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  1. What are the Challenges of Piecing and Quilting with Flannel?
  2. Sewing Cabinet
  3. My Big Fat Mouth
  4. Jinny Beyer Video Choosing Colors
  5. i spy?
  6. I'm going to my first Quilt Show on Friday!
  7. Wow, I won a great prize
  8. I need a clever name
  9. Insulbrite
  10. Pre-wound bobbins
  11. My Homemade Quilt Frame Pattern
  12. Basting: Thread vs. Pinning
  13. Amy Butler Patterns
  14. The Quilting Hen
  15. Has anyone bought direct from the Warm Company in Elma, WA?
  16. Software necessary for ME design placement?
  17. Printable quilting stencils
  18. Wal Mart Fabric Departments
  19. Want to join the local guild...
  20. New to Quilting
  21. Creating Own Pattern
  22. Blind Quilter
  23. cheap fabric
  24. stitch regulator vs. speed control
  25. How much does the batting effect softness?
  26. Guess I am the only one...
  27. Quilting foot,
  28. Quilting macine question
  29. Walmart fabric
  30. Help! Looking for the best Online Store!!
  31. generic rotary blades on special this week.
  32. found it
  33. Quilts for Kids status
  34. Honey.....Why do my good scissors smell like onions??
  35. ? on Squaring Top/Borders
  36. Walmart fabric department
  37. help looking for a block
  38. What I learned on the Long Arm today.
  39. Wallhanging size Opinions please
  40. how do i machine tack a quilt
  41. Quilting Software-which do you use
  42. I bought a Accuqilt go.
  43. I hate to be a curmudgeon but.....
  44. Salvages
  45. Wink and a Smile quilt pattern
  46. where can I buy thin vellum for PP?
