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  1. Quilt made and donated to Church sold
  3. Little closet organizer project
  4. King Size Navy and White Quilt Top Ready to Finish for Rachel
  5. Quilts sewed in 1991 and finally finished.
  6. Marissa's Puppy Quilt
  7. A couple of finished wall hangings
  8. Thanks to all ... I learned a new technique
  9. Did I win?
  10. Little Quilted Thingie
  11. Quilt contest..........should I ??
  12. Do you know this block name??
  13. Two Versions Of Iris
  14. My fabric finds on Friday...
  15. Baby Border Bummer
  16. Spicy spiral table runner in fall colors
  17. Painted Shoe Quilt finished!!!! Yeahhhh
  18. Quilt display area, and meditation room
  19. how i spent my summer...#3
  20. First time FMQ
  21. Sunbonnet Sue
  22. Grandaughter's first quilt
  23. My first crazy quilt pincushion
  24. My first bow tuck - almost done!
  25. Flip Flops... but not to wear at the beach
  26. Prototype tote bag
  27. more oven towels and gift bags
  28. Done in Time...Yah...Quilt for my Aunt
  29. My first block made for Flurry
  30. Here are some of what I call our utility quilts
  31. 2007 Thimbleberries quilt!!
  32. Daisy Quilt finally finished
  33. Mom's BD gifts
  34. 5 years in the making!! DH's masterpiece done at last!! Over 100,000 pieces.
  35. Benefit Quilt Nearly Completed.
  36. Pinwheel Block- This one is for PatriceJ
  37. It was a Jungle Babies kind of day
  38. Sheboygan County fair!
  39. Pattis47 Boomerang 5 North Pictures of Completed Blocks
  40. Christmas wall hanging
  41. 10 Minute Block
  42. Ironing Table for Craftybear
  43. Just finished the quilt top of my Mom's Birthday Quilt :)
  44. practice whole cloth quilt on new frame for bernina 830
  45. This one is going to live in France!
  46. Stairway to Cat Heaven
  47. Suggestions please!!!
  48. Sweetheart Stars quilt
  49. Moms quilt top is finally done
  51. What's Black & White and Red all over?
  52. Ever Seen a Car like this before...
  53. Ghost Qujilt
  54. Sweet Land of Liberty....quilted by Charisma
  55. Sweet Menagerie quilt top
  56. Tumbling baby blocks all in a row!
  57. bags for work
  58. My Puppy Quilt
  59. done done
  60. Yoga mat tote bag
  61. Just pillowcases for today
  62. My Bird quilt...almost done
  63. Do you know this block name??
  64. Dh 25th anniversary quilt
  65. I made my little sweetie a patchwork dog
  66. New to me Featherweight! Yahoo!!!
  67. Two things on my design wall
  68. Quilts for Kids - Topsy Turvy Turtles
  69. Red White and Blue
  70. my BQ quilt
  71. fabric gift bags
  72. Items for dear Aunt Kay
  73. Updated pictures of my sewing room
  74. "over the river" progress
  75. Mittens and snowflakes
  76. Yo Yo Ma Ma's Ta Ta's
  77. Suggestions, please!
  79. From Don-isewman--A lady friend give me this
  80. Altered States
  81. American Legion donation quilt
  82. Learning the Dresden Plate - Part II
  83. Made a Pillow With The Lying Cat :)
  84. A lectern and it's carry bag
  85. Yesterday's Project
  86. My Cupcakes..
  87. Fabrics for
  88. Just trying out new patterns
  89. Prettiest Turning Twenty!
  90. I love the texture quilting creates!!!!
  91. My First Quilt!
  92. Home of the Brave Quilt finished
  93. Take 5 " Beachy"
  94. Top for my Aunt done
  95. Beautiful Birds Quilt is finally finished
  96. A Few More of My Quilts
  97. Bird Quilt for Mom
  98. Interwoven or Interlocked? Can't remember but who cares. ITS DONE!!
  99. Split Rail with Panel
  100. Vintage Dresden Plate
  101. New Bag Pattern, Bag-A-Long I Made Today
  102. My latest & best-ever use of scraps!
  103. Crafty Cakes (from Jenn @Cake Wrecks)
  104. Not ALL Quilting
  105. New bag I just finished
  106. Doll quilt
  107. What would YOU do with this fabric?
  108. Cardinal Table Runner
  109. Baby Stack and Whack
  110. Single Irish Chain - for Baby
  111. 2more Bags to view
  112. Weaving Peace Quilt...Thanks, Scrapykate!!
  113. Lightning Strike quilted by Bamamama
  114. A working girl's lunchpail.
  115. Thimbleberries sunflower wall hanging ...
  116. Chain of Faith quilt finished!
  117. Stencils
  118. Grandmother's Flower Quilt
  119. Bow Tucks and Fabric Bowl
  120. Florida Gator Quilt for DGS
  121. Ginger and Spice Harvest table runner
  122. Apple Basket quilted by Bamamama
  123. Heart Basket Quited by Bamamama
  124. helper in the sewing room
  125. My Daughter Asked Me To....
  126. church bazaar quilt
  127. Mother and daughter messenger bags
  128. quilting trip
  129. Bow Tuck Diaper Bag
  130. Flower Basket quilted by Bamamama
  131. 1st ATTEMPT at Mitered Binding~~~ Q*U*I*L*T is now finished and ready to go :)
