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  1. Fabric postcards and using odds and ends
  2. When mailing squishies and swaps
  3. re: Does anyone know about the new Singer....
  4. Removing blood stains from quilt
  5. Good deal at JoAnns!!!!!!!
  6. My Early Christmas Present
  7. Rag Quilt
  8. Santa applique patterns
  9. Singer embroidery machine
  10. Santa please send me a Bernina Embroidery Machine
  11. About free shipping...
  12. Temporary basting spray adhesive and glue sticks, let's talk!
  13. My tube table runner didn't turn out
  14. Round Quilted Table cloth
  15. Walking Foot
  16. Singer 6211C
  17. Quick question on patterns
  18. Need help with a pattern name
  19. Anyone else making the Calico Gardens Quilt?
  20. Can I use corduroy for sashing and borders?
  21. "privy' bags
  22. Why does my top tread keep breaking?
  23. Thinking of moving my sewing space...
  24. help with Brother embroidery machine
  25. sheep in tennis shoes wallhanging?
  26. My mum's Christmas present!!!!
  27. Great Pressing Tip
  28. Help!! feed dogs just stopped working - any ideas?
  29. Quilting by hand
  30. What can I do with a bunch of scraps???
  31. HELP!!!! Blue marking won't come out.
  32. Went to my first LQS today
  33. need quilt pattern for stripes
  34. How to keep DH away from your sewing tools
  35. What am I doing wrong?
  36. For Those That Have Bought Blocks From Me
  37. Should I press my binding?
  38. looking for pp palm tree
  39. Space... The Final Frontier Quilt Help Needed
  40. Pat Knoeckel (spelling?) Demonstration Last Night
  41. Problem and Question
  42. How to keep a fabric dept. in your local wal-mart
  43. Happy Birthday Quilt Board!!!!
  44. Tube piecing blocks
  45. A special wedding dress
  46. Need advice - jelly roll
  47. Baby/kid's quilt
  48. Would I be nuts if?
  49. handicapped walker tote pattern
  50. Looking for some "how-to" help.
  51. Not sure of the color to use
  52. Dear Jane
  53. I lost a site :(
  54. Flannel FQ ?
  55. Schoolhouse block?
  56. Going to the experts
  57. C shaped clips to hold sides while quilting
  58. little houses
  59. Joann 50% coupon
  60. Tube Quilting
  61. Proper Height for chair...
  63. First Time Quilter Needs Some Advice
  64. placemat pattern
  65. tube quilting ?????
  66. Favorite Notions...
  67. Card Trick Quilt Pattern
  68. What should I do with this?
  69. have you ever shopped here?
  70. First shot at FMQ ?'s
  71. Signature Chain - not working out
  72. enjoy
  73. My UFO collection is out of control!
  74. Looking for Website - hexagon pincushion
  75. Looking for source for woven labels
  76. Help! I may be an inch short for my setting triangles!
  77. quiltvill yahoo group helpppppppppppppp!!!!!
  78. Micron Pen???
  79. A funny quilting story...
  80. Log Cabin patterns/book recommendations?
  81. Quilts for Kids - Have you changed up the pattern?
  82. Another Binding Question...
  83. embroidery
  84. Practice makes perfect
  85. How to Get Rid of Chalk Lines
  86. Stitch-n-Ditch notions
  87. brother pc 8500
  88. Potholders
  89. But I don't Need It
  90. different sized blocks
  91. great website for FMQ tutorials
  92. Northcott and basic questions...
  93. need #9 bom Forevergreen quilts
  94. batiks bleed??
  95. I have a question for all you math wiz's
  96. raggy flannel slippers pattern
  97. Instructions for Morning Splash Quilt Block
  98. Quilt shop is closing!! :(
  99. How to quilt Churn Dash/Grecian Square?
  100. Bernina walking foot or adapter?
  101. The Quilt Show - How Jinny Beyers Designs Fabric (also on YouTube)
  102. Commissioned quilt ... how to choose?
  103. Quilting and fabric sites
  104. My Little Quilting Ladies
  105. Making a tied quilt
  106. Hawaiian Quilting
  107. flannel backing for a quilt?
  108. Procrastination ,Do You ever Have it Plaque your Quilting???
  109. Nurses Patchwork Fabric
  110. Draft dodger
  111. sewing machine
  112. 1950's quilts
  113. Walmart or Joanne's for fabric
  114. Cancer Quilt
  115. Cheapest place to buy designer fabrics and has huge selection??
  116. 1/2 square triangles ---head shaking time!
  117. Well I did it again
  118. Mystery book with quilting theme
  119. scottie quilt pattern
  120. Machine Quilting TIPS
  121. Expectations when ordering online?
  122. Do you always pre-wash your quilt backings?
  123. crazy quilting ?
