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  1. Interesting tiny fact on Fat Quarters
  2. Connecting Threads Fabric
  3. Quilting Christmas presents
  4. Help with removable lining
  5. Do You Make Quilts For Other People?
  6. Searchin again
  7. Making sample block
  8. need help enlarging a pattern
  9. new update of pillow cases
  10. Now that Xmas of '09 is past, what's the plan for '10
  11. WOOOHOOO got something accomplished today lol
  12. ironing board covers
  13. Need Ideas for gift cards...
  14. What thread do you use?
  15. Bernina Sewing Machine
  16. Bought a New Book!!!!
  17. How would you respond??
  18. paper piecing
  19. ironing fabric
  20. need help with 30 degree wedge ruler
  21. I got $50 in Joanne gift cards for christmas
  22. Organizing for 2010 - any tips
  23. Not all Charm Packs are 5" squares
  24. Extended table problem with new machine
  25. Where can I find June Tailor 12 x 18 shape cut slotted ruler?
  26. Got a New Singer Finishing Touch Overlock ...Any Tips?
  27. Question on Machine Embroidery
  28. Janome 6600 birdsnest HELP!!!!
  29. Hexagon Table Topper
  30. I need to know how to make a fussy cut
  31. Quilting Stories - Fiction - AudioBooks
  32. Fabric Question
  33. Beginning to Quilt? Need additional Information?
  34. How many members are busy with their new EQ Programs?
  35. Has anyone ever done Harmony Village BOM?
  36. surprise for Me Hubby got me a new machine.
  37. elevated platform for sewing machine
  38. Dear Janes
  39. Binding for a rag quilt
  40. Wine tote pattern??
  41. Fabric Question
  42. Ideas for Ladies retreat
  43. Need help with math on this block
  44. My old kenmore saved the day!
  46. Need your opinion on this long arm machine and frame.
  47. Elenor Burns double wedding ring question
  48. EQ6 error #42, anyone have that?
  49. Quilter's version of a Night Before Christmas
  50. question about this youtube video
  51. Help with a border?
  52. sewweary
  53. Homemakers Quilt Show
  54. Ready for my second quilt
  55. Punch needlework or rug making?
  56. FINALLY got all the supplies for hand quilting
  57. Smell of plastic
  58. My Featherweight came today....part of it is broken :-(
  59. Playing around with the tube
  60. Another Joann's AAAAGGGHHH story
  61. buzz saw pattern
  62. Hancock's coupon
  63. How To Make An American Quilt... Quilt Pattern?
  64. New machine for me!
  65. Zip Bind Tool
  66. Help! Help!-Applique/Embroidery
  67. I'm lost!
  68. Name of quilt in a movie
  69. how do I wash these?
  70. Only Two...
  71. Question on rag quilting
  72. Potholders
  73. Using two sewing machines in my sewing room
  74. Got a surprise
  75. In search of
  76. Help please.
  77. Quilting with Embroidery Machine
  78. Cute last minute gift for a quilter
  79. GRRR to ebay!!!
  80. Lost my fav square!!
  81. Have you ever embellished a bath towel? (not embroidery)
  82. Baby Lock Jewel
  83. Any books you'd recommend?
  84. Which Turning Twenty book is best?
  85. christmas ornaments
  86. Accuquilt
  87. Merry Christmas
  88. Making Binding
  89. Hand rotory cutter
  90. Very Old Quilts
  91. Labeling fabric
  92. Loking to buy sewing machine
  93. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone
  94. Quilting frames????
  95. Kona cotton
  96. Where would a new member ask a dumb question?
  97. Question on sewing over paper
  98. Binding Alternatives
  99. Where to buy bulk thread
  100. Need ideas please
  101. Prairie Points
  102. Please stop me from dreaming....
  103. calling Spokane quilters
  104. What do you do when...
  105. My triplets are "Turning Twenty"!!!
  106. Quail Pattern needed
  107. Latest pillow cases count
  108. Stash Buster Bags
  109. So excited about my very unexpected Christmas gift!
  110. Simplicity Rotary Cutter
  111. Stitch in the ditch binding
  112. Quilted crayon/book holder
  113. Left Handed
  114. Cat Labels for quilts
  115. Quilting for Soldiers MUST READ!
  116. Help with a Christmas quilt for 2010
  117. Assembling new pattern
  118. difference between?
