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  1. Finished Bargello.
  2. Bargello Quilt
  3. These pictures are actually hands
  4. Painted Shoe number four
  5. Top Finished
  6. Tough quilt finally done.
  7. Finished the Cat WIP
  8. Grandma's Flower Garden
  9. Introducing Miss Birdie FW.....
  10. Just gotta share my Wonderful, unbelievable BD present!
  11. My first real quilt!
  12. I have a tiny new baby
  13. My first quilt finished!
  14. Assistance please
  15. Trying to decide what I should use for sashing
  16. Paper Piecing
  17. A few of my 4-patch posy quilts
  18. Just a few of my sewing projects
  19. Fusible Web Applique' Slideshow
  20. Two more UFOs done!
  21. Redwork Embroidery Quilt - Started in 1899 - Finished in 2011
  22. applique garden
  23. One More "Thinking Outside the Block" Quilt
  24. Organized Sewing Room - Whew!
  25. The Lilacs are in bloom! Kaleidoscope Wall Hanging
  26. Olivia's 3D Bow Tie Quilt
  27. Blue and yellow rose quilt top done.
  28. First embroidery!
  29. My log Cabin Blocks
  30. 75 years plus quilt top
  31. Help with what I am work on.....
  32. Winterthur quilt top
  33. Favorite log Cabin pattern
  34. made for a friends grand daughter
  35. Dee Dee's sampler....Quilted by Charisma
  36. Start of my IH fundraiser quilt
  37. Easter Tree
  38. Which layout do you like?
  39. `Wedding present for my nephew and his new bride
  40. Pillowcases donated today
  41. Folded dahlia with half the fabric
  42. Calendar Cat Quilt Update
  43. Let's play a guessing game
  44. Betty Boop Fabric
  45. Tote Bag for sis
  46. Work In Progress WIP- Star Struck from Bonnie Hunt website
  47. What color?
  48. Happy Easter!
  49. Two baby quilts finished..
  50. Dresden Plate Table topper
  51. DGS toy store ready for GRAND OPENING
  52. one down 3 to go!
  53. Quilt top finished
  54. Haylee with Esther the Easter Chicken
  56. Hostess Gift
  57. Black Fight Like a Girl Tote Purse-Breast Cancer Awareness
  58. modern baby free pattern
  59. My son LOVES his quilt!!!
  60. Some things I have tried.
  61. Round robin with my quilt guild
  62. Neckties in 26 inch Medallion Square Quilt
  63. well finished
  64. April 2011 Doll Quilt Swap
  65. Bunnies for my Great Grand Babies
  66. Bobbin Winder Assembly
  67. More eye candy... "Valley of the Kings" by Robert Kaufman
  68. Finished new quilt top. YAY!
  69. pinwheel and strips
  70. picture embroidery tribute
  71. quilt photos
  72. Celestial Dreamin Quilt
  73. stuffed ten minute block
  74. Doll Quilts
  75. Sandra and I during my NY trip
  76. My MIL gave me this several years ago.
  77. Dallas Cowboy's Quilt
  78. indian quilt
  79. Cardboard Template
  80. Song Bird Pin Cushion
  81. March Block
  82. In honor of Rose Ann Denning
  83. design wall I made
  84. my stash organizing
  85. Petite little wall hanging or topper with batiks
  86. Folding Design Screen
  87. One of my favorite quilts i've made
  88. Here is what I made today
  89. A Quillow I Made
  90. My latest Log Cabin quilt...LOG CABIN SUNSHINE!
  91. I Spy Down on the Farm Baby Quilt
  92. I succumbed to an OBW
  93. Have you ever seen this block???
  94. My Little Corner of the House
  95. Maxine For my Daughter
  96. you tell me.
