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  1. Stains
  2. Bernina 790
  3. Ricky Tims Seminar
  4. looking foe old lace and linen
  5. Help please with Mary Ellen's Best Press
  6. Top Thread Breaking/Shredding while free motion quilting NEED HELP!
  7. Which thread?
  8. Fray Check alternative
  9. Martelli Long arm quilter...anyone have one?
  10. Connecting Threads
  11. What Pattern is This?
  12. Math help please!!
  13. Singer featherweight
  14. Applique Help needed
  15. need advice on binding
  16. Got my Sweet 16 sitdown today!!
  17. Adding borders to my Hexie quilt
  18. Leave it?
  19. Quilt shops in Providence Rhode Island and Fairhaven Mass.
  20. Problem with Fun Quilter by Nolting
  21. Zorb in mug rugs
  22. Artist Craft Fairs
  23. show me your I Spy quilts
  24. Finishing topper
  25. Wrapping Pieced Front to Back for Binding?
  26. one of THOSE quilts
  27. Basting spray
  28. Do You Know the name of this block?
  29. skipping stitches
  30. Attic Window quilt pattern
  31. How do you use black accents-strips individual or other? For quilting?
  32. Question about samples????
  33. Please Help Name
  34. Can you press too much?
  35. Pellon "Nature's Touch" 100% cotton batting?
  36. Heat n bond question
  37. Wool fabrics
  38. Jelly roll quality from Blank quilting
  39. Anybody have experience with tailor's chalk pencils?
  40. Material
  41. What fabric fixative do you use for ink intense pencils?
  42. need quilting idea
  43. need quiling idea
  44. hand project for someone that hates hand work?
  45. Which Batting??
  46. 30's fabrics
  47. How Do You Decide On Backing Fabric?
  48. Do you pre-wash your quilts before gifting?
  49. I am swamped by this Storm at Sea quilt! Help needed, please!
  50. Help with ideas how to quilt a panel picture quilt
  51. Surgeon's Knot
  52. Forum Mail -Shirts
  53. What would you buy?
  54. Very frustrated with my longarm
  55. What online site can I post BOM quilt kits for sale?
  56. log Cabin Block???
  57. T-Shirt Quily Question
  58. Making a quilt for someone who has a different idea of what's pretty
  59. using used fabric softener sheets for foundation piecing
  60. Getting back into quilting
  61. Sizzix for trapunto
  62. Leftover batting as stuffing?
  63. Ordering my first quilt kit
  64. Upper thread tension.
  65. My experience today with Crayola Washable Markers
  66. Looking for ideas: What can I do with these pieces of fabric?
  67. Any Christmas Quilts ??
  68. White on white pattern resembling the white turf lines on a football field?
  69. What bothers you when making a quilt?
  70. More On Clipping Seams / Swirling
  71. Another Copyright Question
  72. Are you familiar with Zentangles?
  73. quilting advice needed!
  74. Janome DC1050
  75. Brain Dead...Help!
  76. Using 30 weight thread for free motion in a DSM?
  77. jelly roll question
  78. Why Fat Quarters? Plus more about stash & donations
  79. Any quilting suggestions?
  80. Stuck on one thing...
  81. 505 Basting Gone Wrong
  82. Long Arm Quilting Help Needed
  83. Need Help Downloading Embroidery Patterns
  84. Another just for fun- buying fabric
  85. Whip Stitch vs. Ladder Stitch
  86. Need some advice, please
  87. Oh no! Stripes the wrong way!
  88. Do you ever quilt when you're not feeling it?
  89. Trying to identify type of material
  90. How would you quilt this?
  91. Scotch Guard
  92. What do you do with tiny little scraps?
  93. Signature wedding quilt
  94. Your scaring me
  95. QAYG for a D9patch
  96. Brother NQ3500D
  97. Quilt Raffle Tickets
  98. Another side note about "wash or don't wash."
  99. Help - how wide to make the boarder strip
  100. need binding help
  101. Can this be saved?
  102. Starting a quilting life late in life......
  103. Leather thimble?
  104. Your opinion on clipping seams?
  105. Log cabin help needed
  106. Hello-New Member
  107. Muliple quilts
  108. help with color bleeding??
  109. Quilt pattern question
  110. Why do my needles bend
  111. Need help with the Quiltsmart midi bag construction!!??
  112. Edge to Edge Quilting by Amelie Scott
  113. ? using walking foot with quilting bar.
  114. I love back to school sales!
  115. Portrait quilt
  116. Remove oil drops from quilt?
  117. Fat quarter
  118. Log Cabin Block???
  119. Fabric Painting or Landscape Piecing?
  120. 16 Fat Quarters. Now what?
