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  1. Sister #3 Christmas done!!!!
  2. Purses
  3. New projects I have completed
  4. My First quilt!!
  5. A first- by Harriet
  6. For my son & daughter-in-law's wedding
  7. You have mail quilt- Awesome!!
  8. Adding to a quilt to enlarge
  9. baby/little girl fairy quilt
  10. Third Dresden Plate Quilt By--- Jingle
  11. Dusky Grouse Quilt aka Prairie Chicken, finished
  12. Summer Scrappies - X quilt mini tut @ post #15, 35-38
  13. Doggy Lap quilt with inspector
  14. Baltimore Album ....Quilted by Charisma
  15. In a star of shock... I actually made this bag
  16. Blue-Yellow-Green Quilt
  17. QAYG Table Runner
  18. Skull quilt just in time for Halloween
  19. on a roll another one bites the dust
  20. Half finished 2nd quilt
  21. Quilt for dolly
  22. Quilts Going to Houston - by Harriet
  23. Finished with a week to spare
  24. My quilt is loved...
  25. Ribbon and Blooms
  26. Autumn in New England Table Runner
  27. My first quilt :)
  28. My Simple Bento Box!! In 3 days it was done!
  29. Patch Pals - Hedgehog and Monkey
  30. Henry's Dinosaur Quilt
  31. Little I Spy Mini
  32. A couple baby quilts
  33. Patriotic Trip Around the World
  34. 1st Place Ribbons from Fair-Persain Plum-Snowmen a-z, Over the River
  35. My customers come first- by Harriet
  36. another one done-woo hoo
  37. Finished Jazzy Lady bag.
  38. Something for my dear husband and I!
  39. Purplicious Drunkard's Path in Moda's Good Fortune
  40. Flower Pot Mini
  41. My Chevron Mini
  42. My Wonky Geese so far....
  43. A scrappy Christmas star
  44. Made this quilt while on retreat
  45. applique basket
  46. 40th B'day Quilt Top
  47. Spellbound Center Finally completed
  48. Little pillows
  49. A UFO bites the dust
  50. Butterfly Cabin quilt
  51. Placemats, using kaffe fasset fabric
  52. A wonderful time stash building
  53. My fireworks quilt won First Place & People's Choice
  54. My Newest Quilts
  55. A Quilt for our First Grandson, William
  56. Finished table mat
  57. Spicy table Topper
  58. Table Topper, Atkinson design
  59. Projects I've completed this summer
  60. Spooky Hallows
  61. Scrappy Double 9 patch top
  62. "Marching to a Different Drumer"
  63. Farmers Wife...made my way..finished today
  64. Feathers & Bricks
  65. Lap quilt for my sister
  66. From My Stash!! Runners!
  67. My Version
  68. Hearts and Stars
  69. My Saturday Soiree blocks
  70. Quilted fairy cottage
  71. Autumn quilt with pumpkins
  72. I love days off when I can sew! My BIG and LITTLE Bags!
  73. Table topper and pillow cases for my mom
  74. Have you ever been Whale Watching?
  75. New Table Runner
  76. Maggie's wedding quilt
  77. Tara's Wedding quilt
  78. Carrie's Wedding Quilt
  79. grateful that sister didn't like it
  80. Lotsa Mug Rugs
  81. Snowy Noel Applique ready for sewing
  82. A few for Mom
  83. Angel for our Head Angel
  84. D4p
  85. Log Cabin with Corner Stones
  86. Jase Bentley 8/29/2013 and Quilt
  87. Not seasick anymore!
  88. Made using Lori Holt tulip pattern
  89. my first attempts
  90. UPDATE on which border green or orange
  91. Disappearing 4 patch
  92. Baby Quilt
  93. Vintage Blocks turned into Quilts
  94. Reconsidering the value of my small scraps!
  95. safari quilt
  96. My first Trip Around The World
  97. More quilts I have finished.
  98. Baby girl quilt
  99. Autumn Wallhanging
  100. A runner finish! Quilted and bound. (and a smile)
  101. Thread spools
  102. Strange choice for a baby quilt
  103. Got a quilt done :)
  104. Very useful little thing...
  105. Candy Corn Table Topper
  106. non-pastel baby quilt
  107. QAYG D9P for my son...
  108. Dear Santa Wall Hanging
  109. Embroidery in blue
  110. Boo Hexagon Table Runner
  111. Lady of the Lake
  112. Recycled men's shirts
  113. Semi-long term UFO finally finished today!
  114. Ugly bag + orphan blocks = cute shopping bag
  115. Baby boy teddy bear raggy quilt
  116. Easy Table Topper Pattern
  117. New Quilt
  118. Little Boy Blue Baby Blanket
  119. Sept BOM for grandson and family
  120. Baby Quilt.
  121. African animal tote bag
  122. Halloween Twister Quilt
  123. Christmas Throw
  124. 'Courage' quilt created for auction
  125. Alexis and Cassidy's Quilt
  126. Some past projects
  127. Little quilts to make you go AWWWWWW
  128. Disappearing 4 Patch
  129. Release the Hounds (tooth)
  130. Bailey's Island bag
  131. Block Pillows
  132. Galaxy of ABC's
  133. In the Hoop Monogrammed Checkbook Cover
  134. Ribbons at the County Fair!
  135. First time to post
  136. And quilt done
  137. From Don-isewman--Binding done on the GFGarden, I hand quilted
  138. Birthday quilt for my neice Ella
  139. HourGlass
  140. Heart Vest
  141. chevron for my niece's first baby!
