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  1. Rent time with HQ16? How hard to use?
  2. Using sheets for backing
  3. Going to Mary Jo's tomorrow
  4. PE Design vs Embrid
  5. Cleaning Help - Brother PRW-5000 & PE-780S
  6. JoAnn's Block of the Month
  7. Looking for a pic of a Kalidescope quilt
  8. Colorado Beauty or Colorado Pass
  9. so consumed with my lqs experience i forgot to tell you about the quilt police!
  10. Long Arm Quilter questions.
  11. Jelly Roll Projects & What is a Jelly Roll? (Specialty Cut or make your own)
  12. Seamless color changes possible?
  13. Had to share
  14. Help me find a quilt I saw 2 days ago
  15. Have you made anything from the links or tutorials from this Quilting Board site?
  16. What have you made or bought anything since you found this Quilting Board site from reading messages!
  17. Need some advice....
  18. Huge Find
  20. Top Sheets for Fabric
  21. Chairs
  22. Which machine for my granddaughter
  23. trouble with walking foot
  24. ideas for new quilter
  25. Embroidery Book
  26. Viking Mega Quilter
  27. Crazy Patch Quilt
  28. Bow Tucks on youtube?
  29. In charge of your own time.
  30. Young boy bed quilt
  31. Crazy Patch Quilt
  32. Do you sit outside to hand quilt or use sewing machine outside? Enjoy!
  33. extreme paper-piecing!
  35. Why Sew At Angle
  36. Wonder ruler
  37. How do I figure out yardage for this quilt?
  38. Bad Fabric, Good Fabric
  39. Favorite Online Fabric Shopping
  40. D9P Question
  41. please help me
  42. Lets talk LONG ARM and MID ARM quilting Machines for home use
  43. Janome 6600P
  44. Why I Overcast Raw Edges Before Washing
  45. Easy Quilted Jacket Pattern?
  46. Purse/Handbag/Tote interfacing
  47. Floorquilts, have any of you made one?
  48. BQ quilt?
  49. quilt pattern
  50. Flannel quilts
  51. Easy, cheap, effective base for purses
  52. Donating Fabric
  53. Thank you all for the warm welcomes
  54. fleece as batting????
  55. Sewing curved edges
  56. Is this you? The singing quilter
  57. Round Robin
  58. Portfolios
  59. Do you pre-shrink batting?
  60. AccuQuilt system ?s
  61. Attention: All Gentlemen-Quilters
  62. MY GOAL FOR THIS WEEK - Do you have any goals for this week?
  63. Are you going to make some Halloween & Fall Quilting projects? Let's Chit Chat!
  64. Have you made any Quilted Bed Runners? Let's Chit Chat!
  65. Rusted rotary cutters!
  66. I'm short of time, can you help?
  67. hit the jackpot
  68. Twin Pointed Handing Quilting Needles
  69. EQ 7
  70. Need Manual for this machine
  71. Help with a border problem please
  72. Leaders and enders
  73. Alphabet Stencils
  74. FMS how do you regulate stitch
  75. Sewing machines
  76. newbie needs to cover electrical box
  77. Quilting Software
  78. Coping as a left-hander
  79. Fabric searching...where do YOU look? Heres my top 3
  80. I need help... can I lay my quilt out like this?
  81. What do you think
  82. What fabrics are being used for this BOM
  83. How to keep your foot pedal from walking away...
  84. Umbrella quilt??????
  85. Marshall's
  86. Nov quilts for vets
  87. hit the jackpot
  88. ?giving your top to professional quilter??
  89. what size needle to use
  90. How true are fabric colors on-line?
  91. 2 questions for older folks maybe
  92. EQ7 Question
  93. Making a Backpack for Child?
  94. First Time At a Quilt Show
  95. brother machine
  96. Longarm Quilting Software (like QBOT)
  97. Bow Tucks Purse Makers! Are these machine washable?
  98. you are truly amazing!
  99. Where/how do you sandwich your quilts?
  100. Changing Sewing Machine Needles
  101. Fabric Buy-Maybe
  102. hand piecing
  103. Help with Sapphire 875 bobbin case
  104. Log Cabin Help
  105. How do you put a border on a backing ?
  106. Do you make reversible quilts?
  107. Do you applique? Hand Applique? Machine Applique? Let's Chit Chat
  108. Need Help Finding A Pattern, Please
  109. looking for this pattern
  110. Static Grrrrrrr!
  111. Backing an old quilt
  112. Looking for a board member who needed green poinsetta fabric
  113. Do I paper piece this? Is there a pattern?
  114. 'Looking for a Certain Fabric'
  115. cheap scrap bags and fat quaters
  116. Sewing alone or with friends?
  117. Signature Squares from Baby Shower-Question???
  118. Whipping up a quick baby quilt with a flannel back...forgot to pre-wash
  119. Bernina 430 BSR question
  120. Math Help Please? (Converting a 6" block pattern into a 12" pattern)
  121. quilters magazine
  122. Calling all you experts - Need some advice on backing the new baby quilt.
  123. Honeybuns
  124. prewound bobbin- cotton or polyester?
