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  1. Bug Jar quilt bound and labeled! :)
  2. 9-Patch and Hourglass
  3. Drunkards Path Variation
  4. For my Daughter in Law
  5. another other my husband's baby quilt.
  6. what block is this-
  7. First Quilt
  8. Clothespin Bags
  9. Two more quilt tops mostly done
  10. What I have been working on.....
  11. Couldn't resist cute play house
  12. here's what I have now for my OBW
  13. Sneak Peek - "Flutter & Flowers" by Marcus
  14. Latest Completed Quilt
  15. T-Shirt Quilt in memory of Phillip
  16. My grape y tablecloth from East Quilts Summer 2011
  17. Estate Sale find
  18. I went to Mary Jo's
  19. First Quilt Completed
  20. FIL Quilt shown on Quilt Bug shop website
  21. Update on WIP
  22. Online Fabric Purchase Came Today!
  23. Folded Log Cabin Block
  24. Baby quilt in the mail!!!
  25. Another Top Done
  26. Not sure I like this-FQ quilt
  27. another scrappy top
  28. Pueblo Expo & Quilt Show
  29. Memory Quilts from Knit Pajamas
  30. My latest WIP
  31. Projects-after Christmas
  32. My treasures from Hancocks' sale
  33. Batik Baby
  34. Quilt for my Grandma
  35. Old Quilt Tops
  36. More projects
  38. Wow!! It's all mine!
  39. BOM Stitched by me (Lynette Anderson)
  40. Appliqued Towels
  41. First Rag Quilt
  42. Our Prayer Quilts
  43. One I spy done...two more to go!!!
  44. I am not buying lunch boxes for my kids any more....I am making them!!!
  45. Latest Baby Quilt
  46. New table
  47. Doll Quilts
  48. Wrapped Up In Sports
  49. Fabric Finds #1
  50. Table Runner with Mothers old sewing cabinet redone.
  51. Easter table runner and decor for my office
  52. Old from golden times
  53. My blue ribbon winner
  54. A few quilts that I have made.
  55. Tie quilts
  56. baby quilt
  57. Tickled Pink
  58. My latest quilts from March 11 till now (i think I have accomplished something)
  59. Christian's tractor
  60. Fairy houses for twins
  61. Extraordinary Embroidery by bjeriann
  62. "Enigma"
  63. A new twist on a wedding quilt
  64. Two new Charity Quilts
  65. My Last Hurrah!!!
  66. Another finish!
  67. Avatar finally quilted
  68. A quilt for my 95 year young Dad!
  69. One more scrappy quilt
  70. Bliss projects
  71. Sister-In-Laws quilt done
  72. Quilt finally finished
  73. baby quilt over 30 years old
  74. Crazy about Iris is finished!
  75. DD's new jacket
  76. Daughter's quilt
  77. Really well loved quilt
  78. Surf Song from Eileen Wright's "Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts"
  79. My First Attempt at a OBW
  80. What to do with them? Need some input, please.
  81. Trouble with the floral Bargello...1/2 done, but uneven at the end...
  82. wild VW Applique
  83. Don't look unless you're into Elvis
  84. I'm loving this now thanks to you! Need input for border please!
  85. My First Quilt to be Given as a Gift
  86. Diamond Log Cabin Star.......Dunster's pattern
  87. A Very Scrappy Stashbuster
  88. All done by me-----
  89. All Day to do One paper pieced Block, What a mess.
  90. Couple of Quilts Ready for Raffle....
  91. My commisioned spicy spiral
  92. Batik Roses
  93. Memory Quilt of my dog
  94. back is done for Bargello quilt donated to Charity...
  95. Another baby quilt that is over 30 years old
  96. This is rediculous!
  97. Scooby Doo
  98. Congrats to sahm4605!!
  99. My THRILL***
  100. cat quilts....
