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  1. Looking for fabric
  3. help with feather weight
  4. Letters on quilts
  5. First Mug Rug with a tag
  6. Long Arm Starter Kit?
  7. Going to my first Quilt Retreat....
  8. Ok, I'm convinced........
  9. Paducah CASH or CREDIT CARD
  11. Printing on fabric?
  12. Mid Valley Quilt Guild Show in Rickreall
  13. island chain
  14. Please help date my grandmother's Singer treadle machine
  15. My agenda for Paducah
  16. Featherweight Question?
  17. Does this bother anyone else or is it just me
  18. Light Weight Machines
  19. How to finish quilt started by mom??
  20. HI
  21. ok, stupid question, but cant think right now Ohio Star
  22. Point driving me crazy!
  23. woohoo
  24. featherweight feet
  25. Stippling
  26. My Accuquilt Die storage solution....
  27. My Viking Sapphire 830 is really noisy
  28. Calendar 4-24
  29. making potholders?
  30. Dresden Center
  31. Quilted Scrap Reupholstery
  32. cute like baby frog
  33. To press or not to press
  34. Help! Losing my mind and patience!
  35. that DARLENE LOVES CHOCOLATES is back.....gonna do " I SEE" BLOCK QUILT
  36. Prewash thrift store shirts?
  37. How many FW's are there?!
  38. Need help finding this pattern
  39. jelly roll info
  40. Aids quilts for babies and children
  41. Teaching My Friend's 10 year old Daughter to Quilt
  42. Our Walmart fabric dept is expanding!!!
  43. Old Singers with hand wheel no electricity
  44. Was I told wrong?
  45. Help with spool quilt pattern
  46. Don't ask for Dad's help to pack fabric!
  47. Need advice on squaring blocks
  48. Free Motion Quilting
  49. Opinion on backing needed
  50. Road to Oklahoma Shop Hop
  51. Batting issue
  52. Have I got my son trained or what...
  53. guideline for outer border width?
  54. I did a bad, bad thing....
  55. Looking for a Love Lucy Quilt Pattern
  56. Help locating fabric
  57. Shirley Stitcher
  58. I was busted..stash
  59. Tsunami quilt
  60. How unusual is this?
  61. Thrift Store Shopping--are you picky in what you buy?
  62. Who is your favorite fabric manufacturer????
  63. Help with pantograph, please
  64. Calendar 4-23
  65. Looking for simple no binding mug rug pattern
  66. What about this fabric for an OBW
  67. I need help with my treadle!
  68. Slipping rulers
  69. Three holes in muslin
  70. Getting around this board question
  71. Last Day 60% OFF
  72. Where Do I Post A Give Away?
  73. White "Fair Lady" 1970 sewing machine
  74. Midarm quilting machine
  75. AccuQuilt Purchase A Good Investment?
  76. Embroidery design -The Sun
  77. "Floating Tops"
  78. Ones Iam Working On
  79. another thread question
  80. Bargello Quilts With a Twist
  81. Who Knew Quilters Were Wrestlers, Too?
  82. Ok...I need some help with ideas on to pack for an emergency travel sewing kit.
  83. Book Search
  84. need info on damascus treadle machine
  85. OBW - will 1 of these Fabrics work??
  86. stitch regulator
  87. Hopscotch quilt
  88. Embroidery machine?
  89. I goofed!!!!!!
  90. Each quilt I do, I learn something new.
  91. To CJMomma, Reinhart742,Diane D, Penny Janine & Jenni M.
  92. How many sent "Just One Block" to Moda?
  93. Shop Hop for April
  94. Lint Bunnies Gone Wild
  95. Verigated thread
  96. Applique
  97. Looking for the "old machine" section
  98. Needing Help on how to Thread an old Simplex (side mounted tension) sewing machine
  99. Is anyone familiar with Keepsake Fabrics?
  100. I Did Join The Featherweight Club
  101. How Many Stitches Per Inch?
  102. 10 min block
  103. recycle those sample books
  104. Pigma pens info needed
  105. Siggy Swap
  106. Quilt Block
  107. Floral Applique blocks all assembled
  108. Would love some tips for white fabric
  109. When you're not sure the board is down
  110. What do u use Suction Cup Holders for from Harbor Freight Tools????
  111. ARGH... Quilting tragedy
  112. Best Thread to use for Quilting?
  113. Do you wash your design wall?
  114. Harriet Power's Quilt at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston
  115. traveling to Europe
  116. Go Cutter and Baby!!!
  117. Great to see what you are sewing
  118. what is a good material for quilting
  119. collecting selvage edges?
  120. save or give? Baby quilt for coworker
  121. Problem with feather quilt and pillows
  122. Serger Type
  123. Quilting Buddies
  124. I have a quick question
  125. Long Arm with Stitch Regulator (BSR)
  126. Need Advice About Working From an Incomplete Kit
  127. Need help with a women's head.
  128. Why would you hand piece a quilt?
  129. Card information stolen
  130. New...need input on layout/colors
  131. Fray Check..
  132. Pleasant find in sewing room
  133. padukah? where is this magical place?
