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  1. Denim quilt question
  2. Scant 1/4 inch?
  3. Slight running of color. Help!
  4. Need help finding a fabric.
  5. Question on Flying Geese
  6. bias star
  7. Janome 11000SE / Computer Question
  8. Plastic bobbin breakage
  9. To learn paper piecing OR raw edge appliqué for the project
  10. seam allowance on mini quilts??
  11. Help with quilt top on shaggy fleece backing
  12. red flannel, keep from bleeding
  13. Hmqs
  14. Interchangable feet for a Juki long arm
  15. Anyone do reproduction fabric quilts? Need advice.
  16. yard sale fabric
  17. feed sacks
  18. Advice please - One way stretch fabric
  19. I need help Plz. Craft Master 4700
  20. Plans have changed - Please show me your Charlie Brown Quilts
  21. Thread color for machine blanket stitch applique?
  22. Help!!! Straight line quilting stitches breaking
  23. Help..Im Ready to Cry
  24. I'm looking for Sewing clipart/fonts/icons for writing quilt patterns
  25. "I was taught to . . . . "
  26. Need help finding a pattern for this fabric please.
  27. Need some advice - presser foot does not go down
  28. white sashing & pressing toward dark vs pressing toward least resistance
  29. What kind of border
  30. What does this mean?
  31. quilt stores SD and Wyoming
  32. Marking quilts frustration
  33. QNNtv anyone?
  34. Why I gave up on precuts
  35. Singer Quantum XL-6000
  36. Have you made any of the Civil War Sampler blocks from Barbara Brackman's book?
  37. Baby Lock or Handi Quilter
  38. paper piecing patterns
  39. Attic Windows
  40. Need advice on quilt?
  41. Need Suggestions for Sashing
  42. Looking for a pattern...
  43. I hope I haven't messed up with this!
  44. No More Shopping for Me
  45. How do you feel about lending your tools to someone?
  46. Piecing backing from 40" wide!
  47. How can I easily reduce a pattern I bought...
  48. little house on the prairie fabric
  49. insulbrite
  50. Sewing machine help
  51. Blooming 9-patch and Island Hopping
  52. $13 a yard????
  53. Chemical smell.
  54. Snowball blocks and sashing
  55. Add this border or just bind first gift baby quilt
  56. question about designing a quilt
  57. Fabric Stores in Branson, Missouri
  58. Helpful Tips and Tricks
  59. Applique Question
  60. Help! Turning the handle on a quilt bag
  61. Why use flower head pins?
  62. Karen K. Stone classes?
  63. Name of old quilt squares
  64. Mimimum investment to start quilting ?
  65. New to forum with a question....
  66. Help with surf song bargello - see post 5 for swatches
  67. Found a list of fabric shops in my state!
  68. Ruler with 7/8 inch markings?
  69. Applique layering advice needed please
  70. arrow gidget II table
  71. Newspaper Blocks book?
  72. Baby quilt ideas wanted
  73. Applique
  74. warm & natural batting
  75. What is your first quilt memory?
  76. Hand Quilting layers question
  77. Fabric delivery!
  78. Speed of machine when FMQ???
  79. Making a list of quality fabric brands/designers
  80. Needle and Batting questions
  81. Need Ideas for Memory Quilt
  82. fuiseable batting Fairfield Fusi-Boo Bamboo Fusible Batting-
  83. Pineapple Block Quilt
  84. wonderfil thread
  85. Artistic liberty 18-8
  86. Rethinking my basting..should I redo?
  87. Satin Stitch foot
  88. Looking for a quilting machine
  89. Trip around the World - Kingsize - question
  90. Question on Rayon/Cotton blend fabric
  91. Acrylic extension table vs sewing table
  92. decorative decals for sewing machines
  93. National Quilters Circle Membership
  94. Why do I obsess over the stupidest things!!
  95. I need help in finding these fabrics....saw it at Joann's but
  96. Old topic - but may be new to some members -
  97. Why is my walking foot screeching at me?
  98. Keeping It Fresh
  99. Quilt backing is minky
  100. Sewing Machine Model Number - numbering systems
  101. Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ruler ?
