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  1. pattern suggestions for 26x26 inch quilt
  2. I wonder what they will think....
  3. Do you label small projects?
  4. Help
  5. help with Deer fabric
  6. Duffle Bag for a soccer player
  7. Hand Basting
  8. Help!
  9. How do you clean a FW carrying case?
  10. Pfaff Hobbymatic 927
  11. making a quilt from a fabric book
  12. What About this Singer?
  13. I did it! Almost to the finished line!
  14. Can anyone help?
  15. What causes tiny folds or puckers at cross seams
  16. Looking for prior post on 1/4" gadget
  17. Met a fellow quilter
  18. Squaring Up Blocks
  19. Please help out with a name!
  20. hate doing something stupid
  21. Looking for quilt pattern
  23. Backpack purses
  24. Clotilde Pedal Station
  25. Thurma, Thurma
  26. Quilt Labels
  27. Help with stitchery baby quilt
  28. JUKI 2010-- I fell in love
  29. any advice welcome
  30. Downloading pictures
  31. Please help me decide sashing
  32. Do you cut all your threads?
  33. What inspired you to start quilting?
  34. color blocking
  35. Storage Wars
  36. Applique
  37. Further question on my question last nite.......
  38. Does the typical log cabin use 1.5" strips, 2" strips" or bigger?
  39. While in MEMPHIS, TN that is..
  40. can you sew and babysit at the same time?
  42. Janome 3160
  43. Cutting mat maintenance?
  44. Singer FW Envy!!
  45. Help with cutting repeats
  46. New Baby quilt from the Moda Bake Shop
  47. Anyone near Washington, DC?
  48. Good Buys!
  49. Going on a mini RETREAT!!!!!
  50. When you think about it, Every day here is......
  51. New York Beauty question
  52. FMQ Machine
  53. anyone FMQ w/ a Brother XR-52?
  54. Wish me Luck
  55. Do you own a Janome MB4 Embroidery Machine?
  56. Quilting Stencils
  57. Barn blocks to yard art...
  58. Gutermann thread?
  59. Looking for a pattern for Magnolia's
  60. Harley Davidson
  61. What will the New Bernina Machines offer??
  62. I may have spent my raise
  63. DiD I ruin a yard of Fabric? HELP!!!!!!
  64. What are your favorite Blog/Tutorial Sites
  65. Im back ...whoohooo.
  66. What's a fair price to pay for Singer Featherweight?
  67. Fabric Fair - Going out of Business
  68. Re-inventing the wheel?
  69. The new Quiltmaker mystery quilt
  70. coasters
  71. Moda Thank You for Just One Block
  72. Looking for photograph of Apalachian quilters
  73. Starting out with my new Tin Lizzie
  74. Can anyone recommend a good Machine Quilting Book for a domestic machine??
  75. I'm so Happy I Found You All!!
  76. 3D Petal Play
  77. question for frame quilters
  78. cutting squares
  79. need help with borders (colors)
  80. Quiltcut 2??
  81. Oh no - binding!
  82. Bribing Husband
  83. Just Found This!
  84. Quilting-how far apart
  85. Thread price increase
  86. Confused about long arm frames...
  87. YoYo guilt
  88. Paperdoll Quilt
  89. TV SHOWS
  90. Assistance Please
  91. My new long arm
  92. White FW
  93. ISO Wedgewood Shalimar fabric
  94. Help with satin binding
  95. Need help with this PLEASE
  96. color catcher
  97. Have you tried
  98. Raw Edge applique - fray check?
  99. Best place to buy embroidery thread?
  100. New Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener
  101. Quilting Frames - pros and cons
  102. Has this happened to you?
  103. Anyone ever go on a RV quilting retreat? Interested?
  104. Hungarian - can you translate to English?
  105. FQ facts
  106. Chalkboard cloth???
  107. Need a little help with foundation layouts.
  108. Determining the size???
  109. Sharon Schamber basting technique didn't work for me.
  110. Frog travels pin cushion , yes i can.
  111. Locations of Members
  112. FW
  113. Is it just me....
  114. folded envelope label?
  115. Take our weather with a sense of humour
  116. AccuQuilt Go!! "Dies to Try"..
  117. How do you afford to quilt if.....
  118. Banner Creek Designs
  119. My Babylock got sick.
  120. I made into the Accuquilt Top 100!!!!!
  121. Walmart find yippee!!!!!!!
  122. new connecting threads catalog
  123. Which Machine is a better than the other??
  124. Adding borders to a quilted section.
  125. Search
  126. search bar
  127. color choices for a baby quilt for a boy...
