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  1. Baby girl Zig Zag
  2. Mariner's compass
  3. A Buggy Quilt quilted by Becky
  4. Forget Me Not Quilt quilted by Becky
  5. Energy. My 17 year old granddaughter choose the fabric and the design.
  6. A bit of purple and green.....
  7. Paper piecing
  8. My Current Hand Piecing Project
  9. Love of Moms
  10. Some finishes this last couple weeks...
  11. Things that Make you go AWWWW - Ode to Bailey
  12. Challenge Quilt
  13. one completed memory quilt
  14. My DH has done it again!!
  15. Sugar Skull Party Quilt!
  16. Texas Emboridery quilt
  17. Purses for my church's Christmas festival
  18. Nov BOM
  19. Another customer quilt done
  20. October - Cancer awareness month
  21. New Bargello background for next quilt
  22. attempted cloth calendar quilt!
  23. Colts quilt
  24. My first Quilt as you go
  25. Bubblegum and Butterflies Quilt
  26. Christmas Tiles Quilt
  27. Falling Leaves Quilt
  28. Winter Wonderland Quilt
  29. Morning Coffee Quilt
  30. Gentle Flight Quilt
  31. Scrappy Squares
  32. Super Hero Wedding Quilt - I might be crazy!
  33. Piglet in a Blankie
  34. For my daughter and youngest son
  35. Just My third quilt
  36. Birch run quilt show
  37. New Christmas Table runner
  38. Bird of Paradise
  39. Pressie for my little Grandson
  40. Just a quilt I made!
  41. Patch Pals - Black bear, brown bear
  42. cute penguins
  43. Christmas wall hanging.
  44. A jump on the gun-Don-isewman
  45. "Entomology 101" - My First Bug Jar Quilt
  46. Edinburgh quilt show
  47. 2nd quilt top finnished
  48. Are you ready for football?
  49. Floral Chevron and Linked 9P and a mini! mini tut @ post #17
  50. Santa & Rudolph wall hanging
  51. 60th wedding anniversary quilts done
  52. Small Crumbs in the Corner quilt finished
  53. Things that Make you go AWWWW - Owl Wall Hanging Done with Crayons
  54. Make a six-year-old smile . . .
  55. i been busy
  56. Monterey Medallion-Quilted by Harriet
  57. My Fair entry
  58. Doll Quilt
  59. Baby Seaworld stack and whack
  60. This quilt is for my oldest son, he chose the eagle design
  61. Baby Quilt from stash
  62. Correction: Christmas Necktie Quilt
  63. Quilted Dolphins Batik Pillow
  64. Little Fishys' Re-Cycled Jeans Tote
  65. Hibiscus and Bermuda Longtail Pillow
  66. Flying Fish Quilted Pillow
  67. Cam's quilt
  68. LEO Quilt
  69. First Completed Quilt
  70. scrappy quilt with designer fabrics
  71. a few of my "cheater quilts"
  72. My Stained Glass Quilt:)
  73. Pillows for Fall
  74. It's a Texas State of Mind
  75. My NY Beauty Quilt! P.S. Put your sunglasses on:)
  76. UFO # 10 Halloween wall hanging Ta-done!
  77. Missouri Star Quilt Co. "You Got Mail" quilt
  78. All-in-one quilt label
  79. Guarding My Space
  80. My first ever Christmas quilt
  81. baby quilt....wonky stars
  82. Scrappy wonky star
  83. Wall Hanging With FMQ and Great Binding
  84. Quilt Photos from the Fair .....
  85. Amazing How Your Favourite Colours Pop Up!
  86. "Grin and Bear It" changing mat
  87. Caterwauling baby quilt
  88. Charity quilt
  89. Peter Rabbit
  90. Fall Wallhanging
  91. Quilted Leaf Bowl
  92. Some new owl-potholders!!
  93. Finished this group of charity quilts this week. A few "doozies" :)
  94. Finished another from my bag of 2.5" blah blocks. Red Stars in Sashing
  95. Ongoing Handwork Project
  96. 2nd quilt by my Granddaughter 8yrs. old
  97. Dr. Who Tardis quilt
  98. Evolution of a quilt
  99. Getting in the Mood !
  100. Halloweenie Pin Cushion
  101. Entries at the Deerfield Fair, Deerfield, NH
  102. Another UFO finally finished- YEA!
  103. Performance anxiety conquered!
  104. Witch's Boot
  105. slow baltimore album take 2
  106. Round Robin quilted by Tisha
  107. Haley's Sampler quilted by Tisha
  108. (Which way is up?) Recent Finishes --bits of "this and that"
