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  1. 36 x 59 cutting mat
  2. Pattern advice please
  3. Appliqued corner stones to a finished quilt with sashing
  4. lost pattern ~ cross and crown
  5. Singer Athena 2000
  6. Dear Jane fabrics
  7. Template Techniques CATS
  8. Tulip applique pattern
  9. Sew Much Fun in Lowell SC - any one been there?
  10. older Quilters Cruise control black box
  11. Tension issues, any ideas what to try?
  12. Sashing for 25" blocks
  13. Sewing over pins!
  14. Crescendo Machine Good Price $4000
  15. Binding Problem
  16. Quilt Shops in Mesa, AZ
  17. Walking foot vs free motion
  18. Question on Raw Edge Applique
  19. Embroider or quilt first?
  20. Fresno Art Hop
  21. Need help with pattern directions
  22. Hand quilting
  23. An airplane and a big brown dog
  24. If you have a quilt laying around you don't want....
  25. Binding question
  26. what is best weight thread to machine piece?
  27. Where to buy good flannel?
  28. Brother Duetta 2 4750D
  29. Machine Embroidery Guilds
  30. Name of pattern is???
  31. Batiks and curved seams??
  32. what is wrong with me?
  33. Tub or Washing Machine?
  34. I want to cry my eyes out :'-(
  35. Singer Texas
  36. pattern for batik
  37. Help - I think I've lost my MoJO!
  38. How would you do this?
  39. Back basting applique
  40. What is the appeal of the automatic cutter?
  41. 3 Color Quilt Pattern
  42. Civil war quilts.
  43. Useless Quiling Gadgets & Other Boondoggles
  44. Sashing Question
  45. Sewing Machines for quilting.
  46. Vine applique ?, cut on bias
  47. One of the hazards of a UFO
  48. Working with pastels
  49. colors
  50. Need Opinions on border fabric
  51. Batting? Whats your favorite?
  52. Question about SID starting end ending
  53. Spinning star block
  54. To reverse stitch or not
  55. Quilt Hoop versus Embroidery Hoop - what is the difference?
  56. Calling All Artists!! Request Help with Impressionist Art
  57. Quilting a Mariner's Compass Quilt
  58. Need help.
  59. Box stores verses dealers
  60. "For Individual Use Only" fabric
  61. New machine is here!!!!
  62. I need help
  63. pe770,help
  64. AFTER the bleeding :(
  65. New quilter
  66. Bow tie fan pattern
  67. There are no quilt many of you don't care what color thread
  68. Glad Press-n-Seal for FMQ, and another related question
  69. Quilting Books - what have you purchased lately??
  70. vintage machines
  71. Longest Stich?
  72. Have you ever been scared of trying a new thing, tried it and felt foolish later?
  73. Big Stitch Hand Quilting- how many strands of embroidery thread do I use?
  74. Double slice cake
  75. starting a scrap quilt.
  76. If I were rich . . . xoxoxoxoxox
  77. Janome/ New Home MemoryCraft 8000
  78. Modern quilts, abstract art quilts, and the grey area in between
  79. quilt blocks
  80. question about photo quilts
  81. Permanent marking on face of quilt
  82. Interfacing and hand quilting
  83. Re-positionable glue stick ?
  84. has anyone made the infinity quilt - it looks hard.
  85. Wavy boarders
  86. design board
  87. HELP my 1st quilt
  88. Bow tuck tote
  89. Tote / Toolbox suggestions, Please.
  90. Afraid to Enter Shows
  91. T-shirt quilt
  92. TOL Machines - now kinda bummed!
  93. Bernina foot - BOUGHT IT! SO GLAD!
  94. Additional Lighting
  95. Rolling Sewing Machine Bag
  96. Quilt Show
  97. Border ideas please
  98. How to increase the size of an existing quilt
  99. Hep please
  100. Guild UFO Challenge
  101. So Excited but So Scared!!! New Babylock Symphony
  102. Soft applique quilt?
  103. Quilting with Cross Stitched Panels
  104. Crazy Question -- What to buy to build a good fabric collection....
  105. Janome MC 4800. Embroidery question.
  106. Bow tuck tote
  107. Raw Edge Applique Question
  108. Memories on the back of a DWR
  109. Bonnie Hunter's String Fling
  110. Thank you for my gift! Would you make me another ??
  111. When to add prairie points
  112. Janome Memory Craft 6500P Worth It?
  113. Does anyone use a serger to do their quilt piecing?
  114. first time appliquer
  115. New Sewing Machine
  116. Need help in making something out of sweatshirts
  117. PFaff versus Bernina
  118. Not Light, Not Heavy
  119. Layer cake...have you made a quilt with one of these?
  120. Reading this board can be expensive!
  121. Sewing notion blocks that are pp'd for wall hanging?
  122. Need Paper Pieced Iris
  123. circles or squares? Quilting ideas for a fence rail?