  142. "Forever Friends" in Houston
  143. Charm Pack Tote Bag
  144. My first real quilt
  145. Can't make up my mind
  146. Completed Swoon- forgot to post the picture
  147. Happy Days Confetti Quilt
  148. Metallic Twirls.....quilted by Charisma
  149. A gift for my aunt
  150. the next two - reindeer and elephant
  151. Vintage Quilt Find
  152. Lazy Sunday Mystery Quilt
  153. Okla. State Univ quilt
  154. Charity quilt
  155. For our son for Xmas
  156. Christmas table runner
  157. Grandson's toddler quilt
  158. Scrappy Quilt
  159. Trip Around the World with lots of feather
  160. Another Finish!
  161. Scrappy stars with brown sashing
  162. Make a wish quilt
  163. A 30's IRR quilted by Charisma
  164. Ugliest Quilt Ever
  165. Hearts and Flowers Quilt
  166. 9P and string blocks used in small quilts for school fundraiser
  167. Shadows and Sunshine and Americana miniatures
  168. Monkey Quilt for My Grandson
  169. Breakfast Egg Cup Rug
  170. Mini scrappy quilt finished
  171. Hexi-flower baby girl quilt
  172. San Antonio Quilt Show
  173. first two animals
  174. Junebug's Dragonfly Garden
  175. Some meandering
  176. Baby Quilt
  177. Santa Quilt
  178. All Star Baseball Quilt
  179. Swoon
  180. Oh Happy Times!!!
  181. 2 year old Grandaughters Christmas gift!
  182. Flower Garden Quilt
  183. 30's quilt
  184. My Colourwash Irish Chain for the Irish Chain Collection
  185. eldon
  186. Changing mats, as promised
  187. This was our (very challenging) intermediate class project
  188. Finished my first "real" as in bed-sized quilt
  189. Charm square Tumbler Quilt top
  190. SIL Quilt top using border fabric with vineyard appeal
  191. PP Compass Bed Runner
  192. Josie's Quilts
  193. Just finished "My Tag Along Tote" . love it
  194. Christmas tree skirt
  195. I Spy for my grand niece's 4th birthday.
  196. It's beginning to look like Fall around here...
  197. Batik Quilt made with Jelly Roll
  198. Bear Quilt
  199. Frosted Flying Geese quilted by Charisma
  200. Vest and Jacket wardrobe
  201. Blk/ Wht/bright exchange quilt
  202. Tree Of Life-Ready for the County Fair
  203. Another pinwheel quilt
  204. Shawns Brown Quilt
  205. Latest quilt
  206. My "therapy" sewing project in my RV
  207. tummy time quilt
  208. Blackeyed Susan Table Runner with Surprise Back
  209. First wool applique project
  210. Santa in the making
  211. Fire and Ice - a D9P Finished! (Picture-heavy post)
  212. Fancy Dishes update
  213. A birthday present for my BBF!
  214. Western Ribbon Weave
  215. Used twister ruler for first time = Christmas Runner
  216. Denim rag quilt 2
  217. Nana's Flower Garden
  218. Photo Update on Out of My Comfort Range Post
  219. Grandma Betty's 3-D Pinwheel quilt done!
  220. Work in Progress
  221. Tooth Fairy Pillow
  222. New Flimsy Tops
  223. That Near Disaster to This
  224. Floral log cabins, bookmarks and a smile
  225. Amaretto Cottage quilted by Charisma
  226. Nifty Gifty quilt ready for binding
  227. Show us your bravery - show us the ugliest quilt you ever made.
  228. my version of Arkansas Crossroads scrappy quilt
  229. Cathedral Window update
  230. Sampler Quilt
  231. Another Thing to Make you go AWWWWWW
  232. French Braid Quilt
  233. Son's Blue/Gray Quilt
  234. My latest two finishes
  235. Feathered Star
  236. Southern Gentleman
  237. Southwest Quilt
  238. Trout quilt
  239. 3 minute flying geese quilt topblock quilt
  240. Wedding Quilt: Only One Year Late!
  241. Night Before Christmas Quilt
  242. War eagle!
  243. Midnight Weave Quilt
  244. Baby Girl Will Be Spoiled!!!
  245. Son-in-law's Promotion Quilt
  246. New Applique Project
  247. Hand embroidered quilt
  248. Doing the sandwichy thingy...
  249. Log Cabin-quilted by Harriet.
  250. Happy, Happy, Happy. I got a blue ribbon!