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  1. "Babylock Destiny, Unity or Spirit"
  2. Sashing widths?
  3. question
  4. Do I need to wash precuts?
  5. Acrylic surround
  6. My design in Google image search
  7. Psychedelic 4 Patch Paisley- Update
  8. Changing the size of a block
  9. Quilt Kits
  10. Drew own lines for quilt question!
  11. pre-washing batting
  12. Question about Ikea furniture and quilting room
  13. Millefiori/La Passacalia English Paper Piecing
  14. Jenny Doan Baby Quilt
  15. How shall I quilt "Surf Song"?
  16. New to Quilt Design
  17. Label on charity auction quilt?
  18. How do you achieve that elegant, yet hand-crafted look?
  19. Searching for a quilt pattern
  20. Need Suggestions, please!
  21. Academy of Quilting:Anyone taken any classes?
  22. Have you ever made anything using 1 1/2" strips?
  23. Yellow Tool
  24. First Scrappy!
  25. EQ7 question
  26. Will I Ever Love Quilting?
  27. Stitch in the ditch binder foot
  28. Width of binding
  29. Chosing colors to quilt with, advice wanted.
  30. Need ideas for some favors . . .
  31. Looking for a peach gray white fabric collection
  32. cutting plexiglass for templates. who does this
  33. Jelly roll plus charm packs
  34. Bouncy Machine!
  35. squeak when free motion quilting help
  36. Flannel help
  37. pieced backs - Lyndi
  38. Batting vs quilt - relative weight questions
  39. Trying to print pp pattern for Storm at Sea
  40. puckering on back when straight line quilting
  41. cotton fabric shrinkage
  42. I'm tired of crawling around on the floor - need clamps
  43. Fusible versus basting spray
  44. Did I pay too much?
  45. How Can One Person Get So Lucky
  46. I have a ??? pattern(s) to use 2''-2 1/2''
  47. Quilting with templates
  48. Jelly roll ideas
  49. Help With Bisquit Quilt
  50. Fav interfacing for the Professional Tote?
  51. Superior Titanium Coated needles
  52. Unquilted table runner need quilting ideas
  53. Help with transfer of patterns
  54. Lesson Learned - Fabric is like wool!
  55. Looking for post on tools
  56. Which do you think takes longer?
  57. Does any one know ?
  58. Multi Function Foot Control
  59. Design Wall - Flannel, Fleece or Felt?
  60. Pressure on Presser Foot issue
  61. which fabric?
  62. Help in making a 'quilted' jacket
  63. Any EQ users? need help with a design.
  64. Little Brown Bird
  65. Pros and Cons of Using Two Layers of Batting
  66. another delima
  67. arranging printed quilt patterns
  68. Unidentified UFOs
  69. T-shirt Quilt
  70. Sewing straight 1/4 inch seams
  71. Triangles are short
  72. closer to border decisions for christmas log cabin...ideas?