  47. Cross Stitching and Quilting....
  48. Another Quilt for Kids question
  49. Tutorial for braided border
  50. What does a serger do???
  51. Holy Smokes! WOOL !?
  52. Pet Mesh for Machine Embroidery
  53. cost of long arm quilting
  54. Quilt Top .....Press or not to Press
  55. Silly question
  56. Monocromatic fabrics need a little help ;p
  57. juki question
  58. Ahhh I hate to do yet ANOTHER Walmart thread, but...
  59. Calling all Mystery quilters...
  60. Frustrated Razorback
  61. Fat Quarter Shop
  62. Quilting Retreats
  63. Seating b locks....
  64. So many magazines so little time....
  65. When I die?
  66. Christmas UFO group ?
  67. BabyLock Quest Plus Bobbin help
  68. How many of you want to be an Elm Creek Quilter?
  69. Quilting Stencil Suggestion Needed
  70. lonestar quilt
  71. Bernina Stitch Regulator Free-Motion Fun Webinar
  72. Felt and Glue question of the month! (and wool felt question too!)
  73. Patching something
  74. Billy help!!!
  75. 1891 Singer Treadle-Millwaukee craigslist
  76. Machine quilting
  77. Fiskars Rotating Mats
  78. Kaleidoscope/OBW/Stack-n Whack
  79. Those dang Prairie Points
  80. Wash Away Thread
  81. Ironing surface
  82. my mystery quilt
  83. JuneTailor slotted cutting mat
  84. UFO
  85. quilt and chocoaholic don't mix
  86. Border Suggestion Help Please
  87. I've never named a quilt before but.....
  88. Hancock's Quilters Cotton
  89. My favorite QS is closing!!
  90. I Need Your Helpful Opinion for a Quilt Bummer
  91. Felt?
  92. Going to a quilt show
  93. Native american themes
  94. ugly fabric contest
  95. Marshall Dry Goods?
  96. Does your DH help you?
  97. Another Harbor Freight find
  98. I need your help
  99. OmG
  100. Weather in Florida
  101. Quilts for Kids Challenge
  102. my unique sewing room
  103. The Lover's Knot
  104. Just a few fabric places I visit in Lancaster PA
  105. Spray basting and fabric remnant
  106. Nearing the end
  107. Black batting question...
  108. Bendable Light is on sale!
  109. fusible webbing question
  110. I also went to my first guild meeting this past Monday!
  111. Dowels on all sides for wall hanging?
  112. king size "size" question
  113. refund question
  114. closed toe foot purpose
  115. Table topper patterns
  116. Bernina bobbins
  117. Have you ever tried these for applique / patterns?
  118. If you were a quilt...
  119. Decisions, Decisions........ Purse or Quilt ?
  120. 1/4" seam allowance
  121. Fabrics that have excess dye in them
  122. spray starch
  123. ISO Woody/Toy Story Panel
  124. Spray Baste
  125. What sewing surface would you prefer?
  126. purchasing an embroidery machine--questions
  127. Will Switching Type of Thread Damage My Top?
  128. binding inside corners
  129. Need info for making Crazy Quilt
  130. Applique Question
  131. Mari Michell templates
  132. Other possiblities for some designs
  133. Gypsy Sit Upon
  134. question about quilting with flannel
  135. Found A Sweet Note
  136. How do you tell cotton from cotton blend?
  137. I started my first whole cloth
  138. Squishies and more squishies today
  139. Finally scored at the "New to You" store
  140. Keepsake Quilting Experience
  141. question regarding using a new blanket as a backing
  142. Oops ... it "fell" in the basket
  143. feel like a "real" quilter now
  144. All Star Quilts
  145. Double Wedding HELP!!!!
  146. Ideas for DGS heirloom baby quilt
  147. Fabric Motion Assistant
  148. Odd looking Scissors
  149. when sewing quilt squares what is...
  150. Check this out!
  151. What Do You Do with Your Doll Quilts?
  152. Thanks to someone in this group
  153. What is going on
  154. need help with technique
  155. tips to speed up stabilizing Tshirts for quilt?
  156. What machine am I looking for?
  157. eBooks offered here
  158. Lightweight and soft fusible for t-shirt quilts?
  159. #1000
  160. What Do You Do With Your Leftover Binding Strips?
  161. Prewound bobbins thread?
  162. I got my new machine
  163. Blanket Stitch on Bernina 630?
  164. continuous line stencils
  165. Fussy Cutting
  166. What's under your Quilting Label??
  167. New machine
  168. How would you handle this,...UPDATE
  169. What do you think of Crystals on Quilts?
  170. window valence
  171. Need ideas to display quilts at a small show . . .
  172. Just wondering?
  173. cool quilt video
  175. quilting withdrawal
  176. Serger??
  177. Do you have one of these?
  178. What to do with FQ that were gifted but are poor fabric quality.
  179. Quilt Design Idea Needed
  180. Quilters Shoulder
  181. Learned something new....
  182. Joann's Coupon
  183. How do you
  184. H*E*L*P needed with Accuquilt Go
  185. Fabric paint - how does it hold up to use and washing?
  186. Warning! Cutting Edge rulers....
  187. 201 help PLEASE
  188. AccuQuilt
  189. Accuquilt on SALE at Joann's
  190. Pinwheel block
  191. quilting for fundraisers... question
  192. mitering question
  193. Stactic cling ?????
  194. Quilting board swaps...
  195. Slider question
  196. where can I find machine part
  198. Storing fabric
  199. Does anyone know how to do this block?
  200. Increasing pattern size
  201. Prewashing?
  202. How to mix up all those 1.5 inch strips for scrappy quilts.
  203. Is this a good deal?
  204. Looking for a web site to buy fabric....
  205. 1/2 or less filled bobbins
  206. Hello from LA
  207. Does any know ?
  208. Need help again----
  209. Longarm quilt designs for Civil War quilts
  210. Question Roxanne
  211. Would you redo it?
  212. quilting the celtic knot question
  213. good deal or keep looking
  214. Quilt Shop Closing in Sanford, North Carolina
  215. Accu Quilt Go Question
  216. I tried stippling - and FAILED
  217. Quilt Guilds
  218. help--finishing a panel???
  219. Brother C E 4000
  220. Shop Hop in Phoenix, AZ - Ruined for me
  221. where I can find a free bear face for machine embroidery
  222. Time?
  223. Look what I got in the mail.
  224. Accuquilt Go Is it worth it?
  225. How do you baste
  226. Long Arm terms
  227. What was I thinking?
  228. Turning twenty...
  229. My next quilt
  230. Spray basted my DR table
  231. Wall to hang blocks on while working
  232. Offsetting forum costs w/nicknames
  233. Need a great thread
  234. Surprise Box - Thank You Gwyn!
  235. elmers school glue-for aussies
  236. How to Transfer a Pattern?
  237. prayer blanket ministry
  238. Do they make...?
  239. PEEPS
  240. crumbs, slivers, and bits Oh my!!!!!
  241. accuquilt GO
  242. Uggghhh, beginning and ending tacks!
  243. Have you heard of Sew Soft Gel for Pain?
  244. For Me
  245. Quilt/embroidery help please..
  246. Charity Quilts for Kids
  247. Kenmore
  248. Quilting antique quilts
  249. Ugly Fabric - Seriously -
  250. Keepsake Quilting