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  1. A New Quilt Found!!!!
  2. How many quilt on reg sewing machine?
  3. What color for the first border?
  4. ? About Log Cabin Blocks and Fabric Placement, Do You Use Same Fabric for Same Log?
  5. Advice on MID-ARM sewing machines
  6. Need ideas for a Butterfly themed baby quilt
  7. Starting a new quilting group - advice?
  8. pressing batting
  9. Should I?
  10. Cutting Fabric
  11. McKenna Ryan fans
  12. Help finding a pattern please?
  13. Help; i need help!!!
  14. Having Issues With Sashing and Cornerstones
  15. calling all sewists!
  16. Help!!!! designed this and now I am stuck : (
  17. heat press batting
  18. Sewing machine foot pedal query
  19. Opinion on Bernina 780 machine
  20. Super Quilter
  21. Need Advice on Sturdy Sewing Tables
  22. quilting machine tension problems
  23. Mistake in Quilting Quickly Magazine
  24. Insurance value of quilts?
  25. Jenny's Autograph
  26. Using Muslin
  27. Fabric Math Help Needed Please
  28. Virtual Quilt Day This Sunday, February 17, 2012 .... Get Ready!!
  29. What does your material stash look like?
  30. I have a 12 pattern but need the finshed block to be 12.5
  31. A call to Southern California Viking 18x8 long arm machine owners
  32. Egyptian Cotton Thread
  33. vintage Singer 319w/36w
  34. still trying to choose a sewing machine
  35. Kit help please
  36. Using Paper Templates
  37. Quilt Repair
  38. fabric buyers regret
  39. Three Color Baby Quilt Patterns
  40. Connecting Threads flannel, wash or no wash?
  41. Mistyfuse and dark fabrics
  42. Making a quilt with onesies
  43. What color of thread would you use?
  44. How many chances do you give a LA before saying no more?
  45. moving to Rural Alaska
  46. Made in USA - FYI
  47. What is it called when.........?
  48. Cleaning Frenzy
  49. Entering an AQS show
  50. Size of Mug Rugs?
  51. Looking for a posted pattern and quilt
  52. Stretchy Fabric in Sashing
  53. What is the best brand of washable lint roller?
  54. Foundation Paper Piecing Tip
  55. Quilt Bottom Bunching
  56. printable fabric. Who has done it and helpful hints
  57. straight line quilting
  58. double slice jelly roll pattern
  59. I need your help ( Irish Chain)
  60. Threads and Cold Weather...
  61. how do you press the back of this star?
  62. The Perfect Thimble! (for me anyway)
  63. Just finished a baby quilt. . .send it or donate it?
  64. Goals for the week and UFO's
  65. make your ruler no-slip
  66. Monofilament thread for free motion quilting - need some help
  67. Does anyone know the name of the center block in the top row?
  68. A ? about cathredral window quilts
  69. Question about placement of bear on baby quilt
  70. 7 x7 Quilting Square
  71. Opinions needed ~ Eagle panel quilt
  72. Holly Holderman / LakeHouse ~ Frosted Dots in Black
  73. New to Quilting. Legit Heritage Quilt (30+ years in the making) Help please!
  74. Book suggestions on learning to free-motion quilt?
  75. would you use wool blankets for batting?
  76. Homespun Fabric
  77. I need help enlarging a block - PLEASE
  78. Susan Winget Fabric
  79. Don't try to explain Frixion pens use for quilting.
  80. anybody had issuses with this?
  81. Mistake in my own pattern - keep it?
  82. FAQ's re quilting---What are some you hear and your replies?
  83. Thrift Store Fabric Score!
  84. Chatter Quilts
  85. Cutting strip sets
  86. My first try at hand-applique
  87. Quilt as desired?? HELP!
  88. Looking for a tutorial on here of a 4/9 patch and design makes a flower
  89. Would a Polyester Fabric and Stabilizer Combination Work?
  90. How do you pick the color thread to do the quilting?
  91. What do I do with my king BOM?
  92. Ideas needed please for a quilting design ?
  93. My "Free Quilt"
  94. Got a name for your machine?
  95. Easy Spring Wallhanging Patterns Please
  96. Go!
  97. Sweet 16
  98. Heavily applique quilt
  99. how to I break my quilting block?
  100. Anyone have Brother Innovis 1200?
  101. Want to find letters for children's blocks for a quilt
  102. New Sewing Machine
  103. Searching for a fast but impressive looking quilt pattern
  104. Making a foot book
  105. Chicken Quilt
  106. From Don-isewman--THANK YOU to the board members.
  107. What is this machine, and is it appropriate for quilting?
  108. My First Pinwheel--What's Next
  109. Border suggestions, please?
  110. I got a Janome 6600 today! WOOHOOO :)
  111. Signature quilt
  112. Quilt as you go.
  113. Would really appreciate some help with QAYG.
  114. Let's Dream about Machines
  115. Thinking about purchasing Bernina 780
  116. Fiskers vs Olfa Rotating Mat
  117. Batting, backing, and oversized enthusiasm oh my! Help!
  118. Tips for not stretching triangle pieces when ripping out stitches?
  119. Favorite short are quilting pattern
  120. Getting a quilting pattern from a bound book
  121. Border Quilting
  122. Help please - how do you do this?
  123. Batik colors bleeding!!!
  124. Got to see my friend use long arm!
  125. Where to buy downloadable patterns
  126. HELP! Thread doesn't catch while quilting
  127. When selling a piece do you prewash your fabrics?
  128. Pre-wash flannel?
  129. Who Owns a Tin Lizzie 18??
  130. Can you help??I can't get the pencil marks out of my finished quilt.
  131. Altos QuiltCut2 Sales??
  132. I removed Permanent Ink on Quilt... thank Heaven!!
  133. Nighty night Will by Bunny Hill
  134. Garage Sale Jackpot
  135. "Happy Blooms" HELP Many hours wasted.
