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  1. Electric Quilt 7 - To buy or not to buy
  2. Love, comfort we give to others, do we know how much?
  3. Reverse appliqué
  4. Any Canadians here that recently purchased Bailey's Home Quilter?
  5. Jo Ann's hobby table
  6. Looking for Quilted Ornament Instructions
  7. Create Traditional Blocks With AccuQuilt Dies
  8. Labyrinth Quilt available as download or PDF?
  9. Help needed for 12 blocks already quilted
  10. Praire Point Christmas Tree Pin Pattern
  11. Are You Scrappy?
  12. What's your favorite brand of BATIKS and are you brand-loyal?
  13. Looking for 1930's quilting motifs
  14. Machine making funny noise
  15. Ideas for 8 year old.
  16. Need help in finding tortoise colored buttons
  17. Need advice on how to outline picture in panel
  18. Machine problem sewing binding corners
  19. Pincussion/Thread Catcher
  20. is it ok to cut binding length of grain?
  21. 108" backing fabric vs 42" quilting fabric
  22. Teaching children to quilt...
  23. JoAnn's block of the month program
  24. Do rotary blade sharpeners work?
  25. Question to any quilt business owners
  26. New sewing machine
  27. I"m still searching
  28. That mythical wrong twist thread
  29. Fool Proof Machine Quilting Book
  30. Enlarging Rag Quilt
  31. Has anyone embroidered on satin ribbon?
  32. Cape Coral Florida, are there any shops I should visit????
  33. Does Your Long Armer Keep Your Extra Backing Material? Not sure if this is normal??
  34. donna dewberry
  35. have you made a quilt using Cedar Canyon's Happy Holidays rubbing plates?
  36. LA Quilter's "going rate"
  37. Finally found a Dry Iron!!!!
  38. A little intimidated by Accuquilt
  39. Holes in T-shirts for T-shirt!!
  40. husquvarna viking Platinum™ 3000
  41. taste changes
  42. Need Quilting help for Log Cabin top
  43. How far would you travel for fabric ?
  44. Opportunity to buy another quilter's stash
  45. fat quarter "grab bag"
  46. Foot peddle
  47. Wildflower Rhapsody BOM Quilt--Any Pattern Errors or Tips I Should Know About?
  48. Question: "Tonga Back to Nature" by Wing and a Prayer
  49. black and white quilt by josie bass
  50. Pens for a quilt label
  51. Where to sell a quilt!
  52. just a little R & R
  53. Help! I Got SM Oil On The White Border Of My Quilt!
  54. My Black Friday packages are arriving.
  55. Stupid Mistake!!
  56. Looking for a gold thread for hand quilting
  57. Naming a quilt
  58. Light Weight sewing machine to sit on bedside table.
  59. Quilt/ing books question
  60. Satin Blanket Binding HELP!!
  61. OK so I went overboard....
  62. Gift ideas for daughters
  63. Gift from a friend! Antique thread box
  64. How can I make this quilt larger?
  65. Help! Need advice on how to fix a quilt top
  66. Jenny's flower garden
  67. Using the same pattern
  68. Help identifiying fabric
  69. Threads - Robinson Anton vs Guterman (and others)
  70. Motor Lagging? Brother SQ9050
  71. Need some advice
  72. t-Shirt quilt using quilt as you go method???
  73. Thread for Brother Nouvelle 1500!
  74. my Quilting Kitty is a star!
  75. Marshall Dry Goods?
  76. Car Caddy
  77. Does anyone use Quilt Pro on their Mac computer?
  78. Need help with wavy borders
  79. PVC Quilting Frame?
  80. My new I Spy A Miracle quilt truly is miraculous!!!!
  81. Help- How do I calculate fabric??
  82. How much should I charge for this quilt?
  83. Red bleed onto beige - Help
  84. Wrinkle on Back FMQ
  85. Machine needle threader is not working
  86. How I fixed my poor redwork quilt.
  87. Book 501 Quilting Motifs
  88. Whoot Whoot - a new quilting buddy
  89. Layering the quilt sandwich
  90. Where does everyone pin their layers together?
  91. Toyota Mini / Model 6004
  92. using stretchy seersucker to quilt
  93. Star spin tutorial
  94. People and Their Quilts by John Rice Irwin
  95. Quilt Program???
  96. Quilting Marking Question
  97. Free motion quilting
  98. Walking Foot
  99. Singer Threading Problem
  100. I used to be indecisive....
  101. Opinions on newer fabric designs
  102. tutorial for putting fabric on shelves
  103. picnic blanket.
  104. Removing Color Stain On Fusible Applique'd Quilt
  105. Twister Quilt
  106. Fleece backing question
  107. Where are the Lqs's or craft stores near Santa Paula ca
  108. Input please on Pilot Frixion gel pens for marking
  109. Do you know anything about this quilt?
  110. what do you say when you give a gift, and reciepiant says
  111. Understanding the block layout for" Thinking ouside the box".
  112. gift for quilter friend
  113. Free motion borders before or after
  114. Quilt as you go question
  115. Wondering if Die-Cut quilting shapes would be of interest?
  116. Off kilter baby quilt?
  117. quilting shows I can whatch via netflix or huluplus?
