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  1. Question about Blockbase
  2. I need input on a border please
  3. Muslin question.
  4. all white quilt
  5. AQS Show in Grand Rapids
  6. Two tops I am presently working on
  7. Denim and corduory
  8. A few hand quilting questions
  9. Pouchy Stars
  10. Charm squares - straight or pinked?
  11. Yardage Help
  12. Wrinkled Fusible Batting - Help
  13. Flannel purchased from Walmart
  14. EQ's Block Base -opinions
  15. Question about new cutting table at Joann's
  16. My Janome dealer called me with great news
  17. tute for quilted duffle bag
  18. Qulting-how long does it take you to do the actual quilting?
  19. Come Quilt wit me Today - 8/19 (Sorry it's late!!)
  20. Come Quilt with me Today - 8/19
  21. Help! Not enough backing fabric!
  22. Sewing Machine Savvy
  23. Snowballs
  24. Using contact paper for marking a quilt???
  25. machine applique stitch
  26. Pre-cut wool strips from the 40s
  27. Crooked stitches when sewing a straight stitch??
  28. RJR "Handspray" fabric
  29. Bobbins, bobbins, bobbins
  30. Wisdom for cutting blue jeans for quilts
  31. Flynn Multi-frame system ???????
  32. New machine suggestion
  33. Name of this pattern?
  34. Buying from board members
  35. Will this make a good Kaleidoscope quilt?
  36. Quilt store closing - I scored!
  37. Could my rotary cutter be the problem?
  38. sewling cabinets
  39. The John Flynn System for quilting
  40. Remember my quilt that was ruined - IT'S BACK!!!! Thank-you Pungogal
  41. Help about a pattern please.
  42. '80's Montgomery Ward machine threading question
  43. ? about colors for baby quilts
  44. Tip for Making Very Narrow Border or Sashing
  45. Best way to quilt top.
  46. When you give your guilt
  47. What i have learned.... a quilting funny rehashed...
  48. homemade mouse in a fruit jar
  49. Does anyone have an A1 quilting machine?
  50. Mug Rug contest entries posted
  51. Value of wedding quilt for my son
  52. Board Method Basting w/Spray?
  53. Rotating Cutting Mat
  54. Anybody Going to or Already Gone to Quiltfest - Manchester, NH?
  55. Things are just not working out.....
  56. Help to Find Needle!!
  57. Need feedback on the Janome 350E Embroidery Machine
  58. Question about quilting __ inches apart
  59. Trying to figure it out-Is there a "Standard" strip size??
  60. Connecting Threads flanell?
  61. World Quilt Show
  62. Quality of Henry Glass Fabric
  63. is this where i ask for machine help ?
  64. Know any LQSs in southwestern PA, western MD or northern WV?
  65. Yo-yo maker
  66. Oh Christmas Tree! Dressed for the Holiday pattern by Karla Alexander
  67. Looking for a pattern
  68. When you see your quilt
  69. FMQ Question
  70. Stabilizer Advice
  71. Learning the longarm
  72. I am in dire need of help............
  73. New Laurel Burch fabrics !
  74. fat quarters
  75. Water soluble thread keeps breaking
  76. Potholder question
  77. Questions about your stash
  78. Went to the sew and vac for needles and came with
  79. Is my DH great or what?
  80. ???Best most affordable filling for pincushions
  81. fusing with a steam press
  82. Name of this Quilt Block?
  83. Suggestions for a cancer quilt
  84. how should I quilt this one???
  85. Check out this cute fabric
  86. Finding a Pattern threw distributors list of customers and aquiring it.
  87. should I stop using this thread?
  88. using flannel
  89. Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilts
  90. fabric buying advice/help :)
