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  1. Cordless irons
  2. Brother QC 1000, Bernina 1008, B350
  3. Need help
  4. minky
  5. water soluble dressmaking pencil problems
  6. Took my long arm class,yippeeeee
  7. Really neat film dedicated to the art of quilting
  8. Table Cloth
  9. Is anyone having problems with QB?
  10. JoAnns High Priced Fabric - Shocker
  11. heard about a new ruler (at least to me)
  12. 301 singer question
  13. Episodes of Simply Quilts
  14. Flynn's quilt frame
  15. Guess what I finally have done?
  16. I hate it when I loose a needle
  17. Embroidery machines
  18. How to machine quilt this one
  19. Proper stitch to use in hand piecing
  20. I have some orders to do!
  21. Horn Quilting furniture
  22. need written pattern for taco pillow case
  23. What makes you look at a quilt and say "WOW"?
  24. Dallas quilt show
  25. VSMS: old Singer 301 with rust - fixable?
  26. Letting go of my stash
  27. Check out this Vintage Singer 401 table - On ebay
  28. Question Leave or undo
  29. ISF: Clam shell
  30. Do I wash fabric or not?
  31. Backpack
  32. Quilt top express
  33. Help!! I'm having withdrawals!!
  34. Project Linus quilters and Co-ordinators.....
  35. Help...looking for photo of a quilt
  36. Dresden Plate dilema
  37. need direction please
  38. Help Making Decision to Start Quilt
  39. What do you think of this
  40. Your thoughts on quilt lighting
  41. sewing machine repair
  42. How do you decide on a pattern?
  43. Opinions Please
  44. Quilt graphic
  45. Answer to: "Where is the stitch counter"?
  46. Where to Find Letters to applique onto a shirt
  47. Handkerchief butterflies?
  48. Tips for doing the blanket stitch?
  49. OOO-Thousands of Bolts Sale
  50. Longarmers vs. home sewing machine
  51. Quiltazoid
  52. Interesting experience with Brother dealer
  53. What's the name of the store?
  54. Serger Thread
  55. Great quilt shop sale
  56. Binding on a, please?
  57. Re: putting together a tee-shirt quilt
  58. Thread Color
  59. A wonderful quilter...
  60. has anyone purchased fabric in St Thomas, Jamica or any place close?
  61. How Many Rows Do I Add?
  62. Need your help
  63. I won and didn't know it.
  64. Baby Minkee blankets..... need tutorial for kit...
  65. Scaled down May Basket Pattern
  66. underground railroad
  67. rfbrazell's quilt
  68. Plese help me identify ..DONE!
  69. Missouri Quilt company
  70. quilt as you go
  71. Fabrics I got at the Thistleberries quilt shop in Riddle, Oregon
  72. Shrink it thread
  73. First time quilting and need help
  74. quilting site-good for beginners
  75. What is the appea of Yellow Brick Road pattern?
  76. Pineapple Strip or Applique Block-anyone seen one?
  77. I don't understand the FabShopHop
  78. Sharing Electric Quilt Projects
  79. tin lizzie laser
  80. Top Quality Quilting magazines ???
  81. Quilt shops in Gulfport, MS
  82. reflective windshield shades for inside potholders?
  84. polder ironing board vendor
  85. 1.5" swap What are you plans for your pieces?
  86. How to Start A Local Quilting Club - Not the Usual Question
  87. What is your single favorite, must have quilting book?
  88. Lancaster Quilt Show - Need name of shop
  89. quilt cut 2
  90. Quilting Labels on Quilts you Gift.....
  91. Sandwiching crazy quilts
  92. Walking foot
  93. Adding the binding to my first quilt
  94. Digital Coupons
  95. Need help
  96. Am I on the right track?
  97. A pattern for a college quilt
  98. Pictures on Quilts-Black and White or Color
  99. Grace Stitch Regulator for Babylock machine?
  100. What size should I make my Logs...?
  101. Cutting mistake
  102. Supplies I need to Applique?
  103. Best second Hand sewing machine to buy?
  104. hmmm, OK, now what!