  109. Quilt for son and daughterin law
  110. Winters Granduer
  111. Civil War Quilt
  112. Dereck Lockwood's Celestial Garden in Oranges Finished
  113. Granddaughter Picture - in 24 shades of blue
  114. Horse Show Ribbon Quilt
  115. Los Angeles County Fair
  116. Flannel Comfort Quilt
  117. Old Denim Jeans are Now a Great Bag
  118. Spa Bag
  119. queen sized log cabin
  120. Halloween Table Topper
  121. 10-minute table runners
  122. Black, White and Purple Rail Fence
  123. 'Reel Action" wall hanging
  124. I'm a Re-cycled Jeans Quilted Tote
  125. Oriental Panel Quilt
  126. Ships Post Cards Fabric and Bali Batik Quilt
  127. Magic Tiles Quilt
  128. Quilted Nui Hand Dyed Purse
  129. design wall
  130. doctor who and star trek printed on fabric
  131. slow baltimore album
  132. Wanted to post a picture of the new block I did
  133. Double Z Quilt for GD
  134. Quilted Bargello Jacket
  135. my first pp block
  136. Hand Painted Hand/Machine Quilted Knitting Needle Roll
  137. Sashiko Japanese Hand Quilted Pillow with Shells.
  138. Owls
  139. My finished quilt
  140. Angels
  141. X-MAS Sofa Cover
  142. crafty gemini
  143. daughter's healing block
  144. Batik lap quilt
  145. In memory of my mother
  146. Dream Weaver and Zig Zag PP'ing
  147. Up date on Kelly's Quilt
  148. First Paperpieced Quilt
  149. Hand Painted and Quilted Jewellery Roll
  150. Quilting Day!
  151. College quilt
  152. My First
  153. 'Miss World' Teddy Bear and Matching Quilt and Globe Ball
  154. 'God Bless Nurses' quilt and pillow
  155. Celtic Knot Wallhanging
  156. Calendula Padderdrip's Cottage
  157. I won!!
  158. Pinwheels
  159. My Mom's Sunbonnet Sue Blocks
  160. Labyrinth Batik
  161. Do You Love Cute Little Owls?
  162. I just whipped this up.
  163. Bali Wedding star completed
  164. Memories of Alaska Wallhanging
  165. Quilt inspector and turquoise and white Carpenter's Star
  166. Dr. Who"s Quilt!!
  167. I spy wall hanging
  168. Spookie Quilt Block
  169. 4 hands teaching star
  170. My Favorite Quilt and Fruit
  171. Cathedral repair finished!
  172. Doggie Tote/Overnight Bags
  173. Another D9P in red, green, & gold
  174. Sugar Flowers in blues and green
  175. Pocketful of Boos
  176. I love this one
  177. Old method for HSTs, wow!
  178. not sure I like this one
  179. Black,batiks & variegated thread.
  180. Texas Ranger Quilt
  181. Mountain Memories Quilt
  182. Sulphur Spgs Quilt Show
  183. Butterfly quilt
  184. Swoon Baby Quilt
  185. Happy Jack scrap quilt
  186. Happy Fall
  187. What I did this week.
  188. Finished, antique quilt top number 5, for client.
  189. One more Xmas place mat
  190. My version of River Trees.
  191. Caledonia Quilt Guild Garden of Quilts Show 2013 Part 1
  192. His Name is Owliver
  193. Chat Challenge Slide show
  194. Quilted gift for a friend
  195. Finished my Splitting Image
  196. Patriotic tumbler wedding gift
  197. United Methodist Church in Noth Chili NY annual Quilt Show Part 2
  198. Some Union Jack blocks I'm working on.
  199. my musical composition
  200. I SPY quilt
  201. Paws in the Wild from Craftsy by Terribb
  202. Finished a Swap quilt
  203. From Don-isewman--Another quilt top done, finished last night
  204. A Helpful Hubby With Real Talent
  205. Quilted 5 Pocket Tote
  206. Batik Quilted Jacket with Lizard Button.
  207. Burgoyne Surrounded Scrappy Quilt
  208. Paper Pieced Cardinal
  209. She's 89 and I want to bless her!!!
  210. my logo
  211. KT's bears
  212. 2nd one I made like this. I so enjoy them!
  213. Thread Sketching
  214. Turnover Quilt Top
  215. Sneak Peek of Loving Izabella's IH raffle quilt
  216. while they were in the USA....
  217. A Finish for Fall!
  218. Patriotic quilt
  219. My newest flimsy
  220. FINALLY Finished!
  221. a bunch of baby quilts done
  222. Pipeline
  223. My latest finish...
  224. While on a retreat this weekend!!!
  225. New quilt
  226. Omgosh!! I love these!
  227. favorite nephew expecting first baby
  228. Feather Swirl
  229. Little picture blocks finally put together
  230. Running Horses and Flying Geese
  231. DWR QAYG for DD Wedding Gift
  232. Hand Dyed Quilted Little Purse machine quilted
  233. Wool Applique and Hand Embroidered Candle Mat
  234. Woven Background Machine Applique Swimming Fish Wall Hanging
  235. Hand Dyed 'Bermuda Sunrise on Argus Banks' Wall Hanging
  236. More Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printed Pillows
  237. Batik 'Whales' Tails' Wall Hanging (Inspired by Shania Sunga Designs)
  238. Fly, Fly Away
  239. So Far, So Good
  240. my latest quilt finish
  241. No More Procrastinating...another church raffle Quilt....Cactus Wreath FINISHED!!!
  242. Gyotaku Japanese Fish Printed Fabric
  243. Cyanotype Bermuda Map Celebrating our 400 th anniversary.
  244. Plush Kitties baby quilt
  245. "Lucky The Black Cat" wool applique and origami silk flowers
  246. Harley Davidson Quilt finally finished Sept 2013
  247. New Curved Piecing Technique "Butterfly"
  248. Floating Blocks Baby Quilt of "Little Yellow Rubber Ducks." Just love this fabric by
  249. Pictures from European Quilt show
  250. Craft show quilt made in 3 days!