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  1. fabric suggestions for a 9 yr old boy
  2. Need Help With Feathers
  3. mailing a quilt
  4. Question about ironing board padding
  5. What do you think is coming down the pike?
  6. How would I calculate # of squares with
  7. Westalee templates/Sew Steady
  8. Pattern name?
  9. Stitch in the ditch: Which thread to use?
  10. Woo Hoo - Paducah Bound!
  11. website ordering question
  12. Kudos to Martelli Rotary Cutter company
  13. Olfa 45 mm Rotary Cutter
  14. Home Machine Quilting Show
  15. Brother Designio or SB7900E embroidery machine?
  16. What batting have you used that works well for baby quilts?
  17. Tips for ironing/pressing large quilt tops and backings please
  18. How many quilts do you finish in a year?
  19. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!
  20. What did I do wrong?
  21. Christmas Heart Lights
  22. HELP!! DH wants a LA
  23. Juki Tl98q users...
  24. Would you have said anything?
  25. Homemade ruler foot
  26. Remember when?
  27. In honor of Earth Day tip
  28. Cut Twice, Measure Once
  29. Craftsy change regarding kits??
  30. ? for LAQ
  31. curved crosshatching rulers on a longarm???
  32. Is t-shirt flannel ok for quilting?
  33. After market walking foot
  34. what quilts are in your I want to make soon/someday file?
  35. English Paper Pieced Hexie question
  36. Serger plate
  37. What are some of your favorite?
  38. Test Fabric For Fading
  39. What Do You Do With Left Over Binding?
  40. Flange Binding
  41. Gracie stitch regulator
  42. What should I make with this fabric collection
  43. How long did it take you to complete a "Dear Jane" quilt?
  44. Folding Fabric and/or Quilts
  45. quilt pattern --- all wrapped out
  46. Sewing labels
  47. hand quilting a gfg
  48. Thoughts on using poly/cotton or polyester for quilting projects.
  49. tiny squares
  50. Bonnie Blues Basics fabric...
  51. Potholder Innards Question~Recycling/Upcycle~In honor of Earth Day
  52. Mustang Ok
  53. Do you prefer????
  54. Help! Bleeding Issues on Antique Quilt
  55. Quilting a scrappy
  56. Cheryl Phillips attic window ruler
  57. Husbands and quilting - a funny
  58. Am I nuts to attempt this? I Love, Love, Love it.
  59. my first on point top
  60. Inserting skinny border without mitering?
  61. Help with embroidery
  62. Cathedral Window - oh my!
  63. Backing fabric question
  64. Having tension problems for free motion quilting
  65. Love the kids and starting on my hexies!!
  66. HQ Avante 18 and tension issues
  67. HELP! Quilting wonky Double Wedding Ring
  68. Do you know this Block
  69. Your shipping tips?
  70. Your thoughts / comments
  71. Template to replace free motion quilting
  72. BabyLock Ovation Serger question
  73. Word to the wise
  74. How much would you pay for Fat Quarters?
  75. Thank You Knitte and SlightyOffQuilter!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Drunkards Path
  77. Celtic Knot
  78. Difference between line drying and machine drying quilt
  79. Rescued String Quilt Progress...what next?
  80. New Machine Dilemma
  81. Name of pattern
  82. fusible batting tape
  83. puffy side,
  84. help with new sewing machine purchase!!
  85. Mother' day came early!
  86. more bargello advice please!
  87. Lint in upper thread area
  88. attic window ruler
  89. Hallmark Movie "LET It Snow" Christmas Quilt Pattern.
  90. Lancaster County, PA quilt shops
  91. Desperate Need Help !!
  92. Question: Preparing a Quilt for the Long-Arm quilter
  93. Maze quilt
  94. New Destiny
  95. Basic thread color question.
  96. retreats make for the best weekends
  97. Longarm tape measure ruler?
  98. Mugrugs
  99. Strata Star tips
  100. Another Desperate Plea to Find Fabric
  101. Desperate! Don't let my dream fabric slip through my fingers!
  102. problems with downloading embroidery/quilting patterns
  103. FMQ - Eyelashes on front, back is perfect!
  104. Please don't let me get this one wrong!
  105. How to patch hole in vintage quilt?
  106. Fqm
  107. Quilting queen sized quilt on my machine...
  108. Dresden Fan Quilt??
  109. Embird questions.
  110. Virtual Quilting Weekend -- April 17-19
  111. In pursuit of the perfect pincushion...
  112. Suggestions needed for binding color
  113. Brother PE 700ii ??
  114. PC Quilter
  115. Upper thread on embroidery machine is not "feeding"
  116. Pat Barry is a wonderful teacher!
  117. Have you ever "worn out" a 1/4" foot?
  118. Why a scant 1/4 seam?
  119. sewing in two directions?
