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  1. Does anyone have a tutorial for wrap rugs?
  2. Box tops and fabric ????
  3. Tips
  4. Is Needle Quality Going Downhill?
  5. Just had to tell someone
  6. What do you do when the power goes out??
  7. Shout out for excellent customer service
  8. I have a question
  9. Why is it called a "quilting bee"?
  10. starch
  11. pictures or patterns
  12. Chicago Quilt Show - OH NO!!!
  13. The Mat Smoother?
  14. Check this out! CUTE-Shamrocks blocks pattern.
  15. learned something new! ...fabric bleeding
  16. Piecing Batting
  17. Sick at heart.....and need some advice
  18. Need help on squares already cut
  19. Signature long staple cotton quilting thread...
  20. Can someone Help me with what type of quilt frame to use for hand quilting
  21. Exciting find! Need advice.
  22. I am jumping up and down soooo excited!
  23. Quiting machine
  24. Walking Foot
  25. public on bookmark page question
  26. Attic Window
  27. To Bind or not to Bind!
  28. anyone do Antiquity Bargello by Michael Miller
  29. To pre wash or not... that is the question
  30. Turning a child's drawing into a quilting block
  31. Patchwork party 2010
  32. Stash and Slash
  33. 4 posies
  34. Best Press
  35. 100 year celebration for a wonderful lady, calling all quilters
  36. Cutting Mat You Can Iron On?
  37. Life is a Journey and so is Quilt Making! What are you sewing and quilting?
  38. Tension troubles
  39. Homespun Rag Shower Curtain
  40. I need math help....
  41. Has anyone Purchase Fabric Online
  42. I bought a serger!
  43. how to size a sawtooth block
  44. Heart blocks for New Zealand
  45. Flip and Sew
  46. Felt a little slly!
  47. butterfly applique
  48. McCalls Pattern fabric
  49. Zippered purses/totes
  51. Looking for
  52. Does anyone know what Has happend To Kaye Wood?
  53. thread
  54. Bear Meadow Quilt pattern
  55. Quilt dance video
  56. Singer serial #??
  57. Rotary cutting trick!
  58. another question
  60. help? cheap thread??
  61. Fiskars Rotary Blades Bargain
  62. WOW - JoAnn's President Day Sale!
  63. Can you really make money with your passion?
  64. Metallic thread.
  65. Rail Fence help
  66. Tossed nine patch pattern
  67. Confused - need help with binding on the back concept
  68. Size of table runners
  69. Texas Quilt Stuck
  70. I need help again!
  71. I found it! No help needed now!
  72. What would you charge?
  73. Help...need ideas
  74. the quilt label???