  121. Has anyone used Annies soft and stable for
  122. Prim and folk art quilts - are they still as popular?
  123. What you quilting today?
  124. Do you have a Scan n Cut - should I buy one?u
  125. Has anyone been to Obie's in Pa?
  126. What's the best muslin?
  127. Has anyone used Moda Whitewashed Cottage layer cake . Need pattern suggestions
  128. We are quilting!!
  129. Age of quilt tops
  130. Need suggestions please
  131. How many placemats to make?
  132. Can use some help looking . . .
  133. Any tips for using homespun??
  134. Reusing prewound bobbins
  135. Ironing Fabric and the "Crinkle" Look
  136. What long arm quilting machine is the best?
  137. patching scraps together
  138. Friendship From All Over
  139. SITD with clear thread
  140. Source for Used Pattern Books?
  141. Pattern ideas.
  142. Cosmetic Bag Tutorial
  143. cathedral quilt
  144. English Paper Piecing
  145. Major dilemma- to unpick or carry on regardless
  146. Invisible thread
  147. Thread color
  148. Printed Treasures
  149. LA's empty or buy more bobbins?
  150. Bernina owners... Help please
  151. I am so grateful
  152. Any tips for making a Puff Quilt (aka Bisuit Quilt)?
  153. Beware of copyrights
  154. Generic Rotary Cutter Blades? - be sure to read post#6
  155. sister-in-law requested quilt
  156. Quilting appliquéd work
  157. Looking for this pattern
  158. Art Glass Fabric
  159. Servicing..?
  160. Any Ideas About the Age of This Top?
  161. Looking for pattern for "Aunt Martha's" Star Flower
  162. Quilt tops
  163. Steam a Seam 2 Leaves Glue on Needle
  164. T shirt quilt help
  165. Mitering corners
  166. Looking for....
  167. Kansas Trouble HELP
  168. Babyloc crown jewel
  169. Does anyone else feel like their sewing machine hates them?
  170. advice please
  171. Question...
  172. how should I quilt this?
  173. I'm ready to give up
  174. Converting a Longarm to Hand Crank Machine????
  175. Quickest way to cut 2.5"D circles?
  176. Having trouble with long, 9-degree triangles
  177. Quilting Rulers - Parrs?
  178. I need your Opinions: Technique - Top Pressed Piecing
  179. DIY jelly rolls!
  180. looking for placemat pattern
  181. Hancock's of Paducah - WOW
  182. Has anyone used Pearl Pereira applique method.
  183. Orlando, FL area quilt shops?
  184. off-white and off-black
  185. "neutrals"
  186. Found! My 40 year old quilt top!
  187. San Diego
  188. Trouble with longarm bobbins
  189. Went to look at a longarm for sale...(need advice from longarm professionals)
  190. What should I charge to make a quilt?
  191. Rescued finishing instructions
  192. Neutrals or low volume
  193. Need help with binding a hexagon
  194. Outstanding Service
  195. Can't decide on colour...
  196. Ideas for a wedding quilt
  197. Lead warning on Iron
  198. Squaring Up Quarter Square Triangle Blocks
  199. Do you wash your batting?
  200. Low Volume fabric prints
  201. Name this block!
  202. Age for I-Spy
  203. Load quilt on Juki 2200
  204. Suggestion for Needle-Turn Appliquers
  205. handi quilter tru stitch regulator
  206. MadQuilter's Scrappy 1st block
  207. Happy camper
  208. Phaff expression 2020 and 2044
  209. Accuquilt Custom Dies
  210. Having problems with half square triangles
  211. need help with a website
  212. Quilt software
  213. Looking for Applique Trick or Treater wall hanging
  214. color suggestions
  215. Tip did not work for me
  216. Trying to make stars using half square triangles
  217. Denim Quilt - Thread to Use
  218. Need a baby quilt using charm packs
  219. Warm and Plush Batting?
  220. scared to wash
  221. Using washable Crayola markers
  222. How are you spending today?
  223. What are you ladies working on tonight?
  224. Wedding quilt patterns
  225. Nine patch fence rail pattern anyone?
  226. Hawaiian Applique for journal cover
  227. Need Pattern Ideas for Fabric
  228. Early Elegance Quilt (Blue Hill Fabrics) by Roberta Benvin
  229. Virtual Quilting Weekend--7/3-7/5
  230. EASY finishing binding
  231. Starching quilt blocks-tops
  232. Help finding a picture---it's driving me CRAZY!
  233. How do you call your stash?
  234. Just tried this
  235. National Quilters Circle
  236. what is the name of this quilt blocks
  237. Looking for demin charm pack
  238. Any 4th of July Projects?
  239. Question for LAs - bobbins
  240. Piecing backs - direction of fabric - sag on one side - Why?
  241. Mylar in Quilts
  242. Advise to fix zig zag error
  243. Expert Advice Needed
  244. pieced pillowcase?
  245. Musty smelling fabric
  246. Looking for quilting ideas for the Civil War Quilt
  247. Scrappy potholder pattern for a craft fair; any suggestion?
  248. Red Fabric Pieces
  249. Saw a Funny Sign...
  250. New Marking Spray for Quilts