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  1. so excited
  2. Angler 2 Have you used one?
  3. Price for LongArm Quilting
  4. Connecting Threads-do they always do this?
  5. Look what DH made!
  6. Found singer 301A at thrift store!
  7. This is an exciting day!
  8. Baby quilts
  9. Eleanor Burns - Sale
  10. Just want to say...
  11. Canadian swappers
  12. What is the difference....
  13. need ideas for special birthday
  14. Restored "Puzzle" Box & Attacments for 1902 Singer Treadle Machine
  15. My Man Is Comfortable In His Own Skin!
  16. Circle Denim quilt
  17. Connecting Thread Web site
  18. Got a new 'toy'
  19. Difference between a Hobby Quilter and a Passionate Quilter
  20. What goes around comes around - quilts for kids
  21. size of Dear Jane quilt
  22. Getting EQ worth it?
  23. Brown/Blue Search
  24. Can pics be posted from iPhone?
  25. Essential Cotton thread from Connecting threads.. Is it worth it?
  26. Bernina 630
  27. Fresh Flowers Quilt Finished
  28. Free motion quilting
  29. A Prairie Album Quilt
  30. Fast and Easy Pinwheels
  31. looking for recent mug rug label
  32. I need advice for a sewing machine
  33. sewing machine case
  34. help with hst
  35. Person looking for pattern from quilt show
  36. Red, White and Blue
  37. Our Secret is finally out.....Oh dear!!!
  38. fabric preview clubs??
  39. Bernina 717 in cabinet
  40. What size needle?
  41. hancocks clearance batiks...
  42. walking foot for featherweight
  43. Are you sewing or quilting today? Happy 4th of July
  44. Going to Lancaster Tomorrow!
  45. Busy, busy, busy.
  46. another question
  47. traditional fabric
  48. tamari apron
  49. I'm using the dryer to freshen fabric, but hang clothes on the line to dry them!!
  50. Very Very Loopy on the bottom side of fabric
  51. Our Secret is out
  52. Schoolhouse block.
  53. How often do you change your cutting mat?
  54. Binding
  55. EQ7 on sale at
  56. Sports Quilt
  57. OBW question
  58. Help!! First Landscape Quilt
  59. ElectricQuilt 5
  60. Question about pinwheels
  61. How do you make an old dirty quilt a bright new quilt?
  62. I can't believe I said I don't need more FABRIC
  63. Borders
  64. Coffee themed fabric
  65. Pattern for Kindle cover?
  66. Attending Penn National Quilt Extravaganza 9/15-18
  67. learning to HAND applique!
  68. it just me?
  69. Rotary blades from Harbor Freight
  70. Restored 1902 Singer Vibrating Shuttle Treadle Sewing Machine
  71. I am in search of an applique pattern...
  72. Gammill Classic longarm
  73. Portable Quilting Frame Question
  74. Needle question - for FMQ on T-shirt quilt
  75. Quilt labels and "Quilt Album"
  76. Ironing board cover
  77. T-shirt quilt for retiring boss -
  78. Batting problem
  79. Singer 347---Keep or take to Goodwill?
  80. How do you store your patterns/info??
  81. Dresden Delimna
  82. "Owls"
  83. Foot pedal problem with Innovis 4000D
  84. Need Some Help Please...Circles of Brights on Black Background
  85. 1860s quilt binding question
  86. Help with ruler slipping
  87. My weekend haul.....
  88. Saving Scrap pieces....
  89. Knoxville Quilt show
  90. Bargello Table Runner
  91. Concerning Kaaren from The Painted Quilt Blog
  92. Does anyone use the PC Quilter
  93. LA'ers in Illinois
  94. 1975 kenmore question
  95. mug rugs
  96. Dumb Question #2 - "MEET & GREET" - Please bare with me again...
  97. Is fun and done and qayg the same thing?
  98. About OBW / Stack-n-Whack - 4 patch posie quilts
  99. Orange thin chalk removal
  100. happy daisies quilt
  101. binding with pping
  102. Need Suggestions for Quilting
  103. Quilts from uniforms
  104. calling out NJ girls--LQS---
  105. Hancock fabric sale
  106. Patience Corners quilting advice
  107. Hoffman Challenge
  108. irish chain i a day batting...
  109. How do you compensate..??
  110. Pointsetta tablerunner
  111. Quilt Cut fabric cutting system
  112. cute pin cushion by sewing machine
  113. Quilt shops in Franklin NC
  115. Thinking about a Tin Lizzie?
  116. Update on scrappy quilt for my friend
  117. Border Size Calculations
  118. Help! Hemming Georgette
  119. Quilt stores in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA?
  120. 505 Basting Spray.........
