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  1. white thread on black-ish batting? Yes, I did!!!!!
  2. Found a Mary Proctor Ironing Board but need help please
  3. Advice, Tips, & Hints for wholecloth on a grace king frame, using Juki 98
  4. Help, need pattern for 9 FQs
  5. Batting in rag quilt
  6. Blocks, sashing, cornerstones and seam allowances.
  7. How would you quilt this???
  8. My new binding dispenser (inspired by firefighters)
  9. T-shirt quilt for a friend's son - high school graduation gift
  10. Help! trouble hand quilting to edge of quilt
  11. Well, now what do I do?
  12. Show and Tell at guild meetings
  13. I just cracked my cutting mat!
  14. Square in a square, mine is wonky
  15. square quilt??
  16. Will this work?
  17. Looking for tutorial/quiltalong
  18. Sewing Machines, Quilting Machines, Embroidery Machines and Sewing Rooms
  19. block snip mistake
  20. Basel, Switzerland.
  21. Buying a new machine
  22. Idea for labeling
  23. Does anyone know what year the Pfaff Hobby 1200 Grand Quilter was made?
  24. I need some border help....
  25. Scissors and pinking sheers
  26. Thread Help!!!
  27. My new Brother PE-770
  28. free magazine at quiting shop?
  29. pattern for american flag quilt/wallhanging
  30. Has anyone used both a Qbot as well as Quilt Artist?
  31. Muslin question
  32. quilting ideas for border
  33. question for all of you paper piecers
  34. If one piece has been washed do I need to wash all?
  35. researching new quilting/sewing machine
  36. Going to my first quilting convention! Will I find these there....
  37. can I do this???
  38. Help! Need a nice/cute baby saying for a label
  39. Round hold sewing machine needle plate question -
  40. Ruler stabilizer
  41. Does it cost to upgrade the software
  42. Scrap source???
  43. Can someone help me please.....
  44. Pellon Project math driving me crazy!!
  45. Name brand of thread used.
  46. Any Ideas
  47. How much fabric?
  48. Ironing over 1/4" edge on 1" strips - HELP
  49. Babylock 3 spool BL3-406
  50. I need an opinion please!
  51. question--machine applique
  52. Looking for a pattern
  53. Do you know this pattern?
  54. Can't remember how to do raw edges on quilt???
  55. Need advice on selling ragged old quilt
  56. When will I learn to bookmark pages?
  57. Embroidered Muppet Baby Quilt - remake - help on quilting design
  58. Jelly rolls, what are they good for?
  59. Raggy quilt with Accuquilt go
  60. lesson or pattern
  61. Pin basing in small spaces
  62. Pros/Cons of using Polyester thread to quilt?
  63. Design-A-Quilt Free-Hander Quilting Machine
  64. Help! I'm in Lancaster right now!!!
  65. Long Arm Rulers
  66. Amounts of Yardage in Magazine Patterns
  67. Age old question... How to quilt this
  68. Foot numbness after using presser foot...
  69. Button projects???
  70. Please help me, who makes these fabric? Have picture, no info on selvage...
  71. I need some Help!
  72. How to ID authentic feed sack?
  73. Bought a new Pfaff quilt expressions 4.2
  74. Hanging channel?
  75. Rulers
  76. how to quilt log cabin?
  77. Need help finding a quilt pattern
  78. I was on pinterest & didn't know it :)
  79. For those who are mathematically challenged
  80. Hubbies who quilt!
  81. Bernina Tension Problem
  82. Pls advise sewing machine for 14-year old beginner
  83. Sewing Room reorganization
  84. Cross hatching stitch....
  85. What is the largest width?
  86. Adding borders QAYG - My tip for today
  87. Need a business name
  88. New JoAnns Coming our way
  89. Should I buy a 301a for $60?
  90. Square in a square math is making my head hurt
  91. Simple quilting quotes
  92. help choosing a class
  93. disappearing churn dash.
  94. How or do you label your quilts?
  95. Total Score!
  96. Pre cut fabric conversion
  97. What sort of folding mirrors are best for kaleidoscope quilts?
  98. Quilt label question
  99. Minky
  100. Brother DreamMaker embroidery only machine
  101. Wendover material
  102. Need Help Choosing A Machine....Please
  103. pre-wash? Pooey!
