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  1. Looking for embroidery/applique machine recommendations
  2. Question About Tying a Quilt
  3. Baby changing pad
  4. How Can You Tell Flannel from Regular Cotton Fabric?? Is it hard sometimes?
  5. Bobbin Winder
  6. Frustrating Day
  7. borders for Christmas quilt with cat fabric
  8. Binding Fabric--Should I use the dark or the medium ?? Would like opinions
  9. Thread question
  10. Anyone have A Janome 160P DBX
  11. Bernina Presser Feet
  12. Show me a picture of what you think stipling should look like.
  13. Can someone please identify this block?
  14. Help with a Grinch pattern
  15. Trapunto/Poly Batt Question
  16. Color Catchers
  17. Hankies
  18. cutting mats
  19. Looking for pattern
  20. table runners...question
  21. To QUILT or TIE/TACK...that is the question...
  22. Needle plate screw driver
  23. singer quantum stylist 9960 - Is this a good machine
  24. hand quilting hoops
  25. Total newbie needing advice
  26. Dear Jane + 2 1/2 strips question
  27. Broken Walking Foot
  28. I tried something new to me today
  29. Anyone remember a blog or newsletter post about using solids....?
  30. question for Gidget & Gidget 2 owners
  31. Serger Thread???
  32. Did I get myself into more than I can handle
  33. Ar-r-r-g
  34. Has anyone used minky for backing?
  35. help for Inspira quilting frame
  36. This quilt broke my heart!
  37. fancypins
  38. Anyone Who has the new Jamone 8900
  39. craigslist find-decent deal
  40. Cream Puff Christmas Tree, not the dessert
  41. Looking for felt quilt
  42. Help with bag
  43. Elna Excellence 740?
  44. Silhouette Cameo Cutter
  45. Are YOU making Christmas gifts this year?!
  46. Whatever happened.....
  47. Quilt Patterns
  48. Tell Me There Is A Better Way
  49. Smart Phone Apps
  50. Does anyone own a Singer CE 250 sewing/embroidery machine?
  51. can someone find the NON-UTUBE link for this pattern?
  52. Please help find Lumiere de Noel fabric
  53. Wawak needles 4 Sweet Sixteen
  54. Chalk board fabric, has anyone?
  55. What a great Husband I have
  56. Quilting close together or far apart
  57. Organ machine needles?
  58. Help finding pattern
  59. Adding to stash question
  60. Used Gammill - Tell me what you think
  61. Learned a new trick!
  62. cutting ruler?
  63. polar fleece for rag quilt?
  64. Any night owls sewing tonight?
  65. Not enough fabric for backing and cannot find anymore
  66. Sharon Schamber Network?
  67. Question re Dear Jane and CD
  68. Making a block smaller . . . how?
  69. handed down lace tablecloths
  70. looking for a disaooearing 9 patch
  71. And I'm not even new at this...
  72. Is there an easy answer to this?
  73. Janome Horizon 7700
  74. Mr Vac & Mrs Sew
  75. Brother PQ 1500s - does anyone have this machine?
  76. Yahoo Quilt groups?
  77. looking for pattern for "arrows" quilt
  78. 3 Questions about my quilt and reverse applique
  79. QB Postcards
  80. Warmer? Thicker?
  81. Quilted pop up credit card holder.
  82. Really quick question....
  83. Quilt Labels
  84. I want to purchase this product but can't find it anyplace...
  85. rolling star
  86. have any of you made a double wedding ring using "The Rings that Bind" method?