  121. fab shop hop
  122. help
  123. Straight line quilting?
  124. Quilt Batting - Commerical
  125. Piecing a Take Five
  126. New Home Model No. 6 NLB...or.."Honey"
  127. How many ways can you think of to use
  128. Beginner's Post, Asks Advice...
  129. A Worthy Cause, Pillowcases for Charity
  130. Which method do you prefer for making flying geese?
  131. Really cute birds wall hanging
  132. portable project storage containers
  133. Walmarts new ''price match'' policy!!
  134. Need help with queen sized
  135. Pre-wash Fabric to Eliminate Bugs!!!
  136. Dumb Question #1 - "SHOP HOPS" -Please bear with me.
  137. What do you use....
  138. How many fat quarters
  139. Pattern or Color?
  140. Anyone taken a Trip to Bali?
  141. Need help - Memorial wall hanging for my niece
  142. Barn Quilt Pattern ( to quilt, not to paint on barn)
  143. Use big spools
  144. Model Number
  145. quilting machine
  146. embroidery thread breaking
  147. I just discovered something amazing
  148. Need a break
  149. Never seen before.
  150. Maiden name on quilt?
  151. Shoulder quilts-prayer quilts info
  152. Quilters Favorite Sites Article
  153. Old or new style machine?
  154. AQS Show in Knoxville Next Week
  155. Marianne Fons
  156. What is the Best Way to Make Tiny Yo Yo's?
  157. Teaching Girl Scouts to Quilt
  158. reduce stitches
  159. charms
  160. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
  161. Help! Looking for table runner pattern
  162. help kaleidoscope picture
  163. Thanks for the wonderful welcome to the message boards
  164. When Making Purses or Totes???
  165. Amazing difference in fabrics
  166. suggestions for pattern to make simple quilt from men's shirts
  167. How many different QAYG methods are there?
  168. Help! I Have A Snag!
  169. Have you used the Fiskars Titanium Rotary cutter?
  170. WalMart Fabric Departments
  171. Viking Saphire 835
  172. Weak seams between blocks with QAYG?
  173. Hand quilting question
  174. I need help with a tulip applique block
  175. Fruit swap blocks
  176. Dreaming 6 1/2 squares...
  177. Questions about meandering by hand
  178. Nursing wall hangings???
  179. Purchasing Patterns...
  180. Honeybee---star pic
  181. united quilt guild?
  182. Can you buy colour-catchers in Canada?
  183. featherweight won't turn need help
  184. JoAnn's App for iphone
  185. blind quilter
  186. Summer banner
  187. gifts for our reunion
  188. Sparkly fabrics for charity quilts?
  189. Quilt Appraisal
  190. When/How to Use Retayne and/or Synthrapol
  191. Any ideas on what to do with Maxine
  192. Steady Betty
  194. Let's Play A Little Game Of "Can You Spot The Defect"?
  195. Batiks
  196. Tooooooo sparkly
  197. Darnit!! Ran out of thread!
  198. Blue and White striped quilt
  199. Online Graph Paper
  200. {ISO}Quilt Shops from Chicago to St. Louis
  201. lesson learned
  202. How do I figure this out?
  203. Look what hubby made for me today...
  204. considering treadle sewing machine purchase
  205. Dying fabric
  206. Basting Spray???
  207. Fab-U-Motion
  208. July 4th quilts
  209. comforting news from the Moda rep
  210. quilt shops in Corolla in Outer Banks
  211. My Avatar
  212. Do you know this block
  213. Ladies, we have the power to make changes
  214. What Should I Do With This Great Thrift Store Find???
  215. Help on a Memory Quilt ... please
  216. got an answer to the selvedge dilemma?
  217. sewing a mess!!!!!!
  218. Today is the 4th of July...
  219. Golden threads paper
  220. For anyone who's made Slide Show by Terry Atkinson
  221. Paint that Dries in the Sun
  222. Baby Shower Prize Ideas??
  223. Bow Tuck Fusible Fleece Question
  224. Mug Rugs
  225. Pinwheel Question
  226. How is the fabric at Hobby Lobby??
  227. Selvedge edge projects
  228. Sizzor-Tail Flycatcher Stained Glass Quilt
  229. Suggestions requested for how to piece my blocks with minimal cuts
  230. Did anyone make quilts from last summers International Friendship Block Swap?
  231. Frixion Gel Marking Pen -- disappears but is it really gone?
  232. Can you help me ID this machine?
  233. Bumble Bee Baby Quilt
  234. Remind me again please - The birthing method
  235. Needle-Bobbin Problem continues on Janome 6260
  236. OBW.....I'm scared
  237. Tin Lizzie 18 - help basting the quilt / getting it all set up
  238. christmas material
  239. RE Tee Shirt Quilt
  240. Need suggestions for new machine
  241. Material to do embroidery on
  242. Have oneyou ever "farmed out" your quilt piecing?
  243. Went to my first quilt guild meeting on Monday
  244. Need some advise...never made a quilt before!
  245. Need manual for Dressmaker D-2 15 clone sewing machine
  247. Juki TL98Q or TL-2000Qi?
  248. christmas materal
  249. scrapy quilt just getting laid out
  250. Candlequilter Block Table Runner