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  1. In honor of our upcoming USA Holiday
  2. My first quilt.
  3. Farm Block Exchange 2010 Quilt Finished
  4. Joy and Glee
  5. The floral Bargello--1/4 is together! Want to see?
  6. princess quilt that my 13 year old daughter made
  7. Man sized...
  8. Quilts UK 2011
  9. My First Quilt
  10. I found out where it is located Simple Bargello
  11. Wallet - not quilting
  12. I'm insane. 3/8" hexagons!
  13. DD is at it again (paper piecing)
  14. Garage Sale Finds!
  15. Pics from a batik factory
  16. hand sewn drawstring purse I made
  17. Could Use Some Suggestions of Quilting for My Top
  18. New Family History Quilt
  19. My new vintage singer Slant-o-matic 403-A
  20. Covered My Machine
  21. QUILT needs a Name!
  22. Two wheelchair size quilts I made for ALS patients
  23. Day and Night Baby Quilt- Pieced
  24. Doll House quilt
  25. 2011 Paducah Quilt Show Pictures
  26. Quilting on Mid-Arm Machine
  27. Graduation quilt in Amy Butler fabrics
  28. Stained Glass Looking Friendship Star with Wonky HST Border and 2 Other Minis
  29. My Garage Sale
  30. What would you do with this material, any suggestions?
  31. My First Quilt
  32. WIP and mug rugs
  33. My CraigsList haul
  34. not quilting -but for my sewing room
  35. Yah, we got it done!!!!
  36. Oops, sent the wrong picture of the latest and greatest
  37. More of my projects
  38. Happy quilt , sad ending
  39. Cats, cats & more cats
  40. Paper Peiced Wizard
  41. My McCommas Beauty has finally been quilted
  42. just finished bright double wedding ring
  43. Yet More Cosmetic Bags
  44. My New Baby
  45. My Paper Pieced Candlequilter Star
  46. It's Just a Block
  47. Sewing Cabinet
  48. Little Red Riding Hood
  49. Dragon Tail Tales
  50. Self portrait mu rug swap photos
  51. Checkbook Cover (Rhonda's pattern)
  52. My string X quilt top
  53. 6 Hours Later...a Candlequilter Star Finished!!!
  54. In Progress Music Quilt
  55. Modified Dresden Plate
  56. Best Thread Rack EVER
  57. FIRST PP attempt!!! Candle quilter Star
  58. Border help please
  59. How would you quilt this (LA)
  60. My latest "art" quilt
  61. Bargello Heart baby quilt.
  62. What do you think of the colors in this block
  63. Roberts Butterfly Quilt
  64. iPad Cover
  65. danielles doll quilt finished with doll
  66. My first "artsy" quilt
  67. Big Stitch Quilting - Stars and Stripes
  68. My Flowers and other Things Applique
  69. Kitty Quilt
  70. Think Inside The Box
  71. "Battingless" Quilt
  72. OMG - I'm SO embarassed -- My Works in Progress/Planned Projects...
  73. A treadle at a second hand store
  74. My Candlequilter Star
  75. DWR in the works
  76. Mystery Quilt
  77. something pink
  78. Quilt Show Annapolis, MD
  79. Creation Bible Quilt
  80. Another project done
  81. Quilt for my husband's birthday
  82. Wedding Quilt
  83. Toy for granddaughter
  84. Quilt for my grandson
  85. My Avatar
  86. Pinwheel baby quilt
  87. Two Projects Finished
  88. String quilt
  89. Paper Piecing: Success
  90. Paint by number bargello
  91. How I spent my rainy vacation
  92. how should I hand quilt this WH
  93. My New Home Treadle!
  94. My First Quilts
  95. Walmart jackpot
  97. Off the Norm
  98. So cool...I may have to make another!
  99. Spring Chick Quilt
  100. Paper pieced flower fabric pictures.
  101. My quilt Room - Now am i am Hoarder ..
  102. Sea Glass
  103. I need help
  104. Turning 20 again, Flutterbys
  105. Can you help with a pattern
  106. a few things i have made :)
  107. First Quilt (wall hanging really) and I used paper piecing
  108. Pinwheel challenge pictures
  109. What I've been doing......
  110. Breast Cancer T-Shirt Quilt
  111. A couple more table toppers I did...
  112. Anyone recognize this sewing machine?
  113. My Twisted Bargello Step By Step
  114. My first attempt at stippling...and quilting on my domestic machine.
  115. Twilight Wishes - Binding on......Finally!
  116. just finished....
