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  1. Need help deciding between 2 machines
  2. Thousands of Bolts question
  3. Tube Strip Blocks - size question
  4. Quilting Rulers
  5. Anyone bought from Autumn rose quilting before?
  6. chance to get a singer
  7. need quilt pattern info
  8. Free Jelly Roll Pattern?
  9. using spray baste your quilt
  10. To remove the stabilzer or ot to remove it, that is the question....
  11. reseaching embroidry machine?
  12. Calendar with my quilts
  13. Tube block
  14. Hand quilting after spray basting
  15. four patch variations????
  16. Singer Serger Sewing Machine Help Model 14J334
  17. Connecting Threads
  18. Card tricks coaster pattern
  19. paper piecing squirrel pattern
  20. I'm scared - is this what I should do first?
  21. How wide do you typically make your sashing?
  22. Ready Made Acrylic Templates (How to use?)
  23. basting spray?
  24. Cathedral Windows
  25. need design wall no space,
  26. Anyone Had a RUDE Hancock Store Manager?
  27. Question about cutting diamonds
  28. quilt pattern
  29. Don't laught - but I don't know what a fussy cut is
  30. Trying to cut with two rotary blades in
  31. Help with a quilt block
  32. Okay, here's another applique question
  33. All you embroidery ladies, I need some ideas/pictures
  34. iron on batting
  35. Need a Mini-quilt + Calendar Hanger
  36. Question about templates.....
  37. White Featherweight
  38. Machine Quilting
  39. Can Someone Tell Me What This Is??
  40. While making a quilt, I'm taking pictures to make a "How It's Done"
  41. Shelly's lost quilt
  42. Growth Chart quilt pattern needed
  43. Applique question
  44. Joanns' is having a sale
  45. Sliders for Free Motion Quilting
  46. Where can I find "I Spy" material?
  47. Advice on spray adhesive
  48. cutting question for bom sunflower
  49. Embroidery Questions
  50. Long arm qulter
  51. Starch or Sizing
  52. Question from a beginner
  53. Machine Recommendation Request
  54. Fons and Porter design wall
  55. Rocky Mountain Sew Expo in Denver
  56. Looking for suggestions
  57. 27-thing FLING.....
  58. How Much?
  59. An Iron I Can Recommend
  60. Giving them away?
  61. THANKS
  62. Can Someone Help Me Please!!??
  63. Craigslist
  64. I'm So Excited!
  65. Ok I need a pattern idea...
  66. Fabrics
  72. NFL quilt.....yikes!
  73. Does anyone have the AccuQuilt Go?
  74. Embroidery Machines Lets Chat & Have Fun
  75. Paper piecing by hand
  76. Does a fabric stash have an expiration date?
  77. Revisiting your finished quilts
  78. looking to purchase a embroidery machine
  79. looking for help
  80. Formula for charm packs?
  81. Giving an old Singer a home.
  82. Daisy Kingdom Freebie
  83. Looking for a men's tie pattern
  84. Newbie looking for suggestions on first machine quilt
  85. cotton fabric
  86. I am sitting in front of my sewing machine for the first time in months!
  87. Do you need blades?
  88. Janome Memory Craft 5000
  89. wonky block pattern
  90. First quilt for 2010
  91. help - searching for fire truck applique patterns
  92. What's Next for 2010??
  93. Who had the tip for Fons & porter show?
  94. For all quilter's near Omaha, NE
  95. Tips from Fons and Porter
  96. How Many of You Actually use Your Quilts......
  97. is there a new Connecting Threads 15% off promo code?
  98. machine needles
  99. Quilt for an 11 year old boy?
  100. embroidry machine is calling me help!
  101. I spy bags
  102. 2010 BOM from Bunnyhill
  103. Mary Manakee Pattern
  104. Softball Quilt?
  105. Overwhelmed
  106. 3 great tips for you
  108. Do most of you wash fat quarters
  109. Dear Jane software videos error?
  110. New Years Resolution...
  111. Quilts at Cracker Barrel
  112. Patteren
  113. Reworking the goals for 2010
  114. HELP!!! Who's afraid of scraps???
  115. soccer ball quilt pattern
  116. idea for organizing machine needles
  117. Getting ready to start a different quilt
  118. Hancocks of Paducah
  119. Anyone have a THousands of Bolts coupon code???
  120. joining 2 pieces of batting
  121. A Thank You for this Quilting Board
  122. Pic Tute on raw edge applique
  123. Printer for EQ6 user
  124. Cleaning up our sewing areas! Let's Start!
  125. Need Your Advice
  126. local quilt shop BOM
  127. fabric that looks like wood
  128. Advice needed re paper piecing
  129. Quilting Motifs for Large Areas
  130. need help finding fabric
  131. Connecting threads me out of it? lol
  132. missed out on a singer treadle stand
  133. Help wanted with a pattern.......
  134. Wool rug
  135. Looking for pattern
  136. did I goof?