  104. Design Board Help!!
  105. Washing completed quilt top before quilting?
  106. How to waterproof printed pictures?
  107. Pls advise sewing machine for 14-year old beginner
  108. Double Faced Quilted Fabric 100% cotton
  109. Babylock Ellageo Owners--Question for you!
  110. machine recommendations for a beginner
  111. I'm looking for the red star quilt where the blocks form a large star (ohio??)
  112. Quilting by hand?
  113. I need help with my Little Gracie frame
  114. ripper found
  115. Why Do You Quilt?
  116. Could I get your feedback on a Pfaff Performance 2056 ?
  117. Long Arm - Skills and Technique Questions
  118. Help with ideas on making a basic summer quilt, please?
  119. Embroidery machines
  120. Help I need suggestions
  121. Prices and material choices?
  122. College and Major League Baseball Fabric
  123. Squaring quilt top--HELP!!!!
  124. From Don-isewman---???'s for any/everyone
  125. Does your machine bite?
  126. flannel quilts
  127. How to sell a sewing machine?
  128. Quilt for my husband- Imaginations needed!
  129. Quilting Suggestions for Diamond Ring??
  130. I am just learning to machine quilt. What batting do you use in your quilt
  131. only bleeds when ironed
  132. Need advice on hand sewing needles.
  133. I'm so Happy
  134. batting from Oaklee Quilting Supply
  135. How would you quilt this?
  136. I have some very bad habbits
  137. Need help with side setting triangles & corner triangles
  138. Rotary Cutting Gloves Size Quesion
  139. Join me for Virtual Quilt Weekend--Christmas Style
  140. Lost on this quilt.
  141. FMQ Practice - Batting and fabric is expensive, alternatives?
  142. My eyes have gone blurry looking - e-reader cover
  143. Leah Day FMQ Project You Tube - Addictive
  144. Die cut quilting
  145. How Can I Make Quilt Out of Wall Hanging?
  146. Getting a Bailey 13 Sooooooooooo excited.
  147. Sunbonnet Sue
  148. Quilting help
  149. Need a question answered
  150. Cutting up jeans for rag quilts
  151. Longarming for a business I'm scared to death
  152. Those of you who use a chalk line to square up quilts......
  153. Prepping to Explore Dear Jane
  154. Combination machines
  155. Estate Sale find
  156. Quilt Shops
  157. Be careful!
  158. GASP! Small fabric piece is now damaged in completed quilt top!
  159. Do you take classes? What do you do when others members of the class
  160. 50 yrs > 50 days > 50 gifts
  161. My iron died :'(
  162. Looking for "busy bag" pattern like on the Bonnie Hunter blog pictures
  163. Went in to buy an Ottlite - Came out with an Embroidery Machine ! ! !
  164. Where is a reputable place to buy a used sewing machine?
  165. Batting for baby quilt?
  166. Pattern suggestions for memory quilt for child
  167. Guild Treasuries
  168. Paper Piecing Paper
  169. questions about English paper piecing
  170. Has anyone used a muslin backing fabric for blocks?
  171. Selling a baby quilt?
  172. Sewing a perfect diamond tip?
  173. How do you make this quilt (can't figure out where the blocks are)?
  174. Can you get a 1/4 foot for
  175. Making a Design Board
  176. Long Arm Question
  177. What's wrong with me?
  178. Focus fabric table topper or runner pattern please
  179. Question about measuring for a quilt border
  180. Goodwill Jackpot
  181. Janome 6600 knee lift
  182. Book to help a beginner
  183. Name this pattern...
  184. suggestions for hand quilting pattern
  185. How to Demineralize (Distill?) Water for an Iron
  186. Help...pattern change?
  187. Does anyone know this quilt?
  188. Latest AHH HAA moment!!
  189. dowel endings for wall hangings
  190. What quilting supplies/tools do you hate to spend money on?
  191. Quilt Guild, Modern Quilt Guild
  192. Stippling or Meandering
  193. old bobbins
  194. How much do you pay for yearly membership in your quilt guild?
  195. Snap hoop or magna hoop?
  196. Question on assembling a quilt top
  197. Stating the obvious
  198. Sewing Machine Cost
  199. My Open FMQ Foot Is Giving Me Fits!
  200. New Studio feedback
  201. Thirty One bags
  202. truly portable design wall
  203. Eleanor Burn's Lover's Knot
  204. On vacation - recommend LQS??
  205. Please Vote!! Singer Expert Finish EF vs. Black & Decker Digital Advantage D2030
  206. Thanks for the fat quarter swap!
  207. Help Please. Do you think there is enough contrast?
  208. Iron without steam?
  209. Need help with purse.....
  210. Qbot info request
  211. Looking for this quilt pattern
  212. Is there a site for international quilt stores
  213. What are some of your personal rules/guidelines for when you are making a quilt?
  214. Cruise
  215. acuquilt
  216. Pink ribbon precuts
  217. UFO's---Ugh
  218. Singer FashionMate 360
  219. Quilt Fuse Layout Grids
  220. Help advice needed about polycotton
  221. Ever had a quilt that everything went wrong from the beginning?
  222. Quilter's Math - UGH ! ! ! Help Please ! ! !
  223. Help with new Janome Horizon
  224. Large scraps
  225. 9 inch wedge ruler
  226. A word to the wise
  227. Attaching borders
  228. Hand painting on quilts
  229. I get to spend a few hours in Paduach!!!!
  230. Any interest in a Virtual Quilt Weekend next weekend?
  231. Packing an olfa mat? Good idea or not?
  232. QAYG with Paper Pieced Blocks
  233. Need 'Free Yellow Brick Road Pattern'
  234. Help! I screwed up again with backing!!!
  235. How should i anchor fabric prior to quilting?
  236. Harbor Freight and sewing room supplies
  237. Need advice on how to quilt this... suggestions welcome!
  238. Wall Hanging for new sewing room
  239. Juki TL-2200 QVP Quilt Virtuoso Pro Long Arm
  240. Concealed Weapons Purse Tutorial
  241. How do you make a reversible/two sided quilt?
  242. New longarm
  243. Wheel of Pattern???
  244. Looking for a book.
  245. Just right for airing out fabric
  246. Janome Horizon 7700 question
  247. Sewing Room Almost ready!
  248. Crafty quilting class
  249. Can't believe new york visit over
  250. Instructions for 6 1/2" x 24" Easy Rule II by Sharon Hutlgreen.