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  1. Finished quilting ...
  2. Pep-Talk, please ...
  3. How do I clean my new (old) Red Eye?
  4. Appalled on Ebay
  5. Pam's Club
  6. Bastrop County, TX: Need for baby quilts
  7. Quilt Expo opens tomorrow, Sept 8
  8. Pam Bono
  9. Dresden plate question
  10. ties being recycled
  11. Gravy boat pin cushion
  12. Center for Dresden plate
  13. d9p coloring page anywhere?
  14. Mug holder
  15. new long arm quilter
  16. Best place to buy quilting notions (online or not)
  17. Circle Ruler
  18. Pretty Painted Ladies "Featherweights"
  19. And away I goooooo!
  20. San Diago and Palm Springs
  21. To those who prewash their fabrics...
  22. Sticker Shock at LQS
  23. Question about Fons & Porter quilt label kit
  24. Red thread on white fabric?
  25. sewing question
  26. gingham quilt?
  27. Pictures added to Touching Story
  28. Janome 6019 foot pedal overheating
  29. kittie quilt
  30. Anybody traveling through/from WV to Springfield, MO area???
  31. American Quilter's Society
  32. Dream Puff Batting
  33. A pattern that's easy but looks complicated
  34. Has anyone had any shopped online here?
  35. Frankenquilt
  36. Free Motion Quilting Advice
  37. Janomes stolen
  38. How Would You Use This Fabric?
  39. What's your inspiration?
  40. Lost Quilt!
  41. How could I have been so stupid!!
  42. Any JoAnn Coupons out there
  43. Choo Choo You
  44. I just want to stay home today and sew!
  45. Ricky Tims seminar
  46. cut bias strips fast
  47. Need your tips
  48. Looking for machine manal for a Kenmore 385.19030.790
  49. Putting aside the Famer's Wife Sampler with kids!!
  50. T-Shirt Quilt Question
  51. Accuquilt Sent me birthday wishes and a 15% promo code...
  52. sacramento meet and greet
  53. Picnic Quilt.....
  54. What is correct way to sew borders?
  55. Question re Quilt-Pro Systems' Mariner's Compass Edition.
  56. Did Your New Machine Transform Your Quilting?
  57. Look what I've done
  58. Confused
  59. Janome 6500?
  60. Do you dry iron or use steam?
  61. D9P fat quarter idea. opinions please.
  62. Need tips on selling quilts
  63. Off The Rail
  64. Quilt Wrestling!
  65. Clothesline Club
  66. A coat of many colours for Tryphena Louisa.......
  67. Refresh my memoty
  68. Fabric Selections
  69. Longarm- HELP
  70. circle insert
  71. Great pressing solution - yep, has vodka in it
  72. Jacobs ladder - out of square- please help
  73. Would this book cover catch your eye?
  75. Connecting Threads Fabric Design Contest
  76. While Hubby is away,.,,,,,
  77. Log Cabin Question
  78. Shape Cut Ruler
  79. Searching for quilt shops in Fayetteville/Rogers, AR area
  80. Someone please come over and slap me
  82. WOW -- Did I hit the Jackpot??
  83. Pls help suggestions to use this fabric!!
  84. Double Wedding Ring
  85. prize winning Christmas ornament
  86. Bargello Disaster
  87. Do not awe and oooh over quilts!
  88. Need free Christmas octagon topper pattern
  89. Help-Looking for quilt shops
  90. I am sooo upset...
  91. Charity Quilt Fabric
  92. Does anyone else have this problem?
  93. FMQ help please
  94. happy customer
  95. Yardage for D9P?
  96. Who uses Omnigrid rulers?
  97. Batting Opinions please!
  98. T Shirt Quilts: Are they challenging?
  99. searching for a black and white quilt pattern
  100. sewing rows that are square
  101. Advice on inner border calculations
  102. Fusible Poly Batting
  103. embroidery machines
  104. Quilt layering wall-HELPPPP
  105. How do I clean red work squares?
  106. cat machine applique
  107. cheap quilting books
  108. need 1/4 inch foot for pfaff hobby 1142
  109. Look what my brother gave me.
  110. What kind of thread to use?
  111. fabrics for a nin patch pizzazz quilt??