  120. Amount of quilting for a cozy , soft quilt
  121. online quilt store questions
  122. Has anyone ever kept/bought a bed just to display their quilts?!
  123. Easy Organizer Suites Software
  124. Question for GFG Gurus
  125. Fat Eighths... what do I do with them?
  126. Have you see this website?
  127. Piecing on a frame with a mid/long arm
  128. No more magazines at Hobby Lobby?
  129. Cutting threads on the back of a pieced top
  130. Do you have a favorite piecing ruler?
  131. hanging sleeve problem
  132. YES-Pies and tarts with drunkards path/ GO
  133. Help make decision please!
  134. Quilting Fabric
  135. Long arm machine questions
  136. Got a "new" machine today
  137. Can't seem to get things right today!!!
  138. Frixion Pens
  139. Please help with fabric creases
  140. When is a longarm a home sewing machine?
  141. More help with patterns.
  142. Am I the only one who didn't know this??
  143. Help with King size quilt layout
  144. A Journey of a Thousand Steps or How Do I Get There From Here?
  145. More on pies and tarts.....
  146. Love this pattern
  147. Helping finding fabric stores
  148. Bloomin' Cogwheel
  149. What do you need before you purchase an embroidery machine?
  150. Thank you to who ever posted about the Jennoop!
  151. Quilt show at UMass Amherst, MA
  152. using a printer on fabric
  153. Quilts on the point?
  154. Any ideas for this?
  155. Any pattern ideas?
  156. What should I look for when buying a new cutting mat?
  157. Multi-Purpose Cloth
  158. design wall tutorial
  159. signature wholecloth?
  160. HELP ! Subsitute for black felt
  161. Paducah 2015
  162. Binding small objects (mug rugs, coasters)
  163. Making a quilt label in eq7
  164. T Shirt Quilt Company
  165. more epp questions
  166. Help finding pattern
  167. Value Finder
  168. Advice Needed on Basting Quilt
  169. What now? Have any of you done one of these?
  170. Decorator Fabric Ideas
  171. original design
  172. Quilt labels on pfaff 4.2?
  173. help with code for em library
  174. Vacation!!!
  175. Tin Lizzie owners?
  176. Janome 7700 and computerised quilting is it possible?
  177. Pies and Tarts quilt
  178. New Long arm quilter
  179. Looking for baby quilt ideas............
  180. marking a scrappy guilt
  181. Pattern for Sport Quilt
  182. My 2nd dummy block done--Still need a opinion
  183. First time Applique
  184. Bonnie Hunter Workshop
  185. Color opinions, please
  186. What I did while FMQ yesterday.
  187. Will I be able to quilt a queen size quilt
  188. Projects from Quilt Magazines
  189. How would you respond to this?
  190. Wheelchair lap quilt
  191. ?? for machine embroiderers
  192. Problem with my Southwest quilt...
  193. Viking Sapphire dilemma.
  194. caught up in my MQX quilting experience
  195. Do you keep a journal?
  196. Another "How would you quilt this?" question...
  197. I started another quilt--but
  198. Looking for Pattern
  199. Spray basting?
  200. 1-1/2" squares
  201. MSQC Half hex
  202. Bargello fabrics
  203. Please help me to name these fabric types.
  204. Acrylic Fabric??
  205. Back to the 1/4" seam
  206. Lots of binding to do. Thank you Charisma.
  207. Servicing/cleaning machine?
  208. think I am ready to throw this quilt out the window!
  209. I have a question about the 'twister' ruler
  210. Bailey long arm quilting machine
  211. can I mix 100% cotton with poly/cotton?
  212. Friendship Star Swap
  213. Singer Quantum 9960, Do you own one??...
  214. Sewing caddy under sewing machine
  215. Help--Janome horizone 8900 users
  216. Large cone or small spools
  217. hexagon ruler
  218. John Flynn Quilt Frame ?
  219. how to quilt a t-shirt quilt
  220. Would you remake this?
  221. Why do people make quilts with flannel?
  222. 36 patch tutorial or guidance needed....
  223. Northcott fabric and EQ
  224. Is it necessary to quilt the outer border?
  225. How do you keep your thread from bleeding on your fabric?
  226. How Do You Keep Your Ironing Board Fresh?
  227. Most difficult
  228. The Secret to Pieced Backings
  229. Issues Juki 2010Q
  230. right side and wrong side?
  231. how to??
  232. How often do you reorganize your sewing room?
  233. Your Help Needed! Material question
  234. Anyone ever been on a quilting cruise?
  235. 123 Quilt Pro
  236. Need help figuring out corners for border
  237. what kind/design of quilt to make out of these blocks
  238. Anybody have tips for sewing itty bitty squares together
  239. Another New Hampshire LQS Closing!!!
  240. Iron suggestions...
  241. How long does it take for you to handquilt?
  242. Has anyone used this?
  243. Pfaff 7550
  244. How to handle small diagonal triangles?
  245. Question: Printing Quilt Labels with Inkjet Printer
  246. Panel with large flower(s)
  247. Fabric drying out fingers?
  248. Using leftover blocks...
  249. What to Make
  250. need wedding poem for quilt label