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  1. I finally found an affordable Featherweight (a bit long)
  2. RE: Quilted Tote
  3. Is Michael's having
  4. Advice needed please!- strips not matching up
  5. Good news for some
  6. FMQ with Magic Washers
  7. Using sheets for backing???
  8. McCall Quilting
  9. Please explain a THANGLE
  10. Looking for a Buddy
  11. Do you decorate the bathroom with quilted items?
  12. Anyone have a king size Hinterberg frame?
  13. What's your current favorite?
  14. Will this fabric work for a Stack and Whack Quilt?
  15. Mug Rug Poem!
  16. Harbour Fright Blades
  17. What was your very first sewing machine, and how old were you?
  18. Thread
  19. Help-Featherweight ?
  20. Those with Viking Dealerships in your JoAnnes...
  21. How long did it take you to conquer 1/4" seams?
  22. Need recommendation for floor-stand hoop for hand quilting
  23. Muslin vs. Cotton for Applique
  24. fabric backing
  25. Babylock Elizabeth or Sapphire 835
  26. Signing on wedding quilt
  27. 60% angle pattern?
  29. vintage machine listed --Warsaw, IN
  30. Has anyone tried the octi-hoops for machine quilting?
  31. Let's try this again
  32. LOOKING FOR A Coupon code for Heirloom Patch
  33. Cotton prices from Clark Howard on HLN
  34. This is a bit mind boggling...........
  35. Finding straight of grain
  36. Need Help Finding Tutorial
  37. Do you use check lists when you go on a quilting retreat or sew days with your quilting friends so you don't forget anything?
  38. Harbor Freight-3 1/2 " Clips
  39. Quilter's Travel Companion Website
  40. Finished Homemade Design Wall
  41. What's a "Walking foot"
  42. memory quilts
  43. Tracing Patterns
  44. quilt in the ditch
  45. Wal-Mart Bringing Back Bolts of Fabrics
  46. Whats up with cotton
  47. A1 Quilt machine
  48. fabric for 4PP,OBW, or S&W
  49. Crochet over bottle caps
  50. Walmart fabric coming in May!
  51. Quilt Programs
  52. Calendar 4-11
  53. Need advice re: fold n sew foundation piecing
  54. Cotton high price scare
  55. My tote bag (Embroidery)
  56. Twister HELP !!
  57. To the administrators
  58. Need Help in Creating a memory quilt
  59. Lizzie Is On The Way Home
  60. Enough already
  61. Looking for a photo of a quilt from last fall
  62. Hand Piecing Question (about joining rows)
  63. Anyone good at Twister Tool math?
  64. wanting advise on type of ruler to buy for s.i.d.
  65. FMQ is not for the weak!
  66. Zig Zag or Rick Rack strip pattern
  67. Quilt that is older than
  68. Embroidery Machine Help
  69. My Yard Sale Find
  71. Do You know about Juki 98E machine?
  72. What is this sewing machine? "Centennial" model 301 weighs a ton...
  73. Review of Stitched - the Quilting Movie
  74. Apron Pattern .... someone was looking for one?
  75. Need help with totebag construction
  76. Need Advice
  77. Old Sewing machines display
  78. brother charger441 sewing machine
  79. Help
  80. Room darkening fabric
  81. The Cotton Theory Technique
  82. Inkjet Printing on Fabric
  83. In reference to starting a quilt club at my school
  84. What is "cotton shirting" ?
  85. Making a baby quilt for my new arrival.
  86. Janome blue dot bobbin case - tension
  87. Ten minute blocks
  88. quilt shows
  89. constantly blunt rotary cutter?
  90. HELP!!!!
  91. Looking for a Pattern of a Stiletto
  92. Aargh! This can't be
  93. lucy from tn.
  94. What am I missing (or am I really that dumb)?
  95. Rough Morning...
  96. Pajama Days
  97. Whoopy Doo I'm back
  98. Need Help With Hand Quilting
  99. Charity Quilts- What pattern do you use?
  100. Q-bot
  101. I need Qbot help - ASAP!!!
  102. Whose getting excited about going to Paducah?
  103. OMG, my 6 yr old is piecing a queen sized quilt!
  104. Curious
  105. Help with Qbot!???!!! ARRRGH
  106. Getting the Tension Right
  107. Pins
  108. Here I am with another question, please.
  109. McCall's Wedding Ring Quilt --Gorgeous!
  110. How do you get stains out of a quilt over 130yrs old?
  111. Finishing question
  112. FMQ on Featherweight 221
  113. I am a quilter
  114. Have any of you ever
  115. Help on an applique design for a quilt top?
  116. Vintage singer manual
  117. binding with two colors.