  137. Questions about Grace Quilting system
  138. Tried, but failed
  139. cotton fleece
  140. Narrow tip for Elmer's glue
  141. Frustrated with ironing my quilt any tips?
  142. Got a squishy today!!
  143. Abstract velvet piece quilt
  144. I love my new piecing foot!
  145. A question...mitered borders
  146. Janome 6600 Thread Cutter problem
  147. Inexpensive fabric cutter thanks nto DH
  148. Quilt made out of Golf Shirts
  149. Braided runner pattern from Bellaboo
  150. Fun and Done
  151. Fabric Search - Raggety Ann & Andy
  152. Bunny hill
  153. designing my own pattern
  154. New Connecting Threads Promo Code
  155. Border question..Help if you can
  156. guitar rag quilt
  157. Marking pens
  158. Someone was looking for Sponge Bob Fabric
  159. The Proposal-Movie
  160. Card trick question
  161. Bah! I knew I should have pinned my border!!!
  162. Would anyone help me with an EQ5 design?
  163. Stash, how would you cut it.
  164. long arm quilting
  165. quilting quiz
  166. My new ironing board!
  167. I Didn't Make It. Should I Label It?
  168. Surprise from my Angel
  169. OOOOK so the border is done...and about to be attached but....(hand quilting question)
  170. OR/WA Open House happening soon - 2/7/10!
  171. Question about spacing of quilting
  172. Is STILL broken?!
  173. I have another question about Court Yard Steps
  174. Sandwiching
  175. Happy Holidays....stopping by for a visit!
  176. Holly Hobby fabric
  178. UFO Challenge of the Month 2010
  179. question about the snuggies
  180. Making bias stems with freezer paper
  181. Are there any other " idiots " out there like me????
  182. dyes and paints
  183. What batting to use for a flannel baby quilt?
  184. FMQ Question
  185. Secret angel
  186. Not a quilting but a sewing question PAPER PATTERN
  187. NEW for 2010?
  188. Second Life Quilt Group
  189. my late Christmas present!!!!
  190. Fields of Fabric
  191. Is There a Hand Cream for Quilters?
  192. About the UFO Challenge
  193. What Stitch Works Best for Machine Applique?
  194. help with egg money quilts "wedding ring" please
  195. Cleaning up your sewing space..Join me?!
  196. FM Question?
  197. looking for batik scraps
  198. Karen Stone's Cinco de Mayo???
  199. Fabric Sale
  200. tube quilting
  201. Pinking Rotary Cutter
  202. Quilt a Block as you go
  203. Paper-piecing questions
  204. Need Your Help
  205. jean quilt
  206. How do I apply Backing to Finish Quilt
  207. New Brother Sewing Machine
  208. gift bags out of shirt sleeves
  209. EQ 5 or EQ6 - opinions needed
  210. Bah! Now everyone I know wants a quilt!! LOL
  211. Quilt for sick child
  212. Homemakers quilt show
  213. So what else do you do with your fabric stashes?
  214. Gortex material?!?!
  215. My Featherweight
  216. Connecting Threads Shout Out!
  217. Meadowlark pattern
  218. Sewing Machine for Granddaughter
  219. My thread keeps breaking
  220. the new slider for sewing machine
  221. Atlanta Original Sewing & Quilt Expo March 11, 12 & 13, 2010 at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth GA
  222. Has anyone used Texture Magic?
  223. quilts for kids envelope method have u tried it?
  224. I do have a problem!!!
  225. Need Help Organizing
  226. Group Quilting Avatar
  227. New Family Tradition?
  228. A silly question about the Calico Cat shop
  229. Quilt Halo
  230. Puzzle Quilt Question
  231. EQ6 for Christmas!
  232. Awesome music
  233. Math for half square triangles
  234. Fleece sock pattern
  235. Hancocks in neighboring town is closing!!
  236. warm and natural
  237. quilting software
  238. calling on quilter for help
  239. Melrose scissor pack by Darlene Cahill?
  240. EQ6 advice please.
  241. 2010 New Years Quilting Resolutions
  242. Quilting blocks then sewing them together
  243. Looking for native American fabric
  244. quilts in old window panes
  245. mitreing potholders
  246. Did anyone else see this on CNN?
  247. Looking for a quality tone on tone off white, etc.
  248. Looking for help---making patterns to sell
  249. Looking for free scissor fob patterns
  250. Combining hand and machine quilting