  124. Flannel
  125. Yellow brick road quilt - how much fabric needed?
  126. "quilting" fabric vs regular cotton fabric
  127. What is your favorite quilting music?
  128. Good Steam Iron
  129. Has anyone tried Quilt Theory Quilting?
  130. Help with yardage.
  131. Anyone have any ideas on what to do about removing pet fur from quilts?
  132. Question about Quilts For Kids Quilt~
  133. UGG! I am so mad at myself!!!
  134. Using blanket stitch for applique question
  135. My Very Own Space
  136. Does anybody in New York
  137. Kitty lovers
  138. ? on pigma pens or permanent markers and pattern
  139. I love EQ!!!
  140. QuiltCraftSewingShowNov.19-21 CLARKCTY FAIRGROUNDS
  141. Piecmakers Calendar quilts
  142. Janome Convertible Free Motion Foot Set and Bobbin Case
  143. Ideas on a "nordic" pattern or design?
  144. Pattern using children's hands and feet to make a moose
  145. Pre-cut fabric
  146. More questions.... thread & value kit
  147. thimbles for quilting
  148. Baby Lock Sophia
  149. Looking for a pattern I saw here!
  150. Needing a scarf wrap for cancer patient
  151. Interesting recent observation about my Wal-Mart's fabric department
  152. New Years project.....I need help!
  153. interested in a different style of quilting for me
  154. Finished borders on DD quilt....
  155. washing quilts
  156. Spoiled by Hancocks
  157. Have I Turned into the Typical Hubby........Not!!!!
  158. The Quilt Show - The Painted Quilts of Patti Blair
  159. Magna-Hoop
  160. Off the bridge
  161. I am not happy with Connecting Threads "policy"
  162. Question about Quilters TV site
  163. How many WIP and UFOs do you have?
  164. Can someone help me???? Binding tool...
  165. Hancock Fabrics
  166. Shadow Box Baby quilt
  167. Thread Question...........
  168. Quilts for Ft. Hood victims
  169. qwik-clip tool with the plastic covers
  170. Why is it??
  171. Help...sewing machine for child
  172. Help with yardage!!
  173. Rail Fence Quilt
  174. resizing a block
  175. Question re Harriet Hargrave's site & new book
  176. Bendable light
  177. HELP!! Fleece Tie Quilt
  178. HELP! Somebody stop me!
  179. Frames for brooches
  180. Bobbin Thread Issue & Q For Flynn Type Frame Owners
  181. Spray Marking Chalk....
  182. Games for Guild meetings
  183. fabric sites
  184. Monofilament thread
  185. suggestions for using boxer shorts
  186. Buy 7 yrds, get 6 yds free!
  187. Charm Pack?
  188. Singer Model 337
  189. Quilt/Fabric Store in Hot Springs AK?
  190. Magna Quilter
  191. marking with templates
  192. Okay I meant this toy - what do you think?
  193. Does anyone have this pattern
  194. Newbie so enlighten me ok? on BOM
  195. Placemat size?
  196. Fusible Fleece Scraps
  197. What do you think about this toy?
  198. EQ6 -- Is it enough to just get the software when starting out?
  199. EQ6 on sale!!
  200. Just want to say Thank You
  201. What brand for batting?
  202. Thread choice?
  203. a bonnie hunt/quiltville mystery
  204. Cutting Table
  205. have you orderd from this site???
  206. Finished 5 quilts in 2 months!
  207. miniature quilts magazine
  208. Moving to South Carolina
  209. Pretty wrapping paper for quilty gifts Free!
  210. Joann Instore coupon
  211. Placemat pattern
  212. Attention all UK and Eurpoean quilters!
  213. I have been defeated........BY SCRAPS!
  214. Old Singer...
  215. Got back into quilting/the super insane quilt project
  216. Have you tried Texture Magic?
  217. I am desperatleyyy seeking heather ross lightening bug and mendicino fabrics
  218. Squareing up quilt blocks
  219. Template Question
  220. Cleaning an Iron
  221. This seems more simple?
  222. pfaff grand quilter 1200 owners????
  223. Novice Quilter trying to piece together stripes, please help
  224. 30% off
  225. Anyone make a raw edged quilt before?
  226. Which one do you like better?? Help please!
  227. Need a pattern
  228. Sharpening Rag Scissors
  229. Correct name for block - please help!
  230. Instructions for Tube Quilting for Those on Dial-Up
  231. Need advice and help
  232. Strip Tube Piecing
  234. ? about charity quilts
  235. Which thread to use?
  236. confused
  237. Pattern question
  238. Quilt backing?
  239. debbie caffrey's diamond in the rough
  240. Where do I find Heather Ross mendicino in aquas and browns??
  241. free tree skirt pattern here...
  242. Fabric Distributions
  243. Pam Bono Tree skirt
  244. Making a dresden something...any ideas??:)
  245. Quilting an Irish Chain
  246. yoyo quilt question
  248. Looking for pattern
  249. What do I use??
  250. Last years Christmas preasent.