  135. Has Anyone Received Their Free Tickets To The
  136. APQS Ult. II
  137. quilting machine
  138. quilt as retirement gift - ideas
  139. Anyone doing the My Tweets BOM?
  140. Quilt Pattern Prices
  141. Memory Quilt ?
  142. hand quilting w/o quilting frames?
  143. Harbor Freight initiation
  144. Got money, going to Paducah, want rulers - what kind?
  145. June Taylor Cutting Tool
  146. Bali Pop Jelly Roll - do they run when washed?
  147. Triangle rulers any sugestions
  148. Help in picking a new machine
  149. Connecting Threads Pattern Downloads
  150. Problem with treadle feed dogs
  151. Adjust Feed Dogs on Treadle
  152. No More "Quilts of Valor" Wanted?
  153. need advise regarding my MIL
  154. stackd brick quilts
  155. Wounded Warrior Project
  156. How do you transport your machine when you travel?
  157. Will I need a stitch reguilator
  158. Quilted Prayer Shawls
  159. I won this quilt top
  160. Another one bites the dust in OHIO!
  161. Board Outages
  162. easter basket..
  163. Need Help on Grad Quilt
  164. Indian Ladies Quilt Pattern
  165. looking for brother support group
  166. New Tin Lizzie 18
  167. Help with Layer Cake pattern
  168. Found a new "old" place and got a haul today
  169. long arm quilt machine
  170. Avitar
  171. looking for best pins
  172. Any ideas for what to do next?
  173. Calendar 4-22 (Happy Good Friday!!)
  174. I adore Purl Soho
  175. Question about size of square for Folded Dahlia
  176. OBW tut
  177. Quilt shops in Tulsa, OK
  178. Don't forget about the "quilt trail" when you come to Paducah
  179. Going to Paducah? -- 3 Little shops you might want to visit
  180. How many of you made a dear jane?
  181. Sun Bonnet Sue applique help
  182. OMG will this work adding border help!!!!
  183. Yesterday's Estate Sale Find
  184. Egyptian Teadle
  185. pattern
  186. When you use Retayne color fixative....
  188. What do you do at a quilting retreat?
  189. Heavy beach women
  190. Florida Quilters
  191. Thanks to Crafty Bear for the tute on Biscornu pincushion!
  192. Need closeup of attic window quilting
  193. Any suggestions?
  194. Extra long acrylic ruler?
  195. Pat Speth Nickel Quilts
  196. Connecting Thread thread question....
  197. Posting pictures with True colours
  198. Soooooo Frustrated, Part 2 (No Longer Frustrated. Happy Now!)
  199. I've been bad!
  200. Those of you in TEXAS, please be safe and smart !!!
  201. Grandmothers' Feather Weight
  202. Best Machine for Applique
  203. Creative Elves sighted in Oregon
  204. How much to get machine cleaned
  205. Ants go Marching
  206. Grandmother's Flower Garden
  207. hummingbird quilt pattern
  209. Photo's for a Memory Quilt
  210. SWAPS: do you do them online?
  211. Bernina at Joann's ???
  212. 10 min block
  213. Quilting Machine Thread
  214. Help with Catherdral Window
  215. what is the width of the dear jane sashing, please?
  216. Going to Chicago Block
  217. grandmothers flower garden question
  218. Question about previous adult bib - protectors topic
  219. anyone else remember the days when they clipped and ripped the fabric?
  220. Mary Ellen's Best Press. What do you Think?
  221. Tumbler Template Sale
  222. wish I had my quilts on a clothes line for a picture
  223. Another Fabric Organization Question
  224. Question
  225. Decided to Refold Fabric - Any suggestions?
  226. Trip to Branson in May
  227. (new topic) Has anyone tried the Batiks
  228. Minneapolis VA asks quilters to stop sending quilts
  229. Heavy Duty Iron
  230. Fabric Cutting
  231. ha ha ha ha my foot holder fell apart.
  232. tips to keep thread from knotting
  233. I met BON14783 today!!!!!
  234. pinking rotary blades
  235. Finally finished
  236. JoAnn 50% off Quilting Supplies
  237. Longarm quilting
  238. looking for quilt shops in New York - can you recommend any?
  239. Mariner's Compass
  240. Mariner's Compass pattern needed!!
  241. Need help choosing binding (Yay almost finished!)
  242. Folded Border
  243. I am really struggling w/sheets for dead soldiers
  244. varigated thread
  245. Has anyone sewn with the shrinking thread?
  246. Online coupon for Joann's - expires 4/23/11
  247. Calendar 4-21
  249. Featherweight
  250. Quilting on an IPad