  118. looking for table runner patterns
  119. Fabric Deals Cyber Monday
  120. Question on which Shape cut ruler to buy today.
  121. Does anyone know what this is?
  122. machine applique question
  123. SewEzi Table Janome MC6600
  124. Best way to hang quilts without sleeves?
  125. Thinking Outside the Block Quilt - Need Ideas
  126. Elmer's glue versus 505 spray
  127. Cyber Monday
  128. Teaching Children to Sew -- What about Cutting and Pressing?
  129. Invisafil thread
  130. Anyone recognize this pattern?
  131. Going on retreat tomorrow
  132. Question about enlarging a patteren
  133. Feedsack advice
  134. Fmq
  135. Double Card Trick Log Cabin?
  136. How are you going to keep yourself on track for using your stash?
  137. Should I go?
  138. Quilting acronyms
  139. Perfecting the art of quilting
  140. Moda Bella Snow vs Bleached White
  141. Quilting Ideas for Spiral Table Runners?
  142. can I embroider on a finished quilt?
  143. The FMQ potholder adventure continues
  144. What is Bottom Line thread for and what is it made from? Do you like it?
  145. Christmas Stocking gift card holder
  146. Quilting insights needed please
  147. What fabric to use for leader cloth?
  148. Using photo paper
  149. can you use a consew for fmq???
  150. Single Irish Chain for a baby.
  151. YES! I got my new Pfaff coverlock serger!!!
  152. ?? On FMQ practice
  153. Featherweight 1/4" foot with guide
  154. Seminar with Karen Stone
  155. Fusable Web Problem - HELP
  156. thread for Sweet Sixteen
  157. Quality of Juki?
  158. Bed Runner/Topper
  159. Scissor poems or sayings
  160. How to enlarge pattern using graft paper
  161. Anyone up and sewing this morning??
  162. French Braid Opinions?
  163. questions on a quilt
  164. Redwork quilt pattern
  165. Grandson gets new sewing machine!
  166. Hand quilting problem with thread !
  167. Black Eyelet
  168. I got a great deal on a walking foot :)
  169. Fabric from Joanns
  170. kitchen aid mixer cover
  171. Leader for Majestic frame
  172. Question about traditional quilt patterns
  173. janome 6600 "thread diva" issues!
  174. Giving credit where due
  175. How would you put these together?
  176. Brand New BabyLock Symphony
  177. Fabric Help
  178. comuter crashed-- need help
  179. Help! Hot pads don't work!
  180. Bailey is on its way!!
  181. Pincushion Filling
  182. A question about stitch in the ditch.
  183. Is This Quilt a "Traditional" or "Innovative" Design?
  184. Long arm Quilting
  185. PBS - Quilts of Valor
  186. A vicious cycle!!! Do you ever make more room?
  187. Use that Stash! Fabric Moratorium
  188. I know some won't agree but please reconsider
  189. Becoming a prewasher
  190. Find layer cakes online
  191. Football words or short sayings
  192. Keep Calm and Quilt on
  193. Pre-wound bobbins
  194. Is there going to be a Planet Patchworks/Merry Mehem New Yrs mystery 2013?
  195. Schmetz Quilting Spring Needle
  196. My Early Christmas Present
  197. Two colored border?
  198. Need Help With How To Quilt Parts Of This Panel
  199. Sigma 2016 nova
  200. Have you tried the fusible batting?
  201. Twister Patterns
  202. Need help locating this pattern
  203. Border yardage in eq7
  204. Bataiks Help!
  205. Enlarging template patterns on copier
  206. Is running any black friday or cyber monday specials??
  207. Buying batting in bulk
  208. Which Brother machine should I buy?
  209. Sewing Straight
  210. Coloring Printable Fabric?
  211. Cardinal fabric
  212. Quilters Grip Strips
  213. Embroidery Machine Users
  214. affairs of the heart patterns
  215. Do you have this decorative presser foot?
  216. need quilt block with 4" centres for memeory quilt HELP
  217. "Our Special" sewing machine
  218. Size of hole in tree skirt
  219. stumped on what pattern to use for flannel queen bed quilt w plaids
  220. Rotary Cutter Fear
  221. AccuQuilt Studio Owners - Black Friday Sale
  222. Help find this advent, Please.
  223. Are you going to the stores tonight/tomorrow for sales?
  224. To Honor my Muslim Doctor
  225. I want to machine quilt..............
  226. ANOTHER Long Arm Question
  227. One post on QB that started it all
  228. Help me pick my Christmas present
  229. Quick Curve Ruler/Template
  230. Bernette 46
  231. Electric Quilt Questions - Removing Section Letters on Foundation Patterns
  232. Drafting complex blocks
  233. Can You Tell Me How This Border is Constructed?
  234. Suggestions Please
  235. pre-printed blue lines
  236. Looking for Good Books
  237. How to Cut Sashings..need a "...for dummies" version lesson!
  238. 100% cotton shrinking...pre cuts...
  239. Quilt Lessons
  240. Pellon Batting at Joann's
  241. TrueCut electric blade sharpener
  242. Cutting sashing fabric - across or down?
  243. Best place to buy Ecolux LED light?
  244. 1 1/2" Binding question
  245. What is the best inexpensive long arm?
  246. What would I do with this fabric? Suggestions please
  247. Fabric-Use-Phobia
  248. Farmer's Wife or Dear Jane:
  249. Charleston WV quilt shops ???
  250. Tablet for Christmas