  105. free "toy" machine
  106. Slider substitue maybe???
  107. Gett'en out that " nasty old" smell
  108. Music Theme Quilt Patterns
  109. RINGS THAT BIND on Kaye Wood web site
  110. Moving to Atlanta Area
  111. Connecting Threads
  112. Cancer Quilt Question
  113. What thread do you use for machine applique
  114. Bobbin winding too loosely
  115. Brand of LAQ Machine
  116. I need opinions :)
  117. While at my sewing group today....
  118. FMQ practice with felt?
  119. Fabric storage
  120. Stained glass info.wanted
  121. Reviews on Janome 200e
  122. Pic of my Walmart find of Rickrack for quilts....but now I need an idea
  123. baby shower in the mail
  124. For anyone in SE Iowa - A New LQS Opened Today
  125. Ricky Tims Drive By Quilting
  126. Need Super Quick Patterns!
  127. quilting
  128. What I did today...not quilting...
  129. Best place to buy fusibles
  130. How do you.....
  131. Pop up Cartoons
  132. Watch your fingers
  133. Storing Quilts
  134. Information on quilt labels
  135. clear plastic cutting mats for template plastic
  136. quilt cutter
  137. Suggestions when posting quilt pictures
  138. Trying to decide how to quilt my nautilus shell quilt
  139. Fabric storage in file cabinets!
  140. How Can I Ever Re-Pay You
  141. Ironing Boards
  142. Large Print Blocks
  143. Can Someone Tell Me
  144. Searching for post with the pictures of different quilt patterns
  145. Please help!
  146. Embroidery machines?
  147. Sticky Backed Stabilizer?
  148. Errrrrr - fabric that ravels !
  149. What to do with quilt top?
  150. Users of the Juki machine with grace frame
  151. Blind Quilter
  152. Free Motion Slider
  153. March Shop Hop
  154. Four old friends become four new friends
  155. Column quilts - Sewing with Nancy had a show on column quilts - have any of you used her method? It is a quilt as you go thing. Linda
  156. How many miles have you gone...
  157. Look what I did this week end
  158. Help! Carrot Table Topper
  159. Buff out scratches?
  160. EQ: I've done it!
  161. Web site to check your usps poss closing
  162. 1st quilt assembly
  163. Need a new sewing machine - reccomendations?
  165. quilting suggestions needed
  166. Buying a Long Arm Machine
  167. Cat Quilt
  168. Favorite non-print backround
  169. Sewing the sash and cornerstones
  170. Where or where?
  171. corners
  172. binding again
  174. Inspiration, encouragement...needing a pick me up!
  175. Remember my Laundry Room Find a while back?
  176. 4 pack stacked posie quilt finished!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. Janome 300E Embroidery Machine
  178. My Angelee is the BEST - Thanks Karie
  179. Monticello Log Cabin Quilt
  180. Blue Camouflage
  181. Handkerchief Quilt Pattern
  182. Wrinkles
  183. Am I the Only One Concerned...
  184. New status for me
  185. NEED HELP
  186. how does one make a t shirt quilt?
  187. Anyone know what this pattern is called?
  188. Attic Windows
  189. Another use for Angler 2
  190. How to organize quilting books in a sewing room
  191. Bad Day for the Seam Ripper :(
  192. Thanks for your help
  193. Quilt labels with a Laser Printer
  194. Need a cat quilt pattern
  195. baby quilts
  196. If you have a "Big Board" what kind of ironing board do you use under it?
  197. free motion quilting
  198. Anita's Arrowhead
  199. Crank sewing machine
  200. Good First Guild Experience
  201. Professional Singer Sewing Machine AT Vt Country Store
  202. Perfect sewing table height
  203. Pricing for feather weights?
  204. Yello Brick Road Pattern
  205. FMQ (Darning Foot) & Even Feed (Walking Foot)Singer 301
  206. OBW or Stack and Wack
  207. ONE of them days
  208. Ready to cry over my quilting clutter!
  209. Eddie's Scalloped Edge Tutorial
  210. Electric Quilt Question Please
  211. DD wants to learn to quilt!
  212. Folded or braided quilt block
  213. I'm getting a Tin Lizzie!!!!!!!
  214. I am about 2 seconds from going back to sewing doll clothes
  215. help....! with 1.5 inch squares
  216. But am I invited to the baby shower?
  217. Hancocks Fabrics on-line sale
  218. Pieced tablecloth quilt--use batting or not?
  219. Moda's "Just One Star" Quilts of Valor
  220. pattern for qayg in fons and porter mag
  221. to rip or not to rip...
  222. The Amazing Blind Lady Quilter
  223. Will the angel who sent me the Farmer's Wife Sampler book please pm me?
  224. Post deleted
  225. Red & White Quilt show
  226. Beginner quilt
  227. Mac and Berninna 640
  228. Help or suggestions on Bias Binding?
  229. Thread
  230. Paducah, for the quilt show, Iím so excited
  231. Pokies!!
  232. "The Wave" Strip :lol:
  233. looking for easy Mariner's compass pattern.
  234. Can shirting fabric be used for quilts?
  235. I saw an attachment for bias that attaches to the Bernina
  236. designs for long arm quilting
  237. Dallas Quilt Show coming soon
  238. I just do not understand...
  239. cleaning sewing rooms
  240. Do You Let Your Pets in Your Sewing Room and, If You Do, How Do They Help?
  241. Just have to tell someone!
  242. I saw an attachment for bias for the Bernina
  243. Placement of correct colors make desgin of quilt
  244. Question for the long arm quilters!!!
  245. quilting pattern for a snowball quilt
  246. i need advice and opinions
  247. Live Your Passion!
  248. Music note theme
  249. looking for an old topic
  250. OBW or Stack & Whack