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  1. SoCal or warm climate members - is it too warm for a quilt?
  2. Walking foot with guide?
  3. Quilt in Sections?
  4. Clover Mini iron
  5. curve master
  6. southwest source
  7. around the world quilt
  8. 2 VERY good books for we scrap quilt lovers
  9. What kind of batting?
  10. Ideas needed for classes
  11. Long Arm
  12. Do you have a style of quilting?
  13. Husbands Birthday
  14. FMQ Newbie
  15. Has anyone seen a pattern for this?
  16. What to use for quilt backing?
  17. Is this a good price?
  18. Quilt Shows
  19. Pfaff 78 in Wisconsin
  20. Could This be Used in a Quilt?
  21. Does any one know this pattern?
  22. Long arm quilter
  23. Stich in the Ditch, Meander or Tie
  24. quilt retreats
  25. Here she is!!!
  26. Great Fabric, Even Better Prices
  27. How do you choose coordinating fabrics?
  28. pinning vs. spray baste
  29. Does black fade out?
  30. New old 201-2
  31. will muslin hold up?
  32. Little Specks of blood on my quilt.
  33. What type of sewing do you use Old Singers for? (66s, 201, etc.)
  34. new to me sewing machines
  35. Check for OBW fabric with IPHONE
  36. Would you buy a 1935 Singer model 99?
  37. What are you doing with your gift from Moda...
  38. Found Note to Self
  39. Where can I find....
  40. Landscape quilts with people in them (any pointers?)
  41. Tree of Live quilt
  42. Sizzix Big Shot
  43. Hand Quilting
  44. How do you sort and store your scraps
  45. Baby Clothes on clothesline pattern?
  46. A Tip for Matching Seams
  47. Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0
  48. Current Project
  49. what to do with "well loved" quilts
  50. Spray basting part 2.
  51. Erica's Fabric - has sale & free Patterns
  52. i'm in shock - too shocked to do happy dance i think- just added pictures
  53. Advice please ...?
  54. Irons .. who would have thought!
  55. A few of our quilts
  56. Would you use the scissor holder that goes around your neck?
  57. My Parent's Singer Machines...and a Wizard
  58. quilt gods
  59. What's your choice!
  60. Janome 1600 P help
  61. Back from Quilt Market
  62. Mitzie the Tin Lizzie
  63. looking for quilt shop in california
  64. Thread breaking on new Brother PE 770
  65. White fabric
  66. Such Beautiful Quilts
  67. I am a Winner
  68. Model 185A Montgomery Ward Sewing Machine
  69. Okay, real beginner question
  70. Looking for member
  71. Border advice
  72. sick as a dog with flu but, took a claas
  73. "what do I do?"
  74. just got back from Wal-Mart
  75. Ott lights on sale
  76. feeling guilty
  77. paper pieced wedding ring
  78. SID first? Or after doing grid?
  79. Quilts for the homeless
  80. Can you suggest an easy purse pattern
  81. Borders
  82. Would like information/suggestions on best brand of pinking shears
  83. help me find a site please
  84. What's the difference between....
  85. Qtr Jars (glass) with fabric in and pin cushion on top
  86. LQS Lady summed it up
  87. Terry Atkinson applique designs
  88. Watch for price of cotton material to shoot up lots
  89. Endless pattern stash!
  90. (new topic) Help for my cutting mat
  91. Harbor Freight
  92. prewashing fabric
  93. Quilt Shops in NW Arkansas
  94. Ricky Tims Seminar
  95. Quilt Show
  96. Sewing Machine Needles in bullk
  97. Lynette Anderson
  98. foam board idea
  99. Strings
  100. Quilting design inspirations.
  101. making your own iron board
  103. Anyone else having fun doing the May Shop Hop?
  104. Iron
  105. design program for quilting patterns???
  106. Janome 6600 thread cutter - bobbin vomit
  107. What fabric do I add?
  108. Time to put the border on
  109. Bobbin holder
  110. Bobbin thread
  111. Issues with my machine is now FIXED!
  112. The time was right
  113. "busy bag"
  114. Viking Sapphire 855 GREAt quilting machine
  115. Advice on color thread for yellow wholecloth
  116. Picture of NO CUT -- TO PRETTY
  117. Wanting a nice easy Christmas quilt pattern
  118. Heat Pad for your feet pattern please
  119. Paper Pieced Block
  120. Why do I struggle so much with "quilt math"?
  121. Applique with glue thread - interesting
  122. embroidery machines
  123. Shop Hops with Special Fabrics - just curious
  124. Embroidery and EQ7
  125. How Small
  126. What's the front part that comes off for extention table called?
  127. Joanns Coupon?
  128. NEW QUILT Store
  129. Janome 7700
  130. oriental quilt pattern
  131. Quilt Show in No. California
  132. Binding on Mug Rugs
  133. 2nd UPDATE on "DiD I ruin a yard of Fabric? HELP!!!!!!"