  73. Janome MyStyle 100 or Juki HZL 27z
  74. Husqvarna Platinum 16
  75. Having issues finding thread?
  76. Best way: machine binding, how do you do it?
  77. Paint sample cards!!
  78. Iron help
  79. Prairie Style Quilt
  80. Quilt Design
  81. Small Designs - Raw Edge Applique
  82. Opinions please, guild challenge
  83. Would you trim?
  84. Singer 9980 quantum stylist
  85. Creativity....where do you find it?
  86. Doilie quilt help
  87. Binding help needed...
  88. Electric Quilt 7
  89. WooHoo! I got a new machine!
  90. National Quilting Weekend
  91. Sashing assistance needed
  92. What would Kon Mari do with quilters' stashes?
  93. Keeping blocks in order off of design wall
  94. Is there one sewing machine for everthing you want?
  95. TinLizzie or HQ Sweet Sixteen
  96. Fun ideas for quilt shops...can you add any?
  97. Water In Your Iron or A Spray Bottle
  98. Sewing black on black
  99. Problem with a Husqvarna Mega Quilter
  100. What Is My Problem ?!?
  101. Are you thinking of doing this BOM--Fresh Lilacs?? Is it available at multiple place
  102. Go, or any other fabric cutter
  103. Photo Transfer for Laser Printers?
  104. Left over triangles
  105. Eleanor Burns Four Sisters quilt?
  106. S / O of glove lost in free motion quilting
  107. Janome 8900 question again..
  108. What to do with old sewing machine needles?
  109. Jelly Roll quilt Ideas
  110. Can this be done in two weeks?
  111. Slidelock ruler- Clear or Lighted edge?
  112. Quiltism of the Day from Connecting Threads
  113. If one your quilting gloves goes missing while FMQing...
  114. Neatest hint for selecting Bargello fabric
  115. Found a new toy (I think)
  116. Trying to quilt as you go on a queen side design
  117. Charmin stars by Moda Bakeshop sashing
  118. Shenandoah Stars problem
  119. Do you leave your sewing machine on?
  120. why I try for precision and accuracy with my piefing projects
  121. Quilt Block Wrinkles!
  122. Hand Stitched Projects
  123. help needed with hand applique stems
  124. making a border with 2 1/2" squares
  125. Quincy IL Quilt Shops
  126. seams and hand quilting
  127. Cutting Boards?
  128. Resizing Double Wedding Ring Block
  129. Have you found your "perfect" machine?
  130. New rules for digital services USA-Europe
  131. Prairie Points ?
  132. Do you own an Industrial Machine?
  133. Tablemats and birthing method
  134. Periwinkle quilt. Bias edges?
  135. Charm Pack Question
  136. Quilts for Area Rugs
  137. Quilt Shops in Williamsburg VA?
  138. Silhouette by Cari Nichols
  139. Learning to service Berninas
  140. Need Pattern help
  141. need some advice please! the way things are lining up
  142. Pricing a quilt
  143. lost my ruler to make braid quilts, it's about 4 x 7 inches
  144. Eleanor Burns' Trip Around the World vs. regular strip-pieced method
  145. Using Your Ruler, Squaring Up a Block
  146. Anyone done business with Sewing and Vacuum Warehouse
  147. Unexpected Results Using Warm and Natural batting
  148. Question about meander quilting
  149. Name of long arm machine
  150. Ideas for wedding anniversary quilt for my wife?
  151. Easy Boxy Pouch
  152. Embroidery Machine
  153. Seeking quilt shops near Buffalo, NY
  154. Help in finding a pattern
  155. Looking for magazine pattern
  156. Around the neck Magnifier
  157. sale at joann's today
  158. Help!!!Need a quilty idea
  159. Trouble with matching seams when pressed open.
  160. FMQ borders and small pieces.
  161. Pineapple Trim Ruler
  162. Storing and transporting embroidery supplies
  163. I'd Like to See Your Handquilting
  164. Can you identify
  165. My view on lancaster aqs show 2015
  166. What does this make?
  167. still looking at the 8900 Janome?
  168. Any suggestion on how to quilt this quilt top?
  169. Recommendation for Lancaster Quilt Shops
  170. Duhhhh. Loosen up
  171. easter decorating
  172. Setting triangles -- Help needed
  173. HELP-Don-isewman-- Math persons
  174. Bargello: Surf Song and Misty Morning
  175. Quilt backings
  176. Looking for a fabric panel ....
  177. What kind of hanging quilt rack?
  178. Do you ALWAYS have to "scant" your needle?
  179. Last 5 Quilts Ever...
  180. That sound you hear...
  181. Soapstone stick for marking?
  182. Another"how would you quilt this?"
  183. Books,websites about borders. Need recommendations
  184. Military Fund Raising Quilt
  185. Binder Presser Foot?
  186. Janome 8900QCP
  187. Speaking of blue lines
  188. In the Fargo, ND area
  189. Paducah vs Houston
  190. Table runner label help needed
  191. Anyone own a BlockRockit
  192. Craftsy. Finishing school. Better borders. Review please
  193. Craftsy:cut to it. Strategies for smarter quilting reviews please
  194. Craftsy:clever cuts for efficient quilting, reviews please
  195. How would you quilt this?
  196. Thanks - whoever it was who shared this idea
  197. Handi-Controller for the Janome 1600P
  198. Show me your sewing chair
  199. Virtual Quilting Weekend -- 3/13-3/15
  200. Enlarging pattern
  201. Gravity quilt... How challenging is it?
  202. Yippe! Yippee! Yippe! I Got him!
  203. Raq Quilting Snips
  204. Help me decide what to do with this fabric?
  205. Mug Rugs
  206. Old Question? How to square up blocks
  207. needing a new sewing machine
  208. stencils and quilting
  209. Italian Fabric stores
  210. Strips Roll Question
  211. Looking for Mariner's Compass Paper Pieced Pattern
  212. Kraft-Tex paper fabric - anybody played with this yet?
  213. Ali express
  214. Interface Questions
  215. Twilight pattern variation
  216. 5D Quilt Design creator
  217. military quilt - need suggestions
  218. Name this Block
  219. What to charge for a T-shirt quilt?
  220. Tale of Woe and Lesson learned .. I hope
  221. More Admiration and Appreciation
  222. Pineapple/EB pattern
  223. Marking a top for quilting
  224. Help needed please! ideas for a 25th Anniversary quilt
  225. vintage/antique quilts are not always crinkled/ puckered
  226. Fabric Outlet - What would YOU buy?
  227. Making the Most of a Beginner's Quilting Class
  228. "Quilt As You Go"
  229. Looking for your Pineapple block experience & advise
  230. Free Quilt Software?
  231. looking for a quilt picture, name or information
  232. Pressing seams
  233. Hand quilting design question
  234. Having trouble with pattern directions
  235. Crown Royal Bags
  236. How do you choose your quilting thread color for handquilting?
  237. Extension table too slippery?
  238. 5bucks a yard
  239. Can I Wait to Wash Black and White Quilt Fabric
  240. Quilt Addicts Anonymous Block of the Month 2015
  241. The Necessary Wallet pattern
  242. Eyelet Fabric
  243. template shapes
  244. Birthing a quilt?
  245. Why Paper Piece?
  246. Scissors Question
  247. Squaring up a quilt top
  248. Size Really Does Matter!
  249. Help Needed from the experts on this board. You all are amazing.
  250. add a quarter ruler