  112. Material for quilts.
  113. JoAnn's Labor Day weekend sale ...
  114. Pot holder batting??
  115. sewing machines
  116. How do you secure thread on longarm when changing bobbins?
  117. Color Thread - Help
  118. ISO pink elephant fabric
  119. BQ2 quilt pattern
  120. I'm having trouble learning FMQ
  121. Do you use your fabric rotary cutter when cutting paper in paper-piecing?
  122. Vintage General Electric Steam Travel Iron
  123. Using Selvages
  124. Looking for pincushion pattern
  125. Carpet Cutters for rotary cutters.
  126. Where to shop online for small cuts?
  127. Need help with cutting please
  128. BOM by mail order
  129. Felt for batting
  130. Can you use a thread cone on your Janome 6500?
  131. Question about Fray /Check
  132. Do you tilt your machine?
  133. Figuring Out Size of Quilt Using D9P?
  134. Make your own Charm Packs.
  135. Snail Quilt
  137. Mixing Cotton with a Poly Cotton blend - a workable idea?
  138. machine binding
  139. Couch Tissue Box Cover
  140. Searching for Harwood Steiger textiles
  141. How to quilt my first donation quilt?
  142. FINALLY!!
  143. Need ideas for teaching a class...
  144. Reverse Raggy Edge Applique
  145. Ribbon Quilts
  146. Receiver's Gloves for FMQ?
  147. Oh, Halp! Fabric won't feed on my Bernina!
  148. My grand niece, Kaitlyn making her first quilt
  149. Studio Strip die
  150. Flexible Spring Hinges for Bags
  152. Walking Foot
  153. Rocking Horse Fabric
  154. D9P question
  155. I can't get as much sewing done being on here.
  156. suggestions for a quilt pattern
  157. Help
  158. Scrap batting out of control!!
  159. machine quilting
  160. I bought a accuquilt cotter yesterday..already returned it.
  161. So what's in your quilt?
  163. I want to try paper piecing
  164. Scrap Rag Quilt
  165. Wheel of Fortune Quilt Block
  166. Xmas Items
  167. Charity Quilts
  168. hand sewing binding helper.
  169. Quilt from a Wedding Dress
  170. How much to buy?
  171. little gracie quilting frame
  172. How to prevent "hammocking"
  173. Connecting threads again
  174. Am at a loss, anyone have a very short poem or words about memories
  175. OK, so my long arm has to pay for itself-why doesn't his boat?
  176. What kind of qult should I make???
  177. Simple take along ideas needed
  178. another newbie question. Thanks.
  179. Do you wash your fabric before you cut and sew it?
  180. Rainy Day project
  181. Best size for baby "Snuggle" blankie???
  182. Wanted suggestions for quick candle mat
  183. My featherweight age?
  184. Have you purchased from.....
  185. Is there a foot to achieve a SCANT 1/4 inch seam??
  186. Replying to a post
  187. farmers wife quilt
  188. Fabric Sources - Goodwill & thrift stores
  189. sewing machine tables
  190. Quilt Donation Question
  191. closed fabric shops
  192. Need some encouragement
  193. Piecing batting
  194. Info Needed about Pellon "Nature's Touch" Batting
  195. How do you store your batting by the roll?
  196. Does anyone know where I can find these fabrics???
  197. Interfacing for t-shirt quilts
  198. What was I thinking
  199. Quilting Poem
  200. Quilting Heritage
  201. Singer Sewing Machines.....
  202. Great information on tension
  203. How to get a scant 1/4 seam on a Bernina
  204. washing a computer printed panel
  205. " Initial" Frustration
  206. hand quitling thread...part 2
  207. Family Round Robin
  208. First D9P - Lap Quilt
  209. Singer Model Number Help
  210. ever use transdoodle ?
  211. Where can I find ...?
  212. Do you ever feel like your scraps and crumbs.......
  213. Mega Quilter 18 by 8 machine
  214. Help in finding fabric
  215. Olfa or Omnigrid
  216. sharing my space
  217. power back on!
  218. Who was looking for pattern for Christmas tree wallhanging on Etsy?
  219. Hancock Sale
  220. Finally ready to start cutting!
  221. IKEA I
  222. looking for a pic that some one posted
  223. Well, I went to our Wal Mart for fabric
  224. Moda Country Fair 2011 Blog Hop
  225. Needle position problem with my BabyLock Quest Plus
  226. Kentucky Travel
  227. Labor Day Sale - Bug Fabric
  228. color blind
  229. Thank you Harriet
  230. Does anyone in your family not enjoy quilts?
  231. Need Help Identifuing a Quilt Pattern
  232. how to see the numbers on sewing machine needles
  233. Pirate Ships and Pirate Maps Fabric
  234. Buying fabric at Walmart, Joann's, etc.....
  235. Envelope Quilt
  236. Opinions needed
  237. HSN Today's Special - Singer Sew and Go
  238. Missouri Star Quilt Shop
  239. Video Tutorials
  240. Need a easy quick flannel pattern for a toddler's quilt
  241. OBW Fabric Question
  242. ? about Multiple Borders
  243. ISO Pattern
  244. PIF from EMSGRANNY
  245. Can you add a border after the center part is quilted?
  246. I should use a thimble
  247. Life stays interesting because....
  248. Sewing Themed Quilt
  249. Too late for Eleanor Burns
  250. Making flying geese