications
  143. Manuals...Manuals...Manuals!
  144. Houston International Quilt Festival
  145. Appliquing help needed
  146. My first Connecting Threads order....
  147. Appliquing help needed
  148. Sweet Sixteen
  149. Liquid starch
  150. for Shirley S. from Ohio
  151. Digital Copy charging shipping??
  152. WHAT TO DO????
  153. Don't remember what it is called...pockets that hang in front of your sewing machine....
  154. Low Fat Quilting
  155. Quilt for man
  156. damaged antique quilts?
  157. not prewashing and using poly batting
  158. quilt guild challenge - need some advice
  159. Anyone use a Grace speed control on a machine NOT on a frame??
  160. Ever make Civil War Chronicles BOM
  161. need source for 90" quilt backing
  162. question on Singer 201 FMQ
  163. Home made quilting frames
  164. The quest for the perect thimble
  165. twister
  166. towel weight terry cloth
  167. do you get ideas for quilts and
  168. Question for Owners of Brother PQ1500S (especially those who don't use a frame)
  169. Southern Gentlemen Quilt by Fat Cat Patterns
  170. Bernina Quilt Frame-What Machine to put on it?
  172. Kwik Klip
  173. salina Ks
  174. Knits and other odd fabrics
  175. Have a question about Snowglobe Quilt and applique
  176. Grandmothers flower garden
  177. Sunbonnet Sue Doorstop tute?
  178. Missing bobbin threat stitch
  179. Have you ever given a WIP away only to have it come back and
  180. It's official....sewing machine is dead!
  181. Machine Embroidery
  182. LQS Mystery!
  184. Washing Old Quilt
  185. Hand quilting - how to finish
  186. My Pfaff has been in shop 2 months
  187. Seasons Wall Hangings
  188. Looking for pattern suggestion
  189. Where will my quilts go?
  190. Piecing with Flannel Questions
  191. What doohickey came with my walking foot?
  192. HELP... In Orlando.
  193. Missouri Star Quilt Company
  194. Need a quick and easy....
  195. Name this block, please
  196. T-shirt quilt
  197. I Chipped It Already!
  198. Help!
  199. Joanne coupons
  200. Need ideas on a Black/White/Silver tree skirt
  201. Quilters in WV
  202. What kind of drinker are you?
  203. Feel my pain
  204. Quilt store in Colorado Springs job opportunities?
  205. Cutter and scissors for gift help
  206. Thank you Dawn
  207. Cleaning irons -
  208. Need help re: how to market a pattern
  209. Presser foot troubles
  210. fragmented broken star pattern please
  211. Question from a newbie!
  212. Question about using stencils to machine quilt.
  213. quilting a tumbler pattern
  214. Quarantine charges twice for incorrect labelling on packaging!
  215. Quilt stores in Hudson,Wisconsin
  216. Want to donate fabric
  217. Help Iron on Applique
  218. Kudos to Emerald City Fabrics!
  219. Over Quilted??
  220. Baby bottle cozy
  221. Anyone with a Brother XR7700?
  222. Pull out ironing board
  223. LAQM needles
  224. Janome 7700 Sewing and Quilting
  225. Need Christmas Wall Hanging Pattern
  226. Traveling Quilters...
  227. Design/layout advice on scrappy
  228. help with a pattern?
  229. Carpenter's Star
  230. I need a program for guild meeting.
  231. Sergers
  232. calendar mini quilts
  233. Suggestions on making this bigger
  234. My Wall Hanging At Auction
  235. Quilt Design Software For Mac?
  236. hand quilting needles
  237. white brand sewing machine
  238. Bias Triangle
  239. ATHENS
  240. Pantos or groovy boards
  241. Fair Price for Kona Muslin Cathedral Windows frames?
  242. Anyone ever hear of an Olson machine?
  243. What to name this thread??? Disaster or Fail at free motion....
  244. Minkee
  245. When to Call it Quits (or How Batik HSTs Kicked My Butt)
  246. Attempting to make order out of disorder----
  247. dilemma re: fmq boo boo
  248. Help with D9P
  249. Now I am in the club
  250. batting for placemats...