  101. My Mirage Bargello is pieced.
  102. yet another of my husband's baby quilt
  103. baby quilt
  104. two loves together
  105. Three more UFO's finished today!
  106. Finished piecing a very LOUD quilt top!
  107. My D9P
  108. My very first finish!
  109. Strippy DEXX
  110. How do you quilt a "2-sided" quilt?
  111. Feed sack wall hanging.
  112. Kindle Cover
  113. Strip Twist * Brown Bag Journey* WIP* HELP* Border Opinion Please Ł
  114. Thank you to Red Garnet222 Awesome: Bow tie tote
  115. Cow quilt for hospital kids
  116. Thank you Katyquilter Beautiful Flannel Baby Blanket
  117. My one day baby quilt finished
  118. Northern woods.
  119. first quilt
  120. Wall hanging Moose
  121. Another baby quilt that is over 30 years old
  122. A Happy Scrappy
  123. Denim quilt
  124. windows to the world
  125. My son's dinosuar quilt
  126. How to utilize those kids pyjamas, housecoats, etc....
  127. turning twenty borders on
  128. Hearts o'PLenty
  129. Another try at showing you how I love to use my quilts...
  130. Individual Valentine's
  131. Anniversary quilt
  132. jcstichery
  133. my I spy is now quilted and ready for binding
  134. my partially finished OBW
  135. One of my husband's Baby quilt.
  136. Quilted fleece throw
  137. WIP
  138. Did I harm the value of quilt
  139. King Size Log Cabin
  140. Progress on UFO's in March
  141. A gift from my husband.
  142. Quilting is done!
  143. I am so loving sewing again
  144. Stars and Stripes Raffle Quilt Finished
  145. Couple more.
  146. Spring table runner
  147. wishing for spring
  148. put together a couple more quilt tops...
  149. my christmas gift to my son and daughter in law
  150. Finished the antique embroidered block
  151. Begining of my 4th Quilt
  152. My Avatar
  153. My recent projects
  154. Little Twister samples for Quilting Class
  155. day and night in process..
  156. lizzards quilt
  157. Flannel piece turned to "quilt"
  158. A pretty spring bag I just finished
  159. Avatar
  160. Struggling with this - need opinions please
  161. Please help - how to quilt my D9P
  162. Older Quilt
  163. A Few of the quilts I've made
  164. One of my grandkids quilts
  165. My Goodwill Treasure Today!!
  166. New baby
  167. opinion please on OBW fabric
  168. "The Cobb at Lyme Regis" landscape quilt
  169. A scrappy pinky heartstring quilt for donation.
  170. Easy Quilt Project
  171. My very FIRST quilt ever....
  172. Finished quilting!!
  173. yo-yos in the spring cabin
  174. Yesterday's Thrift Store find....Also need advice
  175. AQS 2011 photos
  176. My avitar quilt
  177. My New Fabric
  178. Third Quilt in the making
  179. Inge's Crazy as a Bird Dog quilt...Quilted by Charisma
  180. Thank You all for your comments
  181. My first quilt..and it was for my Niece
  182. Here's my attempt at paper piecing
  183. Cute cute fabric
  184. NYC Quilt Show - Red and White - "Infinite Variety"
  185. Finished Table Runners
  186. This is a "groovy board"
  187. Tube quilting
  188. Baby Quilt with bear panels
  189. steelers quilt
  190. blocks for nieces quilt
  191. Contest block - hope I win!
  192. Quilt I made for my DIL
  193. March Doll Quilts
  194. Doll Quilt Practice Run
  195. what do you think of FMQ
  196. Baby Robot Quilt
  197. Baby Bib dilemma solved
  198. My Sonís quilts
  199. Quilter wanna be
  200. crazy about batik
  201. Batik Fabric Sale
  202. Seed Packet GHarden Fairies not quilted!
  203. Lucky Stars DONE! Used Blue Thread
  204. "Scorhill Circle" Mixed textile landscape
  205. Twister Easter Table runner
  206. My red, white and black quilt!
  207. Easy Peasy gender neutral Baby quilt finished..
  208. Thank you!
  209. GD's Quilts done + DC's visit
  210. blue strip twist
  211. Just a few I need to finish
  212. Retirement Quilt
  213. Batik Bowsers
  214. Batik Table Runner
  215. What Color Thread Should I Use??
  216. 2nd UFO, which was actually the first one
  217. D9P quilts for Christmas
  218. Top finished for D9P
  219. Do you remember my second quilt top from 2009??/ You won't believe what I did!!
  220. Recent Project
  221. Help!! Background fabrics??
  222. Less Than Traditional Project
  223. Baby quilt for Grandbaby expected in October or November
  224. Another Christmas present almost done
  225. New Quilt I am not happy with
  226. Double Irish Chain
  227. This is Megan's birthday present................
  228. HONEST opinions, please!!!!
  229. Great Buy at Thrift Shop
  230. Getting Out of My Slump!
  231. Dresden Plate
  232. My 50th Birthday...
  233. more attempts
  234. Care to give an opinion?
  235. Picture of Downy Quilt Pattern
  236. Kitsie's latest
  237. My Towel Toppers
  238. Raggedy blocks are together
  239. Made from a wedding gown
  240. finally finished this one
  241. I stuck gold today!!
  242. Some days more then others...
  243. The HARDEST thing I've ever made !!
  244. WIP.... The Roundup
  245. William Moris Quilt Lovers
  246. Baby quilt and wall hanging done (almost)
  247. Batik Bowsers
  248. Sampler Quilt.
  249. Quilt inspirations from Spanish tile
  250. One more ready!