  128. Opinion Needed Regarding Block
  129. My "I Spy" Quilt
  130. Hand Quilting with a Spoon???????
  131. Crazy Quilt Finish
  132. Need a book for applique
  133. Saturday Shopping Trip
  134. batting shrinkage
  135. 2011 Hummingbirds
  136. FMQ Question
  137. Good machine for sewing MANY layers fabric and batting?
  138. How to keep track of how long it takes!!
  139. Quilt As You Go
  140. Pinwheel quilt suggestions
  141. June Tailor quilt basting spray...
  142. Juki Help
  143. A Murphy's Law Day Of Quilting!
  144. Im annoyed..
  145. my new quilt top
  146. To Sash or Not to Sash -- HELP
  147. Live Chat Room
  148. Need to conact about Mug Rug swap
  149. Has this happened to you?
  150. Scored a Featherweight at an Estate Sale!
  151. Can Someone Tell Me How...
  152. squaring up
  153. Featherweight find and now need help threading it
  154. Boo Hoo Ohio Store Closing
  155. Search problems
  156. robot and circuit-board fabrics
  157. Am I the only one
  158. I CANT STOP!
  159. Can I send a pic in a PM?
  160. how to fix an older quilt
  161. Need help
  162. pattern for fat eights
  163. Help-need a link
  164. pattern for fat eights
  165. Home Quilting Machines
  166. Calendar 4-18
  167. Sewing Machines "that"
  168. Please help me make a quilt label on my computer
  169. farewell party
  170. Help my photo paer for pictures on quilt material got wet..............
  171. Want to know what is going on in your area???
  172. You needed Red batik?
  173. Just a tidbit
  174. Need advice, please
  175. I am quilt was lost or stolen
  176. Michigan Embroiderers -Cabin Fever
  177. A lil help please................
  178. TWO Baby Quilts to Make
  179. What chair do you use at your sewing machine?
  180. Thread Question
  181. Open Toe foot on Long Arm?
  182. My week-end project
  184. My quilting corner
  185. Shadow box quilt - how big to make the squares and shadow?
  186. Finally get "foundation piecing"!
  187. Help with flannel quilt
  188. Using Crochet/Tatting Thread for Quilting
  189. I need a better organization method for my stash
  190. pattern
  191. Why do you like your machine
  192. Need help resizing pattern
  193. Stop Buying Fabric Promise
  194. just one star
  195. How do you organize your scraps.
  196. I think I have "cold feet"
  197. ISO free online warm wishes pattern
  198. quilting with wildfires...
  199. How do you like your Janome?
  200. I just saw a FW for sale on Craigslist
  201. What's the issue with Purple?
  202. Fabric Sale Tomorrow Only
  203. Blueberry Patch Pattern
  204. April FabShop Hop
  205. Pieced Easter Rabbit??
  206. Need help
  207. guess today was my lucky day!
  208. 3D Pinwheel Pattern
  209. stack and whack
  210. Can't decide what quilt to make...
  211. Sewing day! It doesn't get any better than this
  212. Does anyone use a binding attachment for their machine?
  213. 2011Year for unfished quilts and wall hanging
  214. Question for Moda Fans
  215. ready to tear my hair out.....,,please help
  216. Questions about working with fleece---
  217. GFG ???
  218. Looking for post about scrap sewing.
  219. Where is my "Quilting Board"?
  220. Calendar 4-17
  221. how to make an attic window quilt.
  222. Bernina Embroidery in Appleton, WI
  223. still learning!
  224. Very new quilter takes on ambitious project
  225. topics
  226. Sewing machine repair in Green Bay, Wi
  227. OMG my daughter wants an art quilt
  228. Please help me decide borders
  229. I May Have a Chance To Join The SFW Club
  230. Quilt class
  231. Make ahead gifts
  232. Need pattern for E book cover
  233. Taking up the bobbin thread
  234. Binding-starting front or back?
  235. Not a lot of quilt shopping during vacation.
  236. How many for a queen size
  237. Making Jelly Rolls
  238. Washing fabrics together?
  239. Featherweight Question
  240. Oringal Inspira Frame
  241. I must be dreaming
  242. Label with hearts ???
  243. finding a 'different 'pattern
  244. 505 spray on sale at
  245. Romeo, MI or Lexington, MI Quilt Shows
  246. What are they talking about
  247. Good morning! What is everyone working on today?
  248. cuting mats
  249. Use bias binding on a straight edge?
  250. I love it when it works out this way...