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  1. Suggestions wanted
  2. Thermoweb Heat'n Bond Lite Iron-on Adhesive
  3. Bernina walking foot question - I have a Virtuosa
  4. Need Help Finding a Pattern
  5. I like purple...
  6. Fusible Applique Question - Do you have to prewash?
  7. HELP--Fusible Art Applique?
  8. 6 pointed Log Cabin Star????
  9. Scary Machine Cleanup - Fixing Bobbin tension and cleaning under bobbin case
  10. Frustrated...
  11. Denver's bronco fabric/panel
  12. Planned "scrappy" quilt question?
  13. Instructions for converting dining room table.....
  14. ???? working with antique wool blocks
  15. Has anyone used the Grace Z44 Pro Fabri-Fast Hand Quilting Frame
  16. sewing machine
  17. Oops. I made a huge mistake.
  18. Is it wrong ....?
  19. How to Wash A New Quilt
  20. What type of chair do you use at your machine?
  21. Mini Bow Tuck tote question HELP
  22. Piece exclusively with walking foot?
  23. Half Square Triangles Tool?
  24. Pressing/ironing
  25. Please help me decide if this table will be worth it.
  26. Snow day
  27. Kay Buckley scissors
  28. can this machine be saved?
  29. Help...need the pattern name please
  30. Question that's been bugging me...
  31. First quiliting class today
  32. New appliqué method?
  33. What is your favorite strip piecing book?
  34. Tie die quilts
  35. Another Easter basket
  36. Stretchy Flannel
  37. Quilting Tables
  38. Embroidery machines, which one??
  39. What websites I can find cute applique patterms?
  40. Quilting with Girl Scouts...Help?!
  41. Wall Hangings
  42. Can anyone relate????
  43. prewash scraps before "stringing"?
  44. Need advice on HEAVY Flannel
  45. I finally got through to my husband
  46. using my scraps in 2013
  47. When is a UFO a UFO?
  48. So it's one of those days.
  49. Storage pouch for hot iron
  50. What is your favorite denim jeans project?
  51. Stains on very old quilt
  52. Handquilters - Which do you prefer Hobbs 80/20 or Hobbs Cotton?
  53. Looking for a pretty spring tablerunner
  54. Making Sandwiches ... the Quilt Kind!!!!
  55. Jenny's iron
  56. Tell me what you will be sewing tonight?
  57. Who took my stuff?
  58. Quilting Thread...
  59. Backing a quilt witih flannel
  60. Ever have a glorious day?
  61. Applique question.
  62. I don't understand what I am doing wrong
  63. Need your expert advice on Viking 875Q
  64. Adding some fat qtrs to my scraps
  65. Make templates & rulers so they won't slip.........
  66. Elmer's glue is my new best friend!!
  67. Sashings fixed...a big Thank you...
  68. Help! I am new to quilting!
  69. Need Advice from experienced frame quilters
  70. too many quilt shops closing
  71. Any members that own a Pfaff Granquilter 18.8
  72. Did You See Stitched the Film?
  73. Problem solved on my Brothers 1500 machine.
  74. Need Technique or Advice
  75. A#1 customer service from True Legends / Fun Fabrics
  76. Brother SE-400?
  77. Have to buy more than a layer cake or jelly roll
  78. Your Opinion: Hobbs 80/20 vs. Hobbs 100% cotton
  79. Lighting on Singer Sewing machine Heavy Duty Model 5532
  80. Soft and Stable interfacing
  81. Something I discovered about my Brother Innovis 4000D
  82. Sewing Machine
  83. Marshall Dry Goods - Have you used them?
  84. External Bobbin
  85. Overwhelmed with Fabric
  86. Quilting Quickly Magazine question ?
  87. Needle Default Position
  88. Need Advice - assisting Nephew with t-shirt quilt
  89. cutting mats
  90. Quilt Shows: Kit or original
  91. The Quilt Show
  92. Statement of Stash Flow
  93. There is no hope for me.
  94. I need tonals, where to buy?? and where is monkey quilt
  95. So excited!
  96. New Thread?
  97. ? About Machine Applied Binding
  98. Road to California
  99. Experience with paper making HSTs?
  100. Broadcloth vs muslin
  101. Bernina Equivalent to Jenome stitches
  102. looking for pattern
  103. Can anyone identify what type of fabric this is?
  104. Judy Martin log cabin (advice)
  105. Tee shirt quilt top
  106. Machine Sewing Binding to Front of Quilt--HELP!
  107. Online
  108. What I learned today at road2ca quilt class
  109. Pulling My HAIR OUT !!!!!!
  110. New Wal Mart opened today...
  111. "Stash Buster" Quilts
  112. I am so mad....
  113. Where do you get glue tips?
  114. Advice on 12.5 in Blocks
  115. Rotary Cutters
  116. Info on light weight sewing machine that sews the same as my keep-home one
  117. quilting with a DSM and a frame
  118. Out & About quilt by McKenna Ryan
  119. In search of santa pattern
  120. Batting tufts... sigh...
  121. Tips for quilt show entry?
  122. What is the best marking tool?
  123. I think I need a new chair.....
  124. Difference between "Warm and Natural" and "Warm and White"?
  125. Have you ever written directions to a project?
  126. Oh DROOLIES!!! I just got my very first catalog! (Keepsake)
  127. Finally won a Featherweight
  128. Is this what I'm supposed to use for my glue bottle? (Applicator tip)
  129. Feather weight price different
  130. question about fabric depot. Am I in the Twilight Zone?
