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  1. Busy, busy, busy!!
  2. Cricut Expressions
  3. Thinking out loud
  4. Quilt Retreat
  5. Dresden Kaleidoscope
  6. What do you store your fabric in and would you change it?
  7. ASk Goodwill & Thrift stores
  8. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
  9. Can I use a multiple border sripe fabric for a stack n whack
  10. New Baltimore, MI quilt shop "Between Times"
  11. Great Quilting Store
  12. Sergers
  13. something new I learned about Wonder Under 805
  14. Joanne Super Store
  15. baby blankets into a rag quilt?? good idea or not??
  16. mug rug question
  17. What's broadcloth?
  18. How much do they charge?
  19. Let Twist
  20. I need some help searching for a 12-14" Throat long arm machine.
  21. Twist and Turn templates
  22. customer service
  23. Batting question
  24. Buying on a whim.
  25. Remembering old patterns and family traditions.
  26. Shirting Fabric
  27. Getting more organized, trying
  28. Abbey Scrap Bags
  29. LA machines
  30. Snow Dyeing???
  31. fabric finds
  32. Benartex flannel shrinkage
  33. Assembly Question
  34. how do you shop ebay??
  35. Scraps
  36. Quilt binding
  37. Lancaster Quilt Show
  38. Vintage quilted hearts need ideas :0(
  39. about hand quilting..
  40. How would you quilt this?
  41. easter baskets
  43. Big Foot and Darning Foot
  44. Thank You to Kwilter11/LeAnne
  45. Longarm Quilting Machines
  46. Prewound bobbins vs other
  47. Princess Quilt
  48. It's For the Birds
  49. I'm so confused again
  50. looking for a pattern
  51. Why Do They Call it a Mystery Quilt Anyway?
  52. What model Singer is this?
  53. I purchased the wrong fabric---
  54. dryer sheet blocks
  55. Do I Really Need That??
  56. Big Boo-boo, now what???
  57. advice on purchasing a long arm
  58. Need help from the sew beautiful ladies deep in the heart of Texas.
  59. My Tin Lizzie 18 DLS
  60. Is this crazy???
  61. Feather weight in Raleigh NC
  62. Rotary Blades
  63. Searching for a pattern.
  64. Sissix for making appliques???
  65. palm tree block instructions
  66. premie
  67. Look what Sue Fish made for me!
  68. GreyBar sewing machine
  69. How to use patterned fabric as border on a wholecloth?
  70. ISO Brushed Cotton
  71. Hello from Georgia-Lost pattern
  72. What about Frogs?
  73. Rotating projects
  74. Laptops for Quilting?? (using Quilting Software!!)
  75. ???anyone have a handi quilter 2
  76. message
  77. Brown Pigma Pen
  78. Awesome Texas Quilting Retreat
  79. Texas members
  80. Quilting Acronyms
  81. Website, Blog or Facebook?
  82. embroidering name on quilt
  83. How close should quilting be done---
  84. sewing machine table directions???
  85. Adding more borders after quilting done - What is best method
  86. Turnovers
  87. Gingher
  88. Was I a Sucker or a fool?
  89. Coats threads
  90. Found a 1957? Fw today, BUT....
  91. In Praise of Customer Service
  92. I'm doing a Happy Dance!!
  93. Printing pics on cloth
  94. Quilt repair question
  95. we lost a member of the quilting community
  96. Quilt tops
  97. Calling the Herd.........I think it was called!
  98. Missed The LQS
  99. 9 Patch Weave
  100. Washing Your Quilts
  101. Help-help-help! Some of my OBW's think they are skull-caps!!
  102. Dick & Jane Purse Pattern
  103. 10-Minute Blocks?
  104. OBW question ....
  105. LongArm Panto's
  106. 301A Question
  107. update to Grandson's sewing machine.
