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  1. Bird Song pattern
  2. walmart fabric
  3. Quilt Shops near Great Lakes Naval Station IL
  4. zooks and .....
  5. Searching the Classifieds
  6. Hand Quilting Quandary - Help Please
  7. Wonderful trip
  8. Misty Mountain Quilters
  9. ideas for a quilted wall hanging??
  10. fat pillow trouble
  11. Moth Ball Smell
  12. Treasured gifts from DH
  13. Color, Hue and scale
  14. Missing Quilter
  15. Sewing Machine broke today...
  16. What kind of batting?
  17. Anyone have Links to Pincushions?
  18. Frankfort KY Wal-Mart has Fabric!
  19. Saw pics of the new Bernina 5 series
  20. People buy unfinished quilt tops? Really?
  21. Baby Quilt crib size
  22. Special 2-day Sale. July 20 through July 21, 2011. All Blue Fabric is on sale for 35% off!
  23. Dirty Iron - How do I clean it?
  24. False Praise
  25. iPad Case?
  26. Manhattan, Kansas Quilt Guild?
  27. Creative Quilting Fabric Club - Anyone know about it?
  28. Sulky 'invisible' (polyester) thread
  29. Altered Quilt Top
  30. How can you identify 1930s fabric
  31. Question about pantos
  32. Want Bow Tuck bag pattern
  33. Harbor Freight
  34. quilt museum
  35. Aunt Martha's 1930's style towels
  36. I need a pattern tester
  38. Red Chicken Wire fabric search
  39. The down side of chain piecing
  40. Quilt Shop in Newport News, VA
  41. New Fabric shop???????
  42. Quilting is "Uniquely good for you"!
  43. i'm practicing hand quilting
  44. Quilt Cut 2
  45. Huge Fabric Sale at Fabrics and Friends Roanoke, Indiana
  46. Need help understanding hunter's star pattern
  48. Question about LA quilt top
  49. You might want this treadle
  50. Do you have one of those 1/4" rulers?
  51. Quilting a hand made top, that is not even
  52. Jelly roll race quilt as you go?
  53. Measurement of strips of fabric to save?
  54. Pfaff 2140 or 2144
  55. a Modern Day TREADLE?
  56. Hand quilting and self threading needles?
  57. miniature quilts
  58. Memories/star dust pattern
  59. Identify Old Sewing Machine
  60. Bed runner quilt pattern
  61. which fusible fleece for Bow Tuck bag?
  62. advice for making a serape
  63. talk quilt radio
  64. Walking Foot Problems
  65. Changeing your user name
  66. QuiltPro
  67. Recyling Dryer Sheets and Scraps
  68. Vintage Pfaff 130 Owners?
  69. Help
  70. Quilt kit?????
  71. ? on the 3D Pinwheel Block
  72. who knows or knew Lois Rowe and the Wesley Quilters?
  74. Question - T-Shirt Quilts
  75. Alto QuiltCut.. is it worth it?
  76. String Quilt help, please
  77. Looking for a quilting club
  78. I need Help
  79. diamond shaped log cabin wreath
  80. Need help with hand quilting 3D pinwheel
  81. Help with FMQ stitches
  82. Need ideas for putting embroidered bits into a quilt
  83. Husqvarna sewing machine
  84. For those of us who are not exactly perfect (1/4" seam)
  85. Threading - A Problem that is Needling Me
  86. Edyta Sitar
  87. Help! Need Horse Pattern
  88. Opinions on Handi Quilter Sweet 16 Sit down machine?
  89. Antique Puzzle Looking Quilt
  90. Color Selections
  91. Ever have a quilt that ....
  92. Thrift Store Finds, Fabric Store Finds, and a Realization
  93. Stipple, by Eileen Roche
  94. What do you do on a Shop Hop?
  95. Fab Shop Hop
  96. sheets for backing
  97. Harbor Freight Rotary Blades
  98. Rectangle Quilt
  99. would this work for FQ storage?
  100. Are there any other web sites like
  101. Advice on how to quilt a quilt with crazy patchwork
  102. Printing on fabric?
  103. "Bow Tucks" Bag sighting..did you make it ??