  131. Help with FMQ
  132. Anyone else notice?
  133. Holy FW Batman!
  134. What batting do you use?
  135. My turn to ask for help re cutting mat
  136. Need help with FMQ please
  137. Do you cut your yardage down?
  138. "birthing" a quilt - what to do about the edges
  139. Ideas for a panel?
  140. Question about fusible applique
  141. While reading this thread....
  142. Paint chip challenge rules?
  143. Looking for a speaker for our Quilters Luncheon
  144. applique help needed
  145. Searching for something
  146. Ricky Timms One Seam Flying Geese
  147. Need some help
  148. FMQ and Quilting Pattern
  149. Corduroy
  150. On the go
  151. Signature color chart?
  152. Red Fabric that bleeds
  153. It started out being a good day fmq
  154. saving for a new perfect machine
  155. Book Jelly Roll Inspirations
  156. harley davidson quilt help
  157. Sashing help please!
  158. Eq 7
  159. Shopping freeze for fabric
  160. Question about using hankies for quilt.
  161. online fabric shops
  162. Fabric Store in Minneapolis Mn
  163. Cheap Back-up
  164. Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star template
  165. Fabric fabric fabric
  166. Glossary Terms
  167. Rotary cutters
  168. I have a query about sewing machines
  169. Treasures found at thrift store...
  170. door breeze preventer need pattern information
  171. finding free pattern for Tradewinds
  172. Help my French Braid always goes crooked
  173. Need help with binding on shaped table toppers
  174. Question on thread tension on machine quilting
  175. Questions Regarding Thread for Sewing Machine
  176. lqs in Lake Tahoe Area?
  177. Oh my goodness! I went shopping for a Toyota and came home with a Mercedes!
  178. How to remove bulk from bringing points together
  179. Hobbs 100% cotton batting
  180. Which would you choose?
  181. what type of label
  182. My Machine Broke
  183. Serger thread......can I use for quilting?
  184. Quilt shop(s) in Seattle, WA? Suggestions?
  185. Where do you buy your pantographs for your long arm?
  186. How far should I go to save a quilt??
  187. jumping walking foot
  188. anyone using digitizer jr
  189. Isn't there an easier way to make this?
  190. plastic bucket cover
  191. Question on width of binding......
  192. What pattern is behind Bonnie?
  193. Singer 160 Question
  194. Tp for matching points and seams perfectly
  195. spinoff to "talking quilts"
  196. Essential Thread
  197. Do You FMQ Feathers? HELP!
  198. Will this design work?
  199. Simple Quilting
  200. Best place to find Jelly Rolls with wide choices of colors
  201. silk wall hanging help
  202. Fabric Panels help
  203. Hot Craft Room Help
  204. my braided runner
  205. Cabot Quilt
  206. Lap quilt
  207. Please help me pick a pattern for these fabrics!
  208. Think I need/want a new iron
  209. TWO machines and a love story!
  210. Cutting Faux Pas
  211. Piecing thread tension
  212. Super Bowl mystery quilt
  213. Iron madness!
  214. technical question
  215. Machine Quilting-Just a couple more questions
  216. Tips for 1/4" seam allowance - PART 2 WITH PICS
  217. Lone Star Quilt
  218. Help needed! Lone star quilt
  219. Design assistance please!
  220. Ruler Work on LA
  221. Attention all Thimbleberry fabric lovers!!!
  222. What a perfect day!
  223. Quilt as you go questions
  224. Okay, which one of you bought up all the solid white at Connecting Threads?
  225. Trade In Trade Up
  226. Quilt Sizes
  227. Sleepless in Streator
  228. How big are your binding stitches?
  229. batting verses fleece
  230. setting triangles for quilt with blocks on point
  231. Babylock Embroidery Software
  232. Learning applique
  233. Grandson's Christmas present
  234. Old machine broke, bought new machine
  235. Hanging Quilt Frame
  236. FMQ question
  237. Advice needed about selecting a white for a bridal quilt
  238. What I learned about quilting
  239. hinterberg frame
  240. It's Virtual Quilt Day!! Today - Sunday, January 20, 2013
  241. I just bought an old Necchi sewing machine and a cabinet.
  242. Sheets for backing?
  243. Help with tension please
  244. Pfaff
  245. Can someone please identify this block?
  246. cutting mats
  247. What Pattern is this?
  248. best white fabric
  249. Quilts talk
  250. Worst Advice...