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  1. Will binding detract from pattern?
  2. Need label advise
  3. like a kid in a candy shop
  4. My FIrst FMQ With My Dreamweaver
  5. Juki TL2010, do you have one?
  6. Advice please
  7. Where to find Ecology cloth?
  8. Folding your quilts
  9. What brand fray block do you guys like?
  10. Online quilt block planning math!
  11. can't stop sewing scraps...part 3 fabric chose for border
  12. There are times it just won't work!
  13. What to do with fabric that frays
  14. Singer Sewing Machine.
  15. Quilting without batting??
  16. found a tote full of cloth
  17. Machine or Hand applique, which do you use most for embellishment?
  18. Craftsy Classes
  19. Bias Binding Foot
  20. how about tablecloths?
  21. Noel pattern and xmas Judy N -just got
  22. Walking Foot HELP!
  23. Looking for juvenile/baby fabrics
  24. Help! Does anyone else have a problem with Pfaff 2144?
  25. Quilting wavy lines
  26. Judy Niemeyer patterns...How hard are they?
  27. pattern suggestions?
  28. Crumb blocks with unexpected block.....
  29. Need ideas for group quilt
  30. Dumb question
  31. I'm looking for suggestions
  32. Is there an easy peasy way to make foolproof HST's?
  33. Need Advice Before Purchasing a Frame
  34. Another copyright discussion
  35. Beautiful fabric in Alaska
  36. the PERFECT quilting/craft room
  37. Now if I could cut straight and sew straight
  38. How much fabric?
  39. Hand Quilting Thread
  40. double knits
  41. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve
  42. Anything Goes..
  43. Boutique store find
  44. Best size of material to keep ?
  45. Birthing (or pillow casing) a large quilt HELP!
  46. Have you used muslin in your quilts?
  47. Thermore batting
  48. Do these match or clash?
  49. Quilted Purses
  50. cutting scraps question
  51. What to do with this?
  52. Is this what starching would help with?
  53. Accuquilt Go Dies. I want to do a Storm at Sea quilt
  54. LQS going out of business
  55. Quilting with Embroidery Machine
  56. MSQC twisted my arm again!
  57. Need help!
  58. Searching for Leanne Beasly's Down in the Garden pattern
  59. Machine Embroidery Software
  60. Batiks, Bleeding?
  61. Joining half hexagons with strips..... at the end of my rope!
  62. Looking for a "Lego" quilt pattern
  63. Broken threads
  64. Question on Tenn. Waltz sub-block
  65. Ironing cover fabric
  66. Mixing fabrics
  67. Going to the Chicago Quilt Show without a rental car...Advice
  68. Juki HZL-f600
  69. How should I fix this quilt.
  70. Sewing machine from my cousin Cindy!
  71. Looking for Mystery Train info
  72. Quilt Design Suggestions??
  73. Sunbonnet Sue Question
  74. Monochromatic quilt patterns?
  75. Looking For Mexican Star Pattern with Folded Edges
  76. new forum member... question about custom printed quilt blocks
  77. Can anyone ID this red and white fabric?
  78. Adding Border To Quilt
  79. My turn!
  80. Latest obsession is
  81. Question about precuts
  82. Which ruler do you use and why do you prefer it?
  83. Pattern for my scrappy quilt.
  84. If I don't get help--I may not have any fabric left!!
  85. trains and butterflies
  86.'s not exactly a back-up!
  87. What brand of thread do you use
  88. My Early Early birthday present to myself...
  89. Would anyone be interested in a giant fabric swap?
  90. Help me!
  91. What are the requirements in purchasing a Long Arm Quilting machine
  92. Ruined iron w/fusible webbing
  93. Jelly Roll 1600 question
  94. Brother Innovis QC1000
  95. Pattern for quickly made sampler quilt for a baby gift!
  96. Label using black pen
  97. Must go help at the School...
  98. The 'crinkly' look
  99. Need suggestion for King sized quilt
  100. Can it go sideways?
  101. Reversible quilt
  102. FMQ for sampler quilt
  103. Help with identifying a pattern, please?
  104. Where to get colorful quilt backing Indiana?
  105. The things we do for love
  106. How do I find a Shop Hop in the Omaha, Ne area?.
  107. Backup/RV machine - which Janome do you suggest?
  108. Which way to go fabric first or pattern
  109. Can I do anything about this?
  110. Paper piecing question - fabric waster?
  111. I think I need to take a basic math class.
  112. Quilt Storage
  113. What type of flooring for new studio
  114. Need Help Building My Stash
  115. Small Bags
  116. Need info on a gammill quilting machine - $550
  117. Estate sale find
  118. I will never use red and maroon fabric in a quilt again!
  119. Storing Quilts
  120. Save those "tiny" leftover scraps
  121. What did you do fro Memorial Day?
  122. Can anyone explain what a Quilt Run is to me?
  123. Help in finding a pattern.
  124. HELPS Please - Janome Artistic 18
  125. What was the first thing you used a needle on?
  126. Need help with machine quilting...
  127. Purple quilt for sara!
  128. Folding a Quilt
  129. Does redwork need some backing on the squares?
  130. Machine skipping stitches
  131. Startching fat quarters
  132. Quilt Shop Quest in the upper Midwest: OH, IN, IL, WI, MN??
  133. I'm Stuck!!!!!!! Help
  134. have you been so excited to finish quilt?
