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  1. Stitch Regulator & Fabric Mover, opinions please
  2. scored again
  3. Bailey's Midarm Crisis
  4. My Bailey's 17 Home Quilter
  5. Trip Around the World Srip Piecing Pattern Needed
  6. washing quilt with bamboo batting?
  7. Patterm? ideas? how to's?
  8. Pattern using tape meausre closure
  9. Spooky Arse Halloween Quilt
  10. Wedding quilt label, what should i say?
  11. I don't like foundation piecing......but
  12. machine applique
  13. Rotary Cutting Tip
  14. how many blocks does it take to make a twin size quilt
  15. Question on bias binding
  16. Price of the GO Acu cutter????
  17. I'm so excited, got my new books
  18. Wonder Cut Ruler
  19. Has anyone tried the new technique for cutting half-square triangles?
  20. something new
  22. Bargello question...looking for the posting on how to do
  23. help with janome 9000
  24. Need advice on what pattern to make for bazarr with baby jungle animals and turtle fabric to sell
  25. problems sewing straight seams
  26. 9 Patch on point
  27. Brother EX660 & SQ9000 when my machine 'freezes up'
  28. 3d quilt
  29. meeting people from chat room
  30. thread storage/carrier
  31. Does any board member sell downloadable patterns?
  32. Quilting Tumbling Blocks
  33. help with hand quilting pattern
  34. Free motion quilting advice needed......
  35. Shirley Temple Fabric
  36. Need some suggestions...
  37. old Singer machine
  38. Blogs
  39. Panel quilt
  40. rotary cutter 45mm
  41. Question for quilter's on work I had done.
  42. suggestions for a large mariner's compass block
  43. What kind of frame can I use for my machine? Need help
  44. Mystery question
  45. Help!!! Temporary Basting spray marks on quilt....
  46. chicken scratch
  47. WOO HOO back from holidays and a nice supprise waiting for me
  48. whats the difference
  49. Got to Go To Mary Jo's Cloth Store Last Week
  50. Do you have a favorite designer?
  51. Does anyone know how to make a Raggy Ann & Andy wallhanging?
  52. JoAnn Fabric - Quilter's Choice
  53. Is anyone familiar with the Omnigrid dbl. wedding ring rotary templates?
  54. looking for help for friends
  55. HELP I need Lots Of Ideas
  56. quilt guilds
  57. Accuquilt Go
  58. Scrappy Bargello from
  59. eq7
  60. How to piece curves??
  61. Fear of applique
  62. Can someone explain what
  63. What do you think of this deal....
  64. Ugly FQ Challenge
  65. bow tucks - different directions
  66. Aunt Martha's Template set
  67. First Machine Quilt Block
  68. Tutorial on Shadow Trapunto
  69. What is Shot Cotton?
  70. WOW quilt machine
  71. Electric rottery cutter
  72. Calling all Board members...
  73. Flannel & Fleece together.
  74. Cloths Line
  75. Memories and sewing
  76. Pattern or No?
  77. HELP with thread color!
  78. batting?
  79. Using Starch
  80. Omnigrid Nonslip Product
  81. Has anyone bought fabric from Eleanor Burns?
  82. tension trouble
  83. I want to thank all who helped me out.
  84. color bleeding
  85. Well I found out the hard way...Don't
  86. Rotary Blade
  87. good find
  88. Viking sapphire 870-875 help please.
  89. What McCalls article?
  90. Painting threads?
  91. Shopping today at HF
  92. Found---
  93. Baby Quilt Pattern needed...
  94. Mistakes in Patterns or Kits
  95. Bringing bobbin thread to the top...
  96. History of Women and Sewing from the 1890s-1930s
  97. what is too young?
  98. What can i do with these heart blocks?
  99. Joining batting...
  100. Quilting Fabric Photos of Finished Quilts
  101. Paris / France theme projects?
  102. Hand Quilting Questions
  103. Thread spool orientation
  104. D9P question
  105. Sharon Schamber Network
  106. Question about high shank walking foot
  107. prewashing
  108. figured out measurements for corner triangles
  109. Funny Fabric Story....true
  110. Looking for a Sailor's Star pattern.
  111. Tee Shirt Quilt tutorial
  112. How does one make a Quilt from clothing of deceased family member
  113. Oliso Iron
  114. Tru can quilt !!!!!!!!
  115. 'Quilty' notecards
  116. simplicity rotary cutting machines
  117. baby lock jewel
  118. loose goose
  119. HQ machine
  120. My Bailey's 17 inch machine JUST ARRIVED by UPS
  121. Quilter's Message Board Success
  122. Connecting Threads Fabric
  123. need help figuring out fabric measurements
  124. Roaring 2O's women
  125. Need help with princess tiana fabric
  126. Quilt-O?
  127. Wax paper to clean iron
  128. "Antique" Quilts
  129. Threading
  130. Card Table for Sewing Machine?
  131. Copyright laws regarding quilts
  132. How to Fussy Cut
  133. Dessert Roll
  134. hey look what i got a singer 600 at a yard sale for 16.00 I have to get bobbins to see if it works but it sure looks good.