  97. small frog quilt
  98. Relay for Life Raffle Quilt
  99. Doll quilt
  100. Purse I made
  101. March Block
  102. April Block
  103. My second Folded Dahlia
  104. Easter projects
  105. Pegboard Cabinet and Desk
  106. Maxine Wallhanging
  107. Maxine getting ready for Christmas.
  108. Grandmothers Flower Garden from Jelly Roll
  109. Easter Table Topper (QAYG) and a Bag
  110. Where Can I Get These Quilts Appraised?
  111. Shadow Tapunto Tote Bag
  112. Red and Green Christmas Quilt
  113. Rainbow Lily quilt - another UFO top done!
  114. Cute Stashbuster
  115. Working on the scrappy.
  116. Stairway to Cat Heaven - Variation
  117. Revisible Fabric
  118. Round robin with my quilt guild
  119. jacobs ladder
  120. 20 year old blocks
  121. Wall hanging
  122. SBS finally done
  123. 1842 quilt
  124. two of my favorite quilts I made
  125. Sandy's Sewing room
  126. Quilted Boots
  127. Bunny Sachets
  128. stash building
  129. Need suggestions on embellishing new quilt
  130. for my cousin will
  131. Beginnings of a Garden Center Top
  132. Stack and Whack sqs done
  133. Do these count??
  134. Shooting Stars quilt - UFO top done
  135. My Cutting Table
  136. Grace Sure Stitch or Quilter's Cruise Control
  137. Tumbler #3....
  138. Finished these today
  139. my 1st Flying geese
  140. Snap Happy II BAg
  141. QUILTS for JAPAN
  142. T-shirt quilt done
  143. Train Quilt
  144. Laptop sleeve
  145. Quick baby quilt. Pooh..
  146. New Handbag
  147. Another Bunny Runner
  148. My very first quilt - I made for my son
  149. Oh No!
  150. caterpillar mug rug I made for my daughter
  151. Elephants! Caterpillars! Cutest Fabrics!
  152. Songahm Star quilt completed! Thank You, BevF!!!!
  153. Two 10min blocks with 3 centers
  154. Green & Simple
  155. Final Update on "Michael's Shirt Tales" and a big thank you to DQBM
  156. New Quilt for me
  157. A bright beautiful quilt made by "dianna1234"
  159. My "X" blocks, a Scrappy in Progress!
  160. Continuiation of stockpile
  161. My Perfect placemat
  162. UFO '09 Finished
  163. Finally done... beginners bargello for my niece
  164. First attempt at several things....
  165. Emily's puppy quilt
  166. shadow block
  167. quilt for dil
  168. Fun and Frivolity
  169. pictures of my recent quilts
  170. Folded Dahlia PIllow Is Done!
  171. Another Quilt for Japan
  172. This is a shadow quilt
  173. A friend gave me
  174. Look at this old table...
  175. Baby Bib!!!!
  176. My GFG kit!
  177. 1st flying geese finished
  178. card tricks
  179. Quilt for kids by my hubby
  180. back of Aubreys quilt
  181. Not Your Typical Wedding Quilt!
  182. Jessica's handbag
  183. This must be the new Bow Tucks,,, My folded dahlia
  184. Two more tops done!
  185. Emily's puppy quilt
  186. these are the cowboy hats and the other horses that go with the western themed quilt
  187. Package from my SP
  188. New Rooster
  189. Things I've been working on
  190. Remember When!
  191. "Shining Star" wallhanging
  192. Need Panel Ideas Please.
  193. PP Log cabins with pocket panels.
  194. Thread Spool Cabinet
  195. Esther and Batik Applique
  196. Need a quick useful gift? Go raid your stash & grab this FREE pattern...
  197. My first
  198. "FREE" Quilts
  199. What do you think...part 2
  200. upstate ny vintage quilt tops
  201. Things I made today
  202. Next on my list
  203. question/advice
  204. Bible Covers for Easter!
  205. Finished Anniversary Quilt
  206. OBW top finished!
  207. Pink ribbon update
  209. Happy Easter to me! New Roo
  210. Just finished !
  211. Antique Embroidery quilt
  212. Very first attempt at hand quilting
  213. The irony of it...
  214. Isn't she a beauty?
  215. What I've been working on!!
  216. 3 for 2
  217. Wine Bottle Holder and Silver Ware basket
  218. What are they????
  219. recieving blankets, burp cloths, and bibs that I made today
  220. Disappearing 9 patch
  221. Easter Eggs
  222. Red and White Quilt.....NO PINK AFTER WASH!
  223. Quilts that I have worked on this year
  224. Drunkard's Path quilts
  225. Omigosh! Finished
  226. 2 Baby Quilts that I made
  227. What I made for my Uncle and Aunt
  228. Scrappy Batik Baby quilt all done and my first attempt using a long arm
  229. Lonestar - back from Charisma!
  230. another floral bargello table runner
  231. My first Walmart quilt
  232. Scrappy quilt completed
  233. Batik blue green Jelly roll, my first pantograph
  234. Easter table topper
  235. One-Two-Three...think I might have bugs coming out of my ears and nose!!!
  236. Basic Block for "Thinking outside the Block"
  237. Mystery Quilt
  238. Grandma's Flower Garden is finished..
  239. Oh, please... is this what happens to old farmers?
  240. Aiden's quilt
  241. my first wall hanging
  242. my T shirt quilt finished
  243. My 1st bargello is finished - greens!
  244. Dear Jane all done
  245. Teddy Bear
  246. Found this fabric in my stash.......and....
  247. Another Idea for doing the 5 sq Bow Tie
  248. My SNOWBOUND is done!
  249. My Daughter's First Quilt
  250. My first quilt