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  1. The result of the 'Name Ideas' thread
  2. Hobbs Heirloom fusible batting that was bad-remember?
  3. How would I...........
  4. Vintage Singer made in Scotland
  5. Using EQ5: Questions
  6. when SID how do you get fabric to "glide?"
  7. I can't believe I'm taking out all the stitches from my UFO!
  8. simplicity rotary cutter
  9. question about putting 2 different squares in quilt top?
  10. Where's the tute for OBW?
  11. Quilter friend Lost!!
  12. Can I vent?
  13. Crown Royal Quilt
  14. Foundation Piecing
  15. Does Everyone in this group.....
  16. Fabric Trends
  17. Fruit Ladies Bow Tuck
  18. What is the best pen to use to sign fabric??
  19. tree leaves
  20. Looking for a quilt picture posted today or yesterday
  21. Crazy Quilt
  22. List of "Open" Swaps
  23. What to do with scraps?
  24. Fabric paint instead of applique?
  25. Star quilt pattern - Please help!
  26. wool and quilting...
  27. What is the pattern that looks VERY much like a Carpenter's Star but .....
  28. Cutting Strips Help
  30. pictures were posted at embroidery library
  31. Set-up for crafts shows
  32. Disposal
  33. Black, Pink with White Quilt, HELP
  34. Christmas
  35. Has anybody modified the bow tucks to make it smaller?
  36. Has anyone used this Aunt Becky???
  37. Warning! Pins and needles in your mouth
  38. Which Embroidery looks best? Brother, Husq, etc.??
  39. You know you're a quilter when...
  40. Ideas for a quilt....
  41. Let's give some Gold Stars to our LQS/Fab. stores!
  42. Do you clean your pins and needles
  43. Looking for a quilt pattern
  44. Curious - do you quilt ----------------
  45. Don't Believe It
  46. hanging fabric?
  47. Tristan Italian Threads order
  48. Can you guys help me?
  49. Oldie but goodie
  50. machine embroidery quilt question
  51. Half Yard Challenge
  52. Advice for using soft fabric backing
  53. sorry, lost my original thread
  54. Bookbag type bag
  55. Thanks to my Secret Angel!
  56. Need creative ideas for sewing camp.
  57. Looking Placemat pattern
  58. Double Friendship Star
  59. Windfalls
  60. Came for quilting inspiration and found a Friend
  61. any quilter designers on here?
  62. What quilt blocks have you made? Let's Chit Chat!
  63. need open toe walking foot
  64. To See If Anybody is Interested - US and International Round Robin III
  65. HELP! Quilting Machine.....thread breaking!
  66. Whale Quilt Help
  67. Hand applique-er new to message boards
  68. So, um... when's the next IRR?
  69. Do You Sew Every Day
  70. I got my Material for my Christmas Exchange Quilt
  71. Swedish Quilters??
  72. How do I seam the back?
  73. Wedding ring and Orion's Star Newbie
  74. Want to find a Large Bow Tuck Tote Pattern
  75. Anybody own a Huskypress 1600 Steam Press???
  76. I am intimidated.... not sure if I will follow through.
  77. need help with how to figure piece sizes in table runner
  78. Keepsake Quilting helped out!
  79. 2 questions re quilting & steam a seam
  80. green necchi sewing machine
  81. What is your favorite wedge ruler? Let's Chit Chat!
  82. Ordered a Bow Tucks pattern!
  83. Are you making quilted Christmas Skirts? Let's Chit Chat!
  84. What machine do you use for piecing/quilting
  85. pfaff repair problem
  86. Definition of Muslin
  87. The Advantages of Sewing on a Treadle
  88. 1.5" and 2.5" pieces
  89. Help! What Pattern To Use?!?
  90. Today's Question- adding a sash
  91. My Happy Place
  92. oh no, wavy border
  93. How do you make YoYo's
  94. Pfaff ?
  95. Dollhouse miniatures
  96. Luana Rubin
  97. Might I Suggest-----------
  98. Tea or Coffee Dyeing, Cotton Clothesline
  99. quilted cards
  100. Embroidering on Terry Cloth
  101. My walking foot dilema
  102. nearly tore my hair out
  103. I'm new and I am trying free motion quilting... with problems...
  104. My new "Baby"
  105. What is kona cotton
  106. I'm getting there..
  107. When nothing else works, READ THE MANUAL
  108. Paper Pieced vs. Traditional
  109. Michaels
  110. Carousel horses
  111. Embroidery Machine Quesion for a MAC User?
  112. I need help choosing a pattern for Batik
  113. Need BOM ideas for quilt group
  114. Quilt Life
  115. Pattern Idea?
  116. Need Border Help
  117. Easy Dresden Ruler
  118. I messed up so bad!
  119. What do you use to baste your quilt with?
  120. Question re Sisters, Oregon quilts
  121. Marshalls Dry Goods??????
  122. Faux chenille blanket made with flannel
  123. So do bricks have to hit me in the head??????
  124. How Could I do That?
  125. Help me identify this quilt kit, please
  126. What I learned today!
  127. Houston
  128. Ethan's Diploma
  129. Paper piecing
  130. Question about Batik types of fabric
  131. Hobby Lobby sock
  132. Square single wedding ring pattern
  133. Ladie Hankie quilts
  134. Quilt blocks with the name Jack or Jackson in them
  135. is this a toy/kid machine?