  135. thread choice
  136. Storing Each Project Solution
  137. Just found two ill matched Jelly Rolls
  138. Need advice on thread color for fmq
  139. Request for info - Pfaff 1245 - industrial machine
  140. Would like your opinion of the aluminum Grace Quilting Frame Please
  141. How would you quilt this??
  142. Help, please!
  143. To border or not to border
  144. Block question
  145. Elmer's Glue Messy Story
  146. Anyone have new feedback on the Huskvarna Viking platinum 3000?
  147. Binding Problem; help!!
  148. New cutting table?
  149. A quilting problem.
  150. Sewing binding on by machine ??s
  151. Ping pong table
  152. Questions from newer quilter
  153. Patriotic 12 inch block
  154. Fmq sewing table help?
  155. Panel for a quilt
  156. Cotton with flannel
  157. Help with making a whole in my sewing table for my machine!!!!
  158. Edge-stitch flannel blocks?
  159. Rotary cutters & blades?
  160. Is there a "best time" to purchase a machine?
  161. fat quarter conversion?
  162. Can't get my motivation back
  163. help please *first quilt*
  164. Block help please?
  165. Children's fabric for charity
  166. Do you know of a pattern called "Pine Ridge"?
  167. Embroidery machine on ebay?
  168. Fabrics with glitter/sparkles
  169. Can't stop sewing scraps...Part 2 need color advice
  170. Where can I find Egyptian theme print fabrics?
  171. I Need Some HELP!
  172. Did Anyone work on a quilt this weekend?
  173. Hand Quilting - No frame no hoop
  174. A problem with Frixion pens?
  175. Pfaff 1222
  176. Need Advice!
  177. Entry level embroidery machine
  178. How close to quilt?
  179. How do you stop and start your quilting?
  180. Cat quilt on the cover of Hancocks of Paducah Summer Catalog?
  181. Pictures of blocks
  182. shirtings
  183. Math question for the numerically challenged (attic window)
  184. beginning applique and hoping to art quilt
  185. To All Longarmer's
  186. Need quilt photography how-tos
  187. Which tension is off?
  188. Calling all Janome 350E owners...this embroidery newbie has many questions :)
  189. Satin Backing????
  190. Thread recommendations
  191. Is there an easier way to give birth?
  192. Handprints painted on quilts
  193. Ay Advise w\ Electronic Rotary Blade Sharpener
  194. Super slider or equivalent
  195. appliance covers?
  196. Should it be this tough to pick a machine?
  197. Does anyone know anything about Singer H74 machines?
  198. Off Squared quilt... :(
  199. I hope I'm not the first one to do this!
  200. Bed Sheets
  201. 505 basting spray
  202. Bearding problem
  203. 1st time machine quilting
  204. Why is my Babylock struggling going over thick seams?
  205. Pfaff Passport 2.0 - question
  206. Any one going to the Rapid City Quilt Show in two weeks?
  207. Dear Jane - next questions
  208. Which Batting do you use in a wall hanging?
  209. Your dream machine
  210. Help- bobbin winding message
  211. Can't Remember How to Use Embird
  212. Paper panto
  213. Didi Laphoop by Grace Company
  214. Unusual request
  215. What is reasonable when trading in a machine?
  216. Sewing Machines
  217. toaster cover help
  218. Quilters vinyl ??
  219. Janome 6600, Bottom Line, Connecting Threads and FMQ
  220. Are you familiar with National Sewing Circle?
  221. When do new fabric collections come out?t
  222. Pfaff Grand Quilter Hobby 1200 - Feedback?
  223. New Iron
  224. Courthouse Steps with Stars
  225. Question about making a scrappy quilt
  226. Question re: sashing - how wide?
  227. Help with math..
  228. Iron cord which does NOT curl
  229. Converting Block Size - HELP PLEASE !
  230. Quilt show bus trip games
  231. Quick help needed - little girls want to sew!!!!
  232. Great Quilt Guld meeting
  233. Quilt pattern has got me stumped
  234. Barn Quilt board
  235. Fees for Teaching
  236. Need quilt guild ideas
  237. What paint to use on a quilt?
  238. Virtual Retreat - Extreme Home Sewing Edition
  239. To starch or not to startch.....
  240. updates for Bernina Software?
  241. I've got them well trained.
  242. Question for fans of AccuQuilt dies..
  243. Can't stop sewing scraps...
  244. Light Log Cabin
  245. embroidered quilts
  246. Question - What size to cut squaring-up triangles
  247. Favorite Quilt Bloggers
  248. Need quilting suggestions for a UFO
  249. Chevron quilt
  250. Linda Lee pattern "Treasurer's Quilt"