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  1. My new storage
  2. Walmart
  3. Calling all you Virginia beach/ chesapeake Virginians
  4. Free shipping Hancocks of Paducah through tomorrow only
  5. Westminster Edition Big Shot Pro on Sale
  6. Picked up a fat quarter collection on sale
  7. I won!!
  8. Free Motion Quilting
  9. Using Felt
  10. Tin Lizzie owners - what do you use for your bobbin thread?
  11. Where to buy needles?
  12. Need help learning to free motion on a Singer 401 anybody?
  13. arghh... pros and CONs of browsing this board from a blackberry
  14. Batting question help
  15. vendors - ID in package
  16. You could be a writer!
  17. Kindle Users - Free Quilting Book Today (Sunday 7/24)
  18. The baby bovine pattern
  19. reply re 10 min block problem
  20. Question - Is this a good deal on vintage flour sacks?
  21. Stippling with Paper
  22. Dream-a-seam templates
  23. pool noodle for binding
  24. need advise
  25. wedding purses
  26. Choosing Between a Singer 301 and a 401/advice please
  27. How Long - start to finish - does it take you to make a quilt?
  28. Can't believe
  29. I don't make art quilts, I make blankies.....
  30. I'm so excited.....
  31. Baseball Players Gear Sports Pillow Panel
  32. 1 quilt + 30 days v.s ME! can I do it I am wondering if I can...
  33. What would you do???
  35. searching for a sewing machine tote pattern
  36. Help Get Quilt shows back on TV
  37. Where to mail Funky Farm Blocks
  38. Just a question........................
  39. Cats Catch Of The Day...dare you to quilt this
  40. Fleece Backing
  41. Pulling up the Bobbin Thread when Free Motion Quilting
  42. Helpful Hint
  43. It's time for a Featherweight!
  44. How old is your oldest UFO?
  45. What's the longest it's ever taken you to handquilt a quilt?
  46. pattern
  47. new idea-loaned quilts for display, pa welcome center I83 quilt
  48. Help with item for teen...
  49. Gimp tutorial
  50. Chicken Scratch Quilts...
  51. EQ7 blocks
  52. Color catchers tested by Consumer Reports
  53. Beautiful Pattern
  54. Signing your quilts
  55. Cutting space?
  56. What are you making for Christmas gifts
  57. Birthday Cake
  58. Attention Michigan Quilters
  59. Help from LAQ
  60. FORD
  61. Debbie Mumm Baby Bovine Pattern
  62. Going to Vt...
  63. Machine quilting....start in the middle?
  64. Quilt for mom
  65. Found- new BOM site
  66. Fabric Cutting
  67. can't wait for fabric
  68. Who has a Juki TL98Q and uses handi handles?
  69. Love my new sewing room
  71. name this quilt block
  72. odd question
  73. June Tailer rulers on clearance at Wal-Mart
  74. sawtooth question
  75. Prewash to make a purse?
  76. Quilter from Kingwood, WV
  77. 301 slanted
  78. Info needed on Singer 403
  79. copyright question
  80. What kind of bobbin do I use in my Singer 15-91???
  81. I need a pattern for a NOOKCOLOR E-Reader cover
  82. Thank you to all who voted for my quilt!!!
  83. Only like to piece
  84. Usable fabric widths vs pattern yardage requirements
  85. Figures
  86. Anyone have an add a 1/4 inch ruler?
  87. AnyBody Going To Quilt Odyssey in Hershey
  88. Need help in locating Carousel Horse Fabric
  89. selling your quilts.
  90. Honey bun strips
  91. Measurement Charts???
  92. Bindind and HST fabric requirement
  93. How much longer....
  94. Need Helpful Hints on Mitered Corners
  95. If you could have a custom ruler made what would it be?
  96. Need your suggestions. please...
  97. Looking for Scissors for Lefty
  98. roller shade for design wall ?