  118. Mock Scallops
  119. For Hand Applique- has anyone done this
  120. HELP mother's day giftn ideas
  121. I'm not criticizing my quilting skills anymore!
  122. How to Recycle Your Jeans into Sewing
  123. Dry Spell or quilter's block?
  124. Quilter Club of America question
  125. Anyone have a sit down long arm??
  126. Please adopt me!
  127. Bent ruler
  128. Apple Core pattern
  129. FMQ
  130. Can I use Rayon Embroidery thread in quilting????
  131. New at using design wall
  132. Cheaters applique Utube video
  133. Michael Miller Poppy Fields fabric Question
  134. ISO link
  135. looking for feedback...
  136. Does anybody use the Sew Easy Guide?
  137. Calendar 4-10
  138. Applique question
  139. Cincinnati Quilt Show Purchases
  140. The Quilts I Have Done
  141. buying a new embroidery machine: NEEEED help
  142. I need help getting info on this!
  143. Gee, what a diffrence the right needle can make!
  144. Birthday Present from Nanna
  145. Where to get rotary cutting machine
  146. Coupon to make you smile!
  147. Thread color for quilting?
  148. Pillow Panels
  149. Fabric Qualities
  150. FW Singer
  151. my avatar
  152. memory quilt .... need advice
  153. Broadcloth for quilting? Yea or nay..
  154. Layered Valance made from a jelly roll and extra fabric
  155. Meet some local from Quilting Group
  156. sewing without pins
  157. Log cabin quilting
  158. Avanti Quilting Machine
  159. Demonstration Day at JoAnn's
  160. BOM patterns
  161. Girls need help please
  162. Help should i get it?
  163. Help with table runner
  164. Soldiers Shroud for Military Hospital
  165. Embroidery Machine
  166. Tears of Joy
  167. purchased quilts from a store
  168. 1st non quilting day in a week
  169. Can someone help me with this, please?
  170. Starting a Sewing Bee at a Nursing Home.....Help Needed
  171. Macrame Patterns Enthusiast
  172. This article explains the cotton debate
  173. Quilter for years and not a whole lot to show for it
  174. IQF Show-Cincinati Yesterday
  175. finishing a quilt with a ruffle
  176. PM?
  177. Sewing Machine Bobbin Position
  178. Help on quilting designs
  179. Buying a Quilter's house..
  180. Going to Paducah
  181. Does anyone else
  182. Esante embroidery machine by babylock
  183. Need help finding a post
  184. My new Gadget!!!!!
  186. Love my Steady Betty
  187. Scrappy Quilt
  188. Handicapped but still trying.
  189. Tin Lizzie "Mitzie"
  190. Call for Quilts for Japan
  191. fabric salvage advice please
  192. What $5 will buy at.........
  193. My new Featherweight
  194. Pillow Panels
  195. Machine quilting question
  196. First post
  197. Lazy Girl Sassy Bag
  198. Paper Piecers: a cry for help!
  199. Obsessed or do I fit in with the "quilting" crowd?
  200. My new Brother is here!!
  201. Ordering Fabric OnLine
  202. Viking quilt machine FS on craigs list in TX
  203. Tony Stewart 20 fabric
  204. Wow! Nancy's Notions Fast
  205. Lucky Me
  206. Connecting Threads &
  207. Eye Candy Overload
  208. Person looking for Breast Cancer Pillow
  209. Be grateful for our relatively inexpensive fabric in the US
  210. "Another sign you're crazy"
  211. Baby Lock Quest Plus Arrived Today!
  212. Black and White Fat Quarters
  213. picking Bargello fabric a pain
  214. Yardage?
  215. Looking for Quilt Shops in Eastern Colorado
  216. ID Quilt pattern?
  217. My new sewing Machine ....called Sandra.
  218. Wedding dress quilt
  219. Rotary Cutter Sharpener - new from Creative Grids
  220. Now I'm in trouble!
  222. Question for hand quilters. . .
  223. Pebbles on the floor
  224. Batting Issue-Help Please!
  225. Stabilizer or Interfacing
  226. teflon pressing sheet
  227. Exact Eights ruler
  228. 100 ways to hide your stash
  229. trip to Italy
  231. childrens hands and feet moose wall hanging
  232. Help!!!!
  233. Suggestions Please
  234. chair i brought to do hand quilting and piecing
  235. Calendar 4-9
  236. uh oh
  237. ***Paper Piece-GREAT VISUAL TUTORIAL
  238. Can I make a suggestion?
  239. Bernina 630e
  240. Making a Cutting Mat etc. bag to take to classes ...
  241. Creative Grid Quick Trim ruler
  242. Brother SQ9000 ???
  243. logging in for pm's
  244. Applique Help
  245. Self taught quilter missing the basics
  246. Ironing help needed
  247. Quilting thread colors
  248. Wizard of Oz Pillows
  249. Question about Navy regulations
  250. Setting a Square On Point