  132. Cup Cakes Any one?
  133. stained glass banner the second one
  134. Batik French Braid Throw Quilt
  135. My first 'true' scrappy is well under way!!!
  136. New Amish Clothes Lines~loving my husband!
  137. Luckylindy333's First Quilt...quilted by Charisma
  138. My Singer 404 sewing machine.
  139. Mural in my bedroom....
  140. Finally learned how to get photos of quilts TO the computer TO the forum. Some are older quilts....
  141. Chinese Coin/Coin Stack Baby Quilt
  142. Wedding Gift
  143. Wedding quilts...
  144. Black and White Sunbonnet Sue Wallhanging
  145. FLIGHT of the B*U*T*T*E*R*F*L*Y...#3rd Quilt Top
  146. S*H*A*R*I*N*G 1st ever Quilt~~~ all finished~~~with mitered corners :)
  147. Beach and sunflowers for Dotty....quilted by Charisma's Corner
  148. My Latest Customer Quilt
  149. Completed Pinafore Bag by Me and My Sister Designs
  150. Baby Bag
  151. Donation for Special Needs Kids, Quilt 1
  152. Bugs in a jar! and insects running around...
  153. It's done it's done it's done!
  154. my enlarged photos of quilts are in! wall art
  155. Tisha's Chain of Faith...quilted by Charisma
  156. ....and now for my very FIRST paper-pieced quilt
  157. Some runners/toppers quilted.
  158. my son
  159. This is what I have been working on.
  160. My Asian quilt I just finished
  161. Patriotic eagle quilt
  162. Hearts Applique blocks
  163. Snail's Trail
  164. Candy Corn Kid
  165. First Sam
  166. Advice on grand-mother flower requested
  167. Apparently I have no idea what I am doing!
  168. Help... added more pic's to Charmings Sampler,
  169. Today's shopping expedition!
  170. Quilt delivered on vacation
  171. Only fair to my Wwoofers if I show th enext one too!!!
  172. Finished my first Bow Tuck Bag! woohoo!
  173. Zinnia and Clam Shell Pillows finished
  174. how i spent my summer ..#1
  175. how i spent my summer...#2
  176. Grandma's Little Pumpkin
  177. Another quilt off my frame
  178. Table runners running amock!
  179. What I made today -
  180. Table runners for fall
  181. A few pictures of bags.
  182. 1st attempt at paper piece
  183. I needed to clear my design wall, so I made.......
  184. Ode' to the Stash wall hanging
  185. Baby quilt
  186. Wall Hanging wall hanger .....wall ever
  187. made this yesterday from free pattern from quiltbug
  188. baby quilt
  189. Here's what I've been working on
  190. What do you think?
  191. Purse Fetish anyone?
  192. Daiseys round robin w/feathers-quilted by Daisey
  193. Baby quilt and big baby
  194. My recent purchases
  195. Close-up of Butterfly Block
  196. Daiseys Halloween RR -quilted by Daisey w/ spider webs!
  197. First Teddy bear applique! Boy is he furry!
  198. my design wall
  199. Little zippered pouch in less than an hour!
  200. King size
  201. I WON! I WON!
  202. Big News From My Friend Brenda Yirsa!
  203. Twister Variation
  204. pillow cases
  205. I've tried to post pics loads of time??
  206. This one's for me - Hello Yellow
  207. Help me name my little quilt!
  208. anyone have a Jean S. Lyle Featherweight case?
  209. Tisha's Focus Pocus Revisited....quilted by Charisma
  210. Barn Quilts
  211. All the DWR needs is the binding and label, yeah
  212. Log Cabin quilt
  213. Quilts in the classroom
  214. Messenger bag
  215. Sewing Related items a flea market.
  216. Multnomah Falls Quilt
  217. DH's amazing tiny piece quilts
  218. Seaside Cuties
  219. After 2 yrs it's finnaly finnished!
  220. Harley bandanas 22 1/2" x 21 1/2" each total of 8, two different kinds
  221. Hanky PankyQuilt
  222. A few things I've been working on....
  223. Chestnut and Vine....quilted by Charisma
  224. Cottage Sampler......Quilted by Charisma
  225. Whole Cloth Quilt FINISHED!
  226. Feathered Dresden(with a special thank you to Jan in VA)
  227. Scrappy Quilt
  228. Dear John Blocks
  229. Mostly Strips! Flying Stars
  230. Two quilts in three days!
  231. Changed my Avatar
  232. Cube quilt finished
  233. Never done a OBW...But
  234. Embroidery Project
  235. What do you see?
  236. Baby Doll Rag Quilt
  237. Paper Picecing Midget blocks
  238. Baby Quilt for Great Granddaughter
  239. Mindless Scraps and Crumbs 2
  240. Just Want to Share My Gr. Daughter Kates Quilt
  241. Dog Loving Hearts Mini
  242. Happy Daisy Quilt
  243. my customers quilt
  244. More snap bags
  245. Look what I completed while recovering!
  246. Practice on my HQ Sweet Sixteen
  247. Stars and Stripes Forever
  248. My Quilts
  249. Quilt for Nancy !
  250. Spitting Image