  99. Fabulous Gift From a Friend
  100. My Walmart has seen the light....
  101. Dresden template question from beginner
  102. Increase in fabric costs
  103. Hello Kitty Quilt Pattern?
  104. Spell check help
  105. E Burns Lovers Knot quilt - How you made it? How hard?
  106. Need help finding this fabric...PLEASE!
  107. SW Ontario Quilters (and others too!!!) ..... Suggestions?
  108. Diagonal Fussy Cut squares ?
  109. for those waiting patiently for my sandhill crane pattern
  110. Dresden Plate Lap Quilt Finished
  111. storing quilts while working on them
  112. Warm and Natural batting
  113. Vintage Singers-NC quilters
  114. Embroidered squares for quilt
  115. Machine Quilting Using a Singer 301 Do I Need...
  116. Which sewing machine for doing a queen size quilt?
  117. ISO Ballerina fabric
  118. Gap inside my binding
  119. Birthing method for larger quilts?
  120. Yep, I did it!!
  121. Stitch regulator.... are any compatable with an Elna machine?
  122. Mega Quilter/Handi Quilter
  123. Some quilting gift ideas?
  124. Accuquilt fabric cutters
  125. Wisconsin Quilt Expo
  126. Tulip applique - help with
  127. Problems with quilterstv
  128. Fabshop hop bunny
  129. Do you notice fabric measurement
  130. Civil War Bride Quilt
  131. Question
  132. Batik Question
  133. Searching for quilt phot posted recently
  134. D**B question I already know the answer to..hand quilting question
  135. Why I Hate Piecing
  136. My grandson and the quilts!
  137. Why one should hide their quilts when going on vacation!
  138. Summer in The Park Quilt
  139. Need Info on New Home VSM
  141. Another great kitty fabric
  142. Fusible Applique Question
  143. Husqvarna Prisma 990
  144. I am looking for the name of a pattern
  145. Spiderweb Pot holders
  146. Removing machine embrodiery
  147. heres an idea:
  148. My "FREE" Singer
  149. Overwhelmed by responses
  151. Quilts for Wounded Soldiers
  152. Pfaff 530 as Quilter, Anyone?
  153. What sewing machine do I have?
  154. Computer programs for piecing, designing, meas. fabric
  155. Making Bow Tucks
  156. Pottery Barn Christmas Stocking
  157. What type of Sewing Machine have I bought?
  158. Size of Embroidery Design Question
  159. How many 9 patches for full size quilt
  160. I need a Design Wall...I wonder...
  161. What is organdy good for?
  162. Looking for name of Pattern
  163. Anyone on the board at Sauders in Denver, PA today?
  164. Use of Minky for quilting
  165. first sewing machine
  166. Me and my seam ripper...
  167. Is lining the same as backing?
  168. Looking for a Jelly Roll D9P Pattern
  170. Small quilting set up with Gracie table?
  171. If you think $10 a yard is expensive,
  172. Cross hatching a rectangle
  173. carpet vs. wood floor in your sewing room
  174. "Quilting Shed"
  175. I need some advise on a quilting machine
  176. Tying a quilt
  177. Opinion on sewing building
  178. what do you think of this ?
  179. d9p?
  180. looking for "cats in a theatre" fabric..
  181. Bridal & Baby shower gifts
  182. Gordian Knot
  183. Singer 301?
  184. Bummed about my CL purchase:<
  185. A trick for tangled thread while hand quilting
  186. Handquilting in the car
  187. ? about how to...
  188. Neither Spray Basting or Pins!!!!
  189. Ever Hear of Timtex? A way to make Wavy Binding
  190. Australian Patchwork & Quilting MagazineVolume 19 Number 7
  191. Clothspin bag
  192. LAQ question - getting over lumps and bumps
  193. Interesting Machine Quilting Facts
  194. My Guild Newsletter Tidbits
  195. TBQ - 32 to be quilted UFOs
  196. Cute Way to Hold Your Thread if you Applique
  197. bookmark?
  198. Why can't I find this?
  199. How do you dispose the rotary cutter blades?
  200. Smoke Smell in Garage Sale Fabric
  201. I'm in trouble now . . .
  202. Central Nebraskans........ JoAnn's is moving
  203. It's starting already
  204. OK I took your advise!!!
  205. Strip Tube Ruler versus EZ Companion Angle
  206. Tradewinds and Butterscotch Bali Pops
  207. Brother Pacesetter XL700
  208. Tips for appliqueing raw edges?
  209. photo quilt
  210. charity quilters-what is your favorite patterns for kids and soldiers?
  211. Creases in Fabric
  212. Fabric
  213. What is this quilting pattern called?
  214. Block Design Mirror
  215. Inquiring minds want to know
  216. Can you help me?
  217. Anyone shop the Dollar Tree for quilting items?
  218. fairy godmother
  219. My quilts are back.
  220. My Find
  221. best muslin
  222. Thermolamb Plus
  223. Thread Cutter
  224. Borders Books-savings on quilt mags/books
  225. What to do with creased batting?
  226. sudoku quilt
  227. Looking for Chickens?
  228. please double check my quilt math
  229. okay to spray baste a wall hanging that won't be washed?
  230. Batiks bleeding horribly!
  231. Does anyone know.....
  232. When you sew do you sew barefoot, socks on or shoes?
  233. Need some help - got help, going dark purple
  234. Placemat question
  235. I Am Looking for , Hope someone can help
  236. Rag Quilt Idea
  237. Need help removing cigarette smell
  238. What measurement do you use to decide when you throw strips away
  239. Running A Fan At Your Sewing Table
  240. White 619 4483
  241. ♥♥ Have you made anything with the links that I post here on the board? Craftybear would like to know, Thanks Everyone ♥♥
  242. Free shipping at Hancocks
  243. OnlineOrders
  244. Anyone own a vintage Vigorelli sewing machine?
  245. Pocket pattern that ties....
  246. ISO "new york beauty" cat quilt pattern
  247. Quilting centre section for ten minute block???
  248. Looking for a Purse/Bag Pattern
  249. Found a good pattern
  250. need help making decisions re: online dealers & Juki