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  8. marie
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  14. Questions from a Newbie about sashing
  15. the saying I love my grandpa
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  20. Ever made a quilt from Golf Towels ????
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  35. Heres an idea....
  36. Anyone having trouble with Missouri Quilt Co? I can't seem to put anything in my cart!
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  47. Walking foot with Pfaff Grand Qilter
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  50. quilting with old linen and cotton table cloths
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  52. Husqvarna Viking 1100
  53. Need help with my first Bargello quilt
  54. What a bummer - no pic, yet.
  55. Woo Hoo Small Happy Dance
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  57. Question about Pfaff sewing machines
  58. Quality of Keepsake Calico fabrics from Joann's
  59. mea culpa ! chugach mtns is chugach pines
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  61. Looking for Judy from Benton AR
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  63. Need fabric/color suggestions for my next project
  64. Estate sale score
  65. Uneven - What do I do?
  66. UltraQuilter
  67. My F.A.R.T. to Northern Indiana
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  70. Downsizing
  71. Does anyone know of a source for a bundle of light batik fabrics?
  72. labels for your quilts
  73. making a design wall
  74. Rotary cutter that can be left or right handed
  75. Help on round robin border, a dimensional pinwheel?
  76. Where to go next?
  77. Where do you sandwich "big" quilts
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  79. Need ideas!! How can I start quilting in this condition
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  86. A caution - when taking quilts somewhere
  87. Thread question... where to find Auriful
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  90. Need help with my featherweight
  91. sew little time
  92. I need travel projects
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  95. Zodiac patterns or birthday flowers
  96. Pattern for Ipad case??
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  98. quilt entered at the "un" fair
  99. Brother Innov-ís 900D ??
  100. Itsy Bitsy Box - or Itty Bitty box pattern
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  103. How many have started on Christmas?
  104. Quilt Odessey in Hershey, PA
  105. Pattern for the mini Bow tuck
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  109. Success!
  110. Time to prepare years programs for Guild???
  111. Fusable fleece question
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  114. future bow tucks..
  115. picked up my new sewing machine last night.
  116. Free Patterns for English Paper Piecing
  117. Your opinions on colorways for this pattern
  118. Can't get Started.....
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  120. My pattern arrived in the mail today!
  121. Do you cut your stash??
  122. Clover yo-yo makers
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  125. Where to buy the snap sacks
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  127. Really Dumb question
  128. Old quilt magazine:Blast from the past
  129. Do you have a Joanns nearby?
  130. Instead of revolving cutting mats
  131. Rag quilt
  132. Fair judge comment
  133. You CAN set the timing on your machine
  134. Suggestions for best method 1 1/2 in triangles
  135. An Apology
  136. Critical of own work?
  137. Need idea for 2 color quilt pattern
  138. puckers when machine quilting
  139. Flannel and machine quilting...phooey
  140. Anyone quilt using the old fashioned way?
  141. Question -- selveges
  142. triangle papers
  143. Thanks to everyone who has replied to things I have posted
  144. Pressing blocks
  145. Quilt Odyssey tomorrow!!!
  146. How To Hem Jeans The Right Way - By Request
  147. Another walking foot question...
  148. Another machine for me!!!
  149. I'm amazed at many of the quilts made and shown here
  150. Please Help me!!
  151. Disappering 9 Patch Baby Quilt Questions
  152. Has anyone worked with black and white checkerboard fabric?
  153. hand sewing quilt squares
  154. Embroiderers...I need advice on design placement
  155. Thimble for Hand Quilters
  156. Trimming blocks???
  157. Cutting trick?
  158. Quilter's Greatest Hits
  159. Another question on how much to charge
  160. Copyright aggrevation.
  161. Do not do this is you don't have hours to spare.
  162. Polarfleece
  163. Is there a seam pressing tutorial here somewhere?
  164. Took inventory, so to speak
  165. Kyoto vs. Quilters Dream Orient batting
  166. What is a round robing?
  168. Flat rate envelope fabric guideline
  169. Question about a Square
  170. Payments to accept....
  171. Thanks for the warm welcome
  172. Hi how do I set timing on a singer 503A?
  173. Tips on selling fabric on this forum?
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  175. Suggestions needed for an ABC panel
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  178. Tim Frost 4D Quilt Design Creator Book
  179. Beginner Pantograph Design
  180. the giraffe baby quilt
  181. New Frame Help!
  182. giraffe baby quilt designer happy to share
  183. Janome or Bernina
  184. Rotary Cutting Machine
  185. I'm home from retreat!
  186. Arthritis
  187. Wondering if anyone would be interested.... Winter block exchange
  188. What makes the featherweights such an awesome find?
  189. Can anyone help??? I need measurments if possible
  190. cathedral window pattern
  191. Sergers/Overlocks/Coverlocks
  192. QUESTION clover fusible bias tape maker
  194. Chemo Cap Patterns
  195. Jean Quilts
  196. Which pattern for a first quilt?
  197. Yolanda Please Contact Me!
  198. Applique and batiks
  199. Lamp Question ???
  200. Has anyone heard of a Kentucky Star quilt?
  201. sewing cabinet
  202. roses from fat quarters
  203. Pattern Suggestion?
  204. There is nothing I like better.......
  205. Resisting temptation
  206. How do you pick colors for a quilt?
  207. How do you make an "I Spy" quilt? Anyone have a picture?
  208. Fairfield Low Loft vs. Hobbs Poly Down?
  209. Featherweight question
  210. Help! I'm looking for a pattern
  211. Anyone used peel and seal plastic for quilting patterns????
  212. mother board
  213. Great time today
  214. looking for a fabric
  215. Problem-stitch in ditch
  216. How about a Dear Rhonda quilt?
  217. Found a good price on Accuquilt??
  218. I need this wonderful Groups help....
  219. Thread for back of binding....
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  221. Which thread should I use.....
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  223. Dear Ginnie6 & Pieces
  224. Stitch in theeh ditch question
  225. Deciding on a new machine
  226. Need help with a Binding for a Wall Hanging
  227. Is there any color...
  228. "Quilting Arts" Show -- images ?
  229. In need of a bow tuck pattern
  230. need info from a member of a Board of Directors of a quilt guild
  231. Derek Lockwood
  232. need help in researching long arm machine
  233. Potholder help
  234. Where to buy cotton sateen
  235. Quilting for a cause
  236. Singer Featherweight
  237. I need to make a quick baby quilt!
  238. Abbreviations
  239. ?anyone has rapid fire hunters star ruler?
  240. Fons and Porter
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  242. Help with info on a quilt show quilt
  243. Fraying thread and missed stitches
  244. Have you ever made a Rail Fence with six different colors?
  245. Cleaning dye from machine
  246. Pfaff maintenance question??
  247. need info about starch
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  250. Washing Jelly Roll strips???