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  1. Just got a Brother 1500 S
  2. differnce between edge to edge and pantograph?
  3. Grace EZ3 Hand Quilting Frame for Basting a Quilt?
  4. 2 year newlyweds finally receive Lover's Knot
  5. helpful supportive husband
  6. antique singer on craigslist
  7. Oklahoma City WalMart
  8. 2 sided quilt
  9. My new "OLD" sewing book
  10. Basket Quilt Block
  11. Border help UPDATE
  12. A Bear Quilt, Bow Tie Blocks and Children's Stories!!
  13. Conquering my fear of curves!!
  14. Economical Seam Ripper
  15. Reverse fabric
  16. Quilt for my Son
  17. Etsy vs Ebay
  18. Pressing finished quilts?
  19. JoAnn's Sale If you have military ID
  20. Who can tell me about "polished cotton"?
  21. Pansy Pattern
  22. Iris's in full bloom.
  23. What is the best compliment you ever received.
  24. Fabric haul!
  25. Liberty of London fabric
  26. Opinions Please - Jem or Audrey?
  27. Mantle Quilts
  28. Marking remains
  29. "Battingless" Quilt
  30. Colored pencils and quilting
  31. sewing the therapy
  32. Pic Video- Grand-daughter
  33. To anyone in the Sierra Vista, AZ area
  34. HELP need Party Favor ideas
  35. Just got my first EQ5/6 - advice for a newbie?
  36. question for all you warm climate folks
  37. My turn to reap a fabric find
  38. Button Blocks= A portable project
  39. how to pick thread color
  40. Grand Quilter 18/Quilt Artist
  41. Antique quilt top at consignment opinions?
  43. Mountainpeek Creations patterns
  44. Is it safe to use spray basting in a baby quilt?
  45. what is this technique called???
  46. Mary Jo's Exprience
  47. Ott light HELP
  49. did the burn test...
  50. Fused quilt w/ thread painting -Silkie
  51. Can Winning Quilt be Entered in Other Contests?
  53. Linen table clothes as quilt material
  54. Ordered another one
  55. Be kind to the cutgirl!
  56. Vintage Singer 99-13 question
  57. New Sewing Machine.
  58. question for longarmers
  59. Did You Know - Flat Rate Envelopes
  60. HELP....question on quilt as go method.....need advice....
  61. Directional machine quilting
  62. Help me with a border please
  63. Making Quilt with moms clothes, need help!
  64. Potato Bags - What else do you use them for??
  65. Quilt Retreat
  66. Info on old Singer???
  67. Cotton Prices
  68. OBW - "Maybe some cubes will fix it"
  69. Recycled Denim Fabrics for Quilts?
  70. Bookmarks Disappeared
  71. Is this a silly Idea?
  72. color blind quilt colors?
  73. Confused
  74. Dollar Bill ???
  75. Garage Sale Reject is my Bargain of the Day
  76. fabric site?
  77. Please Tell Me....
  78. quilt shows
  79. Lap hoops for hand quilting?
  80. What do you do when you lose your motivation?
  81. Quilting your piece?
  82. Another Embroidery Machine question. Help pretty please???
  83. Baby Memory Quilt
  84. Re: 300e Janome machine....
  85. How would you quilt this?
  87. Need suggestions for a quilt for a 12 year girl
  88. Sidewinder
  89. Civil War/Reproduction Fabrics
  90. Looking for blue quilt blocks... put here on recently...
  91. Candlequilters star #1 from UBE
  92. need Help
  93. Fabric Holders
  94. How to display new Studio Color Wheel?
  95. Help with pricing sewing machine
  96. Which thread do you use on your Singer 301?
  97. calla lily stained glass patterm
  98. Fan quilt directions
  100. CCelebration Sampler Quilt from Junes Fabshophop PATTERN
  101. I am amazed but I shouldn't be!
  102. I 'm sorry I have another question
  103. Moda Bella Solids
  104. Spin off on rulers gathering dust -- which are your essentials
  105. Kenmore 385.19233400 bobbin size?
  106. Muslin update
  107. Help-info needed for trip!
  108. Cotton Thread Count?
  109. Looking for fabric
  110. Need help from someone smarter than myself
  111. Fabshophop Spring Sampler Quilt
  112. Quilt odyssey roommate
  113. What is the first thing you do when FMQ?
  114. Regular status
  115. TO: Is it Time to Call it Quilts
  117. Leah Day - videos on the Janome 7700
  118. placement of blocks
  119. Any non-sewing items that you use for quilting?
  120. Swiss quilters
  121. Happy Birthday
  122. Quilt Pattern?
  123. Pics of my 35 yards of fabric.....
  124. Have you ever............????
  125. Twilling
  126. Have you run across Pirates of the Caribbean Cotton Fabric?
  127. horizontal or vertical spindle?