  104. so excited new machine soon
  105. Help with Cross Stitching Quilts
  106. Fab Shop Hop Disappointment
  107. First time I've been told a quilt looked horrible
  108. Oh, what to do, what to do????
  109. Help...
  110. What is this pattern?
  111. shopping deals. Truecut set
  112. Christmas fabrics
  113. Anyone ever hire someone to organize their fabric?
  114. I got carried away . Does it happen to you?
  115. Sunday School teacher quilt ideas
  116. Grandaughter's bed quilt
  117. Anyone in MI with a serger?
  118. Marti Mitchel Ruler/Template
  119. Can you fold batting to make it thicker?
  120. Activities for new quilting group
  121. Today my 8 year old niece...
  122. Spray Baste does not bother me
  123. American Patchwork & quilting Magazine ?
  124. Bernatex Fabric Distributors
  125. Friday night adventure...
  126. Error in email instructions
  127. great fabric sale
  128. Can you ever have too many pincushions??
  129. Free Quilt Patterns
  130. The Wedding Star or Bali Wedding Star by J. N.
  131. Applique question
  132. Not a quilt but what should I sell these for?
  133. question for you experts out there
  135. How many have done a photo quilt ?
  136. Huge estate auction this weekend southern IN
  137. Trouble with needle threader
  138. Ugly colors/motivation
  139. Thank you for the tutorial for using glue and iron for binding
  140. "Blankie" size
  141. Quilts for Teens
  142. Courthouse Steps
  143. quilt shop locater app
  144. How do I find a line of fabric?
  145. Flannel Quilt
  146. DID IT.............ordered Janome Horizon today
  147. treadle machine question
  148. Quilting Design
  149. Adding 1/2 to cut fabrics
  150. Help for a newbie
  151. Thread
  152. Rose quilt
  153. Fun and Done King?
  154. Batting = how best to affix
  155. looking for a book
  156. A Great Book for Newbies and Pros
  157. Found some great rices on quilt patterns
  158. Ken quilt 622 setup question
  159. Thread
  160. Dresden Plate
  161. My Pages question
  162. The best Thrift Store around!!
  163. Do you use Metro embroidery thread?
  164. chaos-proof project?
  165. Sevierville, Tn
  166. feed dogs pull to the left
  167. yikes...I've lost my...
  168. Quilters Home Magazine -- Final Issue
  169. Quilt label?????
  170. It's not right!!!
  171. Keepsake Quilting Sale on Pink fabric.
  172. Nativity scene Applique
  173. Babylock
  174. finding the frog quilt
  175. Quilt labels
  176. Anyone know of a tutorial for strip pieced tulip?
  177. Have you ever used SPOONFLOWER?
  178. making a personal tag for each quilt?
  179. how did you learn to quilt? also, beginner machines.
  180. ISO Cathedral Window Potholders
  181. Just a picking and a grinning and a ripping and a snipping
  182. Vacation quilt
  183. messy studio update
  184. Tools for tracing/transfer quilting patterns
  185. Husqvarna
  186. Opinions on border, and added more blocks
  187. pattern for sun bonnet sue doorstop
  188. Did alot of searching on the topic last night and could't really find an answer...
  189. paper stuck to quilt fabric
  190. FabShop Hop quilt
  191. Fan Quilting Frame
  192. batting weight choice??
  193. Does Anyone Remember the Bloomers Quilt Top??
  194. Are there any QUILT GUILD BOARD of DIRECTORS MEMBERS out there?
  195. ISO Juki 2000qi and frame for sale or information
  196. Quilting foot?
  197. Best Hand Quilting Thread
  198. A Baked Quilt
  199. When to purchase new machine, now or later?
  200. Quilt Shops in Brooklyn NY
  201. Help, please?
  202. Need signature square suggestions
  203. trying to post pic again (one more time)
  204. What, if anything, do you use to help with
  205. I saved $3, 849.00 at Joanns!!!!!
  206. Baileys Longarm quilting machine
  207. Help, please with Bernina Stitch Regulator
  208. Update on the quilter's estate auction haul...
  209. Help me name my latest quilt
  210. Reorganized Sewing Room...Yeahhhh
  212. pix of quilters
  213. Is this a good price?
  214. THANK YOU
  215. Singer Sewing Machine
  216. Hershey Quilt Show
  217. Do you pay to watch quilting shows online?
  218. Handquilting
  219. Fiskars Rotating cutting mat
  220. looking for an old sewing machine
  221. Thread storage..... what is your recommendation?
  222. Dragonfly Daze - repeat?
  223. width of quilt backing fabric
  224. How do I wash this particular quilt?
  226. sewing machine repair
  227. Minkee...
  228. Does anyone have this machine?
  229. need help please
  230. Has your taste in fabric changed over the years?
  231. Viking Topaz 30
  232. looking for a block
  233. Looking for clues about a Michael Miller fabric
  234. Need Help for a Fabric Friend
  235. Need Help for a Fabric Friend
  236. Serger thread???
  237. Sewing machine lifts
  238. (new topic) Treadle
  239. Wonky Fat Quarters!! What is the standard???
  240. Super 60 Ruler (Do you have this ruler?)
  241. I am now a member of SABLE
  242. Fabric at Walmarts
  243. i am ashamed
  244. Changing strip size??
  245. Moda star block-Quilts of valor
  246. Need help and or advise on finishing someone else's top..
  247. Question about Singer Zig-Zag attachments with decorative stitch cams
  248. Good Quilt Shops in Atlanta, GA?
  249. Wheeler and Wilson hand-crank please
  250. Raw Edge quilt