  117. quilts in hidding
  118. Mrs Mail's Dresden ....quilted by Charisma
  119. Vintage Quilt Top
  120. Wallhanging and last 4 quilts
  121. Finally, one for me!!!!
  122. Watermelon anyone???????
  123. Ohio Star
  124. I Was Blown Away....
  125. Pot holder Swap
  126. Garage Sale Winner!
  127. While sitting at ** MY ** garage sale
  128. Center for a family quilt
  129. First bow tuck
  130. Tea Cup Pin Cushion
  131. Chicken quilt
  132. My Craig's List Find
  133. Quilts for Grandsons
  134. Wyatt's Bib
  135. appropriate for a baby girl?
  136. Melissa's Quilt
  137. My NEW BABY GIRL and my very first treadle.
  138. 50th anniversary quilt
  139. update: Boxers three weeks
  140. My Craig's List Find
  141. I had my red/white/blue DWR appraised
  142. Fractured circles
  143. 9 patch pizzaz Kaffe style
  144. iPad Case and Mariner's Compass Pillow
  145. Pina Coladas on the Beach - Creston Alumni Association Raffle Quilt
  146. Projects I have been working on
  147. I quilted my Purse *LOL*
  148. my major mistake for the year, I hope, can you find it?
  149. Land of Liberty
  150. My early birthday present
  151. Quilt Class Split Rail Done!
  152. My model 15 Singer
  153. It took me 45 minutes to make a 10 minute block!
  154. My Redone Sewing Room
  155. Mug Rug Time!
  156. Circles and Circles
  157. finding my "major mistake" and the winner is:
  158. Green & Black quilt for neice's wedding
  159. Close up of Why Why "Y" Seams
  160. A Horse Panel Quilt
  161. "anything goes" scrappy
  162. made with 2 placemats
  163. Baby quilt
  164. Sears Kenmore 1753
  165. Found a Singer Sewing Machine
  166. Dalton, GA Cracker Barrel?
  168. Bow Tuck Not by Pattern Got Picture Now
  169. My Table Runners WIP
  170. D9P Batik plus a Baby quilt called Monkeys on a Rail
  171. my anniversary quilt
  172. My first bow tuck
  173. honey bun lap quilt
  174. Varigated Vortex
  175. Blue Infinity Bargello
  176. View from "My Sewing Space"
  177. I'm stuck! Border suggestions...PLEASE!
  178. now??
  179. Window Shade Started
  180. Texas Longhorn baby quilt finished!
  181. Fusible Stained Glass Portraits
  182. My New Wall Hanging
  183. Amazing Quilting
  184. Happy Daisies grew very well !
  185. Spiderweb Quilt in Progress
  186. Once in a Life Time Yard Sale
  187. Tropical Memories
  188. A way to store batting scraps.
  189. 3D Pinwheel Baby Quilt
  190. Check out what I have been working
  191. Padded Tote bag
  192. look what I got today
  193. French Braid Panel
  194. Graduation Quilts
  195. Anyone Need a Sewing Machine...........LOL
  196. My Weekend of learning and fun...
  197. Quilt Show In Eldon Iowa
  198. My Sewing Space - A Crowded Frontier
  199. My First Attempt at FMQ
  200. Back of Birds in the Air
  201. yard sale find (a mini block)
  202. I found the woman's name of my quilter painting !!!
  203. My 3-D Pinwheel Quilt
  204. My Mexican Star
  205. Quilt Show - Lethbridge, Alberta
  206. For Purple Lovers
  207. What I've been doing
  208. Finished WINTER BERRIES
  209. What a Surprise!!!
  210. This baby quilt....boy or girl?
  211. How do you keep your sanity
  212. A friend asked me to make this
  213. Lemoyne Star Quilt
  214. I ordered this book and it's wonderful!
  215. Schlep Bags
  216. More Bow Tuck Bags..........
  217. Fun quilt
  218. look what I got from luckylindy333
  219. Shadow Box Quilt Working ON
  220. oops,. one more for Linus
  221. minkee backing LAQ done by rosemaynes
  222. My Table Runners and Quilts I Made
  223. Hot off the frame
  224. Flower Pots on Our Deck
  225. My Avatar Quilt
  226. Joann Quilt Kit Christmas
  227. My mom's quilt
  228. Good buys at Joann's
  229. Hold on tight...I cleaned my sewing area.
  230. Yesterday while doing disaster relief in Joplin, MO.......
  231. Tabletopper Nr 4
  232. My garage sale find
  233. DGD's playing with the "Amish Puzzle Ball"
  234. A Bit of Holly
  235. Dr. Seuss Baby Blanket
  236. Traffic Signal Box Quilted
  237. Finally off the frame
  238. Quilts for Linus
  239. red birds
  240. Disection of a sewing machine (not for the faint of heart)
  241. Easy Table Runner to Make in a Hurry
  242. It only took me 3 years!
  243. How to fix a hole in the wall with a cow and a quilt
  244. quilting ruler holder
  245. baby quilt top
  246. Kindergarden purse for DGS
  247. Biard in the Air- close up
  248. asking for some ideas
  249. oops,. one more for Linus
  250. My New Singer 301