  124. Using wooly nylon thread for decorative stitches
  125. Bobbin case fell apart
  126. argghhh...what would you do
  127. Repairing an Antique Quilt
  128. Question to older quilters?
  129. Good Price for Grace II Frame? + other questions
  130. Sunbonnet Sue California?
  131. Making this kit as a comfort quilt...NEED HELP!!
  132. HELP!!!Patriotic Twist
  133. Wall Hangings for Outdoors?
  134. "Walking" Foot v. "Quilting" foot?
  135. backing for hand embroidery
  136. Fusible?
  137. Can anyone suggest a pattern?
  138. Central New York Quilt shops
  139. Wash your fabric? Old subject seeking new answers - -
  140. LA owners - is a 10 ft frame enough or should I invest in the 2 ft extenstion
  141. Question re: Batiks
  142. Quilted Golf Club Covers
  143. Embroidery Machine question???
  144. pattern website with fabric designers free patterns
  145. Was this a good deal?
  146. Owl Baby Patterns
  147. A really FABULOUS find!! Luck was on my side!
  148. Storm at Sea - Request for quilting pictures
  149. How do you celebrate a finished quilt?
  150. Inspira frame
  151. design quilt too new to me
  152. Oh! What Did I Do?
  153. Looking for courage
  154. Husqvarna VIking ER10
  155. Slightly warped cutting board
  156. Tossed My Keepsake Quilting Catalog Yesterday and Now Want to Order-is there a code?
  157. I need help with this
  158. Do you apply Elmers for basting like THIS?
  159. Gadget Suggestions?
  160. wooden quilt hangers--leave it raw, or finish it?
  161. Quilting Diary
  162. Euro Steam Evolution iron Rocks!
  163. Sharpening scissors?
  164. have you ever used fabric origami flowers in a quilt?
  165. Sampler quilt
  166. Votes for Women
  167. Questions on Twister quilts
  168. Do you ever read the instructions and feel like you are not getting it?
  169. quilt wizard
  170. what should I make?
  171. why do I always pick the impossible
  172. Tin Lizzie 18 question
  173. Paper Pieced Double Wedding Ring
  174. Heat and Bond Vinyl?
  175. Size of quilts you're spray basting
  176. I'm a believer!
  177. Where can I find this pattern?
  178. Spray Adhesive Basting
  179. Tula Pink
  180. Suggestions?
  181. 4 inch squares
  182. 1000sof Bolts
  183. Ugh
  184. Name This Block
  185. Bernina Walking foot - worth the $$??
  186. Big Thumbs up to MSQC!
  187. Baby Lock Crown Jewel
  188. Using Strip Tube Ruler, Should I Be Worried About Bias Edges??
  189. Missed my fabric, missed my machine!!
  190. Can this equation work? (DIY "fusible" interfacing)
  191. New Machine Coming!!!
  192. From Don-isewman---??? for anyone.
  193. Serger = Tickled pink!
  194. New Fiskers Cutting mat
  195. Reason to Make it NOW
  196. Digital magazines or traditional magazine subscription?
  197. Finally Finished!
  198. STASH in Walla Walla
  199. 1/4" seam guide
  200. Go Baby-what's the difference in the dies with th Accuquilt Go?
  201. Country Register Pattern Correction
  202. Longarm quilting with Minkee backing HELP!
  203. Hate what I'm doing today
  204. Eq7
  205. What is a Stillito (can't spell it)
  206. memory ideas
  207. Any Updates on the Moda Just One Star Challenge???
  208. Sue Chef
  209. Cheating???
  210. Anybody ever make this boo boo?
  211. Another Quilt Shop Closing!
  212. GRRrrr! Bought EQ7 from a lady, trouble activating
  213. worst instructions ever
  214. have short arm , craving longarm, trying to justify
  215. I got a Featherweight!!!!
  216. I am a human magnet for quilting gadgets!
  217. How to wrap and store stash.
  218. Is there no Ben Franklin online anymore?
  219. Question about using glass as cutting board?
  220. fabric dots
  221. Binder presser foot
  222. Okay Gals I Need HELP!!!!
  223. Bella Quilts
  224. where to get fabric
  225. Easy Bias Stems
  226. Watching out for Tender Feelings and yet Giving Advice
  227. Hand Applique Question
  228. Need Quilt Back Ideas
  229. used/recycled fabric - how to get the "newness" back?
  230. anybody here good at math??
  231. Cathedral Windows
  232. Minky Fabric
  233. Grace Z44 Frame Floor frame quilter advise wanted.
  234. herringbone quilt pattern
  235. ISO of Triangle Quilt Pattern
  236. Ideas for a guild challenge?
  237. Looking for a recent quilt picture here...
  238. The post that got lost..
  239. Has anyone done crazy quilting?
  240. Binding/Silk Thread Question
  241. Paper Piecing
  242. Hi Fellow Quilters....
  243. How many stencils do you own?
  244. One Block Wonder
  245. What color border????
  246. Anyone sewing today???
  247. UFOers--Join me today to work on some UFOs
  248. fmq
  249. Help - Invisible thread for bobbin
  250. I'm embarrassed!