  75. What Would Your Dream Sewing Room
  76. I received this from Moda this morning: RE: Cardboard bolts for starage
  77. Oh gosh...I think I'm stash building
  78. Do you dislike traditional quilting
  79. Question About Coroplast Fabric Boards
  80. Peter Walsh hoarder on TV tonight??
  81. Sew Contempo Missouri City/SugarLand Texas Location Closing
  82. Organizing YOUR SCRAPS
  83. machine quilting with clear thread
  84. Question About Sashing
  85. jo anns sale
  86. Batting in Cathedral Windows?
  87. Storing fabric
  88. Fabric that won't cut
  89. Quilt Quotes for posterity.
  90. Do you have an Aisen poem500/Singer EU1 machine?
  91. Antique quilts -- do you collect?
  92. Do you have a problem with black fabric fading?
  93. Machine to take to classess - opinions??
  94. Red Work Quilt
  95. Fabric Shops
  96. charity quilt
  97. recycling
  98. Has anyone seen a woven quilt or a frame to make one?
  99. Layering/Basting Quilt that's larger than table
  100. Diaper/Messenger Bag
  101. Coffee and Konstantins
  102. finish attaching the applique
  103. Walking foot and decorative stitches
  104. Patterns of Faith quilt series by Carol Honderich?
  105. Ford 8n or 9n gray and red tractor fabric
  106. pineapple block
  107. help mitered binding
  108. Stash building Techniques to Share
  109. Featherweight
  110. Batiks
  111. How long have you been a quilter...and what is your favorite block? or quilt?
  112. from block swap
  113. looking for a pattern
  114. Copyright
  115. foot warmer
  116. question about applique
  117. Taking a Long Arm class
  118. Goats vs. Treadle
  119. Need encouragement. Cal King on home sewing machine
  120. Viking Sapphire 875Q (and Topaz 30) Owners - Can You Describe Tapering?
  121. My New Quilting Frame!
  122. I took a Paper-Piecing class
  123. my mariners compass quilt
  124. Need pattern
  125. Things were going great, and then. . .
  126. STASH OR ??
  127. A Hubby Funny
  128. t shirt quilts
  129. Can I just say....I love this place. except
  130. Time Treasured Quilts - Closing - Houston, TX
  131. Travel size iron?
  132. Cotton at highest price level in 100 years.
  133. Rooms?
  134. For those who recycle old shirts
  135. Bernina Sewing machine timing & troubles
  136. Black batik... is it in your stash?
  137. Dove Grey and Navy Blue Fabric
  138. Should I repair this Bernina??
  139. Singer Sewing Machines - -
  140. Skipping stitiches on embroidery machine
  141. Live and learn...
  142. Extending Backing Size
  143. Does your DH help you in your sewing room?
  144. Washington DC quilt block
  145. HELP!!!!....Backache!!!
  146. AE Signature and So Fine
  147. Janessa's quilt is finally finished!
  148. foot question about Janome 6600
  149. Does anyone have this Embroidery Machine????
  150. WOW someone thinks ALOT of this
  151. I'm back again!
  152. Missouri Compromise Quilt
  153. Tips for using fusible batting
  154. Has anyone ever made baskets called "Knotty Baskets" by Aunties Two
  155. pieced background behind applique?
  156. Printer Fabric Sheets
  157. My husband surprised me....
  158. binding potholders
  159. varigated thread and tension
  160. My machine sounds like a chirping bird
  161. Rotary Cutter skipping
  162. scrappy memory keepsake quilts
  163. Today was a first.....
  164. Score...Look what I found
  165. Quilt for the iPod lovers...
  166. Question
  167. Enlarging a pattern
  168. I wonder...tute tute
  169. Fab Shop Hop Winner!!!!!
  170. Quilt Fever
  171. Blind Quilter
  172. Bobbin Thread when machine quilting..need help/suggestions
  173. finding a quilt that finishes itself as I quilt it
  174. ISO ?????
  175. dancing quilts
  176. Wedding Ring Quilt
  177. Who was looking for Toy Story 3 fabric?
  178. Wanted- Cheap fat quarters
  179. how to send a quit help needed today
  180. Looking for a pattern...
  182. I hate to pick colors
  183. wreaths, for SueN
  184. Look what just showed up!
  185. Birds on View Progress - WIP
  186. Does anyone know what this pattern is?
  187. Pocket Parade Tote or Chubby Charmer Tote
  188. New Design book for long armers.
  189. My First UFO
  190. Please help me find a pattern!
  191. Studio Dreams
  192. The Adventures of the Roseville Quilters
  193. Hinterberg quilt frame
  194. Sewing/Cutting table
  195. Math Help? (Cutting Sizes for a Block)
  196. Star spin pattern find
  197. wreaths, for SueN
  198. baby blanket question
  199. Sentimental Journey
  200. material at goodwill
  201. Does your husband have Ugly shirts?
  202. BOM Patterns
  203. Renting time on a longarm in your home?
  204. 9 or 10 Degree Wedge Ruler- 25"
  205. This had better cure my SMAD
  206. Does anyone use a table/platform for a Feather Weight?
  207. A Quilt song
  208. 4 1/2 blocks
  209. I'm so irritated and need some advice please!
  210. Regular User
  211. batting question
  212. Is there an easier way to.....................
  213. Removing smell from charms
  214. Help Please: How would you connect the blocks?
  215. Got a new Baby today! Singer Spartan!
  216. Please describe your design wall
  217. So Excited, but need help
  218. Found a real bargain but need to know how to wash it
  219. Binding
  220. More Symbols
  221. How do you make a fabric egg?
  222. Textile Price Increases/Diminishing Fabric Quality
  223. Need help with new Babylock Quest Plus
  224. Strip Pieced Tumbling Block
  225. Making pillows for my dining room chairs
  226. Dream or Nightmare?
  227. Fleece blanket instructions...
  228. New To Quilting
  229. Help with the Farmer's Wife
  230. Looking for a pattern
  231. Should I get these for Organizing
  232. looking for a pattern
  233. Sewing Machine Picture Section Here?
  234. Not Gonna Finish It
  235. Thread
  236. First Try at Applique
  237. Price of Bernina 440 QEE
  238. Mariner's Compass
  239. first guilt meeting last night
  240. which books are needed for OBW?
  241. Labels?
  242. Day with Granddaughters
  243. Need help with small dresden
  244. quilting
  245. Have you made your "Masterpiece" yet?
  246. Setting seams
  247. storing fabric
  248. Renting a longarm? What is fair?
  249. quilt shops in pennsylvania???
  250. Jelly Roll Quilt Problems