  108. Is it just me?
  109. Mega quilter
  110. Just had a brainstorm of an idea! :)
  111. Is it really SPRING??
  112. How do I print actual design size in Sew What Pro?
  113. Steam-A-Seam 2 Tape
  114. Wedding Quilt Suggestions
  115. Organizing my closet is making me feel like a Magican...
  116. Sewing Machine Surprise!
  117. My finds for the weekend......
  118. Have you ever seen a red Brother sewing machine?
  119. invisable thread
  120. I pad and quilting
  121. Last year I spent $$$ on quilting stuff
  122. Looking for Pattern
  123. What To Do With 5" Blocks?
  124. Hello from Georgia-Lost pattern
  125. My wife saved my a** once again!
  126. Can our Canadian Quilters help?
  127. Sugestion IF We All Did THIS!
  128. looking for
  129. Hunters Star quilt class
  130. Block Patterns
  131. Oriental fabric- where to go!!
  132. Please explain...
  133. UGH, I can't believe I did this...
  134. Singer Sewing MachineTouch & Sew
  135. OMG What Was I Thinking
  136. WHY are quilt bindings cut on the BIAS
  137. Stupid costly Error
  138. Has anyone heard of Ink-Lique?
  139. Alto's Quilt Cut 2
  140. Which thread to use?
  141. FMQ Made Easy
  142. Sweatshirt done from tutuorial
  143. Do you Thangle??
  144. need help with math (quilting related, I promise)
  145. Batting delima
  146. No Excuses Quilting
  147. Non-label precuts from Clotilde
  148. Ok I was talked into it *LOL*
  149. Seems like a great price!
  150. New Jersey quilters help
  151. I struck gold!!!!
  152. long arm quilters - how do you get customers?
  153. Help What fabric collection is this ?
  154. Husqvarna Sapphire 875
  155. Have any of you
  156. long arm quilting
  157. How much would you charge for an applique quilt like this in queen size?
  158. Did I dream this??
  159. Fabric for sale
  160. Do you have any idea how much it would cost to send comfort quilts to Japan?
  161. Brace Yourself
  162. Saying HI from West Virginia
  163. A Question for Longarm Quilters
  164. kentucky fabric stores???
  165. S.E.A quilt shop in Gulf Shores
  166. Quilts for Japan
  167. DATING FABRICS - I finally ordered it.
  168. Musings of a new quilter in South Texas - a little long
  169. I just love handquilting!
  170. Looking for pieced "letter" blocks...
  171. Husky Viking Mega Quilter Machine & Frame?
  172. Why do so many people buy so many fat quarters?
  173. What do you do with the unused stabilizer for embroidery projects
  174. Housework
  175. Update on "well received quilt"
  176. Lancaster Quilt Show 2011
  177. Threads
  178. Thread weight question
  179. embellishing with fibers
  180. DH built me a ..
  181. What is going on???
  182. help with vintage pellon stabilizer
  183. ISO Simply Seminole by Dorothy Hanisko
  184. Embroidery machine to quilt
  185. Figured out how to break myself from 'fingernail quilting'
  186. Non-quilters Have No Ideal about Time..Sheeeeeeeesh.
  187. Vintage Sewing Machines
  188. Finally! We have a quilt show on TV...
  189. Help!!!!!
  190. Anyone going to the Lancaster Quilt Show?
  191. Stitch in the Ditch question
  192. What should I charge?
  193. What is Copyrightable
  194. Question About
  195. I am still Hand Quilting on my Purple Quilt
  196. Carzy you???
  197. Wow...this tutorial from this member is GREAT
  198. Which method of binding do you use?
  199. Big Score!
  200. Getting some UFOs on the way to finished.
  201. Ken Quilt
  202. Indecision, indecision . . . Sizzix Big Shot Pro
  203. Need Help with Auto Thread Cutter on Brother 1500
  204. Euro-Pro sewing machine
  205. Hair Stylist Fabric
  206. I'm looking for a specific star pattern Threads cover 6/94
  207. How to tell 100% cotton
  208. I am not an octopus..
  209. I'm not a fabriholic!
  210. Atlanta Shop Hop coming up...anyone out there going?
  211. What are these SCARY looking needles for?
  212. FYI...was at walmart today...
  213. *beating head on sewing machine!*
  214. need simple Christmas ornament project
  215. well received quilt
  216. Tell me what thimble you like best and why.
  217. the last supper quilt--amazing!
  218. It was 77 degrees here today
  219. Where Can I Find...
  220. batik question
  221. sewing machine extender tables
  222. Water soluable paper & hand embroidery
  223. Spicy Spiral Tablerunner
  224. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a laptop sewing machine??!
  225. Quited Post Cards
  226. Rag quilt question from a preemie
  227. Would you call this addiction?
  228. Who Makes Quilted Postcards
  229. Block at a time or sections at a time?
  230. March 19th - National Quilting Day
  231. Rail Fence Pattern
  232. She Wanted Purple
  233. what scissors do you use?
  234. Help with featherweight table
  235. Thanksgiving People Mini Log Cabin Quilt ???? HELP Me Find the Pattern.
  236. Thanks for an old thread
  237. Need your thoughts on this border or need your frog fabric...
  238. Do You Have a HQ Sweet Sixteen? I have a Question.
  239. Another stupid question from a beginner....
  240. Anyone used the New Tide To Go
  241. Presser foot Bar Lever
  242. Need help with a name
  243. Very math challenged! Help!
  244. Maple Leaves quilting question
  245. Pattern w/out a seam allowance?? HELP!!
  246. My Brother bites the dust
  247. Basket Block Dilema...a work in progress
  248. Generations Embroidery Thread
  249. Sewing machine
  250. Buying online?