  91. Question about Printing on Fabric for Quilt
  92. Bed Runner
  93. August Fabshop Hop Help?
  94. Best Way to Applique and Why?
  95. Another light bulb moment
  96. How to clean this old quilt
  97. looking for a pattern
  98. wedding quilt
  99. miniature quilt patterns
  100. I need to find more of this fabric.
  101. Does anyone have the Guidelines 4 Quilting ruler system?
  102. Hanging bag/pincushion thingy
  103. Fusible Laser Cut Kits
  104. need help finding this material
  105. Regular or Ultimate Pounce Pad?
  106. Pressing ?
  107. Nontraditional tools for quilting
  108. Electric Blade Sharpeners
  109. janome 12000
  110. Does anyone have a suggestion for a border around a picture?
  111. HELP! FMQ with metallic thread..
  112. Easiest Way to Square Up a Quilt
  113. Applique tutorials
  114. Best Starter Book for Quilters
  115. Fabric collections
  116. Need tips using stencils that continue on border
  117. Has anyone shopped here?
  118. Do you have a suggestion for my next quilt?
  119. National Festival of Quilts - NEC Birmingham 16th - 19th August
  120. Sewing Machine Light
  121. Quilting..alot or alittle??
  122. What can I do with this fabric?
  123. Strip pieced disappearing nine patch
  124. How do you get holes out when you rip machine quilting?
  125. Cone Thread Holder Idea
  126. Blue fabric marker - help please
  127. Layer cake
  128. Does anyone know where I can buy this redwork design???
  129. Which white is right..side that is
  130. Can rayon be used?
  131. Need help locating a pattern
  132. Clover Wonder Clips
  133. Rag Barn in Alpena, Arkansas
  134. Help with Thousands Pyramids Quilt
  135. I had to have a back to school door hanging
  136. color bleeding question
  137. Husqvara Huskylock 936 question
  138. Keepsake Quilt kits--question about the pre-cut applique
  139. Innov-is 500 D embroidery machine
  140. Passin through Souix Falls
  141. Have I painted myself into a corner here?
  142. San Antonio, TX quilt shop
  143. Need advice from a hand quilter
  144. Question about pens for hand embroidery marking..... help please.
  145. Help please - do you know this quilt pattern?
  146. Help me find grapes/wine bottles quilt
  147. I cheated on my LQS
  148. lost my mind??????????????
  149. I just bought a.....
  150. Thank you for Izabella's Blue Blocks
  151. quilt stores in Orlando, FL
  152. What brand of spray basting do you recommend?
  153. My first attempt at a dresden plate
  154. Janome 350e prewound bobbin & stabilizer help
  155. How do I know if I need background fill?
  156. Is this how UFO's happen?
  157. County Fair Entries
  158. Twin Sisters Quilt by Eleanor Burns
  159. Help needed re: bias sides on sqs on point fillers..
  160. New Brother V Series Dreamweaver machine
  161. Help! Measurement problems
  162. faux piped binding
  163. Looking for a certain quilt - It had photos that looked like a film strip
  164. Christmas in July Oops Make that September
  165. Need help with nesting seams
  166. pressure feet
  167. Latest about Mary Ellen Hopkins
  168. Yellow border or not?
  169. Best machine for quilting... around $1000
  170. Opinions on better layout of T-shirt Quilt
  171. What makes a shop "worth" going to????
  172. ?? for anyone that uses a Sew Steady with their Jem...
  173. Big dilemma, need advice please
  174. Help with hexagons that were supposed to be kaleidoscope?
  175. Singer 15-91
  176. Long Arm
  177. vollyball fabric
  178. Nylon thread??
  179. When you sew your binding on...
  180. Can you substitute flying geese for half square triangles?
  181. singer 416
  182. Community affair quilt!
  183. Anyone notice that Joann's fabrics are better quality than LQS?
  184. Duvet Cover, sort of....
  185. Janome 7700
  186. Bindings
  187. I have finally conquered the Longarm!
  188. Table runner not quite finished - what to do?
  189. how to hide finished edges inside my purse
  190. Quilting Magazines
  191. need suggestion for dessert block
  192. Help! My new table isn't slippery!
  193. Gingher 5" scissors--opinions please!
  194. I am Addicted!
  195. What was I thinking?
  196. cracked olfa blade
  197. I bought a Jem!
  198. tri rec block size
  199. Favorite source/link for Block of the Month kits?
  200. Please help me find Kona Bay Liberated Radiance The Mary Ellen Hopkins Co
  201. Problems when i get to last rows on little gracie 2.
  202. Items canceled from order?
  203. tri rec fish pattern
  204. I just bought a Gingher rotary blade and it's the bomb!!!
  205. Margo Handbag by Lazy Girl Designs - easy to enlarge?
  206. Is it just me? :(
  207. wall hanging
  208. Anyone have the Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen?
  209. help bent needles
  210. Travelling rulers
  211. Folding fabric for washing
  212. Is Vera Bradley fabrics sold any where?
  213. Twister Quilt template ???
  214. Single Irish Chain opinions needed
  215. corduroy quilts
  216. Varigated Thread question........
  217. Anyone sewn a laptop cover?
  218. Hand vs. Machine Quilting
  219. Homemade basting spray
  220. Best way to find fabric?
  221. Some suggestions please?
  222. Cordless steam iron
  223. Math Challenge
  224. NEW Elna Lotus 2012
  225. New binding idea........
  226. Quilt from fabric panel?
  227. Siggy blocks galore -found more of them!
  228. price of used Janome Platinum 760?
  229. August Virtual Quilt Day - 8/19
  230. Help Help Help, what color thread to quilt a baby quilt
  231. Tell me if i'm crazy.......buti have an idea !!!!
  232. online quilt shop name?
  233. P.i.g.s
  234. Pressure Feet
  235. Wonderful little steel, leather and velcro thimble.
  236. progress on gfg
  237. Quilts of Valor
  238. what are your favorite star blocks?
  239. another find
  240. Why you should ALWAYS put a piece of fabric in your machine when not in use!
  241. Double Slice pattern
  242. What would YOU spend your money on...
  243. Sewing machine for quilting on unlimited budget
  244. Q regarding variegated thread
  245. Unsure about starting and stopping quilting in the middle
  246. hint for stuffing blocks, crib bumper pads, cushions etc
  247. Still working on not feeling guilty
  248. Janome advice...
  249. Having Way Too Much Fun
  250. Cutting issue