  136. What do you call.....
  137. Featherweight
  138. Help me select a new sewing machine Please!!
  139. Interesting... a place that "stretches" your machine to an 18" throat
  140. needles is it just me?
  141. Letter/Monograming software
  142. A Great Find At Harbor Freight
  143. Anyone know what this pattern is?
  144. What do you like to use to mark a hand embroidery design?
  145. Rayon vs. Polyester Embroidery Thread
  146. Quilt & Sewing Machine shops in Atlanta?
  147. All those you gave us tutorials.
  148. Fabric Cutters
  149. Heart pattern
  150. Quilting and glue sticks
  151. Dresden Plate table topper question
  152. basting spray
  153. Favorite tote bag pattern?
  154. Quilting Commandments. So true
  155. Beginner quilter... I have some questions...
  156. Brother Nouvelle 1500 S Sewing Machine
  157. Thread on PQ 1500S
  158. Do Not buy Benartex Bali Darks Layer cakes if you want 10 x 10 inches !!
  159. A Crazy Quilter Blown away!
  160. if your looking for a very nice cotton piecing thread
  161. learned about Daily Deal.......
  162. embroidery machine
  163. fleece and the Longarm quilter
  164. Warm Wishes Free?
  165. Donating a less than perfect quilt.
  166. Fat quarters in a bag
  167. Preparing for our quilters get together
  168. need input on several different quilting machines
  169. Fabric Shopping in Kuwait
  170. inspiration at the art museum!
  171. New iron needed
  172. Round Robin help - I'm stumped for an idea!
  173. Back won't hurt anymore when cutting.
  174. Tough Decision, should I sew a rag bag or should I clean?
  175. HELP!--Fabric Selection for Mariner's Compass
  176. How to hang a quilt "on point"?
  177. HELP! got E1 Error on my horizon
  178. Titanium Rotary blades ;)
  179. new magazine
  180. String Quilts: Which do you prefer?
  181. My New Best Buddy
  182. fixing old quilts
  183. Janoome 6600 price?
  184. Was it a dream?.
  185. "One Block" quilts (not wonders) you make many pieces, or a few large ones?
  186. Need suggestions on my 'ugly' quilt... please.
  187. I think I need a quilting table
  188. Would you take this deal?
  189. Quilt on wall in Y & R..
  190. Minky Quilt Backing
  191. Mojo
  192. Viking Emerald 118 help
  193. We raised $400 with a quilt I donated for kids!
  194. Need help with pattern
  195. Quick quilt
  196. Children's fabrics
  197. Brother PE 770 emb. Machine comments please
  198. Unknown Quilt Pattern
  199. What Are You Working on That is a Challenge For You?
  200. Help with my Pfaff 2020
  201. Sashing question
  202. Bernette 340 comments please
  203. Applique question
  204. Pull threads?
  205. looking for an elephant quilt block pattern
  206. MASSIVE shrinkage - beware
  207. Learning to machine quilt
  208. latest favorite gadget
  209. Blazing Star Assemby Help Needed!
  210. Hancocks honoring JoAnn's coupons!!!
  211. Batting suggestions for pet crate quilt?
  212. Akonye Kena Fabric
  213. What's on your design board right now?
  214. Quilt.con in Austin
  215. What is your must have item ?
  216. Question regarding using minky for backing
  217. About to quilt my first quilt top...have a question.
  218. Jelly Roll or Strip Quilt Question??
  219. Unbelievable- found "catalog" pattern free online.
  220. Consultation please
  221. mug rugs
  222. Fusible web for applique
  223. Quilt patterns using both jelly rolls and layer cakes
  224. Attention UK Residents - Quilting Store in Central London?
  225. Blooming Nine Patch...
  226. Fusible batting?
  227. Quilt As You Go
  228. Alvin and I
  229. Embroidery thread for FMQ?
  230. I can see!!!!
  231. Help quick!
  232. want to find Tin Lizzie on line group
  233. Quilting on minky
  234. How to keep ruler from sliding while cutting?
  235. Developing Quilt Patterns - Advice Please
  236. $10 sewing machine!
  237. Vera Bradley fabric
  238. Autographs too small to hem
  239. I won a FabShopHop gift certificate!
  240. What kind of table for cutting?
  241. Best way to remedy this?
  242. Quilt problem... maybe :)
  243. Batting substitute?
  244. HST Measurement?
  245. Where to buy Sulky Polylite??
  246. Women of Courage - Yardage?
  247. What I heard at JoAnn's store today
  248. Bucket list!
  249. Need ideas for "Dogs on the Beach" Attic Window quilt: final borders
  250. Changing colors on PE-770