  134. Suggestions wanted
  135. Does anyone know...
  136. how weird would it be?
  137. Have you met a new friend through the Board?
  138. First Garage Sale I went to the sping
  139. REALLY good scrap organization info
  140. singer machine
  141. How can I find out the age of this one
  143. Singer 15-91 help
  144. Klasse needles
  145. Fons and Porter magazine offer
  146. Burgundy Buttons
  147. Need a machine to sew leather: Thoughts?
  148. varigated vortex quilt pattern
  149. How do you stay motivated?
  150. Mystery Quilts?
  151. Does anybody have
  152. Quilt show next Saturday
  153. Check out BOMs as soon as you receive them
  154. New free table topper pattern
  155. How do you make yourself get a project done?
  156. Does Hancock Fabrics have coupons?
  157. Hand Embroidery Question
  158. The Gift of Quilting
  159. 9 ways to thread a needle
  160. My Newest Quilt Show Quilt 2011
  161. Fabric so pretty you can not cut into it?
  162. fabric
  163. Are you making Crumb Quilt Blocks?
  164. EQ6 & 7 link: 780+ FREE Rose of Sharon Blocks
  165. Red and blue work
  166. I'm in trouble. Now I have a new deadline.
  167. Block layout Link
  168. Question on 10 Minute Block
  169. Watched Fons and Porter this mornin !!! Pressing matters Series 1700
  170. Do you have a nice sewing table?
  171. Help me find a thread please
  172. irons--will the teflon bottom get glidier???
  173. Wooden Thread Spools
  174. Vintage Singer Sewing Machine.
  175. vintage sewing machine manual
  176. FMQ-Vintage Machine Settings?
  177. Vintage Sewing Machine Question~
  178. Vintage Machine Question
  179. quilt as you go method
  180. Embroidery Machine Quilt Designs
  181. Pfaff 78 in Wisconsin
  182. Should this make me cautious?
  183. Quilter wanted - S. California
  184. Online Shop Hop Prize
  185. Here's a little shop to watch grow.
  186. Crumb
  187. Think Fons and Porter would use this???
  188. "Just One Star"....ok, I'm gonna ask again
  189. Dirty Quilt Corners
  190. tube piecing
  191. Quilters stash organized by Peter Walsh
  192. broke my right shoulder 3 weeks ago so i've been avoiding this place
  193. any quilters from new hampshire???
  194. Machine sewing binding
  195. Quilt binding
  196. vintage quilt on antique road show
  197. Two Color Quilt Pattern Suggestions Please
  198. Signature quilt - recommendations needed
  199. What foot to use ?
  200. Jinny Beyer's latest, or how I added to my collection!!
  201. Question about making a Puzzle quilt for 10 year old boy
  202. Quilt auction quilt question
  203. I spoke too soon...My pinwheel quilt isn't "home" yet
  204. Piecing blocks on the bias
  205. Hand Applique
  206. Hand Quilting on the go
  207. SNOWBALL BLOCKS Cut or Not to Cut
  208. This board .....
  210. "The Biggest Thank You Every"!!!!!!!
  211. Questions about Grandmother's Flower Garden (one regarding EQ7)
  212. Quilting With Brother CS6000i
  213. My second Quilt for kids quilt
  214. For those familiar with showing, question about hanging sleeve
  215. steel wool as a needle sharpener
  216. Comfort Quilt Challenge
  217. Raining Cats and Dogs
  218. Tips Page
  219. Great news! Lost pinwheel quilt has been found!
  220. Happy Birthday...
  221. Sewing machines
  222. How do I use "Pages"?
  223. help
  224. DWI driver led me to fabric stash....
  225. Mystery quilt 2010 pattern
  226. Your Favorite "Shortcut" Rulers or Tools?
  227. Online Quilt Fesitval
  228. Another featherweight Question
  229. Making the Sewing Extension
  230. Vintage Machine Charm
  231. Spray adhesive for baby quilts?
  232. New Store Has Great Idea
  233. Making an I Spy "activity" mat/blanket. Any ideas?
  234. My Goodwill Treadle
  235. Do I really need that ruler?
  236. Horn Cabinet needs aftermarket castors for HWood floors
  237. Quilt Show Sewing Machine Deals
  238. double wedding ring from jelly rolls
  239. looking for tube pattern
  240. Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilt
  241. My New Featherweight
  242. Connecting Threads has two new lines out
  243. Quilted Potato bags..
  244. My little business is contributing to the "cotton" effort!!!
  245. Calendar 5-13
  246. Pattern Help Please
  248. Bubble Jet 2000
  249. Wondering if it is the same?
  250. Log Cabin pillow question