  128. My,,,,,,How the stash is growing!
  129. Snail's trail - Help
  130. Moda's Fresh Flowers Line
  131. Well He finally signed up and is posting on here
  132. Hand Dyeing Fabric
  133. Rotary blades
  134. What are we worth?
  135. Minnesota quilt ISO
  136. Trouble w/fabric stash fading???
  137. What do you do with fat quarters?
  138. QuiltMotion
  139. Quilt I the only one?
  140. Binding question
  141. prairie points
  142. Warm and Natural Batting - Wash First???
  143. Eleanor Burns methods
  144. Care to do the Blanket Stitch first time!
  145. Poem that I wrote when I re-cycled my dress
  146. Looking for art tote pattern...
  147. Mechanical vs. Computerized Machine
  148. Quilting tops.
  149. Fitted Sewing Table Extension
  150. Red Snapper Clamps
  151. Storage Options?
  152. English paper piecing questions
  153. Using glue on quilt tops
  154. What causes birds nests on quilt back? (picture included)
  155. anyone use a juki tl98q? (thread question)
  156. What can I do with all my old cutting boards?
  157. new "red E edge" side clamps
  158. UPDATE: My thrift store find...
  159. HQ16 owners--I need help
  160. looking to upgrade my sewing machine
  161. Happy Fathers Day
  162. Free Motion Quilting
  163. Fat Quarters or Yardage
  164. COLD FEET
  165. EQ7 on sale
  167. Panto question
  168. Free Wallet pattern with card holders
  169. so proud
  170. Block & Fabric Suggestions Needed
  171. Do you quilt by hand or by machine?
  172. Resizing quilt block
  173. Recall
  174. Help me find online pattern
  175. I need a project!
  176. Got My Machine!!!
  177. The joys of sewing with MS.....
  178. Continous Prairie Points
  179. Here's what I got.
  180. Now I need help w/the binding............HELP!
  181. Embroidery Machines
  182. National Quilting Association Pictures
  183. Quilt regarding setting up to quilt..
  184. Yard sale find
  185. Update to good haul.
  186. lostn51
  187. Darlene Chocolates/Fons Porter/and YOU...gotta READ!
  188. EQ 5, 6, or 7??
  189. Continuous Line Quilting Resources?
  190. DimensionalPinwheels
  191. Quilt Die Cut Question
  192. "Age" Related Slump
  193. A handy tool!
  194. What does quilting mean to you?
  195. featherweight 1/4 inch foot
  196. Why is yellow not a popular color for quilts?
  197. Bernina Artista 635-Does anyone have the embroidery add on?
  198. just gonna practice on my LA
  199. hand embroidery on quilt blocks
  200. motor messed up
  202. Toy Sewing Machine: Any History or Suggested Value
  203. Something else to make out of mens ties....
  205. need help finding
  206. Newbie quilting on frame and stuck?
  207. Rescued a Featherweight today
  208. Warped Mat
  209. Quilting Cruise
  210. Help Me Decide.....
  211. New Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener
  212. Above & beyond---tools we never knew we 'needed' :)
  213. Quilt Judge Fees
  214. Deleting e-mail address from my post
  215. New Sewing Machine recommendations please . . .
  216. Another Project Storage idea
  217. Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine
  218. Scrubs Fabric
  219. Embroidery thread
  220. Irene
  221. Disappearing 4-Patch using 9" fabric squares?
  222. HELP!! My new chenille is a mess-help me fix it!
  223. Cupcake table runner
  224. Any ideas for using fat quarters?
  225. such a thing?
  226. need help choosing a pattern
  227. What Have I gotten myself into?
  228. EQ 7 is on sale!!
  229. QB SWap Block Exchanges....
  230. arrrrggggghhhhhhh
  231. I want a embroidery machine...LQS trying to talk me into 300E Janome
  232. Oh My Gosh Wavy Strips
  233. Day 8 - Last day - Red Bargello
  234. Hurkie the Hand Crank Featherweight
  235. singer
  236. hook line and sinker
  237. Featherweight dvd and book and singer 301
  238. Art Quilters?
  239. satisfied w/ fabric quality from connecting threads ?
  240. Need more binding help - Equal on both sides?
  241. Men's boxer short fabric?
  242. 18'' longarm tin lizzie sit down FMQ...HELP
  243. A visit to a Quilt Shop in Weatherford...
  244. quilt shops in Hoosick Falls NY
  245. Do you have quilting rulers that you still haven't used yet?
  246. my SIL sent me these two pics of my Treadle cabinet
  247. Cleaning the bow tucks totes
  248. Sticky Residue on Fat Quarters - Help!
  249. need help with optical illusion of carpenter star
  250. Looking for "feathers" tutorial