  87. Necessary Quilting/Sewing Tools in Multiples
  88. Can't believe what I am getting for Christmas
  89. Loops on the bottom when meandering
  90. Help choosing a Star Block
  91. Quilting software
  92. My sewing room changing over to an ER this afternoon.
  93. Help me decide how to...
  94. Help looking for this pattern
  95. Ohio Valley Quilt Guild
  96. Embroidery Machine
  97. Verse for qwillow
  98. I found a nifty item so I won't cut myself with my rotary cutter
  99. looking for a bargello pattern that is round when finished
  100. Santa's quilting gift list...
  101. FM quilting help!
  102. I know this is a dumb question BUt.......
  103. Comments .... regarding Pfaff Ambition 1.5
  104. He really loves me...A LOT!!!!!!!
  105. Help!!!!!!!
  106. Where to buy Retayne and Synthrapol online?
  107. Duvet and quilting help
  108. Ouch............
  109. Bobbin Winder
  110. Supreme Slider alternative
  111. Small (Portable) Iron Question
  112. How to cut for backing fabric
  113. Help - I'm a Newbie
  114. I finally like binding!!
  115. Pfaff Ambition Essential
  116. How do you make your quilting designs on quilts????
  117. 2/3 ratio
  118. Christmas tree quilt pattern
  119. Dry iron vs steam iron
  120. Homesteader Long Arm?
  121. Suggest new embroidery machine
  122. So I guess those rotary blades ARE sharp afterall!!
  123. Batting scraps
  124. A newbie needs quilting advice...
  125. BQ3 focus fabric yardage?
  126. White Chalk Pencil
  127. Help - tips/sewing machine for sewing thru 4 layers of plush fleece
  128. Jem Gold Plus Trim&Stitch
  129. What should I do??
  130. Quilt Pattern?????
  131. squaring quilt with built in borders
  132. Warning/Rotating mats
  133. Blue and white quilt ideas
  134. Fabric Bowl Tutorial
  135. Beautiful art quilts Seattle airport
  136. Hand Quilting Frame
  137. Disney Embroidery Designs
  138. Just Another Post About Buying Long Arms!
  139. Rethink my opinions.
  140. Head over Heels! shoe quilt for sale?????
  141. Texas themed quilt patterns
  142. embroidery thread
  143. Hand quilters question
  144. I've gotten myself in a pickle. Hellllp!
  145. need a advice on buying a new machine
  146. packing for travel
  147. Singer 160
  148. Bernina Aurora 430, used
  149. How would you quilt this miniature quilt, help please
  150. What do you quilt over the holiday
  151. Brother XR1300 at Costco, does anyone have knowledge of this machine?
  152. Where are the quilted ornament ideas????
  153. I have to ask.........what are you working on?
  154. Quilts Reno's Old Time Music
  155. I am a crafting machine
  156. How do owners of a sweet sixteen quilting machine found it to use?
  157. Need ideas for three color quilt
  158. Direction of Fleece
  159. Stitch Regulation on your Long Arm
  160. Question about a quilting book
  161. Backing Not Straight
  162. Sunbonnet Lady
  163. FMQ--Leah Day
  164. I know Stitch in the Ditch is hard. Is you LA'er able to stay in the ditch very well
  165. Questions for those who use Longarm for business
  166. Brother 6800 questions
  167. Old Thread?
  168. Elmers glue with Sharon Schamber's method ...
  169. Brother CS6000i owners?
  170. Bias tape for binding?
  171. Have you heard of this kind of strip quilt?
  172. Does denim need batting?
  173. Yippee!!!!
  174. Quiltville's Quips & Snips
  175. Need Pattern Suggestions
  176. Electric Quilt 7 - To buy or not to buy
  177. Love, comfort we give to others, do we know how much?
  178. Reverse appliqué
  179. Any Canadians here that recently purchased Bailey's Home Quilter?
  180. Jo Ann's hobby table
  181. Looking for Quilted Ornament Instructions
  182. Create Traditional Blocks With AccuQuilt Dies
  183. Labyrinth Quilt available as download or PDF?
  184. Help needed for 12 blocks already quilted
  185. Praire Point Christmas Tree Pin Pattern
  186. Are You Scrappy?
  187. What's your favorite brand of BATIKS and are you brand-loyal?
  188. Looking for 1930's quilting motifs
  189. Machine making funny noise
  190. Ideas for 8 year old.
  191. Need help in finding tortoise colored buttons
  192. Need advice on how to outline picture in panel
  193. Machine problem sewing binding corners
  194. Pincussion/Thread Catcher
  195. is it ok to cut binding length of grain?
  196. 108" backing fabric vs 42" quilting fabric
  197. Teaching children to quilt...
  198. JoAnn's block of the month program
  199. Do rotary blade sharpeners work?
  200. Question to any quilt business owners
  201. New sewing machine
  202. I"m still searching
  203. That mythical wrong twist thread
  204. Fool Proof Machine Quilting Book
  205. Enlarging Rag Quilt
  206. Has anyone embroidered on satin ribbon?
  207. Cape Coral Florida, are there any shops I should visit????
  208. Does Your Long Armer Keep Your Extra Backing Material? Not sure if this is normal??
  209. donna dewberry
  210. have you made a quilt using Cedar Canyon's Happy Holidays rubbing plates?
  211. LA Quilter's "going rate"
  212. Finally found a Dry Iron!!!!
  213. A little intimidated by Accuquilt
  214. Holes in T-shirts for T-shirt!!
  215. husquvarna viking Platinum™ 3000
  216. taste changes
  217. Need Quilting help for Log Cabin top
  218. How far would you travel for fabric ?
  219. Opportunity to buy another quilter's stash
  220. fat quarter "grab bag"
  221. Foot peddle
  222. Wildflower Rhapsody BOM Quilt--Any Pattern Errors or Tips I Should Know About?
  223. Question: "Tonga Back to Nature" by Wing and a Prayer
  224. black and white quilt by josie bass
  225. Pens for a quilt label
  226. Where to sell a quilt!
  227. just a little R & R
  228. Help! I Got SM Oil On The White Border Of My Quilt!
  229. My Black Friday packages are arriving.
  230. Stupid Mistake!!
  231. Looking for a gold thread for hand quilting
  232. Naming a quilt
  233. Light Weight sewing machine to sit on bedside table.
  234. Quilt/ing books question
  235. Satin Blanket Binding HELP!!
  236. OK so I went overboard....
  237. Gift ideas for daughters
  238. Gift from a friend! Antique thread box
  239. How can I make this quilt larger?
  240. Help! Need advice on how to fix a quilt top
  241. Jenny's flower garden
  242. Using the same pattern
  243. Help identifiying fabric
  244. Threads - Robinson Anton vs Guterman (and others)
  245. Motor Lagging? Brother SQ9050
  246. Need some advice
  247. t-Shirt quilt using quilt as you go method???
  248. Thread for Brother Nouvelle 1500!
  249. my Quilting Kitty is a star!
  250. Marshall Dry Goods?