  136. 3-D flowers
  137. Hand quilting needle size
  138. Sewing Machine question...
  139. Is it possible to cut a pattern down?
  140. Help with a quilt idea for our Holiday craft fair.
  141. One Reason Local Quilt Shops do not have Booming Business
  142. State Flower Fabrics - need advice from those who KNOW!
  143. Advice needed: Buying older machines
  144. DD decided she wants to quilt
  145. basting quilt
  146. Hinterberg original quilt frame
  147. Tin Lizzie 18
  148. What to do with this quilt?
  149. Check the Details When Shopping For Featherweights Online
  150. vintage machines
  151. Does anyone else
  152. How do you fix a "bubble"?
  153. Wedding ring quilt pattern
  154. Goals for week of July 12
  155. Need Heart pattern
  156. Question for Crumb Block Makers
  157. F & P favorite notions
  158. Ivy Twist pattern - quilting ideas??
  159. so annoyed
  160. Free shipping Hancock's of Paducah
  161. OTT light question
  162. Yet ANOTHER question for Bow Tucks
  163. need help
  164. math quilts
  165. I would like to see your sampler quilts
  166. Advent calendar - pattern or kit?
  167. press n seal
  168. I Could Not Believe What I Found at Goodwill!!
  169. Question
  170. Double Wedding Ring Quilt
  171. If you were going to buy
  172. I got my long arm today!
  173. Butterfly Applique - Help me identify the designer/magazine
  174. Jelly Roll Questions?????
  175. Elm Creek Novels
  176. Piece o' Cake Applique
  177. Am I the only one?
  178. Hand Quilting - Lighting Choice?
  179. First time using walking foot and SID- problem
  180. Posting photos in Member Swaps & Round Robins
  181. Fons and Porter DVD
  182. Looking for......
  183. Freddy and Gwen 1937 Revisted???
  184. Favorite Color Combo
  185. hoop quilting
  186. Lap quilt for a long airplane ride?
  187. The estate auction...
  188. VIKING 6570
  189. can you somehow quilt each square
  190. Memory quilts!
  191. More on leaf prints
  192. Do you use Fussy Cut Rulers?
  193. Can some explain the different fusibles to me?
  194. just got a VIRTUAL CATALOG - never saw one before!
  195. Tearaway/Wash away interfacing question
  196. Placemat Pattern
  197. 4 patch diamond pattern
  198. Have You Ever Heard Of This?
  199. Looking for "little dress paper-pieced block"
  200. Grandma Camp cont
  201. Looking for REDWORK embroidery pattern websites....
  202. Setting Tea and/or Coffee Dye
  203. Vent....My stupid error!
  204. Applique confusion continues...
  205. Another one bites the dust
  206. Using flannel and fleece
  207. As a general guideline - how much do, or would you, charge for your time?
  208. Walking feet...
  209. quilting gadgets
  210. contests
  211. Who has the most UFO'S
  212. Looking for Nautical Fabric
  213. I taught my DH how to Sew!!!!!!!!!!
  214. useful or use less quilting notions.
  215. Need pattern for Vintage Pincushion Pattern w/thread
  216. Boyfriend quilt
  217. Janome 8000 help!!! Brother LS 2125 question.
  218. I have been commissioned to make a quilt, first ever.
  219. Sister's Quilt Show
  220. My WallyWorld "mishap"
  221. Crown Royal bags
  222. 108" Fabric Backing
  223. Spray basting on polyester batting
  224. Spiral pattern wanted
  225. Where do you spray baste?
  226. So.... I went to JoAnn's today and ................
  227. Kenmore Sewing Machine
  228. Serger info
  229. An interesting prob with my might help you!
  230. Low Cost Sewing Table
  231. Activa 230 Bernina Patchwork Edition
  232. Any One Use Berninia Stitch Regulator
  233. Hancocks of Paducah
  234. Problem: Expected quilts
  235. I Really Need Help?
  236. EQ7 Rant
  237. Almost made it to the Sisters Quilt show
  238. Help identifying a Dressmaker
  239. Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson Were in Sisters, Oregon
  240. Questions about using walking foot
  241. I think I need Math help???
  242. Flying...
  243. free motion/sewing machine
  244. Sharpening Pinking Shears
  245. looking for Boxer dog applique pattern
  246. What am I doing wrong...
  247. Sharpening scissors
  248. Need help - marking pencils
  249. Need Help with picking out Fabric for my Christmas Exchange Quilt
  250. Fons and Porter's Bargello.....