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  1. My First Quilt
  2. found some charms and made a baby quilt with them
  3. My attempt on a la
  4. quilt for gd
  5. Guitar Trio
  6. Early AM quilting, thoughts and I LOVE this attachment
  7. Patriotic Table Runner, Spicy Spiral
  8. University of Florida Scrappy Quilt
  9. And just like that frustration turns into satisfaction and a little pride: my one color lone star is finished!!!!
  10. Puff quilt
  11. I just stopped in to buy...
  12. Found this in a box in the garage.
  13. My Mini quilt
  14. my barn block
  15. blue quilt for friend/customer :D
  16. Kim's sleeping bag
  17. Took the plunge!
  18. Finished flower paper pieced Scrap Quilt
  19. more farmers wife blocks..49,50,51
  20. My Hawaiian gift
  21. A touch of Americana...D9P Heart
  22. fuchsia Garden
  23. Around the Town- my mini
  24. Another Bow Tuck
  25. I finished my organizer
  26. Scrappy Quilts
  27. Kiss a Rainbow
  28. My Shopping Trip Finds
  29. Taffy Tradewinds
  30. New Spring Quilt
  31. Can anyone identify this quilt block pattern?
  32. Niece's graduation quilt
  33. Denim 3D Pinwheel quilt
  34. Other 1/2 of Twisted Bargello
  35. Rosie on her new quilt!!!!
  36. Customer requested "Circles"
  37. Step by Step Bargello
  38. D9P...WIP
  39. Stained Glass Wall Hanging
  40. Zodiac blocks
  41. Made on Hope and Prayer with no pattern
  42. One Top Done and Another Started
  43. Red Stars
  44. Hot off the LA
  45. B.Bears Baby Quilt
  46. New Hoffman Batiks - more eye candy!
  47. My friend's first baby quilt for her granddaughter
  48. Just slightly warm off the LA
  49. Postcard
  50. 10 minute block picture
  51. Another Candlequilter's Star
  52. Dora quilt
  53. Jubilee Garden wall quilt
  54. Customer Quilt Finished
  55. New week, New Blocks!
  56. Bible cover
  57. My new "adoption"
  58. Baby quilt
  59. My second bow tuck
  60. ButtonHoler on a FeatherWeight
  61. Prairie Paisley Mystery Quilt
  62. Beach Quilt
  63. My new Baby
  64. Just off the top of my head
  65. Harely quilt
  66. Table runner
  68. I had to try this-10 min table runner
  69. Baby boy Dinosaur Quilt Finished!
  70. OKsooners...yellowbrick road...quilted by Charisma
  71. My Snowbound Quilt 10 years in the Making!!
  72. Christmas table runner & angel
  73. Oh My, Oh My followup
  74. New avatar- same cat, different quilt!
  75. Evolution of a Quilt
  76. Thrift Store Treasure Found!
  77. My Pictogram Quilt is Back From the LAQ
  78. Amelia purse
  79. Another Finished Wedding Quilt
  80. 1934 Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt
  81. Some Christmas projects!
  82. Last of Christmas projects..
  83. Granddaughter has arrived
  84. My Christmas projects
  85. UFO: Finished, New label, with my quilt inspectors
  86. Opinion on the border for my quilt here.
  87. Can't sew
  88. Getting over my "yellow" problem and learning FMQ
  89. 2 little purses from stash
  90. New friend came to live at my house!
  91. My Youngest on his 16th
  92. Longarmer needs help
  93. Rags to Riches, over night
  94. DQ Swap Gift
  95. 2010 Christmas Quilts
  96. Quack! Quack!
  97. Library Raffle Quilt - Ribbon Stars
  98. My First Quilt on Long Arm Tin Lizzie
  99. How do you take a pic so it
  100. Easter & Spring Wallhangings
  101. GD also made this quilt this week.
  102. GD made her 3rd 4-H quilt.
  103. My scrappy strip quilt
  104. Quilt and quilt stand
  105. Peeps Quilt
  106. Stained Glass Project #1
  107. Manly quilt
  108. The remodeling is done--finally!
  109. Turquoise and Green Lonestar
  110. Can You See the Love in the Block?
  111. My first lap quilt completed
  112. some of my quilts
  113. Baby quilt just finished.
  114. First time posting - my Monopoly pillow case
  115. My Granddaughter's Baby Quit
  116. Dusk to Dawn quilt
  117. Finished Block for Candlequilter
  118. You all won't believe what I started...a HAND SEWING project
  119. Latest completed
  120. Back from vacation...........and look at all the goodies! (lots of pictures))!
  121. Pretty in Pink...
  122. The Thirteen Fandango - my original pattern, applique completed!
  123. Just finished this Rail Fence Top
  124. Second Try on an Art Quilt
  125. U of K quilt
  126. d9p finished
  127. All Star Bear
