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  1. info about PP please
  2. need some ideas
  3. Scraps
  4. Silk?
  5. FQs at Tuesday Morning
  6. good quilting machine?
  7. quilt repair
  8. Opinions please
  9. Questions on Bargello Quilts
  10. HELP!!!! Pattern for blues and browns with no florals for an older couple
  11. Interfacing circles...too puffy?
  12. another confusing to me math question........
  13. Looking for a magazine or pattern
  14. Which end of thread?
  15. Handiquilter vs. Gammill
  16. whats a shop hop?
  17. Question about CT flannel
  18. Quilt show
  19. Table Runners.
  20. Narrow-minded for material selection for quilt making
  21. Vodka fabric sizing recipe
  22. Brothers new "Scan & Cut" machine
  23. Longarm Learning Curve Frustrations
  24. Looking for pink princess fabric
  25. Tilted quilt squares
  26. Large scale print block
  27. Hinteberg frame question
  28. what to do with very small scraps?
  29. question about monofilament (invisible) thread
  30. Glow in the Dark Fabric??? Questions!
  31. Difference between traditional, contemporary, modern, art quilting
  32. Maybe someone can help.....
  33. Question to Long Armers about zippers
  34. I am new to quilting which would be better to do first Machine or Hand Quilt?
  35. Update on Oak leaf
  36. Biblical-based pieced blocks
  37. Pieced Quilt Backs and Quilting Design
  38. Small iron recommendations....
  39. Help.... I have a mess
  40. How do you make this block?
  41. Ideas for left over fabric
  42. Need diy idea for making a folding cutting board to put on bed
  43. One piece patterns
  44. little matroshka
  45. Need Pattern Suggestions for Focus Fabric (with a couple of accent fabrics)
  46. Has anyone ever bought this machine?? Go or no Go???
  47. Did Anyone Save This?
  48. Where do you spray baste?
  49. Has anyone seen?
  50. quilted window seat
  51. Which quiling guide is best???
  52. Differences in cutting mats... or is just my imagnation?
  53. What would you do with a fat quarter bundle? (12 prints)
  54. Oh, the things kids come up with.
  55. Question re Set In Machine
  56. looking for information about using barbasol shave creme with paint
  57. Hand Quilting Desden Plate
  58. Hexagons hand sewn
  59. How many wish for a quilt bee
  60. Need to have a Ideas to beat last year quilt retreat fun!
  61. How much floor space does a tin lizzie 10 foot LA take up?
  62. Hooray for Hobby Lobby!
  63. vacation...quilt shops
  64. folding your fabric to make bias binding?
  65. Has anyone tried the Big Foot for FMQ?
  66. Question at Machine
  67. Obsessed - oh my!
  68. Choosing thread color
  69. Bargello Time Update
  70. Sewing machine repair - San Antonio, TX area
  71. How would you quilt these
  72. Machine pulls fabric into feed dogs, help
  73. Set in machine
  74. Embroidery module for an Bernina Artista 730
  75. jackpot, at least I think so
  76. Rotary cutter - which one
  77. Warmest Batting?
  78. Just thinking. (how I look at quilt)
  79. charge for making a quilt
  80. Batting for table runner?
  81. quick janome 7700 question.