  119. making pillow cases with blocks
  120. Binding question...
  121. Which Sewing Machine??
  122. looking for a picture
  123. Wildflower Serenade I and II by Kansas Troubles Quilters
  124. Help with Free-motion quilting Breaking too many needles
  125. Spot on My Border! Help!!
  126. Black & White Kool Kat quilt
  127. Pfaff vs Babylock opinons please
  128. How do 'you' clean the bottom of your iron?
  129. sewing table
  130. Sandpaper?
  131. Hand quilting
  132. Ndw problem
  133. Stressed out Christmas Quilter's "Report to be counted!"
  134. What are your goals?...Spinoff from ADDICTING...
  135. New York Beauty Challenge
  136. Marking with Pounce - Suggestions?
  137. Can you help me find textured quilting?
  138. Making a quilting frame
  139. help with tube quilting please
  140. Let go of my quilts
  141. Addiction!
  142. Anyone use an industrial machine?
  143. Squaring up that Quilt?
  144. Machine binding at mitred corners
  145. christmas present for my brother
  146. Connecting Threads promo code
  147. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S quilt . . . idea
  148. Quilting in diagonal lines ??????????
  149. Need instructions for simplicity 8099
  150. SPX Fabrics - have you heard of them?
  151. Tube quilt help, please
  152. Aboriginal prints
  153. Sewing Machine Emergency!!!
  154. What about peach?
  155. Is there a good site to learn to make kaleidescope blocks?
  156. Quilt Shops Near Columbus, Ohio
  157. paper piecing question
  158. Please be more discriptive in your topic titles
  159. How far from the edge do I quilt?
  160. need help ladies
  161. T'was the night before Christmas for Quilters
  162. Press and Seal ???
  163. Seam Allowance
  164. Alex Anderson - Holiday Lights pattern in what magazine?
  166. Connecting Threads is doing it again
  167. Long Seams
  168. Book to help Newbies!!
  169. A Legagy of Quilts
  170. My project
  171. Help...I forgot to bookmark!
  172. If I've never put a quilt together before, do I really need a pattern like this?
  173. How to tell if my batting is poly or cotton
  174. Machine Quilting - How do you Start & Stop your rows?
  175. Best place to buy bobbins
  176. does anyone have a pattern for a dahlia quilt?
  177. Fabric Estimates in EQ
  178. In search of Marti Michel's Log Cabin Ruler Video
  179. Looking for former post......
  180. Hubby got "needled"!
  181. dryer sheet quilts
  182. Especially proud moment
  183. Now is the time to buy backing fabric! 50% off
  184. Color advice?
  185. Sewing kit pattern & Kit for little iron and attachments
  186. Dear Jane Quilt
  187. How do I Stop cord from unraveling??
  188. Need border opinions, please
  189. Help applique screen on Babylock Ellure Plus
  190. Help!
  191. What brand of rotary cutter is really good?
  192. My "first quilt" idea.... (sorry, this got long...)
  193. The last LQS is closing in my town.
  194. Denim Rag Quilt
  195. need ideas
  196. question
  197. I would love to make a quilted jacket
  198. Look for internet quilt groups
  199. What is paper piecing
  200. Stashbuster Yahoo group
  201. Color of the year for 2010
  202. Pattern needed for a puzzle quilt
  203. 2,017 pillowcases
  204. all quilt/project photos...
  205. Grandsona and aprons
  206. Question about wish list?
  207. Who has a janome? i have the 6600! gift guide is out!
  208. need advice!
  209. Hopefully it will work
  210. Fabric Markers
  211. 1/4" seam for hand quilting
  212. Quilty Gifts??
  213. what to do with faded wall-hanging?
  214. can someone give me some advice?
  215. Does the cost ever hold you back?
  216. Quilt Frame Suggestions
  217. Man Quilter
  218. Featherweight bobbins
  219. Embroidery thread.
  220. Bleeding Through
  221. Christmas Ball Ornaments
  222. Christmas Ball Ornaments
  223. i'm looking for sponge bob
  224. paper piecing question please help!
  225. Singer 7469Q
  226. tiger applique?
  227. Sewing---but not quilting question
  228. Handkerchief Quilts
  229. disappointed in quilting
  230. A bit of help for a complete novice
  231. need advise
  232. A poem just for us..........
  233. All I Want For Christmas
  234. re: Can anyone tell me about "tube" quilting?
  235. What has happened to customer service
  236. Insanity Quilt
  237. I did it! I ordered EQ6 for me!!
  238. It is time to quilt...
  239. Frustration with my machine
  240. Stiffy fabric stiffener
  241. tube quilting...
  242. Type of electrical converter to use with a Featherweight question
  243. side threading needles - spiral eye
  244. old old quilt top
  245. Sassy is sick!!!
  246. Need some block patterns...HELP
  247. flip and stitch tablerunner
  249. embroidery thread conversion chart
  250. Using Turnovers