  125. Accu-quilt
  126. looking for the pattern
  127. Piecer? or Finisher?
  128. quilting frME
  129. Joanny Fabrics
  130. I'll try a ceiling quilt. Help.
  131. Going to JoAnn's this weekend...Yea or Nay
  132. Are you buying quilting supplies over 4th of July weekend, 2010?? Love to see Pictures of your Goodies Enjoy!
  133. software
  134. McCalls's Quilting Contest (Members of Quilting Board have entered the Contest)
  135. shophop quilt patterns
  136. Fiskars Cutting Boards
  137. Good pattern for 2 fabrics
  138. ? to those who have made Bow Tucks Bags
  139. Show off your home made toys
  140. Quilt as you go
  141. Anyone make Puff Quilts?
  142. Working on Bow Tucks #2!
  143. Has anyone ever tied a quilt using...
  144. Wonder Under
  145. Wrong color in kit, yet again! Minor vent
  147. Economical foundation fabric
  148. Extension table?
  149. How do you all keep your sandwiches together tightly??
  150. Thoughts on the new "Horizon"
  151. Quarter Cut Ruler
  152. Ready to take the plunge
  153. Self binding, double folded and mitered?
  154. Thrift store find!
  155. hand quilting frame
  156. Sew Oregon Shop Hop
  157. Opinions on the HQ 16 longarm machine?
  158. Eleanor Burns old show
  159. Wall Hanging
  160. Christmas is coming...sooner than we know
  161. Quilting Retreat Recommendation
  163. Looking for Rail Fence pattern
  164. Your favorite blog
  165. Brace yourself--you're in for a SHOCKer
  166. Cutting Machines - which one????
  167. Stash Sale
  168. ? for those who have made a quilt from batiks
  169. organizing fabrics
  170. Small Scissors
  171. Does any one have this pattern?
  172. Janome 11000SE upgrade fall of 2011?
  173. Help me find....
  174. Do you Embroider by hand on your quilts? Let's Chit Chat!
  175. 4th of July Sewing or Quilting What are you making? Let's Chit Chat!
  176. Quilted valance pattern anyone?
  177. Bernina 180
  178. Featherweight and 301 info
  179. What backing would you use on your 100% cotton?
  180. Need to find a quilt block.
  181. What made you decide to start quilting?
  182. Classifying fabric for storage?
  183. Lost my sewing machine power supply!
  184. Singer says not to use prewound bobbins
  185. Fabric bowls
  186. Help Identify These Blocks?
  187. any suggestions?
  188. Jane Sassaman
  189. Flying Geese
  190. baby quilt
  191. Christmas Row by Row from Fatcats Is anyone doing this?
  192. Paper piecing
  193. Good Intentions
  194. Jelly Roll Patterns
  195. Rotating Cutting Mat
  196. Please help wity my flower basket!
  197. Hints for newbies
  198. longarm table and frrame made by hubby
  199. Getting Organized/Under Control
  200. sashiko
  201. Put your thinking cap on. What can I make out of this?
  202. Fabric Prices Have Gone UP!
  203. sky high!!
  204. eiderdowns
  205. speaking of threads, could use help with sulky
  206. What type of a Quilter are you? Let's Chit Chat! ** ( Enjoy!)
  207. looking for hints
  208. A Quilters Blessing
  209. My Avatar
  210. spray basting and pinning question
  211. Easy Quilter II
  212. pattern needed for table runner
  213. Really Good Deals....Share Yours!
  214. A way to keep your fabric square
  215. Fusible batting problem
  216. beach towel quilt
  217. Thimbleberries
  218. Is this last white border too narrow?
  219. I actually won!
  220. 4th of July table runner
  221. old pattern over by the pond
  222. Forums
  223. Are you stuck, without Wal-Mart as a source for fabric?
  224. has anyone ever made..
  225. sewing over pins
  226. hand embroidery
  227. Looking for Bella Solid Honey Bun by Moda
  228. Really upset...
  229. Great Buy (I think)
  230. New Project - Tree of Life
  231. Idea for High Tech Block
  232. Can' get anything done
  233. Help on easyquilter frame
  234. How is this possible?
  235. Machine embroidery thread...what do I buy?
  236. Pixie Hollow Fabric
  237. Ironing question
  238. Binding twisting on me?
  239. help with machine,,,,
  240. Lone Star Quilt
  241. Weaving your quilt squares
  242. Machine quilting....the difference in machines
  243. needle question
  244. Are jelly rolls pre-shrank?
  245. Help! Binding!
  246. Who had the Janome that wouldn't stop sewing?
  247. Accuquilt Go Question
  248. My latte is finished and I no longer have any excuses!
  249. July 2010 Quilting Month Challenge to motivate you to get projects done! This will be fun! Enjoy!
  250. Do you use the Aunt Martha's Iron On Transfers? Let's Chit Chat!