  128. Hummingbird IRR FINALLY quilted!
  129. My first quilt - "With Love"
  130. Scrappy Tumbler
  131. Fixing a Lone Star Gone Wrong
  132. "Featherd Butterflies"
  133. My daughters WIP
  134. I need help from all you ladies and gents, what is your opinion?
  135. Purple night and day quilt
  136. Quilt for DGD
  137. Mag-i-cal Fans
  138. A cute little boy quilt.
  139. first "real" quilt
  140. Baby Girl Quilt
  141. Santa Fe
  142. Teddy Bear Finished
  143. Quilts I made from your tutorials
  144. Three wickedly easy quilts, sort of.....
  145. Just back from the Longarm
  146. Oh My, Oh My followup
  147. Progress with the DWR quilt
  148. Flannel and Jean Tumbler Quilt Top
  149. Penny Rug
  151. Weekend quickie
  152. Grandma's Crazy Patch Quilt
  153. Woe is me
  154. Antique Singer Sewing Machine with beautiful decals
  155. I need advise with color on my bear paw block quilt
  156. from tub of scraps
  157. Diaper bag
  158. Timeless Treasures childs quilt.... Just Finished
  159. Sunbonnet Sue from Children's clothes
  160. Beautiful Batik Bento
  161. The colors of Royalty.... Purple & Gold.
  162. Grad gift
  163. Black & White (Rhonda Method)
  164. Update for my first frenchbraid
  165. First attempt at Hand Quilting
  166. Finally took some pictures of quilt for friends wedding...
  167. Eye Spy Quilt
  168. Looking for pattern--
  169. Finished small quilts in 30s Repros
  170. Thank you.... I am Done..
  171. Autumn Log Cabin
  172. Southwest / Ricky Tims style backround
  173. Another Purse
  174. bow tuck picture
  176. Hot off my table.
  177. Housing Quilt in process.
  178. Texture Magic Tote Bag
  179. need help with center of dresden plate block
  180. A Little Bag for my Great Niece
  181. Candlequilter Star Block
  182. Thangle Buck a Block series 7 quilt top
  183. Two more pictures of quilts I've made
  184. Feeling a Little proud
  185. oh my-look at this
  186. I had to Redecorate for this.....
  187. My oopsie.....4PP quilt I have been working on....WIP
  188. Thread holders/ yardstick
  189. Quilt for birthday a little girl's
  190. Getting better with time..tall2
  191. It's been awhile. . .
  192. So, who does other crafts besides sewing...
  193. Ballyseede
  194. The quilt for my son and his bride and other stuff
  195. My little sewing room in new house we moved into
  196. 3rd completed quilt
  197. Batik Turning Twenty
  198. A Real Old Time Quilting Bee
  199. Quilted pocketbook
  200. Happy Flowers
  201. Finished quilt! Scrapy charm quilt
  202. Zoe's pretty princess quilt
  203. Scrapy Bed Quilt
  204. Montgomery Ward Signature URR 285
  205. Another of my Dh's masterpieces!
  206. Keeping busy lately!
  207. Fast, Cute and Easy Christmas Wreath Wallhanging
  208. Dresden Plate with points
  209. Bunny Baby Quilt finished!
  210. Broken Star Quilt
  211. what is the name of this star??
  212. Nook Cover
  213. My Lonestar . . .
  214. The "F" Word
  215. Candlequilter Star from Las Vegas
  216. Finely made one
  217. posted wrong pic!
  218. Paper pieced Cow
  219. Busy Bee Quilt for DGS's teacher.
  220. not quilting but this is where i have been for the last week
  221. Flying Geese: Housewarming gift for my teenage son
  222. Rose of Sharon
  223. I would love some quilting suggestions!!!! Please Help!!
  224. The Birth Of Another T-Shirt Quilt continued
  225. farmall tractors
  226. Kuwait Quilt Exhibition
  227. a few more farmers wife blocks, 45,46,47
  228. New Dear Jane Group
  229. I was bad...
  230. My granddaughter's wedding quilt
  231. Two new dresses for summer!
  232. Free-Motion Quilting Setup on Domestic Machine
  233. First attempt at Paper Piecing
  234. nightmare bow tucks
  235. Remember my new Chair . . . .
  236. New Project- "City Scapes" What do you think?
  237. Follow Along As I build a quilt
  238. Get 'er done! Diggers and Dozers
  239. And quilted a customer quilt!
  240. Candlequilter Paper Pieced Star
  241. dreamy garden quilt
  242. What shall I do with this?
  243. Chartiy Quilt
  244. Summer quilts - graduates
  245. The Prairie Sampler
  246. Jolly Jungle Quilts for Brand New Babies
  247. BMX quilt
  248. She GAVE me a Featherweight, so I made her a quilt
  249. My Avatar quilt
  250. My sewing machine cover and sewing box