  135. Disappointed, please help.
  136. Must....finish...side....projects!
  137. Guess where I am going this Saturday???
  138. Longarm quilitng machine?!?!?
  139. Quilting question...
  140. Question for machine embroiderers...
  141. Quilted Christmas Gifts
  142. quilt "duvet cover"
  143. Jo-Ann coupon shopping
  144. Southwest Quilting Pattern
  145. problem with blanket turned inside out
  146. machine quilting time
  147. Festival of quilts England
  148. searching for a post from 8/22
  149. I Need Help with Design
  150. need help on a quilt
  151. Help!!! Flannels don't follow the rules
  152. Leftover Batting
  153. Have you ever bought a quilt kit?
  154. I have crazy question about pictures
  155. Bonnie Hunter's book, Scraps and Shirttails
  156. Quilting top to backing
  157. Do you think they listened to me??
  158. puff biscuit
  159. little gracie ll quilt frame
  160. Question about frequent questions asked
  161. pillowcase dresses for Africa
  162. corduroy
  163. Grandmother's Flower Garden (GFG)
  164. Machine Quilting Problem
  165. Machine embroidery question...
  166. Anniversary Memory Quilt
  167. T-shirt quilts
  168. Quilt contest at Joann's
  169. Crumb users, please
  170. Right Now! Sewing room redo on HGTV
  171. Minkee
  172. Need help with a pattern
  173. Cheating at Fabric Bingo
  174. A foolish question...
  175. free-motion quilting with a featherweight?
  176. Yesterday a find
  177. Won June FabShop Hop
  178. freezer paper quilting
  179. Have met a board member.....
  180. Order of Jelly Roll strips
  181. Do you usually make a test block before making your quilts?
  182. making a california king quilt
  183. Precuts from Connecting Threads?
  184. Civil War quilt blocks
  185. Border corner blocks suggestions needed
  186. such a wonderful thing
  187. Viking Sewing machines
  188. Sent an e-mail to Joanne's Customer Service, let's get this ball rolling
  190. More about Rotor Blades
  191. Starting a scrappy quilt
  192. Where to get best price for EQ7?
  194. When and how did you start quilting? Tell us your stories!
  195. applying labels
  196. Zipper roses
  197. Eat your heart out!!!
  198. Super Easy Potholders
  199. sew I want to buy a longarm
  200. connecting threads
  201. Connecting Threads-Solids, are they similar to KONA solids?
  202. ummm,... this is a little worry some
  203. JoAnns Quilt Challange
  204. Crumbs Question
  205. Making a Quilt Top into a Tablecloth
  206. Need help to get EQ designs posted
  207. sharpening rotory blades/blade life
  208. Batting
  209. How do you hang your wall quilts?
  210. where can i find these items?
  211. silk sewing
  212. Saggy quilted purse bottom
  213. Who was looking for this fabric?
  214. she's finally shown an interest!!!!
  215. maker of this fabric?
  216. A question to those who have the OBW books
  217. Can aanyone tell me if these pieces are a pattern?
  218. HF blades
  219. For Treadle Machine Lovers
  220. Help! PP Pattern Issues! >_<
  221. Quilted Mouse Pad?
  222. Harbor Freight add in Sunday 8/22/10 Paper
  223. I need help deciding about my Quilt
  224. Organising your sewing room
  225. Hey guys :) Help with my dresden?
  226. Question about Featherweight
  227. just musings over some things
  228. Someone wanted 5 inch squares for i-spy for daughter's quilt. Who?
  229. Santa Came To My House In August!
  230. How do you find a reliable machine quilter?
  231. Spray basting bottom, batting, and top and then putting on frame
  232. HELP?!?! bamboo batting
  233. Why not iron seams open?
  234. Quilt Care
  235. bow tuck purse
  236. What is your opinion of Baby Lock Design Pro
  237. permanent fabric marker??
  238. How much to
  239. Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern
  240. Yeah, birthday is sure over!!!!
  241. 1977 Singer
  242. What did you get with your secret coupon from Joann's ??
  243. RE: questions for quilters on work I had done...I called her
  244. need help finding this fabric
  245. SABLE!!
  246. Need help with threading needles for hand quilting
  247. Tell me about you!
  248. Waffle Fabric Needed!
  249. Does any one have experience with Buzz software for embroidery?
  250. Altos QuiltCut2