  102. Show me your Winnie the Pooh baby quilts
  103. Dominate Fabric?
  104. How long has your computerized machine lasted?
  105. applique patterns
  106. Purple and Green Weavy Quilt
  107. Jenny Doan is a hoot
  108. LQS Classes
  109. Looking at Long Arms ... Nolting?
  110. A day in Salt Lake City at the Home Quilting Machine Show.
  111. Washing Vintage Fabric that may Have a Chance of Color Bleeding
  112. The 830 LE and bobbin
  113. UCLA Fleece Quilt
  114. Trying to Find
  115. Can I splice it?
  116. Happy new owner of a Baby Lock Crescendo!
  117. Long Arm on the way!
  118. Decisions
  119. How can I fit this spool on my DSM?
  120. Please help ID this thread.
  121. What do I do with this type of thread?
  122. Operator Error - Long arm
  123. Question about fabric math
  124. Trimming blocks to same size due to user error :)
  125. How long do you keep thread?
  126. Best place to order 11 or 12" 60 degree ruler cheap
  127. Ultimate apqs long arm reliability
  128. Bargello question
  129. Need suggestions for Shabby Chic quilt
  130. Monster Truck
  131. Easy way of picing this block ??
  132. Classes? what classes?
  133. Has any one heard of this thread?
  134. need some help with sashing
  135. New serger - now what?
  136. Quilt shops Nashville, and Restaurant suggestions
  137. Best iron?
  138. edge to edge quilting question
  139. A fan quilt needs help
  140. Looking for a quilt museum
  141. Need some input
  142. Crooked panel
  143. EQ Programs Allow for Strip Piecing?
  144. How to clean and work with vintage kimono fabrics
  145. Help please with border/binding decisions!
  146. Variegated thread
  147. Question for L/A's
  148. Smartphone are useful for quilters!
  149. Clealy Perfect Angles or Painters tape?
  150. dull seam rippers
  151. Brown starch spray UK!
  152. Quilt Shops in Arkansas?
  153. What happened to me?
  154. Do I need more blocks if I set my blocks on point
  155. Vacation shopping
  156. Longarmers please help
  157. Traveling question..
  158. Prairie Point zippered bag
  159. Blue vs green
  160. short arm quilters
  161. Hi friends, I want to know something about Bargelo Quilt
  162. I have searched and searched this board....
  163. The Aftermath
  164. Need to LISTEN!
  165. Getting rust stain out?
  166. Carol Doak
  167. where I can find this pattern
  168. My Yard Sale Find
  169. Borders greater or less than 90 degrees - help
  170. Need help finding Sam pattern
  171. What is your favorite QUICK baby quilt pattern or block?
  172. Help from Long Arm Quilters
  173. Low-End Sewing Machine Recommendation
  174. Advice please on using velcro
  175. How would you quilt a Hunter's Star
  176. Utah Quilt Shops
  177. Brother NS 40 or Brother NS 80
  178. abbreviation help
  179. topeka rose appliqué method advice? should I do raw or turned edge??
  180. Looking for a Maple Leaf pattern -- 12" finish Block
  181. Estate sale fabric
  182. Finally
  183. My Geese are Upside Down!
  184. Brother machine accessories- are they on strike?
  185. embroidery machine is here need advice
  186. Tutto accessory bag -your thoughts
  187. Does my Janome not like some thread?
  188. Quilt contest question
  189. ideas on what i ca do?
  190. Does anyone know where I could find this fabric?
  191. Please Help! Newbie Mistake #461....Backing Issue
  192. Double wedding ring success
  193. needle won't pick up bobbin thread
  194. Batting???
  195. Fabric squares
  196. Batting Need help .
  197. Wool Suiting?
  198. Moda Union Blues
  199. Chicken scratch
  200. Tennessee Waltz block pattern
  201. Please need help in naming this quilt
  202. Has anyone free motioned with a Janome Jem Gold 660?
  203. Red Glasses,Does anyone use these?
  204. Brother 1500s + Janome universal table?
  205. Homemade starch - pros and cons?
  206. What is the name of this quilt block?
  207. Can someone help me figure this out?
  208. Spray Starching
  209. Multi page printing of foundation templates
  210. can I?
  211. Advice about making tote bags please
  212. What is best Heat and Bond or Glue for applique?
  213. No substitute available for - - -
  214. quilt pic
  215. John Deer quilting retreat
  216. Quilt Shops in Myrtle Beach
  217. Cutting Mats
  218. Please help me fix my laptop bag
  219. Cutting with a short ruler
  220. Accurate cutting
  221. quilting on a longarm
  222. Hand quilting with Wool Batt
  223. Spray Basting????
  224. Do you know where I can get more of this fabric?
  225. Allergies to cloth that's been stored in bins in the closet. ?????
  226. Update - On my DH wants a LA
  227. Kaffe Fassett's V&A Museum Quilts - Dark Floral Columns
  228. Need Long-arm Quilting Opinion
  229. Quilt and fabrics and old handwork have musty smell
  230. Can I get crazy and use embroidery to hand quilt?
  231. Piecing advice needed!
  232. Looking for Suggestions for Quilting Guild Activities
  233. Need Help Identifying Fabric
  234. Charity Quilting
  235. Washing quilt with prairie points?
  236. Thinner foam product?
  237. In Need of A Train Quilt for A Boy that is not too difficult!
  238. Favorite tool, favorite feature and top of the wish list
  239. Brother PQ1500S compatible with an Innova quilt frame?
  240. One armed quilters?
  241. Foundation by the Yard
  242. Light weight coverlet quilt???
  243. Tips of the Trade for a Beginner?
  244. Quilt shops near Boulder, CO?
  245. Looking for fabric for grandson's quilt
  246. Help Scrappy Quilt
  247. Sit down quilting machine ? RE basting
  248. Collegiate Quilt Help
  249. Where can I get color catchers. Does it say so on the box?
  250. Measurement for a good sized twin quilt