  82. Which batting
  83. Need ideas for toile fabric quilt
  84. hobbs batting
  85. Machine Embroidery Thread & Supplies
  86. Help! Ideas needed for "don't touch the quilts" signs
  87. So Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
  88. Fabrics - Ikea?
  89. King sized '6 hour quilt', pattern question
  90. Need pattern for potato pouch
  91. Is $200 to quilt a queen a fair price?
  92. Professional quilters: How do you find balance?
  93. Supreme Slide
  94. Who makes black batting?
  95. Threading a serger
  96. Laser printed labels, need feedback.
  97. HELP~~~~I need more advice
  98. Do you prefer to free motion, walking foot, or hand quilt?
  99. What is the scoop with Joannes fabric vs QSQ?
  100. Yellow Brick Road Question
  101. Question
  102. Bias strips
  103. bernina embroidery software
  104. Necktie Quilts
  105. Barbara Brackman Encyclopedia
  106. Question about fabric amount
  107. Swoon Block
  108. Emerald 118 Help
  109. Butterfly Blossoms quilt pattern
  110. Quiltograhpy app for ipad
  111. Quilt pieces=puzzle!
  112. quilt clamps
  113. quilt suggestions for 1/2 sq. triangles
  114. What will you never do again in your sewing/quilting room?
  115. OK, I give....Only one thing for it - RIP
  116. Buying a whole roll of batting--tips?
  117. how do i make a shore a quilt is square
  118. Attaching paper pieced quilt to boarder and tips please?
  119. LA favorite things . . .
  120. Must-visit quilting destinations in Oahu, HI?
  121. Template/ruler grippers
  122. Quilting thread color advice, please.
  123. More info on Jane Stickle's quilt...
  124. Pearl Cotton Quilting
  125. ISO pattern tutorial on you tube
  126. Oi Vey bad whoopsie
  127. Calling All Longarm Quilters - I have a question...
  128. Rag quilts - what is the usual width of the seams?
  129. Denim and cotton velveteen quilt?
  130. Another long-arm quilter?
  131. Featherweight cabinet
  132. Sewing machine help Please! Again!
  133. scrappy quilt
  134. Metallics faded after first wash.
  135. Rulers for FMQ on DSM. Have you tried them?
  136. Featherweight Card Table????
  137. HELP!: How Should I Quilt This?
  138. What is the very best way to mark a quilt for quilting?
  139. Drop stitch length to zero?
  140. ISO shadow box quilt pattern
  141. Which block or pattern would be best for these quilts?
  142. Thoghts comments about the Singer SINGER 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine
  143. Simple flying geese question
  144. My short arm quilter and table
  145. Yeah right!
  146. Looking for a Pam Bono quilt pattern
  147. I give him an A for effort
  148. I caved and bought fabric (again)!!
  149. Perfect Square-In-A-Square Guides
  150. What's your experience with Happy Crafters LAQ?
  151. What color to paint quilt room
  152. Kay Buckley applique scissor- which ones?
  153. Pfaff Sewing Machine
  154. Tin Lizzie
  155. hard to find fabric web site
  156. Do you have a go-to pattern for gift?
  157. Sampler quilts
  158. Please show your quilted sweatshirt jackets :)
  159. 1/4" foot guide dragging(Janome)
  160. Skipping stitches
  161. Looking for name of table runner pattern
  162. Excited About My New Machine!
  163. Embroidery
  164. Which thread to use?
  165. Two questions :)
  166. Quilting lessons in Charlotte, NC, area?
  167. Cutting with both hands
  168. Double sided quilt - has anyone done this?
  169. Aging or antiquing fabric
  170. What's your favorite LA ruler?
  171. Janome or Brother for backup machine
  172. What is it about the label?
  173. I've been Blessed!
  174. My DJ disaster - yeah, but....WARNING!!
  175. what to do
  176. Have you made a quilt from ties?
  177. Brother Scan and Cut
  178. Needle kept breaking
  179. Adventures in New Machine Shopping: Narrowed it down to two!
  180. quilters are the nicest people!
  181. Color/pattern help please!
  182. "Dear Jane" Kitsie's almost total disaster!
  183. Difference Between Hobbs 80/20 and Warm and Natural?
  184. Tops
  185. x's and o's quilt - has anyone ever used 10 in and 5 inch?
  186. Hand Quilting....wish I had looked here first
  187. HELP! Curved Pocket Cha Cha Bag by Nicole Chambers
  188. Do you remember?
  189. Is the new Embird upgrade to 2013 worth it?
  190. Planned to hand quilt, changed my mind, what do I do?
  191. How much fabric is needed for a king size Snowball quilt?
  192. Question on Accquilt rag die size
  193. How old is your oldest unfinished quilt?
  194. looking for pattern
  195. Sneaky granny??
  196. Warning about potato bag fires....thank you!!!!!!!!
  197. Bernina 830 vs Longarm?
  198. I must be a glutton for punishment... anyone else done this?
  199. Brother ScanNCut
  200. Best way to transfer a photograph onto fabric for a quilted pillow
  201. Illusion quilt pattern
  202. Las Vegas bound - any good quilt shops?
  203. pincushion filling
  204. Marshalls Dry Goods Batesville, Ar
  205. Door County WI?
  206. Denver Broncos fabric
  207. Cricut anyone??
  208. I took the long arm plunge!!!
  209. Lightweight machine to travel?
  210. What is the difficulty rating for Dereck Lockwood bargellos and how well are directs?
  211. Do quilting fabrics with metallic threads.......
  212. Janome 5018
  213. Need some help please - how to sew this?
  214. My longarm arrives on Friday...yeah!!!
  215. Sewing Machine Advice
  216. Looking for a Cardinal
  217. Organic Quilting?
  218. 125+ year old silk quilt advice needed
  219. looking for certain fabric
  220. Who is using silks in a quilt?
  221. its ok to donate...
  222. Mitering Corners of a Quilt
  223. I need all the help i can get!!
  224. Border Ideas
  225. HELP--I need pattern suggestions
  226. Thankful for a "duh" moment
  227. Houston Quilt Festival
  228. Information Requested
  229. i'm so excited!!!!
  230. Quilting with embroidered muslin blocks from 1950's
  231. Thinking way ahead about border(s)
  232. Bought my first bolt!
  233. flame resistant batting for children
  234. Need Help Twister Quilt and figuring out size...
  235. help
  236. Quilt Binding Problems
  237. Jean rag quilt suggestion
  238. Pattern suggestion, please
  239. Accuquilt Studio - Good price??
  240. snap on feet
  241. yet another post on the ruler fold
  242. Will purchase new machine
  243. Hex and Wedge Templates
  244. Help
  245. Anyone have this
  246. How many of you....
  247. figuring block size
  248. Virtual Quilt Weekend has begun!
  249. The fabulous fabric glide
  250. fabrics for shabby chic quilt??